22 Best Hookah Brands To Smoke All Day

Smoking is fun, but smoking from the best hookah brands is even more exciting.

This article will discuss the best hookah brands and why they are so famous worldwide. And some the reason why should you try them in 2022, if you haven’t tried them already.

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In a world full of hookah brands, it isn’t easy to find the right choice for your smoking. And when you feel it is hard to decide, read the best article on hookah brands you are reading right now, so you won’t feel the difficulty from now on.

Because I have explained each hookah brand in this article that is worth trying in 2022, and If you have started smoking hookah recently, this is the best and much-needed article for you.

Straight from the weak but pure heart of a smoker

In a world full of hookah brands, original and fake ones, you need a partner in crime to support you in choosing the best hookah brands, and we would love to be your partner in smoking, not crime.

And that is the biggest reason I’m writing this article.

When I was a beginner, I had no one to smoke hookah with, and I grew up smoking lonely for about two and a half years, and slowly I started making hookah friends with whom I could smoke hookah regularly.

But before that, I had no one by my side to guide me on which hookah brand is good and which one is better to stay away from.

But don’t worry, I am here to guide you in every up and down of your hookah smoking life. You can also comment on other than just hookah because, in the end, no one craves materialistic things; it’s the peace that you’ll crave badly.

So, enjoy every moment of your life, and if you are getting any difficulties enjoying one, and If smoking hookah is what you want to do in life, I will be there for you every day until you die.

Enough! Let’s talk about hookah brands. Only the best ones.

Let me give you a short intro to the best hookah brands in 2022.

  • Fumo Pod 10 Inch Hookah
  • Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef
  • Starbuzz Carbine Hookah
  • Shika Hookah
  • Wookah Classic Wood Hookah

Now, let’s begin our long journey to know about hookah brands.

Read this article until the very end to know the secret tips to make your smoking feel more vibrant and long-lasting.

The Best Hookah Brands For Everyone

This section of the article will discuss the core, only high-quality hookah brands that everyone, including beginners, can smoke.

But I have categorized this section into the small section where you will find different hookah brands according to their quality and performance.

Before moving forward, I would like to inform you that you will learn some exciting things about hookah and different hookah types like modern hookahs, traditional hookah, glass hookahs, Khalil Mamoon hookahs, or KM hookahs, other hookah pipes or shisha pipe, and hookah accessories.

You can also expect information on hookah bowl and materials used to make the product like stainless steel, wood, plastic, etc.

Traditional hookah and modern hookah

Hookah enthusiasts love to smoke both hookahs. And you can’t take smoking away from hookah smokers, as it is the best thing for them. Now, let’s talk about hookah brands.

Khalil Mammon

You should leave smoking immediately if you don’t know what Khalil Mamoon is and its legendary product lineup. Unfortunately, many experienced shisha smokers smoke KM hookahs and consider it the best hookah ever.

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Khalil Mamoon is a top-rated and old hookah company that has been in the market for decades, and every smoker knows about its products. It is an authentic piece of art, and no one in the industry can make hookahs likes KM does.

These traditional hookahs are handcrafted by an experienced craftsman who’s only making hookahs in their life. So if you are looking for a masterpiece and want to have a perfect smoking experience, you should try KM awesome hookah and feel its best quality hookahs made with different materials, including stainless steel construction.

You can also use this art of hookah as a showpiece in your living room, where it will suit perfectly. And when you feel like smoking, take it out and start smoking.

Why should you buy Khalil Mamoon hookahs?

Khalil Mamoon is the number one brand in the hookah market, and it is the best hookah for traditional hookah lovers. All KM hookahs come with the best quality materials and suitable airflow mechanisms.

There are different reasons available why you should buy this fantastic hookah set. And when we talk about the best build materials, they use only high-quality tested and proven materials that stay for a long time and give the best smoking experience.

High-quality and heavy-duty hookah stem with fantastic hand-made things give hookah good styling, and you can not forget the best airflow of the Khalil Mamoom hookahs.

