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A hookah bowl filled with hookah flavors mix.

Without the best hookah flavors mix, you are not complete when it comes to hookah smoking and enjoying it. We all smoke hookah to relax, and we do get relaxed when we smoke our favorite shisha flavors.

Some smokers like to smoke more than one flavor at a time, like a combination of many hookah flavor mixes, and others may not like to smoke multiple flavor combinations.

But, if you are someone who loves to smoke various hookah tobacco flavors, including double apple mint, mango flavor, and many others. And shisha flavors like al fakher flavors, and dark leaf tobacco shisha mixes, you can find various other combinations in this article.

Best hookah flavor mixes will help you get the authentic and original flavor combinations that will help you smoke the best shisha flavors.

Hookah smokers love to smoke shisha mixes like strawberry cream, nakhla double apple, al fakher mint, starbuzz blue mist, and starbuzz flavors. Cane mint, blueberry muffin, al fakher vanilla, and many others.

There are endless opportunities to mix shisha flavors and create your own shisha flavors combination.

And you need to take care of all your refreshing mix of shisha flavors to help get you your desired smoking experience and duration to enjoy your hookah with your friends.

There are different types of shisha mixes available, including the strong shisha mixes as you get in the hookah bars, and there are medium or low on tobacco shisha mixes.

We will cover all these flavors and combinations in this article to help you choose the best hookah flavors and shisha recipes.

Best Shisha Mixes And Delicious Flavor

Now, let’s start the journey to find the best hookah flavors mixes and shisha mixes to help you dive deep into the ocean of hookah flavor mixes.

This section has mentioned some of the best combinations of shisha mixes that you can try with your gang at hookah bars or any random party to attend on weekends.

Enough talking. Let’s get straight into the hookah flavors mixes.

Blueberry + Orange

No one would like to eat blueberries and oranges regularly while expecting breakfast, considering you are a fruit lover and like fruity flavors.

But in the world of hookah, every rule is different than eating. So, for example, if you do not like to eat blueberry muffins or oranges, you may like to smoke the same fruit flavor in the hookah.

Yes, it can happen, and that is why I recommend you mix the blueberry and orange flavors to get the most out of your shisha mix.

And when you mix these hookah flavors, you will get the best innovation of the shisha mixes.

So, when you smoke blueberry flavor mixed with orange, you will get a sweet blueberry flavor in your mouth with a slight orange taste, and it will taste like an orange-berry flavor, and you will love it for sure.

Still, if you are curious about how the flavor would taste, you have to try it yourself to find out the exact taste of that shisha mix.

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Lemon + Mint

If you are one of the biggest hookah lovers, you know how refreshing this combination would taste as it contains both refreshing flavors, including Lemon and Mint. This combination of flavors is one of the best combinations of all time.

Anyone, including beginner hookah smokers, can smoke these flavor combinations and feel like heaven. They are so refreshing that you will feel the Mint and Lemon in your mouth in every draw you take.

And while smoking this combination, you may get the smell of citrus. The best way to smoke this combination is to take a large portion of the lemon mint and fill it up in the bowl around the edges and corners.

Then you can apply your simple hookah-making skills, and you are good to go.

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Peach + Mint

It’s another combination of Mint, but it’s with the peach shisha flavor this time. You may also have objections from your friends regarding mixing these two flavors, as many smokers doubt the taste of these two shisha flavors together.

The peach would taste even better when mixed with the mint shisha. As Mint goes with everyone. And it also creates the best combination with any flavors you decide to mix. \

Mint will improve the flavor of peach and will let you smoke the best hookah tobacco flavor mixed with two weird combinations.

And it is not fixed that you have to mix these two flavors when you decide to smoke; you can mix any of the two flavors with others available. So it is a matter of liking and comfort.

Sometimes, it is hard to convince your gang to smoke this combination as not everyone will like the peach and Mint together. But you have to believe in the flavor and insist on trying this fantastic combination.

