6 Best cheap hookahs In 2023

Everyone, including myself, finds something cheap in materialistic things no matter how rich you are, and that is the biggest reason I am writing this article 0n the best cheap hookahs.

And cheap doesn’t always mean cheap in quality, and It can provide you the sufficient quality you are looking for to smoke with your friends and family. These cheap hookahs are very popular in the hookah world and among hookah smokers.

Still, after reading this article, you feel that you need to spend more money to get the satisfaction you are looking for that cheap hookahs have failed to deliver. You can take a look at the complete guide on the Best hookahs In 2023.

The best hookahs are the ones that provide its smoker the best smoking experience. And Suppose you are getting this smoking experience from the cheap hookah available in the market. In that case, that means you are fortunate that you found something that suits your expectation and is affordable.

So, I will try to provide every hookah’s pros and cons, and its features, so that you can easily decide to purchase it or even give it a try for once.

One of the fantastic hookahs available in the hookah market is Khalil Mamoon hookahs, the best traditional hookah for smokers. This hookah pipe is very popular and has been around society for decades.

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These KM hookahs give stiff competition to other hookah brands and manufacturers because KM hookahs rule the hookah industry, no doubt in that. Because they got some authentic hookahs that look great in traditional and antique tone, and the lovers of antique collection love this tone.

And they are attracting more smokers and users day by day and are making their customers, and the users love their hookahs because of some good reasons like they have got tall hookahs that last long with large hookah bowls and base.

But this article is about cheap hookahs, so let’s start talking about them.

Best Cheap hookahs In A Budget

In the cheap hookah category, you will find various hookahs and materials used to make those hookahs. For example, you will find glass hookahs and traditional hookahs in the cheap hookah category both at the same time.

And to use shisha tobacco, you will have to first look at its hookah bowl size and then your smoking requirements so that you can decide the packing methods to pack your bowl.

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This list of affordable hookah will also consist of various hose styles in hookah, for example, single-hose hookah and multi-hose hookah. So, this will be a fantastic guide for lovers of smoking and hookah, as it will also cover the modern hookahs in this guide.

1 Vapor Hookah Bunker: For Newbies

If you are a beginner in the hookah world and want to smoke hookah like your pro friends, you better start with this vapor hookah bunker.

It will help you experiment in your hookah session, and if you make any mistake while making or setting up the hooka, do not worry about it because it is, anyway, a cheap hookah, and you might afford this one.

You can also call it a portable hookah, but I would not like to call it that name. If you are smoking with experienced hookah smokers, you can always take tips to set up good hookah that will give you thick clouds and long-lasting smoking sessions.

It is way better than traditional hookahs and delivers the best smoking experience with a modern look and taste. If you love hygienic things, you will also love to smoke from them because it has database hookah parts that will be detached from hookah very quickly and help you clean the components properly.

It comes with the best airflow in the hookah and is flexible also so that you can always add any hookah accessories and make your hookah feel more enjoyable. The design of the bunker hookah is flat in the base so that you can accommodate more smoke at the bottom.

And the best thing about the vapor hookah bunker is that it comes with an oversized silicone bowl so you can fill more shisha tobacco and pack your bowl in your style that suits your taste.

Also, there is no need to add any grommets to the hookah. But you can add LED lights to the hookah, which will be rechargeable LED lights to give the more techy look, and it looks nice the night as well.

The glass material is very tough and can not be broken by ordinary damages to the glass. The glass is made from plexiglass material which is quite strong and will provide the best rigidity to the hookah.

This hookah comes in a complete package with other parts, including silicone bowls, a built-in diffuser, washable hose, and tongs. The hookah set comes in four different colors Red, Black, Blue, and Yellow.

Why Should you buy this hookah set?

There are more than a single reason you should buy this hookah set if you are a total beginner in the world of hookah and smoking.

  1. Vapor hookah burner is a total beginner hookah kit that a newbie would want in their entire life to kick start their journey to the unstoppable smoking session. You can also take this hookah set to almost anywhere you go.
  2. All the hookah parts are easy to handle, and it will be more than okay for you if you are not someone who can assemble the pieces.
  3. But If you are a pro smoker, I would strongly recommend you to make a distance from this hookah because it will not excite you about a second as well.


  • You can say it’s the best portable hookah because of its detachable hookah parts that make it easy to travel with this hookah set.
  • The price you pay is significantly less when compared with other hookahs out there in the market, and it does provide the best performance according to its price range.
  • It is effortless to clean all the hookah parts like a glass vase, hose, bowl, etc.
  • All the materials, including high-quality stainless steel, silicone, and plexiglass, are the best in the business and provide long-lasting performance from the hookah.


