7 Natural Best hookah coals you MUST TRY

Today we will look at some of natural best hookah coals in the hookah industry for hookah lovers/smokers. I will review each natural hookah charcoal for you to make an excellent decision to smoke a great hookah.

Without the hookah charcoals, you can not think about smoking hookah, And getting any hookah coals or shisha coals on top of your hookah bowl will not give you the pleasure you are looking for while smoking a great hookah.

To smoke a great hookah, you will need professional hookah charcoals that are mainly made for only hookahs, not for other things to be smoke.

If I talk about these types of hookah coals, then the list would be too long. However, I have sorted some of the best hookah coals among professional hookah smokers and those used in hookah bars and lounges.

So, do not doubt the hookah coals I have listed in this article for a second because they are the best in the business, and that is the single best reason they are on this top 7 list.

How Can Bad Hookah Coals Ruin Your Hookah?

Every hookah lover is always searching for good hookah coals, and once they get it, they will never lose it. To smoke good shisha tobacco. You will need great shisha coals.

And, by any mistake, If you taste or use bad hookah charcoal in your hookah session, then, believe me, you will hate smoking.

Bad hookah coal can kill your shisha flavor, which is the heart of the hookah.

So, you need to conduct complete research in terms of the hookah charcoals, and you should get all the information about the hookah coals to know them better and match your hookah taste.

If it isn’t a good fit for taste, then you better leave it and continue your search for better hookah coals.

So, this complete guide on seven natural best hookah coals will provide you with enough information to choose a perfect hookah partner.

Do not miss any of the hookah coals and the reason to use them. It will surely help you choose natural hookah charcoals for your smoking session.

Natural Hookah Coals In 2023

So, now we will discuss the best hookah coals available in the market right now. There is various kind of hookah coals available, but we will only talk about the best in the business.

In this list, You will find vital information about each hookah coal. So, let’s begin the reviews.

1 Cocourth Hookah Coals


You can guess this hookah coals primary material by the name itself. Cocourth hookah coals are made from natural coconut shells. And it is the best coconut hookah coals available right now.

Cocourth is a natural coconut coal company, and they only make coconut coals for hookah smokers. This natural coconut shell charcoal company only produces 100% pure coconut coals.

These natural coals are the best products to use on the hookah bowl for your regular smoking session. These natural coals will help you get the natural taste of your shisha flavor and will not alter the taste of your hookah.

The main advantage of using these natural coconut coals is, they can last up to 60 minutes on your shisha pipe.

And the best thing about this natural coconut coals company is that they do not harm the environment to produce more coconut coals. They believe in a green world.

These are 100% natural coconut coals without any chemicals being used to make these coals. Because they are chemical-less coconut coals, they last about an hour without even changing them for once.

Cocourth natural coconut coals are not that much expensive, and you can use them regularly in your hookah sessions with your friends and family at the party or hookah lounges.

These natural charcoals left minimal ash residue behind them as they burned over an hour in the hookah session. So you don’t think much about the cleaning.

What Are The Main Benefits?

  • They are eco-friendly and have chemical-less naturals charcoals
  • It can last up to 60 minutes for a long hookah session
  • Cocourth coals are affordable
  • These coals do not leave a high ash residue

2. Coco Nara Coals


Check out a complete review on Coco Nara coals.

Coco Nara is one of the best coals in the hookah market, and every hookah smoker loves it already. And because of their best quality coals product, they have the best loyal customers in the industry.

It is made from compressed coconut shells, and if you try to light these coals on a coal burner like an electric burner, stove, or gas, it will take only 5-8 minutes to be ready and red.

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It has nothing in the taste. These coals are tasteless and can help you taste your original shisha flavors. You can expect these coals to be last up to 1.5 hours. Yes, they can last up to that extent.

Coco Nara coals do not have any harmful chemicals like sulfur and do not leave any ash residue behind, so it is highly recommended to those who hate cleaning.

When you burn Coco Nara coals, it will not spark a bit and will burn quietly. It is cheap coal that anyone can afford to have and smoke with their loved ones. These coals are also eco-friendly and don’t harm the environment.

What Are The Main Benefits?

  • Coco Nara coals are Eco-friendly and do not harm our planet Earth.
  • Colas are tasteless and will not leave any coal-burning taste on your flavors.
  • Coco Nara does not use any chemicals in its natural charcoal.
  • They do not spark at all while burning.

3. Red Cube


Like others, Red Cubes are also made from coconut husk, and they are eco-friendly. The quality of the natural coal will be at its best, and you can have a great smoke session with your friends.

Red Cubes do not have any smell in them, so you can easily use them on your hookah bowl with your favorite and best shisha flavors.

Like Coco Nara coals, Red Cube coals will not spark at all while burning on a stove or electric burner, also on the hookah bowl.

It has the best burning time when compared with other coals in the market. In the hookah world, a charcoal taste is considered a lousy hookah preparation.

So, you will not get any taste and smell of the coals while smoking them. So, you can consider Red Cube in the best hookah charcoal list, and it will surely be in the top 5.

It will not leave any ash residue behind so that you can have a better cleaning procedure after your hookah smoking session.

Red Cubes natural hookah coals come in a cubical shape that looks amazing on the hookah bowl as you smoke shisha in the bar or at home.

What Are The Main Benefits?