If you are a beginner and don’t have any experience of smoking or setting up the hookah set, you will find it very easy to set up the Khalil Mamoon hookahs.

It comes with a fantastic hookah hose, and overall, hookah is the best example of the high-level craftsmanship of experienced employees of KM hookahs.

Aeon Hookah

Second, on our list of best hookah brands is Aeon hookah, and it is a German brand with the best quality hookah that almost satisfies their customers and smokers globally. Aeon hookahs also manufacture all the hookah accessories with the best quality compared with other cheap hookah accessories available in the market.

One of their product, Aeon Edition 4, is the best combination of technology and craftsmanship as it is solely made from high-grade stainless steel that will not break down in any worst-case scenario.

That means it comes with highly durable product materials that suit the rough use of any customers, and If it falls on the floor, there are very few chances of it getting disturbed or broken down.

Overall the products from the Aeon brand come with excellent finish and polish as the customers globally love them to use it at their house or any hookah lounges.

When all these quality of materials, product’s finish, and performance of the hookah are combined, the Aeon hookah gives the best version of smoking output that is loved by all the hookah smokers out there.

Aeon Hookah Edition 4

Let’s talk about the Aeon hookah edition 4 that will surely make you fall in love with smoking, Literary it has the power to dominate any smoker and convert them to smoke all day without worrying about their problems.

It comes with the best durable glass vase and is thick and will not break very easily. Hookah comes with the best stability as it has a flat surface to stand on and has a great shape which most hookah smokers like.

Aeon edition 4 comes with the best colors that match your hookah accessories. It also offers a matte finish body that looks fantastic on the table while smoking with your gang.

You can screw the pipe in a single turn in this hookah, and this has been achieved by their experienced craftsman that creates the best and highly durable product every time.

And you can purge the valve your way, as edition 4 has the best base possible on a hookah that allows the smokers to screw or unscrew the rings attached to the bottom of the hookah. The purge port is designed to fit into the base so that the smokers can escape from the connection of base and stem.

The cleaning process of the edition 4 hookah will be straightforward, and you don’t have to give it more time to clean as it won’t take much time either. This is the best hookah with the best performance and highly durable products to satisfy hookah enthusiasts globally.

Dream Smoke Hookah

DSH (Dream Smoke Hookah ) is made in Russia, and you can say it is new in the market as it started its production in 2015.

Dream Smoke Hookah has become famous among the pro hookah smokers that love the high-quality materials that give the feeling of the earth like wood. They use it while making the product, and smokers love it because of its uniqueness and performance.

So, If you want to buy hookah and modern pipes, DSH will be a perfect choice as they make it with love and passion.

They have the best-experienced craftsman to craft the hookah by hand and give it a professional look that everyone loves. The employees are well experienced in the hookah industry and have shared their entire lives making the best hookahs for DSH.

You can indeed feel this level of passion by holding the hookah and hose pipe in your hand and smoking through it. It is the best example of modern hookahs, hookah pipes, hookah bowl, shisha pipe, and an excellent hookah world.

The Best Durability

Dream Smoke Hookahs are built to provide the best durability that will last longer than you expect from a standard hookah set. I am saying this because they provide the best materials and stuff that will run longer than expectations.

The hookah stem is made from the best durable material to last longer and give the best performance. And cleaning will not take much time.

If you are not satisfied with the draw you make on this hookah, adjust the O-ring in the hookah to make any changes to the pull of the smoke.

DSH dominates in every aspect of the hookah parts and accessories, and it is a must-have piece of art into your collection of hookahs and hookah sets.

MIG Hookah Brand

Here is another hookah brand from Germany, and it also provides the best quality hookahs and accessories like others mentioned in this article.

When you spend a good amount of money on the things that should give you pleasure and satisfaction according to the spending amount, in this case, you will get the best performance and happiness according to the amount of money you spend on the hookah.