  • You will not get an ashtray with the hookah set.
  • Heam management system is to be added if you don’t want your hookah and surrounding a mess.

2 Mya Econo Hookah: Affordable Hookah Set

Any smoker, whether a beginner or a pro, can use this hookah as it comes with a great smoking experience. If you are a beginner, you can enjoy this hookah set more because you will get to know various things about hookahs and their parts.

Mya Econo hookah comes in an affordable range, reaching more people because the price matters to most people out there. And this hookah won’t disappoint you If you are a budget-oriented person.

This hookah has various use other than smoking. Mya Econo hookah comes in 13 inches in height and has a great design that is aesthetically appealing. You can put this hookah as an art piece on a table as it has a tremendous colorful glass hookah base.

It is considered lightweight and weighs only 3 pounds, that meager compared to other tall hookahs. It also has a broader base that allows it to stand rigid on a flat surface. And the leather hose of 6 feet long with a metal tip at the front provides the best comfort to a smoker to smoke hookah far away from the hookah set.

It comes with many other hookah accessories, including foil, bowl, cleaning brush, and rubber grommet, and this accessory will surely help you make your hookah airtight.

You can even turn this hookah into double hose hookah by applying an extra hose adapter with the current hookah, so from this setup, you can smoke with your friends all night.

Why Should you buy this hookah set?

Let’s look at the various reasons why you should buy this fantastic hookah set.

  1. This hookah set is recommended to all the pros and newbies out there to smoke from this very versatile hookah set.
  2. It generates excellent thick clouds that provide smokers a satisfaction that every hookah lover would want to have. And it’s straightforward to clean the hookah thoroughly under 5 minutes due to its washable parts.
  3. You can turn this single hose hookah into multi hose hookah in less than 2 minutes by applying the other hose attachment to the hookah.
  4. You can use this hookah as a decorative piece in your house.


  • It comes with a great price that a beginner can afford to make mistakes in. And it also provides thick smoke to the smoker.
  • If you are a beginner, you can easily set up this hookah in under 5 minutes and start your excellent hookah session with your friends.
  • If you have any unexpected guests at your house or hookah lounges, you can add a second hose by removing the purge valve and adding the hose adapter.


  • You get the two hose option, but the hoses are non-washable, and there are high chances of flavor ghosting in the hose.
  • And after using the bowl that comes along the set, you can always change it and use the phunnel or vortex bowl for a better smoking experience.

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3 GSTAR Hookah: Best Selling Hookah

I want to suggest this hookah to all beginners and pro smokers worldwide looking for a low price but high quality.

When you look at this hookah set, you may feel or get a resemblance to an Egyptian-style hookah that is made to provide the best luxury possible to its users. The design of the GSTAR hookah is very modern looking, but the makers have given them a nice traditional touch in aesthetics so that the users get a mixed feeling and something new to smoke.

It comes with thousands of accessories to put them together, including a down stem, two hoses, a central shaft, bottom base, ceramic hookah bowl, an ashtray, and tongs. Isn’t it amazing?

So most probably, you will not require to purchase any extra hookah parts to put them into the hookah set. And two hookah hoses are 20 inches long, which is more than enough when you smoke the hookah from a decent distance from the hookah.

It weighs more than other cheap hookahs mentioned in this article but has big numbers in height. It comes 18 inches in size that will surely give you a tall hookah vibe anywhere you smoke with it.

Considering all the benefits and features of this fantastic hookah, one thing is for sure that you will get a perfect time smoking your favorite shisha tobacco from this hookah set.

Why Should you buy this hookah set?

Now, let’s look at some good reasons to buy this fantastic hookah set with lots of hookah accessories.

  1. GSTAR is a new rising star in the hookah industry, and it is growing slowly in the hearts of hookah smokers, whether they are beginners or pros.
  2. The best thing about this hookah set is the convenience due to their case with the hookah set. It makes travel with hookah very easy and comfortable.


  • If you want to smoke your first hookah and have never smoked before, you can blindly smoke this hookah. Because it is made for beginners as it does not have any complexity in the system and it’s easy to operate.
  • All the cleaning materials and equipment you get along with the hookah set make it very easy to clean hookah under 5 minutes with warm water ready to use.
  • The makers of this hookah set provide a comfortable case to carry the whole hookah set wherever you go, whether on a vacation or a friendly visit to your friend’s house.


