Best Al-Fakher Flavors in 2023 : Complete Buying Guide

Let’s get started with the best Al-Fakher flavors in the market and know why they are the best Al-Fakher shisha flavors in the world.

There are other brands available in the hookah market. Still, If you are looking for something extraordinary and quality tobacco products, I recommend you the best in class with excellent quality tobacco products, the Al-Fakher shisha flavors.

There is minimal hookahs flavor available that can create such an impact as this one. The taste of every Al-Fakher flavor is very different compared to other brands and their flavors, and It stands out in the market. It does.

Most hookah lovers smoke Al-Fakher tobacco in their daily life, and It’s like a routine for them.


smoke Al-Fakher tobacco,


And Repeat.

So, If you are the one who has a similar pattern of life but wants to know more about the Al-Fakher shisha flavors then, you are at the right place.

But, If you are someone who does not have that kind of routine but is interested in making one, then also, my friend, you are at the right place.

And why is it the right place for both kinds of people? Someone from you may wonder.

Let me explain that one.

We are enthusiastic hookah smokers with more than nine years of experience in smoking almost everything, mainly hookah tobaccos and flavored shisha.

So, you are reading what has been written after having much smoking experience.

So, I have started this blog helping hookah lovers like me find their best hookah and hookah accessories.

Too much talking about me won’t help you find the best Al-Fakher flavors, but reading about them will surely do.

So, let me talk about the authentic Al-Fakher flavors now.

So, we will try to review the 10 best Al-Fakher flavors of all time. And If you disagree with me at any given point about almost anything written in this article, you can comment that down, and we will surely try to have a conversation about that, for sure.

Top Al-Fakher Flavors In 2021

I have concluded some of the primary Al-Fakher flavors in this article so that you get the best only.

Because smoking hookah gives relaxation that one needs after a hectic work schedule or a busy school day, might be. ( That was for our younger generations who are getting their hands on hookah recently )

Now, we will start reviewing the Al-Fakher flavors, so read along.

Al-Fakher Shisha Grape & Mint


Yes, it’s a grape and mint flavor of the Al-Fakher brand. It will be a very fruity flavor, so If you are a fan of fruity flavors and want to try some great quality shisha tobacco, then you have to try this one for sure. You won’t regret it.

In this shisha flavor, a grape flavor is a majority, and mint is an additional flavor that gives the background taste. And when there is a mint, you will feel a sudden refreshing vibration in your mouth. That feels so cool when you smoke mint.

And, the amazing thing about this flavor is that it is a non-tobacco flavor, which means anyone can enjoy it easily, and it really gives a nice and rich taste of grape and mint while smoking.

So, If you haven’t tried any fruit flavors before and want to try it now after reading this article, I strongly recommend you try this amazing and rich fruit flavor of grape and mint mix.

If you are a newbie to the world of hookah smoking, here is a little tip for you: If you are smoking this flavor, you may experience gasp because of the mint content available in the flavor. And mint is a lighter flavor than other flavors in the market, so if you are a fan of making rings through your mouth, these flavors won’t help you the way you expect one to help.

Al-Fakher Double Apple & Mint


It is yet another mixed flavor combination from the Al-Fakher brand, and it is the most successful flavor of all time. Here double apple is a mixture of high content with a mix of mint in the background.

Hookah smokers globally have prised this flavor, and everyone is smoking it very often = in the hookah bar and lounges.

And when you smoke Al-Fakher double apple, you will get a rich taste of grape while smoking, and it makes the best sweetest flavors in our list of best Al-Fakher flavors. A mint in the background is doing its job very well because it provides the great after-taste of smoking, and mint is, by nature, a fresh ingredient.

Because of the much success this flavor got from all over the world, the company has started producing other Al-Fakher double apple fruit and single mint content in the flavor, which really is giving the best output as a flavor, and no other flavors have done this type of work before.

Like other rich tobacco flavors in the market, the Al-Fakher double apple and mint mix flavor gives the best rich and sweet taste. And If you are a ring blower, then this flavor will not disappoint you in any manner.

Even though it contains mint flavor in the shisha, it will provide you with the best experience with the ring blowing. Overall it is a great shisha flavor to smoke regularly, and you will not get bored with this flavor very easily.

