Alcohol In Hookah Smoking: My Experience – Must Read THIS

We all have used water in the hookah base, and some of us have never tried anything other than water hookah base. Still, some hookah smokers like to add alcohol to hookah smoking to have a better smoking experience.

There are hundreds of combinations available to use in a hookah base, and start smoking hookah. One of them is alcohol in a hookah base.

Whosoever is thinking about using alcohol in hookah smoking must have drank alcohol in their life. But, as we know, alcohol gives us a kick that we all love.

And the idea behind using alcohol in hookah smoking is to get the same kick that we get while drinking alcohol. So many hookah smoking enthusiasts experiment with all types of liquid in the hookah base and create an excellent smoking hookah.

Another reason to smoke hookah is to have a thicker smoke that allows you to enjoy smoking alcohol, and alcohol makes it able to create thick smoke.

Different tobacco products are available to add to the hookah bowl and make a great smoking experience. But hookah smoking is not related to cigarette smoking. Smoking shisha means adding flavors to the bowl, and this flavor may or may not contain tobacco.

So, if you want a professional hookah-smoking experience, you should visit a hookah bar near you and experience the real magic of hookah smoking.

Today, in this article, we will try to decode all the rumors about adding alcohol to hookah base and is it worth it?

For many people, water is the number one hookah base liquid that can not be replaced by anything because they love the simplicity of a hookah-smoking experience from the water base.

But they have never tried anything new, so they don’t even know what alcohol in the base would taste like?

So, we will try to uncover all the questions related to alcohol in the hookah base to know whether it is worth trying the alcohol in the hookah base.

Now, let’s move ahead with the article and start our first topic on alcohol hookah smoke.

Replacing Water With Alcohol

If you drink alcohol, you will get a buzz real quick, and to get the same buzz in a typical hookah session, you need to add alcohol to the hookah base instead of water.

When you add alcohol to the base, it will create an alcohol vapor when you inhale it, and that vapor will give you the same taste as alcohol or the thing you have put into the base.

If you want to know how alcohol in the base will work to give you the best taste of hookah smoking, you need to learn about the water and its behavior in the hookah base.

We have different hookah parts and components to fit in to make a hookah and start smoking. Some parts include a hookah bowl, hookah stem, hookah hose, hookah base, etc.

And the critical part in terms of the base is the hookah stem, which connects with the base and allows you to start smoking hookah.

As you pull a draw from the hose, it creates smoke inside the base, using that alcohol in the base. So, when you draw from the hose, you will get the effect of the substance added to the base, in this case, alcohol vapor.

And smoking alcohol sends smoke directly to your lungs, and it creates a buzzing effect that will be captured instantly by your brain. Hence, providing a good smoking experience.

Alcohol in the base can make smoke thicker than you expect, which would be the best alcohol use of the day.

Directing alcohol directly into your body and absorbing alcohol through your liver is more dangerous than absorbing alcohol through hookah smoking.

As there’s a concept of binge drinking, it costs you more than you can ever think. It hurts your essential body parts, and without them, you will not be able even to move physically.

And injecting alcohol directly into your body causes a high chance of getting alcohol poisoning. You never allow yourself to have binge drinking anywhere you go, not even at your best-friends party of the year.

Types of alcohol to use in the base

The type of alcohol you use in the hookah base to enjoy hookah-smoking solely depends on your choices and likes. If you love Vodka, you will not like any other combination of alcohol in the base.

There are endless possibilities to combine alcohol with the hookah base. For example, you can even mix your drink with orange juice to dilute the power of the buzz in the alcohol vapor. And there are risk factors associated with adding alcohol to the base.

Still, you can use the alcohol of your choice, including any whiskey, Vodka, wine, or beer, to replace the dull and ordinary water to the base.

You should be aware of smoking alcohol-based hookah, as you will only inhale the alcohol vapor, which will directly travel into your bloodstream. Thus, alcohol-based hookahs will make you feel good rapidly compared to water-based hookahs.