It delivers the best smoke output when smoked throughout the session of an hour of long. Because no one is here to experience a lousy smoking session while spending more money, and If you want a money-justified experience, try the MIG hookah brand and its products.

MIG hookah brand is the most excellent company that delivers customer satisfaction, and you will not have any problem smoking from its product range ever. It would help if you considered the MIG hookah brand while purchasing a hookah.

The Best Quality Hookahs

You can say that MIG manufactures the best quality hookahs by looking and experiencing its materials because it is not something that uses aluminum and says that we have the best product.

There’s no bad thing about aluminum. It is excellent, but aluminum is not a good choice for many manufacturers and smokers when it comes to durability and material satisfaction for a long time.

Yet, the MIG hookah brand uses the best stainless steel that stays for a more extended period with the smokers, and it also helps smokers clean the hookah effortlessly.

So, it surely helps you when you have the suitable material used to make the products, and it adds more life to a product. And the rigidity is very high, and you can test your hookah in a drop test. I am sure the hookah won’t break, but your floor might.


It is yet another best and the most popular hookah brand in the hookah industry. The company has laid its foundation in 2013, and since then, it has been a big hit in the market for its hookah and tobacco products.

It became viral among hookah enthusiasts after the launch of the hookah products because it has got some exciting products that run very smoothly and give the best smoking experience to smokers.

They even got the best hookah flavors in the hookah market, and that has added trust in the company that smokers can believe in the company and try each product blindly.

And the company has the best flavors lineup, including standard and vintage lineup, and these flavors and lineups are fascinating as it gives the best smoking flavors to smokers.

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The Best Hookahs

Starbuzz makes the best hookah for beginners and experts. They know the things that are likable by the majority of the smokers, and then they design the hookahs which have high chances of getting liked by the smokers.

It has the most beautiful and artistic design of hookahs that gives the best experience of smoking from hookahs. And if you are a newbie, it would even be a more exciting opportunity to smoke from these fantastic hookahs.

All the smoking products, including hookahs of Starbuzz, are straightforward to set up and smoke. It provides the best comfort to newbies and experts to smoke from hookahs.

So, if you are looking to buy a Starbuzz hookah, now is the perfect time to purchase a hookah that is the best from every angle in terms of smoking and performance. Buy now from the given link or the stores near you.

Unity Hookah

The Unity hookah brand is from Europe, and you can expect some good designs and stylish looks from this Unity Hookah brand of Europe. And because of their contemporary and modern shisha pipe designs, they are now dominating the market with their hookah sets and product.

Smokers worldwide love these products, and the brand has become very popular among hookah enthusiasts.

Like others in this article, the Unity hookahs are made from the best and high-quality materials that will surely provide excellent rigidity and sturdiness, which you will not often see in any hookah brands.

The materials include heat-resistant glass, high-quality stainless steel, and a food-grade silicone hose. All these materials and classifications tell us that this is the best hookah brand, and you should surely try this and add it to your collection of hookahs.

There are generally two types of Unity hookahs available: Normal Unity and the other is Unity prime. And the difference between these two is that Unity prime comes with a glass hose tip rather than a metal tip and a unity hookah diffuser.

Interesting things about Unity

It is an excellent hookah brand that comes with the best styling of hookahs and other parts of hookah combined with the best quality of materials that lasts longer than expected.

You can not imagine a world without Unity hookahs.

If you are a modern hookah lover and love to smoke from stylish hookahs, Unity hookah will surely satisfy all your needs of hookah and smoking.

Nammor Hookah

Another highly experienced hookah brand is here. Nammor hookah has been serving its customer for 12 long years. And it is quite a lot of time to gain reputation and respect from smokers, and Nammor has one.

Nammor is known for its best traditional hookahs in the market, and lovers of conventional hookahs are big fans of the Nammor hookahs.

The best thing about the Nammor hookah is that it is hand-made because only the hand-made hookahs can give a buzz needed to the expert smokers. These are the hookahs that are crafted for particular kinds of audiences.

