5 Best hookah bowls In 2023 For Shisha Lovers

Seems like you are looking for the best hookah bowls, and you are here with some expectations to take away some quality information about the hookah bowls with you. So, it is my duty to provide you with a quality piece of information about the same.

You will find fantastic information about the hookah shisha bowl in this detailed guide on hookah bowls, and I have plenty of other guides about hookah and its accessories for you on this website. You can check them out as well once you are done reading this essential guide.

So, a hookah bowl or shisha bowl is essential to have in your hookah accessories to have a better hookah session with your friends and family.

It is so essential that, If you do not have a proper hookah bowl, you may not get the perfect hookah smoking session the way you are looking to have.

So it is very crucial to read this guide until the very end so that you get all the info about the importance of hookah bowls and their pros and cons.

This info will help you make a better decision about the hookah bowls, and once you have the best-in-class hookah bowl to smoke from, you will indeed have the best time with your loved ones.

There are many different styles and material of hookah bowl available in the market, and both of them equally affects the quality of smoking in a hookah bowl.

Because you will not use the same tobacco in your hookah bowl every time you smoke. There are many shisha flavours available out there, and all of them are different tobacco, so you need to keep that in mind while selecting the best hookah bowl for you.

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Best Hookah Bowls

Now, we will look into the best hookah bowls available in the market. There are different types and qualities of materials available in hookah bowls. For example, traditional bowl, ceramic bowls, vortex bowl, Phunnel bowl, and many more.

So, in this section, we will only look at some of the best bowls, and I have filtered these bowls from literary hundreds of hookah bowls available in the market online and offline.

Now, it’s time to move forward with our list of best hookah bowls in 2023, so read until the end to know their pros and cons.

1 Budpro Silicone Hookah bowl ( Phunnel hookah bowl )


Budpro silicone hookah phunnel bowl is one of the best hookah bowls in the market right now. It has a tremendous amount of high and positive things that other hookah bowl lacks in this category.

This hookah head is here to stay because it has exciting advantages compared to its competitors in the market. The Budpro silicone hookah bowl is the silicone that lasts longer than other bowls like clay and ceramic.

When you are using clay or ceramic hookah bowls, there are more chances of breaking that bowl If they fall on the floor by mistake. Because the materials like ceramic and clay tend to break when applied more pressure beyond their breaking point.

So, to avoid breaking and other things happening to your hookah bowl, Budpro has come up with the great solution of replacing the materials with silicone so that it will not break even If you drop it on the floor by mistake.

It comes with seven holes on the bottom of the hookah bowl so that you can take full advantage of your shisha juices. This bowl comes with blue color and a great heat management device that works pretty fine. Budpro silicone bowl can also work with the Kaloud Lotus HMD.

Suppose you are in hookah lounges with your friends and looking forward to having a fresh flavor, as usual. In that case, you can use the Budpro silicone bowls because they can hold up to 30 to 40 grams of shisha tobacco in the bowl, and that will be sufficient for you guys to have an excellent hookah shisha smoking experience for hours.

And the heat management device will help you control the heat in the bowl so that it will not waste and help your hookah coals stay hot all the time.

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Why is this hookah bowl on our list?

The phunnel type hookah bowl is better than the traditional shisha bowl because they are more likely to save your shisha juices on the bowl from wasting it. And when you have more shisha juices on the bowl means more smoke and a more extended hookah session.

It also has a good HMD like Kaloud Lotus HMD, and it does almost the same work as KL, so you will o longer need to worry about the heat of the hookah bowls. And the ash from the coals will not contact the shisha tobacco so that you can have a better and flavorful smoking session.

If you use coconut hookah coals, you can expect your hookah session to run longer than usual. Budpro silicone bowl will surely help you have an excellent hookah session with your loved ones.

Now, let’s move forward with the Pros and Cons of this bowl.


  • Budpro silicone bowl can sustain more heat as it is made from heat-resistant materials.
  • This bowl is designed well enough to prevent any shisha juices leak. Hence it is a perfect hookah bowl for hookah smokers.
  • Due to the silicone as its core material, you will not have to face any circumstances of breakage of the bowl like other material hookah bowls of clay and ceramics.
  • You can heat this bowl quicker compared to other bowls.


  • Due to the size issues in the bowl, it may not fit all the hookah bowls you have. So, better to make sure on which hookah bowl it works.
  • You will require to give at least 5 to 7 minutes to coals to heat the shisha tobacco.