But it is not the perfect flavor. If you are looking for the best mint taste in the shisha, this is a fruit mix flavor, and mint is not a dominator in this flavor mix.

Al-Fakher Pure Mint


If you are looking for a pure Al-Fakher mint shisha that provides fresh mint flavors throughout the hookah session, you have to try this Al-Fakher mint shisha flavor once. You will surely love these flavor mixes.

In this pure mint shisha, no other fruit flavors are mixed with mint so that you can enjoy 100% pure mint flavor in this Al-Fakher mix. And it is 100% non-tobacco shisha flavor which further adds more convenience to the beginners as they don’t want to try the tobacco for the first time.

But If you are a tobacco mint lover, the company has got you covered as they also produce the tobacco version of mint for tobacco lovers. The mint flavor is so unique that it really gives a new and refreshing vibe every time you smoke mint, and it has taken the hookah industry to the next level.

If you smoke a flavor that does not contain any additional flavor of mint, then it would be hard for beginners to smoke. Hence, adding mint to other flavors makes it easy to smoke those flavors of mixes. Mint lovers will love this Al-Fakher mint flavor, and it also proves a great shisha smoking experience.

You can mix Al-Fakher mint with any other flavors you want, and it will get mixed perfectly and give you a rich and refreshing taste of the shisha.

It will not provide you with any tobacco if you want to get high or feel a buzz after smoking the Al-Fakher mint flavor. It is a non-tobacco shisha. And you may experience gasping if you are not comfortable with mint flavor.

Al-Fakher Bubble Gum


The Bubble Gum is the tastiest and amazing flavor I have come across is because of its unique taste and smell, which is the main reason for including this flavor in this article. It really gives you a fantastic and mouthwatering fruit flavor while smoking shisha.

According to many customers and hookah lovers’ reviews on the bubble gum shisha flavor, it is the most loved non-tobacco shisha flavor of all time. And everyone loves the bubble gum flavor to smoke regularly with their friends and family at the hookah lounges or any parties.

And If you are a beginner or have been smoking hookah for not very long, then the bubble gum is the rich and tasty flavor that will give you the true essence of flavored shisha smoking.

Bubble gum has many amazing flavor mixes, and hence it has been so successful in the hookah shisha market all these years. And you can smoke bubble gum for a longer period of time without adding or mixing another flavor with it. It is so unique in terms of rich and sweet taste.

Furthermore, bubble gum also helps produce a thick smoke cloud; hence, it is ideal for thick cloud generators.

In my hookah-smoking experience, I have never heard of choking or anything else related to this flavor, so it is a clean flavor to have fun with. In short, you can try his flavor if you have never had this one in your entire life.

Al-Fakher jasmine Flavor


If you are a lover of flowers and fruits, you will surely love the Al-Fakher Jasmine flavor. Al-Fakher is known for the quality shisha flavors, and this time, they have produced a mesmerizing and rich in aroma flavor, one and only Jasmine flavor in the shisha.

It is quite good for smoking as it gives the best aroma while smoking hookah from this flower-based shisha flavor. Many people and hookah lovers have been smoking this flavor for quite some time, and they love it because it is a lighter flavor compared with other shisha flavors available in the market.

This is an ideal flavor for smoking hookah if you look for a light and rich taste flavor. It is also sweet in taste which will make beginners more comfortable to smoke this flavor. Despite the sweetness, the flavor is a bit strong to smoke, so keep that in mind, but it will surely provide you with a smooth taste.

It usually comes in two packing styles of small and large, and it also comes with a male and female disposable mouthpiece. You can use this mouthpiece to smoke from the pipe, and It will make you comfortable to smoke from the pipe, rather than smoking directly from the pipe.

Because of the light flavor, it will not last more on the hookah bowl, and you will require to change it often, but it will provide a decent amount of smoking time.

Al-Fakher Cola Flavor


Al-Fakher has proven its versatility in producing shisha products by making a cola flavor in the shisha industry. The company is so dynamic and versatile that they have created an extraordinary flavor of coca-cola drink.