Nammor hookahs resemble the historic and very popular Khalil Mamoon hookahs in design and style, as both the brands focus on Egyptian-style traditional hookahs.

And both the brands make their products of hookah by hand, making it very difficult for someone to choose from these two brands.

But, choose the one which suits you more than anything.

Why Nammor is a good choice?

There is more than one reason Nammor is a good choice for many hookah smokers. To start with, it is a very famous brand with the latest styling and design of the hookah that is loved by many smokers globally.

You will get the best hookah hose which is very easy to clean after an excellent hookah session. And you will get a washable hookah hose even if you purchase a basic hookah set. Nammor is the only hookah brand to provide this many of the customer-centric products that satisfy its customer base quickly.

Nammor represents trusted brands and the best things at a reasonable price.


If you are looking for quality hookahs and hookah accessories, Shapes is the best-known hookah brand because it adds value to your hookah smoking, and you can smoke from these hookahs anytime as it is straightforward to set up the hookahs.

And if you decide to purchase Shapes hookahs, you can check their online site for a hassle-free buying experience. It will provide you with the best original hookahs and accessories.

Shapes hookah brand is a trusted and reputed hookah brand as it has been in the market for a long time and has the experience of making the hookah for a specific customer base.

At the company’s start, they used to make glass hookahs with different and unique shapes. These shapes were durable and easy to transport.

The best hookahs

You can see many different shapes and sizes of unique hookahs and water pipes. And the best hookah from the Shapes is Alien, and it is the most famous and high-quality, unique design that a smoker finds very attractive.

The hookah is made from high-quality stainless steel, silicone, and glass. And when you see these materials on a single hookah, you can expect the best result from that hookah.

Pharaoh’s Hookahs

The Pharaoh’s hookah company is an old and experienced hookah manufacturer founded in 2002 with a mission to provide only the best and quality smoking product that will blow away the mind of the smokers at one point, and they have achieved that undoubtedly.

Pharaoh’s hookahs are hand-made in China, and you can expect the best quality modern hookah pipes from the company that will not disappoint you at any given point of your smoking.

You can also see some glass-hookahs in their product list apart from the routine of traditional and modern hookahs. This makes a perfect balance to their product lineup, and it is also good for the customer to choose their favorite hookahs.

And this move of the company makes them the best and versatile hookah company that offers a variety of hookahs and different types of hookahs for every customer so that any customer won’t have to go somewhere else to find other hookahs.

Why are Pharaoh’s hookahs on our list?

You can expect many things from the Pharaoh’s hookahs because they are more capable than you think. And they provide the best smoking experience to a smoker looking for a great hookah session.

The Pharaoh’s hookah comes with a great price that anyone can afford, and the performance is also top-notch compared with other hookahs available in the market.

In every department, Pharaoh’s hookah does its job pretty well, and these departments include bowls, coals, hoses, etc. And the exciting thing about this hookah is the price and performance combination or ratio. So it’s fantastic to have this hookah in such a low price range.

Pharaoh’s hookah allows you to add up to four hoses to enjoy the hookah session with your friends and family.

Sahara Smoke

The Sahara Smoke is one of the oldest brands in the hookah industry and has served the industry for 30 long years. They have some excellent experience working in the hookah industry, and you can feel that by using their products.

They are very competitive in terms of industry because they have been working in this industry for a long time and know-how things work here. So they ship only the best hookahs and hookah accessories to the smoker who wants to smoke only the best quality things.

Sahara Smoke offers various hookahs, from traditional to modern hookahs, and the latest hookah accessories that you can use while smoking shisha pipes.

And it has a large customer base worldwide that smokes only Sahara Smoke hookahs and shows their loyalty towards a brand.

More exciting things about Sahara Smoke

Sahara hookahs come with the best quality materials to satisfy their customers with the best outcome. They have the best designers who design hookahs and body parts to attract more customers.

Other hookah parts, including hoses and stems, are made from the best materials that will run for a long time. And they use a hand-made glass base that provides the best stability to the whole hookah.