2 Tangiers Phunnel Hookah Bowl


Tangiers hookah bowls were a revolution in the hookah industry at that time. Because of its one-in-a-kind phunnel, Tangiers introduced hookah bowls in the market, and it was a hit.

So, this bowl has to be on our list of best hookah bowls in 2023. This is a handmade bowl from clay used to smoke 20 grams of shisha tobacco at once if you overpack your bowl.

The size may vary because it is a handmade hookah bowl, but it generally comes in 4 inches of height and weighs around 2 pounds. You will not find any other clay hookah bowls better than this one because Tangiers is the best in the clay bowl business, and they have earned it.

Many hookah smokers only smoke from the Tangiers hookah bowl, so they have some excellent loyal customers and smokers. And the best thing about the Tangiers hookah bowl is that they provide the best heat distribution in the bowl so that you can have great hot shisha tobacco to smoke.

But it has a shisha juices leak problem, which could be not very pleasant to someone who doesn’t like to clean their bowls and other hookah parts.

Tangiers was the first company to produce the phunnel type hookah bowl in the market, and everyone shod their love towards the bowl.

Why is this hookah bowl on our list?

There are almost many reasons available for this bowl on our list. Tangiers hookah bowls reflect true art, and they are crafted very carefully by experienced craftsmen.

As I said earlier, this bowl takes more heat than anyone in the hookah market, and smoking your favorite shisha flavor in this bowl will give you the best shisha smoking experience.

It also provides the best smoke clouds from the shisha tobacco because the bowl will try to save the natural shisha juices that will help you produce more thick smoke from the hookah.

To enjoy the bowl to its fullest, I pack it semi-dense with the shisha flavors to enjoy my favorite flavors with the friends in the hookah lounges. And If you also follow the same steps, you will not have burned tobacco in your life, and you will be able to enjoy hookah and its flavors.


  • Tangiers shisha bowl has an excellent heat management system due to the materials of the bowl, so it will surely last long up to 2 hours.
  • The bowl is designed to hold the tobacco moist in the bowl that will help you get the original shisha flavor and huge smoke clouds.
  • Only the best quality materials are used in making this shisha bowl so that it provides the best durability compared to clay bowls.


  • After all, the pros here’s a small con that it does not look aesthetically pleasing when you see it and compare it with other beautiful hookah bowls in the market. So if you want to have an attractive hookah bowl, then you have to look somewhere else.
  • It can hold only 20 to 25 grams of shisha tobacco in the shisha head. And that is something that limits smokers from having a long hookah smoking session.

3 Kitosun Hookah Bowl


The Kitosun hookah bowl uses only the best quality of materials of clay to make these bowls. And Kitsune is one of the most popular hookah bowls in the market, and everyone knows about this bowl.

It also allows you to retain the original flavor that may get lost while using the silicone hookah bowls. So, If you don’t want to use the silicon hookah bowls, you can surely use these bowls for your personal use to hang out with friends.

You can store more flavors in the Kitosun hookah bowl than the traditional hookah bowl that gives you an extended shisha lifespan and dense and pleasant smoke from the hookah that you will never forget in your entire life.

The perfect shisha head, like Kitosun, has expandable air vents that can help you get more or less air as required to burn the coals. If your shisha is not heating, then the air vents should be off, or you can leave it open If you are getting too harsh smoke from the hookah.


  • The best advantage of having a Kitosun hookah bowl is that it is a traditional hookah bowl with the essence of a modern hookah bowl that helps you have a great smoking experience.
  • You can indeed store more tobacco than any hookah bowls available out there in the market, and it makes this hookah bowl run for significantly more time and have an excellent hookah session with friends and family at hookah bars.
  • It also comes with a handle If you are dealing with a hot pan to deliver fresh flavor all time.


  • I feel that it is a big hookah bowl, and being ample means that you will require more coals and shisha flavors to accommodate in the big hookah bowl. And If you don’t want to have a long hookah session, filling more coals and flavors in the bowl would waste for you.
  • It weighs more and is also significant in size so, it will not fit in every hookah. So, if you guys have a small hookah, then it might not fit into that. So, do check the sizing before buying.

4 Apple on The Top Hookah Bowl


The name itself suggests that it has to do something with the fruit hookah because the name apple gives the vibe of fruit hookah. And it comes in a shape of an apple that provides a great visual when smoking hookah from that bowl.