  • It comes in a cubical shape and looks attractive.
  • These natural hookah charcoal do not have any taste and smell
  • They are Eco-friendly and has chemical less natural hookah coals
  • These coals are affordable, and you can smoke with them every day.

4 Titanium Coconut Shell Hookah Coals


As you can read the heading, they are made from compressed coconut shells. It offers the best quality hookah charcoals in the hookah world. It comes with an excellent symmetric design and is significantly less porous, leading the coals to burn longer at fewer temperatures.

Surprisingly, if we talk about its ash production, you will find very little ash produced after a long hooah smoking session.

If you smoke your favorite shisha tobacco and decide to use these Titanium coals, you will only get the taste of your shisha tobacco, not the coals. And When you light these coals, it will not smell much as compared to others.

It is a 100% buy from our side, and I strongly recommend you try this coconut shell charcoal and compare it with others on your own. You will find the difference, and you will not regret trying.

This is the one that will attract you to the hookah market for sure.

What Are The Main Benefits?

  • Made from compressed coconut shells
  • Highly recommended by the hookah experts
  • It has the symmetric design of coals
  • It will not leave any ash residue, and you will have a better smoking experience.

5 Black Diamond Natural Hookah coals


With the help of a proper heat management device, Black Diamond natural hookah coals can make your hookah smoking experience better.

If you are the one who loves to have an excellent hookah set in their home, or you love to collect the different hooah parts and accessories, then these natural coconut hookah coals will be a great thing to add to that list.

Made from real and natural coconut shells, these are very large and big-sized hookah coals that last long and leave less ash residue.

I am saying it is natural, which means it does not have any fillers, nitrates, or glue, and they are eco-friendly, so they will not harm our holy environment by any chance.

Like other best hookah coals, Black Diamond hookah charcoals will not leave any bad taste behind for the hookah smokers.

It is a good try, and we highly recommend you and other passionate hookah smokers to give these natural hookah coals a try, and you guys will not regret your decision.

What Are The Main Benefits?

  • They are Eco-friendly and made from natural coconut shells.
  • Colas are tasteless and will not leave any coal-burning taste on your hookah.
  • It comes in large-sized coals that will burn for a longer duration.
  • They are affordable hookah coals.

6 Cocous Hookah Coals


Moving on to the following best hookah coals and here we have Cocous hookah coals. It is made from compressed coconut shells.

One Interesting fact about these coals is that they last way longer than quick light coals, plus they do not leave any smells and aftertaste of the coals on the hookah.

And like the other best quality coals listed on this list, these coals do not leave any ash residue, which makes your cleaning time significantly less.

Cocous hookah coals can last up to an hour, and you will not be required to renew the coals often, unlike quick light charcoal.

So, an essential thing to smoke a hookah is to have better charcoals that can last at least up to an hour so that you can peacefully enjoy your hookah session with your friends.

And to have better hookah charcoals, you will need an article/review like the one you are reading right now to understand the charcoals then and adequately invest your hard-earned money in the charcoals and other hookah accessories.

Investing in high-quality hookah charcoals will ensure that you are not smoking any other coals filled with harmful chemicals and stuff that will surely harm your body faster.

Avoid quick lighting coal that can harm your health horrible. Instead, use the best hookah charcoal-like Cocous hookah coals.

What Are The Main Benefits?

  • Only high-quality materials are used in these coals to make these coals.
  • These shisha coals can last up to an hour for a long hookah session.
  • Does not have any harmful content in the hookah charcoal.

7 Pharaoh’s Natural Hookah Charcoal


Now, let’s talk about our next natural hookah coal. It is only pharaoh’s natural hookah coals, and they are famous in the heart of hookah smokers.

This one comes in a simple rectangular shape and does not taste when you smoke your favorite shisha flavors.

These hookah coals are good for incense burning. You can also use the alternative option, resin incense coal lighters, for the spa treatments.

As the name suggests, it is natural hookah coal, so it does not have any other harmful chemicals in the coal, and you can smoke it without any hesitation.

If you only have a stove and do not have any fancy light burner, these coals will also quickly burn on the stove in less than 15 minutes. And they do not leave any extra ash residue in the hookah, so it is better for cleaning purposes.

What Are The Main Benefits?

  • Do not have any taste in the hookah. Hence, tasteless.
  • Stays on the hookah bowls for a longer duration.
  • Can cool it on stove easily in less than 15 minutes.


Why Are Coconut Coals Better?

There are multiple reasons available for this question. As the natural coals are made from compressed coconut shells, they are better when compared with other cheap coals or quick light charcoal because raw coconut coals do not have any other harmful chemicals as quick light coals have. They have a silver coating over the coals which will harm your health faster than you think.

How to identify the best hookah coals?

It is elementary to identify the best hookah coals from the market full of cheap coals. So, you have to look for the best ingredients used to make the coals, like natural ingredients, then you should look for any taste it might leave on the hookah flavor while you smoke. If they do, then you better leave it. You can also check the run time, and ash residue is left behind. So these are the minor things you should keep in mind while selecting any hookah coals for yourself.


Now, I think you know the best hookah coals available in the market for you to try as soon as possible on the hookah bowl with your friends.

And I have also mentioned the things you should look for in hookah coals while choosing them for your hookah session. Some people look for the runtime while others look for the price.

I am sure that you will find your perfect hookah coal for your smoking session from this list of hookah coals. And do not forget to write the name of the hookah coals you tried after reading this article.

Have Fun!

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