And the best thing about Sahara hookah is that they come with the Vortex hookah bowl for the convenience of using the hookah. You can also travel along with the hookah to unscrew all the parts for better transportation.

When you are traveling and want to set up the hookah, you can do that in minutes, and it’s straightforward to set up the Sahara hookah. And these hookahs come with the best sealing of joints that won’t give you any leakages.


If you are looking for a cheap hookah option, Gstar would be on the top three in that list of cheap hookahs. And being frugal doesn’t mean that it will not provide the performance you are expecting; in fact, it is the best cheap hookahs that satisfy a customer.

So, if you want to have a cheap yet effective party at your home or anywhere else, you can trust Gstar. It isn’t only affordable, but it is the best cheap hookah with the best performance that a pro hookah could give.

Having a cheap option with you is good because not all days are the same, and you never know when you’ll require this cheap hookah in your life, so better to be prepared with future planning.

Is it worth buying?

Everyone would wonder, is it worth buying cheap hookahs? Because no one can believe that cheap hookahs can also provide the best performance, you don’t need to buy expensive stuff every time.

The Gstar cheap hookahs are made in China with most of the cheap materials on the product, and it is possible to price them at an affordable price.

You may get the rusting problem in this hookah, but If you are on a tight budget and want to experience the best performance, you can surely try Gstar hookahs.


You will get a rotating hookah from this brand. It generally comes with more than one hose for the customers to use with their loved ones to smoke together.

Rotating hookahs are designed beautifully, keeping in mind that they should deliver the performance to customers, not just be a showpiece to someone’s living room.

These are the new concepts, and smokers and hookah lovers are welcoming this concept with both hands because everyone wants something new in a while, and old things get boring when used multiple times over the years.

Rotating hookahs are made from the best materials like stainless steel that will surely provide the best stability and rigidity to the whole hookah.

It has got a good look, and from the look’s perspective, you can surely buy this hookah to enjoy smoking with your loved ones.


The company is from the USA, and they make the product to ship globally. They have the designers in a team to design the best product for the users and smokers of the hookah.

It would help if you tried the Zahrah hookahs for its best performance, design, and customer-oriented performance that gives the best smoking experience to smokers and makes the best hookah to smoke with your friends and family.

Do not miss that chance if you ever get a chance to smoke Zahrah hookah. Instead, grab it and smoke the best-designed hookah with your loved ones.

It is a glass hookah, and every glass hookah is attractive in many ways, but to make glass hookahs, the company needs to undergo various processes that say the product is good to use. This quality checking is required in every company to produce quality products.

Without quality checking of products, the company will not be able to produce the best product that lasts longer. Likewise, Zahrah lounge hookah is made with quality materials and has gone through the quality checking processes.

Shika Hookahs

The Shika hookahs are from Egypt, and it is made with lots of love and experience of making hookah for years. An experienced craftsman has crafted these hookahs for smokers to enjoy smoking at home or hookah bars.

This traditional hookah brand is well known for giving great products to users. And they use materials including brass, copper, and stainless steel. From these metals, you can know how long-lasting this hookah will be.

So, this hookah is meant to run for ages, and you will not have any problem using this hookah because brass is the metal that can survive in the worst condition. And these metals are the best to engrave any logos or tagline on them so that you can have a decorative piece of hookah.

Other materials on different hookah parts are handblown glass base and clay hookah bowl. So, you will get different materials on different parts of the hookah.

Other facts about Shika Hookahs

Shika became very popular quickly because of their best product line and quality performance of the hookahs. They have a mamluk line hookah which is also a big hit among smokers.

This lineup comes with four significant versions like V2, V3, V4, and V4.5 each version is upgraded compared with the previous version. So, they all are well-optimized versions of hookahs that one can try.

Another lineup from Shika hookahs is Electro. They use an electroplating process to make hookahs in this lineup, and due to that process. the name is Electro.