Before introducing those Al-Fakher cola flavors, there were no flavors available in the market like this one. It was such a unique flavor at that time, and hookah smokers just loved it.

It does not matter if you are a newbie or pro in the field of hookah smoking. This cola flavor will give you the sweet and rich taste for all time.

Like the famous coca-cola drink, this shisha flavor is refreshing and gives the best taste while smoking. Because almost everyone loves the taste of coca-cola drink, this is the main reason everyone loves the taste of this Al-Fakher cola flavor. It is a good option for newbies as it has a smooth taste, and beginners like the smooth taste that does not harm their throat.

It is also an ideal shisha flavor for the smoke generators and smoke lovers as it produces way more smoke than any other shisha flavors out there in the market.

You will get small and large packaging in this flavor, and it also comes with male and female mouthpieces for comfortable smoking.

Because it generates more smoke than anyone, it also burns at faster rates. And according to experienced hookah smokers, this flavor is not the perfect choice to mix with other flavors because of its different taste and aroma.

Al-Fakher Vanilla


Vanilla is the most popular flavor in the world. Whether it is in the hookah or ice cream, everyone loves vanilla. It is the most accepted flavor around the globe.

The Al-Fakher shisha tobacco and flavor vanilla will taste like normal vanilla flavors you eat in every other product. And because vanilla is the most used flavor worldwide, many hookah smokers can easily make themselves comfortable with Al-Fakher vanilla flavors as well.

The good thing about Al-Fakher Vanilla flavor is that. It does not burn fast, so that you will get a relatively higher smoking time with this flavor. Because it is a dense flavor, you may feel gasp If inhaled in a high amount. Otherwise, you are excellent with this flavor in your hookah bowl. It is an ideal flavor for vaping or making smoke rings.

Like other flavors mentioned in this article, you will get small and large packaging with disposable male and female mouthpieces that you can use while smoking your favorite flavor.

And it is a fact that you can not mix the vanilla flavor with any other flavors as other major flavors will shade it in the mixes. So, you’ll not get any of the taste of vanilla.

Al-Fakher Apricot


If you are looking for a flavor that apricot provides, you should definitely try the Al-Fakher Apricot shisha flavor. The flavor gives the best aroma of the apricot fruit that provides a smooth taste. But some of the customers and smokers like the taste of peach, but both two are different.

Al-Fakher Apricot produces great smoke from the flavor compared to other fruit flavors available out there. It also provides smoother smoke compared to others like orange and peach fruit flavors. And because of this feature in Al-Fakher Apricot, it burns slow compared to others.

Most of the experienced hookah smokers and customers rate the flavor’s smoothness as above the average and best from other flavors available in the market.

So, If you are a Newbie and are planning to smoke for the first time, Al-Fakher Apricot is the one you should be looking for, nothing else. Trust me, you will directly fall in love with hookah smoking. No grape with mint, no golden grape, no vanilla aroma, no watermelon mint, nothing else will help you make yourself comfortable than this smoothest flavor of all time.

It also comes with small and large-sized mouthpiece disposable tips that will provide you with more comfort for smoking hookah. If you are looking for cloudy smoke, you will not get one because of its lightness in the flavor.

Al-Fakher Cappuccino


If you are the one whose day starts with a coffee and ends with a coffee, then this flavor is made only for you. Al-Fakher Cappuccino is a strong coffee flavor that gives the exact coffee-like taste in hookah smoking. And it is amazing that how a shisha flavor gives the same taste like coffee, this flavor is heaven for coffee lovers.

Al-Fakher Cappuccino is sweet but strong at the same time. Unlike many other flavors available in the market, this one provides the best and original taste as the name of the shisha flavor.

The main reason behind its low complaint about the customers’ flavors is that most hookah smokers are coffee lovers, and the coffee flavor goes really well with hookah smoking, so you will never hear a bad word about the flavor.

You may choke while smoking this flavor if you are a newbie, but it should not be a problem for pro smokers. It will leave a great after-taste in your mouth, and this would be somewhat refreshing as well.

And just like other flavors mentioned in this article, this flavor also comes with the small and big size, male and female mouthpiece tips that will help you make a comfortable hookah session.

