Top 5 Best Glass Hookahs of 2023: A Smoker’s Dream

Do you want to buy fantastic glass hookahs? Let’s start with the helpful buying guide for the best glass hookahs in 2023.

Glass hookahs are the most fantastic thing created by the hookah manufacturer for hookah lovers. Traditional hookahs also exist, and they have their lovers and users. But Glass hookah is something great for the modern world.

Now, everyone wants something unique and stylish, like modern glass hookahs. They are beautiful and generate tons of thick smoke.

Nowadays, the youth of every country is attracted to smoking shisha or cigarettes, and when they want to smoke it, they will require a modern hookah because the youth don’t like old and traditional things.

That is why glass hookah and glass hookah pipes are very popular worldwide. The older generation loves all traditional things and represents their time.

But glass hookah is something else, they have tremendous benefits over the traditional ones, and some are listed here.

They are beautiful in design, easy to maintain, and great performers in terms of smoking hookah. Overall you will get a great hookah smoking experience with your friends at any party where you guys are smoking from the glass hookah. This hookah session will be remarkable, and you will never forget the experience.

Top Guide: The Best Glass Hookahs

In this guide, I will review the top 5 of the best glass hookahs from the market and will tell you about each hookah some critical aspects that can help you decide on the purchase.

After all, we all want to smoke the best hookah in hookah lounges or at home, so it would be better if you knew each detail about the top 5 glass hookahs.

Let’s begin the complete guide/review of the top 5 best glass hookahs.

Fumo Pod Glass Hookah

Check out the full hookah review on Fumo Pod Glass Hookah.


Fumo brand makes some of the best and most stylish glass hookahs globally. They manufacture limited numbers of hookahs, but they all are the best in the industry in terms of quality. Fumo has everything to prove they are the best in the business.

They offer five designs, all of which are exceptional for hookah lovers. These five designs are jar, beaker, orb, pod, and mini tank. Like other hookahs, Fumo is also inspired by the traditional hookah. Fumo has taken the styling and other quality of glass hookah set to the next level.

Fumo has their designs patented so that no one can copy its designs. You will not see the designs of hookah as Fumo has in the market very often. It’s one in thousands.


Fumo Pod glass hookah uses all the best quality materials, especially the hookah’s glass is very thick. As glass is the significant material or component in the glass hookah, so it has to be very strong to sustain accidental damages it will face in the future while smoking it.

Fumo Pod has its hookah world, and this hookah brand is a famous brand representing the all-glass hookah with a glass bowl.

In short, almost all the components are made from high-quality thick glass of at least 7mm that can sustain significant damage. It ensures the best durability and heat resistance as the hookah gets hot during a hookah session.

The interesting fact about the Fumo Pod glass hookah is that it is a grommet-less design. It does not have any rubber grommets in the body, and the ground glass is used to form all of the connectors.

The look of the hookah is achieved by using some materials like surgical-grade stainless steel parts. Hose pipes are washable and can be used efficiently.


Let’s talk about the excellent performance of the Fumo Pod glass hookah. The hookah bowl of Fumo Pod is the best hookah bowl of all time, and it has the best grid system with a wind cover to protect the bowl from the fast-paced wind If you are in an open area.

This particular hookah set enables the best performance when compared to other aluminum-based hookahs or Egyptian hookahs. And Fumo also provides the best and thick smoke to enjoy hookah smoothly and have a better taste of shisha flavors.

The shisha flavors mix pretty well in the hookah bowl, and it takes significantly less burning time. This is also one of the silent glass hookahs available in the market, and an integrated diffuser makes it possible to have a silent hookah like this.


  • It has a dual hose port to make things comfortable
  • All the accessories are highly customizable
  • Stylish design


  • With all the benefits, it comes at an expensive price tag.
  • It does not have an original valve, so you have to look for it in the market additionally.

Lavoo Glass Hookah


The Lavoo is another brand that comes on the top 5 list of glass hookahs. Hookahs are known for their traditional designs, and when you hear of hookah, you instantly see a traditional Indian style hookah in your mind. But as the hookah industry has evolved, innovation has also taken place in this industry.

Now you can see a modern-style hookah set everywhere. And the Lavoo has also made this way to be on the top of the list of glass hookahs.

Lavoo generally makes handmade hookah and especially mid-size glass hookah for shisha smokers in the hookah world.

Lavoo does some serious work in both performance and luxury wise. In the USA, Lavoo produces some unique glass hookahs with the utmost luxury in the hookah set. Most of the lover’s dream of smoking their first hookah in this type of luxury hookah set.