It is from the USA, and the company has established a solid reputation in the hookah industry and among hookah smokers.

They have excellent knowledge with over ten years of working experience in the hookah industry, and that is sufficient to make the products that customers want to smoke from, and they are making it.

Tangiers company’s most popular products are clay bowls, and they come in three different sizes, including small, medium, and large. And most hookah smokers consider Tangiers hookah clay bowl as the best bowl.

And they are also known for their best shisha lineups, and they have four lineups. If you are a fan of high nicotine shisha, the unwashed shisha will be the best choice as it is the strongest shisha available to smoke.

And they also make low nicotine shisha for the customers who don’t want to smoke strong shisha. So, if you are a beginner, please stay away from Tangier’s strong shisha.

Wooden Hookah Brands

Enough talking about the traditional and modern hookahs. Let’s talk about the wooden hookahs and from where they inspired to make this wooden hookah even a thing.

Now, let’s see some of the best wooden hookahs.

Regal hookah

Based in Colorado, USA, it is an excellent brand with expertise in making hookah products that satisfy its users and customers.

Regal hookahs and their different parts are made from space-grade aluminum, high-quality stainless steel downstem, and excellent wooden finish.

They brought three different hookah models in the market, and these models include price, Queen, and king.

Prince is 21″ tall and is the shortest of all hookahs available on the list. Queen is 28″ tall while the king is most elevated with 33″ height.

Another best thing about Regal hookahs is that they have the best dymondwood shaft, and this shaft has never been seen in the market before. That is why it’s unique among other hookah brands. It looks so beautiful that people are collecting it as a showpiece.

Quality And Performance

Regal hookahs perform well despite having more modern accessories and all, but seriously, the quality and performance are excellent from the regal hookah.

And you will surely get thick clouds from the regal hookahs because tit has an extra-wide gauge downstem, which is responsible for the most extensive and comprehensive clouds possible from a hookah. So, this makes it the best performer in the eyes of hookah smokers.

And when you have thick clouds to smoke but don’t have the proper system to deliver it, I know it feels annoying. But in the regal hookahs, you get the best purge valve system to release the smoke at the earliest.

The quality of the hookah is at its best. Because all the metal parts are made from corrosion-free materials, which is a big relief one can get, and wooden details are eco-friendly, the base is made from thick glass to withstand any shocks or disturbance.


It is a trendy brand in Poland, and the best wooden hookah came from Poland. In this hookah, you will get a perfect mixture of design, quality, and the best wood finish, and that is why people love it and smoke from this hookah. You can not consider this hookah as a portable hookah.

The company established its pillars in 2005, but it got lucky, and the company got the Product of the year award in 2015.

After that award, the company got the most significant exposure regarding the best hookah brand in Poland and other countries. Because from then onwards, they started producing even more quality designs and products that customers would want to buy and use.

And most of their hookahs are handmade for better-detailed work on the hookah body and other parts, but they use the best-specialized machines like CNC to get things going for even more detailed results.

Quality And Design

Only high-quality woods are used to make these hookahs so that you get the premium feel of the wood and quality. Other materials like stainless steel, glass, crystal glass, and ceramics are used in the hookah.

Wookah has a stem made from stainless steel, and because of stainless steel, you will never get rust and corrosion on the stem. So, after seeing the quality materials used in making this hookah, it is the best choice for wooden hookah lovers to pick and use it.

The design of this hookah is the best in class, and you will not see it in any other brands. Instead, you can get up to eleven different kinds of base options to choose from, and these bases can be made from glass, crystal glass, wood, etc. And the hookahs are purely hand-made.

Glass Hookah Brands

As the industry evolves, we are getting new products with new materials every day. Now, let’s look at the best glass hookahs available for hookah smokers.

Fumo Hookah

Check out a detailed review on Fumo Pod Hookah.

It is a luxury hookah brand made in the USA, and its designs are the best in its category. However, you will not see the designs like Fumo in the glass hookah category as it is the best and attractive glass hookahs in the market.