Effects of alcohol used in hookah base

Alcohol hurts humans’ health system, yet we consume it in volumes that might affect us badly. For example, when it comes to using alcohol in the hookah base, experts suggest hookah enthusiasts go slow in using alcohol.

They suggest going slow on using alcohol as a substitute for water, and hookah smokers should not forget to primary reasons to use water in the base in the first place.

We use water in the base to prevent shisha flavors and harmful chemicals from coming into our mouths and hurting us. So, it’s all about being safe.

But if you want to use alcohol vapor instead of water in the base, it does not cater to the primary reasons for adding water.

Still, despite knowing all the facts about using alcohol in the hookah base, the younger generation is using it, and they don’t care about their health either.

It may also cause a disease present in multiple patients simultaneously. And to have disease control in the initial phase, you should not use water pipes often.

Consuming alcohol and carbon monoxide through hookah can be the actual cause of lung cancer. However, you are likely to get high rapidly when alcohol is in the hookah base.

One of the best ways to reduce heart disease and other diseases experts suggest mixing water with alcohol and using it in the base.

And if you don’t like water in your hookah base, you can try other liquids most alcohol-loving people add in their base to enjoy the hookah. I know alcohol is your favorite substitute for water, but you need to look at its wrong side.

Alcohol provides increased buzz volume to smokers, so hookah smokers love it. And if you want to have extra fun, you can add Ice to the base of alcohol because water heats efficiently when it’s in the base, so to prevent alcohol from heating, you can add Ice along with the alcohol to the base.

It will not affect the taste of tobacco products that you are using in the hookah bowl, yet, you can try different tobacco to get a good amount of smoke from the base.

Add-ons with alcohol

Like other tobacco products, we can use add-ons in the alcohol base to enhance its richness and taste. These add-ons are Ice, coffee, and orange juice.

As we know, alcohol has harmful effects on the human body. Still, people prefer alcohol over water to enjoy a hookah session with their friends and family members. National institutes of health do not promote alcohol use in any manner.

Suppose you think you are eligible to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. In that case, you may be in the inclusion criteria to continue using that substance which has harmful effects on the human body.

As you inhale alcohol vapor, your body will get warm, and your body’s warning signs are the signs that you should not smoke or drink more.

Now, let’s talk about these add-ons that you can use in the base while having alcohol as a hookah base.


As we know, Ice is another form of water; it’s frozen. But when you use Ice in the hookah base, it has different effects than the regular liquid water.

Ice allows you to have a thicker smoke than regular water in the base. And when you are getting smoke thicker, you will be able to make different shapes with that smoke, and it would be great fun to have while smoking hookah.

Ice has a great feature of adding a cold and chilling effect to anything you add it, and the Ice will allow you to have chilled smoke from the hookah.

It is a great advantage of having chilled smoke from an alcohol-based hookah on a hot summer afternoon.

Not only thicker, but Ice will also provide you with a smooth smoke that will flow from the hookah hose to your mouth quickly, and you will feel different from regular water-based smoke.

Orange Juice

If you don’t have access to the Ice in the area where you live or currently staying, you can use orange juice instead of Ice to have a thicker smoke from an alcohol-based hookah.

When you add orange juice to your hookah base or bowl, you will surely get the best taste of oranges with the mix of other liquids like alcohol.

Most people prefer orange juice with Vodka, and this could be a fantastic combination for your hookah base if you are a die-hard lover of Vodka.


Suppose you are a coffee guy who needs coffee in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I bet you would love the coffee taste in the hookah base.

We all drink coffee at night to stay awake, but we can also use coffee with nicotine. Research and data say that those who love coffee with milk also love coffee in the hookah.

It is proven to use coffee in the hookah to get the same taste of coffee and enjoy it while emitting loads of thick smoke out of your mouth.

How to make hookah taste good?

A hookah can taste good if you know how to make one.

There is a required yet straightforward procedure to make a hookah taste good.

Let’s see those ways to improve your hookah smoking experience.