Al-Fakher Herbal mix

If you are looking for a healthier option in hookah smoking, you should try Al-Fakher Herbal mix shisha flavor. Many hookah smokers nowadays are looking for a better and healthy shisha smoking option due to having cancer to the tobacco consumers.

Hookah enthusiasts may find the Al-Fakher Herbal Mix package a worthy option because it comes with different flavor options, and there is something for everyone. The flavors include Orange, Double Apple, Grape, Rose, Peach, Watermelon, Mint, Lemon Rose, Double Grape, and many others.

These mentioned flavors of the herbal mix are way safer than other normal shisha flavors out there in the market, and many of you are still smoking them.

So, If you don’t know about these flavor packages, let me tell you that these are delicious flavors, and they also smell good. It is the perfect combination for your hookah night with your friends at a hookah bar or party.

Because of the Herbal mix flavor package, you can choose and mix differently flavored with each other, which gives you more advantage of using this package as your shisha partner.

You will not need any other flavors to mix with any of these mentioned here. For example, if you want to mix a mint flavor, you can easily mix it with other fruit flavors available in the package without purchasing additional flavors.

And If you are not comfortable smoking mint flavor due to its coolness and coughing problem, you can always choose different flavors from the package anytime.

Al-Fakher Herbal Mix is a non-tobacco flavor, so that it will be constructive If you are a non-tobacco smoker.

Points To Remember To Spot A Fake Al-Fakher

It is very crucial to use authentic products when it comes to shisha smoking. Because when a brand becomes famous, every other company tries to overtake, and the competition between companies leads to fake products in the market.

So, it is not beneficial for consumers to consume fake products in the original brand’s name. Likewise, here I will teach you how you can spot fake Al-Fakher shisha flavors.

  1. Always look for the manufactured date of the package, usually written on the top of the package. And If you don’t find that one on the package, do not buy that package.
  2. When you see the flavor and the color or texture of that flavor, If it is on the light side, it has a higher chance of being fake.
  3. The quality of branding and packaging on the original one would be bright and of high quality. So, if you see any low-quality branding and packing of the flavor, Do not buy that one.
  4. It would pack the original flavor in the dark paper and the fake one in bright paper, so look for this kind of tip while buying Al-Fakher flavors.
  5. Pull stickers on the package would tip off you if you see them correctly, suggesting a fake flavor.

How To Pack Al-Fakher Flavor?

Packing the flavor in the hookah bowl is solely dependent on the type of consumers and smokers. If you want to smoke it for a long or a short time, the way you pack your flavor will decide everything.

Check Out: Shisha bowl packing techniques.

How you pack a hookah flavor will decide your type of smoke and other related terms of your smoking. So if you want to smoke for a long time, pack your shisha accordingly.

If you pack a shisha full of flavor or overpacked, it will not burn evenly; hence you will not enjoy your hookah the best way.

So, the packing method for a better hookah session is only packing it light. The light packing method is the best one and will give you a considerably long hookah session.


What flavors can be mixed to enjoy the most out of hookah?

The right answer to this question is, It depends on your taste. Because when you read somewhere that flavor, A will taste good when mixed with flavor B. But when you actually try that mix for real, you may not like it the way they had appreciated it. So, you should experiment with your flavors and mix on your own to find according to your taste.

What is Al-Fakher?

Al-Fakher is a company that deals in the hookah industry and with the hookah products such as shisha flavors. These flavors can range from tobacco to non-tobacco flavors to cover most of their customer base. It was created in 1999 in UAE. Today, Al-Fakher is one of the best and most selling hookah tobacco companies all over the globe, and every hookah smoker loves their flavor’s taste.


I have mentioned almost every best Al-Fakher flavor in this article for you to choose only the best quality in hookah smoking. Because cheap flavors will not give you the kind of flavor and taste, you are looking for.

So, I hope you have gone through all the flavor’s detailed reviews on why they are the best compared to other flavors available in the market. There are many flavors mentioned in this article, So if you feel that one flavor is not suitable for you, you may try another one. It may suit you.

I have mentioned earlier in this article that I am writing this blog after having enough smoking experience to write this article to help you make decisions.

Do try these flavors once, and let me know what do you think?

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