It is not only the design that Fumo has mastered, but the performance is also exceptional. With the high-quality materials used to make this product, Fumo can deliver the performance that can quickly satisfy any hookah smoker.

You can have the best and thick smoke clouds from this glass hookah, and even if you are a beginner, it is straightforward to set up the whole hookah in under 5 minutes.

And while smoking this hookah, you will get the best taste of the flavors and shisha because it is designed to get the most out of them.

Fumo hookahs have an extensive history and have been in the workspace for more than eight years. And these years of experience have helped them create such a beautiful masterpiece that everyone is loving and smoking.

Most hookah parts are made from glass, except the silicone hose for better performance and long life.

Fumo has the best hookah sets to choose from, and some of them include Jar, Pod, F4, Tank, and Orb.

Lit Hookah

It is also made in the USA like the Fumo hookahs, and Lit hookahs use only A-class materials to ensure the best quality of parts and operation during the use of the product.

The company has the best team of professionals who look at the quality and operation of materials and hookahs as a whole, and this team is the best in the industry as they evaluate everything related to the hookahs to solve the most significant problems and issues the company is facing to manufacture the best product.

When you decide to buy this hookah set, you will get the hookah with a height of 13″-14″ tall, and they sell these hookah sets only.

Lit hookahs are made from stainless steel and glass to give you the best performance and quality.

Lavoo Hookah

It is a fantastic glass hookah brand with the best designs in the industry, and they also make glass accessories.

Lavoo hookah is so attractive and unique in design that no one would deny it to smoke from it.

Check out the best glass hookahs to learn more about the Lavoo hookahs.

This hookah is a limited edition, so you better hurry up if you are looking to buy this fantastic hookah.


Here is another best glass hookah that will blow away your mind with its fantastic design and attractive looks, but it comes at a high price range, and not everyone can afford this hookah set. So, check the price range to know whether it fits your budget. And these glass hookahs are in demand nowadays.

The company makes hookah in different sizes and shapes to please customers with unique designs and attractive styles. It also offers hookah accessories to try along with the hookah set.

When it comes to cleaning glass hookahs, it is the easiest thing one can do. Glass hookahs are very easy to clean and store, but you need to be extra alert to take care of the glass hookah.


The all-new Oduman N5z hookah gives the best smoking experience to a user, with a height of 18.5″ with the traditional hookah bowl on the top of the hookah.

Oduman hookah is from the heart of Turkey, and it is made and designed in Turkey for the world’s people.

As it is a glass hookah, the company has used the best and thick glass to provide the durability every glass hookah needs. And you will also see stainless steel as other materials on the hookah set.

But the particular product, Oduman N5z hookah, does not provide the hookah bowl and grommet.

However, the hookah bowl port is compatible with the industry-standard hookah bowl.

Check out: The best hookah bowls in 2022 here. Desvall.


How to check the quality of hookahs?

The quality of hookah is essential, and you should check it before buying any hookah. So to prevent the hookah quality, you should see all the joints where all the parts are joined. If any cracks are visible or the joint seems weak, you should look for other brands. Similarly, look for the branding and embossed logos of the brands, where you can see the proofs of the original and original products. Do not buy these types of marks on the hookah parts if you cannot see them. Then look at each hookah part’s quality and painting as well.

How long can glass hookahs survive?

It is a burning question, and many people would like to know the answer to the durability of glass hookahs. But the fact is that glass hookahs can also survive the fall on the floors If the glass is made from the best quality materials. Otherwise, any regular and cheap glass hookahs would not survive any fall on the ground. So, the issue of glass hookahs and glass hookah accessories has been there for a long time, but If you take good care of your hookah, nothing will happen to your hookah. Instead, wash it daily, and take care of the other hookah parts, and you are good to go.


Now, you are here at the end of the detailed article on the best hookah brands, and I hope this article has helped you find the answer you were looking for because I have shared all the essential information with you in this article.

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