  • If we talk about the materials used to make this product, you will not be satisfied because the materials are cheap in quality and cannot be compared with other best hookahs out there.
  • The bowl that you get along with the other parts is tiny and can not accommodate more than 10 gm of shisha tobacco, which is significantly less when compared with another shisha pipe in the market.

4 Pharaoh’s Nysa: For Beginners

If you are a lover of traditional things, and you love to smoke from the conventional style hookahs, you will also love Pharaoh’s Nysa hookah for sure. It is made by experienced workers and has given it a style of traditional Egyptian hookahs.

When you buy this hookah set online or offline, you will get some fantastic hookah accessories like base, downstem, hose, ashtray, bowl, stem, etc. So, it will help you form a shape of hookah from which you can start smoking.

The height of the Pharaoh’s Nysa is around 22 inches and weighs about 4.2 kg. And it also comes with a clay bowl that provides no odor, and it is also suitable for melting the molasses into the bowl.

The hookah has a wide purge valve that enables the input of the second hose into the system very quickly. The hookah base comes out as a flat surface with thick glass that provides the best support to the whole hookah system.

Pharaoh’s Nysa has a unique bowl compared to others available in the market, and it is because the bowl has four sets of three holes on the side of the bowl, which is quite unusual and extraordinary. The coal tray has a beautiful design but comes in a small size. However, it collects the ashes that are produced by the charcoals on the top of the bowl.

You will not notice any rust on the hookah parts as it comes in quality parts and colors. It comes with 72 inches long hookah silk hose that is fully washable, so you don’t need to worry about its cleaning. The downstem has outstanding filtration in the system and comes with a built-in diffuser.

Why Should you buy this hookah set?

Now, let’s talk about its main reasons to buy this hookah set.

You can buy this hookah set right away If you are a fan of an Egyptian style hookah and looking for a budget hookah. Because it matches with both the description and provides the best smoking experience to the beginners and pros.

  1. The whole hookah kit comes in the very lightweight category and makes the best mood to smoke your favorite hookah with your loved ones.
  2. It may surprise the pro smokers by its materials on the products and other parts, and it also gives a friendly draw from the hose to satisfy the smoker with the thick cloud and long-lasting hookah session.


  • Let’s talk about its long and washable hose. It has a very long hose, and the length of the hose is around 72 inches. Plus, it is fully washable as well, so you can wash it after every hookah session you have with your favorite people. By doing this, you will not have to taste the flavors of the previous session in your current hookah session.
  • It comes with a clay bowl, and they are the best conductor of the heat, so it will quickly melt the molasses present in the flavors you add to the bowl. Hence you will get a rich taste of the flavors.
  • The hookah comes at an affordable price range so that budget-conscious smokers can afford it. It also provides the best quality in that price range that you will not see somewhere else.


  • For me, the only con that this hookah set has is a small ashtray to hold the ash from the coals. It is uncomfortable as the ash will drop on the table or floor, making a mess that no one likes to clean after a good smoking session.

5 Khalil Mamoon Safari: Economic Hookah For Newbies

Khalil Mamoon is the best hookah brand in the world. So, it makes it easy to establish the brand to the newbie, and pros already know about the brands and its products.

Since the article is about cheap hookahs, especially for beginners, Khalil Mamoon has the best cheap hookah on their list to provide the best in class smoking experience from the oldest hookah brand globally.

It has a vibrant history of hookah as they majorly contribute to the world of hookah. When they manufacture any hookah, they have a standard quality policy to provide only the best smoking experience to hookah lovers and society. Likewise, this 22 inches tall hookah will surely give you immense pleasure while smoking from it.

All Khalil Mamoon hookahs and their parts will give you the Egyptian style and taste, and this hose that comes along with the hookah set gives you the best smoking experience of the dense smoke. Because it gives the Egyptian smoking experience, you will also get smooth airflow. Also, the other parts, like the hookah and heavy-duty stem base, deliver excellent customer satisfaction.

The brand’s logo or stamp will be engraved on the hookah parts like hose, tray, bowl, grommet, and tongs when you decide to buy this hookah, which indicates the originality of the manufacturer and brand.

The makers believe in making these hookahs handmade. As a result, you may feel the inconsistency in the hookah and other parts from batch to batch. And you may also find the variation in the design of the hookah over the years.

Why Should you buy this hookah set?

Let’s look into the best reason to buy the Khalil Mamoon hookah set.