But If we talk about the type of hookah bowl, then it is a vortex bowl. And vortex hookah bowls are all the same as the other hookah bowls, and the significant difference is in the design.

The bowl is designed ergonomically to hold the bowl and use it very easily in your hands or on the hookah set. And the best thing about this bowl is that you will get silicone almost everywhere, so there’s no chance of getting your hands burned.

The handles on the silicone will surely help you change the coals from the bowl very quickly without dropping a bit on the floor. And this is the best thing about the professional silicone hookah bowls, and they are best compared to ceramic hookah bowls.

Why is this hookah bowl on our list?

Like other bowls in this article, this bowl has many reasons to be on this list. This bowl can hold up to 30 to 40 grams of hookah tobacco, that’s a lot at one time, and it will help you get a long hookah smoking session with your friends at the bar.

At first, you may feel that the size of the bowl is small, but actually, it can hold a high amount of flavors in it compared with other hookah bowls in the market.

One of the most significant advantages of having a vortex bowl is that it will hold your shisha juices in the bowl so that It will first cook it, and then it will slowly burn so that you can have a better smoking session with thick smoke while having hookah.

And this bowl will only fit in the medium and large hookahs, so if you have a small hookah, you might consider changing it If you only want to use this bowl for the smoking session.


  • The hookah bowl is made from high-quality materials, so it’s easy to handle it anytime.
  • You will have a more extended hookah session from this hookah bowl.
  • It is easy to transport and more petite in shape, but it can hold up to 30 to 40 grams of flavors.


  • Due to the popularity of the bowl, please be aware of the fake and duplicate hookah bowls in the market.

5 Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II


This is the best and most refined product from its past products like Samsaris Vitria, and it is the world’s first glass-silicone bowl in the market, and they have succeeded in pulling that off.

As this is a refined product from its previous version, now you have a better product than ever before with some more features and benefits to it, so that you can take full advantage of this hookah bowl and can smoke quickly and peacefully.

It also looks beautiful compared to the past product. You can permanently remove the glass part from the bowl to load or use it to clean the details.

The perfect combination of a Kaloud Lotus HMD, Glass, and Silicone works together to give you a great smoking experience from a hookah and its bowls.

Why is this hookah bowl on our list?

The silicone phunnel bowl, hookah bowl phunnel type, or black silicone hookah bowl, whatever you call it, will get the same product to use. You can easily set the bowl with glass or without it. This bowl will not acquire more time from your day.

This better version of the product is made for the Kaloud Lotus and works smoothly with it. And you can fit this bowl on medium and large hookahs without the use of grommets in them.

The hookah bowl has grooves on the bottom of the bowl, and it is made to get a proper airflow to flow in the bowl, and it also helps you burn your shisha flavors evenly.

Light or semi-dense packing in this bowl will work fine for you, and It has worked fine for me at least.

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  • The hookah bowl works perfectly fine with the Kaloud Lotus and their other products,
  • The central air channel gives the best juice retention in the chamber of the flavor.
  • It is straightforward to use and clean when you are done smoking it.


  • The middle hole in the hookah bowl is too small.
  • Using Kaloud Lous HMD makes the bowl hard to remove from it.


Can cheap hookah bowls provide satisfaction?

The hookah industry is a big market, and there are many things available as cheap and expensive. You can also differ in the quality. If you are using a hookah bowl that gives you the satisfaction you need, then it doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap the bowl you are using. But yes, not all the time cheap bowl will provide the exact thing you are looking for. If you want more and more high-quality, then you will need to spend more cash on it.

Which size of the bowl is better?

The size of the hookah bowl matters, and it is directly proportional to the enjoyment you have from the hookah and its bowls. So, If you have a small bowl, it will only hold the low amount of shisha flavor tobacco, and when you have less tobacco in the bowl, it will not last longer than the big or large hookah bowls. So, try to get medium or large hookah bowls to have a great smoking experience.


So, I have included the best five hookah bowls in this article, and I’m sure you have read them all and got some excellent information about the hookah bowls. You can purchase the links given to the respective hookah bowls in the article.

I test these bowls, and you can also try them out, but I can not guarantee you will like them because everyone has a different taste and opinion. So, the best way to test the bowls is to smoke from them.

And do not forget to let me know how was your experience with the bowls mentioned in this article. Are they worth trying or not?

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