  • Use Ice and chilled water in the hookah base with some alcohol to give it a smooth taste.
  • When making all the adjustments, do not forget to blow excessive air out of your hookah; otherwise, it will not let you smoke smoothly. ‘
  • Use a different but proper amount of tobacco in the hookah bowl to have a great hookah smoking experience. There are a bajillion different juices available; you can use them to make your hookah taste even great.
  • HMT (Heat Management System) is an essential part of the hookah eco-system.
  • Use natural coals instead of magic coals for a long hookah session with your family members and friends.
  • There are hundreds of hookah bowls available in the market, but you need to use a vortex bowl only for a better smoking experience.
  • Use an ice hose tip or freezing hookah hose for a relaxed and chilled smoking experience from a hookah.

That was it. Follow the tips mentioned above to create the best hookah smoking experience with your friends. And you should never use any drug in the hookah for smoking. It has more harmful effects than anything else.

Quick absorption of alcohol vapor will allow you to have a great buzz from the alcohol-based hookah system.


We can use alcohol in the hookah base and make it an awesome powerful hookah that gives us the best and straight taste of alcohol and flavors that we add to it.

But most alcohol-drinking people have issues and questions about the use of alcohol in a hookah base, which is why I am discussing them in the FAQs section.

If you have got any questions related to alcohol-based hookah smoking, you are most welcome to the FAQs section, where you may or may not find the best answer to your question or a question at all, but what I assure you is that you will get a lot more than you expect from us.

Let’s dive deep into the questions about alcohol-based hookah smoking.

Can I add Vodka to the hookah base?

If you are an alcohol fan and love to drink your favorite brand’s alcohol, you might think about adding that alcohol to your hookah base. And it can be an excellent substitute for water in the base. But, as it solely depends on the person’s choice, you can add Vodka, wine, whiskey, or anything you like in the combination of alcohol. After adding alcohol to the base, Inhaling an alcohol-based hookah will give you a high buzz that you would not expect it to give.

Will milk make hookah smoke thicker?

The simple answer to this question is that you can use any liquid you get your hand on to make a hookah, replacing ordinary water. And when you add any liquid, for example, milk, it will make hookah smoke, but it does not necessarily make thick smoke.

Can I add wine to the hookah base?

Whether red or white, you can add wine to the hookah base. It will allow you to smoke your hookah with the current flavor. A general taste of wine will come from your hookah, and you will be able to notice that flavor quickly. If you are a fan of a particular wine added to the base, you will love that hookah session. A pro tip: If you want to use wine in the hookah base, it’s good to use the cheap bottle of wine, as it’s only for fun, and you won’t get the real drinking experience from it.

Does hookah smoke smell?

Hookah is for fun, but if you live in a family where hookah cannot be a thing, and you being the Gen Z wanting to smoke all day, you may think about this question will the hookah smoke smell? If yes, how would I avoid it smelling? So, let’s clarify some questions here and talk about the smell of the hookah smoke. Hookah is used to smoke tobacco and add flavors to it. So, when you smoke tobacco with added flavors that will give you the fun side of smoking, it will smell good. To avoid it, you usually smoke as you do daily; after the session is completed, you need to wash your hands, month, and possibly take out your toothbrush and use it to clear your mouth. That’s it.


We are at the final stage of this fantastic and detailed guide on alcohol in hookah base. I hope you have cleared all your questions and doubts about hookah base substitutes.

I have discussed each thing related to the alcohol being used in the hookah base and its pros and cons to help you understand the actual situation of using the alcohol in the hookah base in the first place.

However, I have also included some of the info on other substances that goes well with the alcohol in the base. For example, suppose you want to dilute the power of alcohol. In that case, you can consider them adding to your hookah base along with the alcohol, the major dominator of the hookah base liquid.

If you are concerned about the effects of using alcohol in the hookah base, you should check out this article’s particular section on the effects of alcohol. If you find anything mentioned here challenging to understand, you can always ask any questions in the comment section. I will get back to you immediately with the correct answer to your question.

For other questions related to alcohol in hookah base, you can check out the frequently asked question section, where you will find some of the most asked questions related to this topic on the whole internet. If you are not satisfied with those questions answered in that section, you can ask yours in the comment section.

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