  1. It is the most popular brand name among hookah smokers, and it is widely adopted by smokers globally.
  2. There’s no meaning in smoking hookah for less than an hour, and pro smokers usually smoke it for more than an hour, and they have the best hookah session with their friends. Thus, the KM hookah bowl will allow you to smoke your favourite shisha pipe for extended periods.
  3. It will give you the best dense clouds from the hookah, and it purges very well in the system.


  • You can expect the best quality products from KM hookahs and brands, and it does provide you as per your expectations.
  • When you have the best in everything, you will also get the best smoking experience from the hookah set as all the parts function well and give dense smoke.
  • The best part about the KM hookahs is that they are handmade and give an example of superb craftsmanship.


  • The only downside to this fantastic hookah set is that you may experience a shortage in the supply of the product as it is a handmade product.

6 Habibi Black Hookah: Affordable Single Hose Hookah

The Habibi hookah set is one of the best and most attractive hookah sets of all time. If you got any chance to smoke from this set, you should never miss that chance because it looks beautiful on the table and in your hand as well.

It comes at the height of 24 inches that is more than sufficient to smoke as a beginner and pro. The base of the hookah is solid and provides excellent rigidity and durability to the whole system. And the stem of the hookah is lovely as it is painted all blacked and has a silver lining on the branch.

You will get almost all the parts along with the Habibi Black hookah kit. And some of the features include tongs, a ceramic bowl, an ashtray, and a leather hose. All these parts are beautiful in look, and it also provides the best performance to create dense clouds.

And when we compare this hookah set with others on the list, you will find it very lightweight, and it has a straightforward design that stands out compared with competitors.

It is very convenient to travel along with the hookah set because, as discussed earlier, it comes out very handy, and you can take it anywhere you want.

Why Should you buy this hookah set?

Now, the below-mentioned reasons are the best reason to buy this hookah set immediately.

  1. Habibi Black hookah is the best and awesome hookah on this list for beginners. The newbies will get very much fun smoking from this shisha, as it is pure modern hookah.
  2. You can quickly put together its different parts and assemble it in minutes. And when you want to disassemble it, it won’t take much either.
  3. You can take this hookah pretty much everywhere, and it’s straightforward to travel along with the hookah set.
  4. But If you are a pro smoker and have been smoking for a long time, It is not meant for you guys as you will not get the smoking experience you are expecting.


  • The performance according to the price you pay for the hookah set is quite impressive. And you can buy this hookah set for under $100 easily.
  • The best part about this hookah is that it is very lightweight, so that you can carry this set with you anywhere you go.
  • The ashtray is much broader, and it provides sufficient space to collect the ash generated from the coals. So, this will allow you to avoid the mess ash creates.


  • It comes in all black color, and sometimes it becomes hard to measure the water level inside the base.
  • The material used to make this hookah is cheap, and it does not feel like a quality product.
  • The hookah bowl is also tiny, so you will not accommodate more shisha flavor into the bowl.


Can I use cheap hookahs daily?

Cheap hookahs are the ones that are meant to serve the people who are looking for a low-budget hookah, and these hookahs do not come ideally as the expensive hookahs do. Because the makers have cut down many costs to make this hookah, it is evident that makers will compromise the quality. Still, If you are a beginner and just starting your hookah smoking journey, I would surely recommend you try these hookahs to boost your smoking session. You can always experiment with these hookahs and parts because they are cheap, and most probably, everyone will afford these hookahs.

Why are cheap hookahs always in demand?

First of all, cheap hookahs are cheap, no doubt in that. And secondly, the number of new smokers in the world is increasing daily. When a demand increases but the supply is low, you will face friction in the market about hookah’s availability. And these cheap hookahs are the perfect tool for beginners to smoke from.


All the cheap hookahs mentioned in this article are well researched, and you can trust them to smoke with your friends and family at your house or hookah lounge.

So, these cheap hookahs can almost provide you with what expensive hookahs offer with their best quality. It is a fact that you will have to compromise in something to get a similar smoking experience from the cheap hookahs.

And I have crafted this list after the excellent research on every hookah available in the market right now and have selected some of them that are highly suitable for beginners.

So, If you are starting your hookah journey, you can surely try one of these hookahs; a purchase link is given at the bottom of every hookah.

And If you have a small budget to buy a hookah, you buy one from this list as most of the hookas mentioned in this article will be under $100.

So, wishing you excellent luck with your new journey in this hookah world.

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