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Double Apple Mint + Guava

Here it comes. This is one of the best smoking combinations in every hookah bar, and most importantly, double apple is the hero in this flavor combination. So if you have this flavor combo in your hookah bowl, you will have a fantastic hookah smoking experience.

But mixing double apple with Guava may sound disgusting to many hookah smokers and fans of double apple. So keep reading to know more about this combination.

It could become a great flavor, and it is one of the unique flavors you can try in the hookah world. Mint will give you the cooling sensation you need, and other flavors like Guava and double apple will provide you with the required taste of flavors for which you are smoking.

One of the best mixing portions you can have for a better smoking experience is to have 50-50 combinations of double apple mint and Guava. And when you have this exact portion in your vortex bowl, thick clouds are confirmed, and it may also become your favorite mix.

But we have our personal preference for hookah smoking, and to find the perfect combination of shisha mix, you have to try as many flavors as you can.

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Cherry + Mint

It is yet another flavor mix of Mint because Mint is a popular flavor with almost any flavor. Icy Mint can give you the best hookah smoking experience.

And one of the main reasons to mix Mint with cherry is to get the best flavor of cherry with a bit of Mint mixed with it. The icy mint flavor will enhance the cherry flavor in hookah smoking, giving the best flavor combination to a smoker.

The cherry flavor is a bit on the sweet side; hence it is not recommended to use more cherry flavor in a bowl; otherwise, it may overwhelm the bowl.

One of the best ways to smoke this flavor combination is to prepare a bowl uniquely. First, you need to lay the mint flavor under the bowl and then sprinkle the cherry flavor on top of your mint flavor to give the smoker a unique hookah tobacco flavor.

After sprinkling the cherry flavor on top of the bowl, you can mix them with the best-tasting flavor. Cherry Mint is one of the best shisha mixes one can smoke with their friends.

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Watermelon + Mint

Here comes the summer’s unique shisha mix. The watermelon and Mint can surprisingly taste better than you expect them.

Watermelon and Mint are great flavors to smoke. Mint enhances the flavor of al fakher melon. However, this combination will not fade away after some time in the bowl, as you will have its original taste until you smoke from your hookah bowl.

To have a perfect mix of this flavor, you need to mix 50-50 of both these flavors and try to have a light pack in the bowl. Your bowl charcoals will eat up your tobacco and flavors. So be careful while adding them to your bowl.

There are no other requirements and clarification needed to make this fantastic flavor even more fantastic, don’t eat this flavor, and you are good to smoke it.

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Mango + Lemon

The combination of a Lemon and Mango is not an ordinary thing to have in your hookah bowl. However, you won’t see many smokers smoking this combination because most do not know that this could be a great combination to smoke.

And others are just smoking the regular combinations they like to smoke with their gang. But if you are ready and open to breaking your smoking routine and want to try something different yet refreshing, you can try the Mango and Lemon combination in your hookah bowl.

When you feel too much heat or hot smoke in your mouth, you can change the combination of Mango and Lemon and replace it with the Mango and Lamon Mint.

As you add the Mint flavor to the combination, you will no longer feel the hot smoke because the Mint will provide you the required coolness in the hookah smoking.

Some smokers may not be concerned about the warm smoke coming into their mouths as they like this combination of flavors. But it purely depends on personal preferences.

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Grapefruit Mint + Pineapple + Orange

This combination will treat your taste buds better than any other combinations available. The Grapefruit is the center flavor of this combination and gives you the best smoking experience and flavor.

Grapefruit mint fixed with pineapple and orange will provide you with a refreshing flavor combo that you won’t find elsewhere.

You can mix these flavors in the bow as you like, and the portion of each flavor will also be dependent on your linking. For example, if you don’t like pineapple more while smoking, you can decrease its portion in the hookah bowl.

I prefer to fill the bowl with half of the portion with Grapefruit passion fruit and another half with the remaining two flavors, including pineapple and orange.

And one of the best things about the Grapefruit is that It goes with any other flavors than pineapple and orange. So, if you like to smoke some other hookah flavors, you can add them with the Grapefruit and start enjoying it with your gang.