This durable and glass hookah takes time, and it does not have a rubber grommet in the hookah.


Lavoo glass hookah makers understand the situation and use only high-quality materials, glass, or other metals on the hookah body and hookah parts.

Here, Lavoo does not use any metal parts on the hookah, but they use hand-blown glass. The glasses are used not to require any gaskets or rubber grommets to provide the perfect seal.

Lavoo does have the jar-shaped verticle hookah, then also they have used a horizontal diffuser in the hookah.


You want to have a fantastic smoking experience and smoking session from a clear glass hookah with an excellent heat management system to provide better smoke.

Lavoo is made strong, and it does not shake from common ground waves and unstable surfaces during an ongoing hookah session.

It has a built-in diffuser, and instead of rubber seals, they use thick glass seals that provide better performance. And because of the glass approach, it does not leave any corner of the hookah without glass molds. Hence no leakage.

After all, you will get the best draw and the thickest cloud from the hookah.


  • You can place this hookah anywhere on the table or surface. Hence it is adjustable and easy to use.
  • You can take this glass hookah almost anywhere with you, even on trips as well. It is that much convenient to travel with this fantastic glass hookah.
  • To clean this hookah, all you need is warm water and clean fabric to dry out the water from the surface.


  • Lavoo does not provide an ashtray in some of their models, which makes it challenging to manage the ongoing hookah session with hookah coals.
  • You will probably require a separate hookah bowl as all the bowls will not fit Lavoo glass hookahs.

Oduman Glass Hookah


At first sight, Oduman’s hookah might look like an alien’s spaceship, but it is a 100% glass hookah. In this world, this type of hookah is significantly less, and the design of Oduman hookahs is very stylish and futuristic.

The company is based out of Turkey, and it introduced its glass hookah to the world in 2014. Since then, it’s been superhit among hookah lovers all over the globe.

At first, it may feel like a robot-made product but let me tell you. It is an entirely hand-made glass hookah.

The workers at the company are very talented and know their job very well. They create great heavy-duty and quality hookah products. If you visit European countries, you may find Oduman hookah at any Turkish restaurant or hookah lounges.

If you own an Oduman hookah, your guest at any party you host will be pretty impressed with your collection of hookahs.


Most of the materials used in the Oduman hookah are glass, and the talented craftsmen create high-quality thick glass hookah from the glass materials. They give the shape to the glass to form the trademark design of Oduman hookah.

They use metal parts on the hookahs like pots, trays, and diffusers made from medical-grade steel, which is also a high-quality material to trust.

The purging process is straightforward in Oduman hookahs as they have an anti-corrosive ball bearing placed with the purge valve to provide a smooth purging process. And it has only one hose with stainless steel hose handle.

It does not come with a bowl, but it does have the bowl port in which any of the famous hookah bowls will fit and work like magic.

Oduman glass hookah comes with two variants of the glass, Clear and Matte. So choose according to your need or likes, and have great smoke sessions.


The performance speaks, and you can see its glass hookah base giving the vibe of a crystal ball due to the clouds in the glass base. While smoking from it. And when you smoke from it, you can quickly notice the airflow process of the Oduman hookah. It’s great to see this type of mechanism in a glass hookah. You can not experience this type of smoking in a traditional hookah.

The process is like the dense fumes that will pass through the drain valves directly to the glass base, followed by a smooth pull.

When you draw from it, you will experience the circulation of smoke in the glass base and body. You will feel no vibration or minimal vibration during the process. They also provide LED light at the bottom of the tray, and the vibe of that lighting is at another level.


  • Without any doubt, The Oduman hookahs are the most stylish and modern hookahs available in the market.
  • Oduman hookah will be the Centre of attraction at any party.
  • 100% corrosion-free and fully washable to maintain the hygiene


  • The weight of hookah is a bit heavy, so it will be hard to carry it around while traveling with it.
  • The Oduman hookah comes without the hookah bowl, so you must purchase it separately.

Evolution Hookah


Visually appealing Evolution hookah comes in three main shapes, including Funnel, Tower, and ball. Some of these variants have an in-built downstem, and some of them have a removable downstem.

However, a removable downstem is easy to maintain and clean and has little chance of getting a crack on it.

Evolution hookahs are the same as other glass hookahs. Only glass chimneys differentiate them from others. And other metal accessories and foil are also absent in the hookah set.

The beautiful artwork of glass and a broader glass base sets them apart from ordinary glass hookahs. The wide glass base gives more stability to the hookah and will never let it fall. You will not find any leaks on the glass in this glass hookah.