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Pan + Mint

When you smoke Pan with any other flavors you like, including Mint will give you a fantastic flavor combination that you can daily smoke with your gang.

And when you combine Pan with Mint, it further provides you the cooling sensations in your mouth and a hint of Pan flavor that will amaze your taste buds.

Pan and Mint are among the best combinations to smoke every day for many smokers. I like to add one more flavor to this combination: Blueberry; hence, Pan + Blueberry + Mint.

And when I make this combination, our smoking session expands for hours, and we all love to smoke this combination together, talking about random stuff in the gang.

If you are using two flavors, including Pan and Mint, I suggest you take 50-50 portion of both the flavors and have it all in your bowl. I am sure that you will like this flavor combo, and you will share this combo with your friends.

As we know, Mint can enhance any bland flavor and put a soul into a dead flavor. So, when you are smoking with Mint in your bowl, there are low chances of your mood getting spoiled due to lousy flavor combinations.

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Blueberry + Lemon Mint

This is the last flavor combination in our list of the best hookah flavors mixes. You may like to smoke while drinking your alcoholic beverages because hookah gives a good buzz with those drinks.

Adalya tobacco has the best shisha flavors that you can try. But if we talk about the Blueberry and Lemon Mint, this can also be your favorite mix.

You can also try a white gummi bear with a blueberry muffin to get the best smoking shisha mix. But mix the Lemon Mint with the Blueberry and feel the flavor inside out, as it will surely give you the best hookah smoking experience.

It does not matter how long you are smoking; as long as you put this combination in your hookah bowl, you will have the best flavor until you stop smoking.

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So, let’s talk about the frequently asked questions on this topic as the hookah tobacco and shisha mix is a broad topic. It has endless possibilities and combinations to make; beginners have many questions about the topic.

It is nearly impossible to answer all the questions asked on the internet, but I am sharing some of the most relevant questions for you in this section to help you understand the topic better. It will give you a free hand to experiment with your shisha mix.

What shisha flavor brands are available in the market?

There are many shisha flavor brands available, but there are many countable brands in the market that you need to know about and use their products and flavors for your hookah smoking. They will surely provide you with the best hookah smoking experience with your friends. You need to know many shisha flavor brands, including Al-Fakher, Afzal, Seox, Goldstar, Tanya, Karizma, etc. These are famous brands in the market, and pro hookah smokers use these brands and their shisha mix to smoke every day.

Will mixing the shisha flavors affect its taste?

It does affect the taste of the shisha when you mix more than one flavor with another flavor. But, it affects positively, as it adds more flavors to the overall flavor of the hookah. For example, adding double apple with Mint will surely get the two tastes in one flavor. So, it works that way, but if you don’t know which flavor should occupy how much of a portion of the overall flavor, you may get a negative or bad taste from that shisha mix. It will also help you generate huge and thick clouds of smoke that you can enjoy. Finally, some combinations of shisha mix will last longer compared to a single flavor.

Do I need to add Mint in every flavor I smoke?

Since the Mint is the most amazing shisha flavor available on the market, which can be mixed with almost any shisha flavor you want to smoke, and when you add Mint flavor to any shisha flavor, it instantly provides the icy Mint flavor to that combination. But, that does not mean that you need to add Mint every time you smoke a hookah. It solely depends on the personal preferences of an individual. And if you don’t want Mint in your hookah flavors, you don’t need to add it.


Now, we are in the last section of this detailed article on the best hookah flavors mix, in which I have shared significant and valuable information that will help you make a delicious hookah flavor.

I have shared some of the best shisha mixes and flavors combined in this article to help you find the best tasting flavor combination.

If you have any further questions about the topic, you can read the FAQs section, where you will find all the frequently asked questions on the internet about the topic, and you can read them to clear your doubts.

And If you have any other doubts in mind that are not mentioned in the FAQs, you can ask them in the comment section. I will get back with a proper answer to your question.

Till then, happy smoking.

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