Superior quality of glass materials is used in making this fantastic glass hookah. The glass is hand-blown by the very talented craftsmen of the company, and the glass is very thick, around 5-7mm.

Evolution hookah makers use borosilicate clear glass to make the crystal clear glass hookah. And to give a beaker shape to the glass. Other components’ colors are used as right as possible to provide contrast to the whole body.

In some of the Evolution hookahs, they have water bong striking feature, double-construction in simple words. And In others, they have hollow parts. The Evolution hookahs come with a washable hose of a 2mm thick glass mouthpiece.


You will get a fantastic smoking experience from the best performer, hookah in the market. The Evolution hookah bowls are better than the traditional hookah bowls. The benefit of not getting the hookah foil with the packing is that you have little chance of burning your shisha with the coals.

The draw is energetically impressive and gives you the whole experience of juice fumes, even though you will hear the rumbling sound of the knot when you draw from the hose.


  • Like other premium glass hookahs, Evolution hookah also has the best designs and color combinations.
  • It comes with the best price tag that anyone can afford, plus the luxury is a bounce.
  • You can easily carry this hookah set with you while traveling.


  • Some of the Evolution hookahs have thinner glass parts that have a high chance of breaking those parts.
  • It needs a separate charcoal tray like the one that comes with the original, which needs improvements.

Lit Hookah


This is one of the best glass hookahs available in the market today when compared with the quality and pricing of other glass hookahs out there. This all-glass hookah is medium size and comes with a food-grade silicone hose that is entirely washable.

The lit hookah is worth every penny. I am saying this with confidence because you can compare its quality with other expensive glass hookahs out there, and you will realize that it’s truly a masterpiece in the medium size.

It is manufactured so that the 14″ size will withstand normal vibrations and an unstable surface. It consists of premium and high-quality materials on the body and everywhere on the hookah.

Except for the hose, very other parts are made from glass. Isn’t that crazy? The hand-made glass is very thick and can handle vibrations and other damages very well.


Lit hookah is known for its all-glass body except for the hose. The glass body is robust and made from high-quality glass to ensure its durability and get resistance.

You will have the hookah parts like a glass purge valve, glass downstem, glass body, and a silicone hose with high durability.

All hookah parts are made by the company’s talented workers, who dedicate their lives to creating these glass hookahs thing. As mentioned earlier that all the pieces are hand-made except for the hose with transparent glass materials. It has a metal screen, so you don’t have to use the hookah foil in the Lit hookah to start smoking.

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The Lit hookah’s performance is just outstanding compared to other expensive glass hookahs in the market. It provides the best draw from the hose, and you will feel the most amazed while smoking this hookah.

Lit hookahs produce the smoothest clouds ever from an all-glass hookah, and no one literary no one will be able to provide what Lit hookah is delivering in this price tag.

You can even enable multiple hose smoking with your friends when you have more smokers in the room. This multiple-hose option makes this hookah a great performer of all time.

To enable the multiple hose options, you must remove the purge valve and put your second hose in the valve to start smoking with your friends.


  • Multiple hose option is available for various users.
  • Excellent and modern design with great quality materials
  • It is kind of cheap and has a low price tag.
  • Lit hookahs are very easy to clean and maintain their hygiene.


  • It has an all-glass body, so it will require more care to maintain the hookah.
  • You might feel like it is a small hookah.


What are the benefits of using a glass hookah?

Glass hookahs offer a smoother and cleaner smoking experience and the ability to see the smoke and water level inside the hookah. They also offer a more elegant and visually appealing design.

How should I clean my glass hookah?

To clean your glass hookah, disassemble it and rinse all the parts with warm water. Use a small brush to clean the stem and the base. Avoid using harsh chemicals and let the parts dry completely before reassembling and using it again.


Glass hookahs are the best hookahs in the market right now. They are easy to carry and clean. To maintain the glass hookah, you don’t need too much stuff. They are good to travel with and provide the best smoke output from the hookah.

All these benefits are good because traditional hookah does not have any of the benefits mentioned above. All top 5 glass hookahs are the best in their category. When you compare it with other cheap or traditional tall or short hookahs, you will know that those, as mentioned above, top 5 glass hookahs are the best, and you don’t need any other hookahs to smoke shisha when you have these glass hookahs.

These hookahs are cheap and have better materials used in making them. They are so durable that they will not affect any medium cracks or damage other cheap glass hookahs broke on.

And some of them also have two hose options in all glass hookah. So you need to purchase an extra hose to smoke with your friends.

So, feel free to try any of the glass hookahs mentioned above for your own experience, and do let me know how it went.

I wish you a great smoking session.

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