13 Best Hookah Flavors For Great Buzz & Satisfaction

This article will be full of fantastic information about the best hookah flavors, so If you are looking for the best hookah flavors, in any case, this is what you need to read until the end.

Just reading about these shisha flavors will not give the best smoking experience. For that, you need to buy it. So, feel free to visit the links provided in the article to buy it for your personal use.

In this guide, I have mentioned the best-selling hookah flavors worth trying. For example, if you are a beginner and pro smoker and want to know the trends in the hookah market, check out all the mentioned hookah tobacco to know.

As the industry expands, more and more manufacturers are coming in and trying to make the best shisha flavors that hookah smokers can smoke all day.

So, as a result, you will get more options to choose your shisha tobacco, and when there are more options in front of you, there are high chances of getting confused.

And I am here to remove all your confusion and clear your thought about the hookah flavors, and this article will also help you choose your best hookah flavor that you will love to smoke all day.

This article has mentioned more flavors to recommend to a beginner, as hookah is widespread and many aspiring smokers come in every day. Considering that to the account, I have shared more flavors that beginners can smoke, and they will not have any issues in most cases.

So, let’s see some of the flavors for beginners, and then we will discuss all the hookah flavors in detail.

Hookah Flavors For Beginners

There are some flavors like Starbuzz, Fumari, Al Fakher, etc. All these shisha flavors are considered beginner shisha flavors.

All three flavors are low on nicotine in hookah tobacco, so smoking these flavors will not lead to a high buzz. These are mild hookah flavors compared to other flavors mentioned in this article, including Tangiers and Nakhla.

If you are looking for tobacco in the flavor but don’t want high buzz from the same taste, you better smoke Nakhla and Tangiers hookah tobacco flavors.

And If you are a next-level beginner and somehow looking at the hookah for the first time in your whole life, I would recommend you smoke herbal shisha flavors, do not go for that intense buzz flavors and tobacco, it will ruin your entire day, and there are high chances of you not looking at the shisha next time.

Herbal shisha does not contain any harmful chemicals and substances like nicotine, tobacco, tar, etc., that can harm your internal body parts, and if smoked for a long time, you may have cancer as well.

You can find this herbal shisha in the companies like Hydro Herbal Shisha, Shiazo, Fantasia’s. These herbal shisha brands are suitable for beginners who don’t want to smoke nicotine and tobacco.

You can expect a reasonable amount of smoke clouds from these herbal shisha flavors, and it will provide you with a long-lasting hookah session without the buzz.

Some of the best tobacco-free shishas are listed here. Check them out.

Now, it’s time to move ahead with the article and discuss all the hookah flavors you can smoke and try if you are bored with your current one.

The Best Hookah Flavors & Reviews

Now, we will see some of the best hookah flavors that can make your day or night, depending on when you are smoking these flavors.

I will share the details about each flavor, like the smell and taste of the flavors, buzz, clouds, and duration. All this info will help you choose the comfortable shisha tobacco that will amaze you while smoking it with your loved ones.

1. Starbuzz Blue Mist: Most Famous Flavor

The company is known for its best contribution to the hookah industry for the fantastic flavors they make. All these flavors are best, but right now, here I have taken the example of one of the best hookah flavors of all time, which is Starbuzz blue mist.

Hookah lovers and pro smokers already know what Statbuzz offers to a regular smoker. This hookah flavor is so unique that anyone can fall in love with this flavor.

And it is the best-selling flavor, most famous flavor, and many other titles have been given to this flavor so far. But, one thing is sure, If you want to experience what this flavor has to offer, you have to buy it and use it in your hookah bowl to know better.

Starbuzz Blue Mist comes in a brown-colored flavor with a low amount of nicotine in it, and due to that, it is the best flavor for beginners to smoke freely.

Smell And Taste

The smell of the Blue mist is so refreshing, and you will feel like you are in the pool full of blueberries, and when you give it a mix, you will feel the smell of the peppermint as well. That’s the sign of classic Starbuzz flavors.

You will be amazed how this flavor will give you the best smoking experience, but if you are looking for a mint flavor touch in this shisha flavor, you will not get that here.

Yet, you will feel like a cooling sensation in your throat, but I am sorry to inform you that the cooling stuff is not a mint.

Clouds And Duration

Shisha comes with a bit of dry texture, but you should not worry about the clouds because it’s Starbuzz shisha flavor, and when you are smoking Starbuzz shisha flavor, there will be plenty of smoke and clouds available.

And when you release the smoke clouds, you will get the best after-aroma of the smoke and flavor. That’s the best feeling and experience of the quality shisha flavor.

When you pack a fluffy bowl with the Starbuzz flavor, it will run for about an hour and a half, but that also depends on how many coals you use and how you pack your hookah bowl. It could reach up to two hours as well.

Use Egyptian bowls with two coals on the top to get the best smoking out of the Starbuzz flavors; your session will easily last for an hour.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

Premium shisha flavors are the best to smoke and get the best buzzy feeling. But in this case, Starbuzz will not give you a buzz you are looking for because it offers a low amount of nicotine in the flavor.

If we mix the flavors with Blue Mist, it will go best with the Lemon and Vanilla.

And if you are a fan of Mint, try adding spearmint with the Blue Mist, and the magic will happen in your mind when you smoke that combination.

Smoking Experience

No matter who you are and what type of smoking habits you have, the Starbuzz Blue Mist will blow away your mind.

You will get the best hookah smoking experience while smoking this flavor with your loved ones at any house party or hookah lounges.

2. Fumari Ambrosia: Juiciest Shisha Flavor

The shisha brand, Fumari, is one of the best and known as the juiciest brand of all time. And its Ambrosia shisha flavor also comes in the top shisha tobaccos in the hookah industry.

Ambrosia is a famous ambrosia fruit salad name, and now it’s the best and renowned shisha flavor also. It is based on brown-washed tobacco leaves, with the lowest possible nicotine in the taste. Its servers are best for all the beginners out there.

You will get this flavor in an airtight pouch with a proper seal so that it won’t spill out during traveling. This airtight pouch also helps hold the original flavor for a long duration. So, when you take it out even after a few months, you will get the exact and authentic taste from the flavors.

Smell And Taste

It’s something that attracts you to the flavors. And in the Ambrosia flavor, literary the flavor’s aroma is so pleasing and tempting that anyone, even a non-smoker, would love to smoke this flavor.

It smells like fruit candy, and everyone loves the candy. But when you take your first draw of this flavor, you will think about it because it did not taste as it smelled. The smell is fantastic, but the taste of this flavor is not up to the mark.

When you pull out of the shisha pipe, you will first get the melon taste, and suddenly after that, you will get tasty marshmallows to taste.

Clouds And Duration

The fruity flavors and sweet fruity flavors are the best to try when you are a beginner and just starting. Clouds are the thing majority of the smokers used to smoke the hookah, and when you get a bunch of pretty smoke from the flavors, it becomes your favorites.

You will get the best and thick clouds in this flavor by even using only two coals on the top of the hookah bowl. Isn’t that amazing for a beginner to experience something unique like that?

So, the Fumari hookah tobacco company understands the need for the thick clouds and makes the flavors the way it delivers. So, if you want to impress your newbie smoker friends with the dense smoke, try Ambrosia.

And when you use a phunnel or vortex hookah bowl, the overall hookah session will last for an hour-long, and you can easily enjoy that time with your loved ones.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

Popular shisha flavors are the ones you can mix with any of the other best flavors available to you. The combination is the one that you like to smoke over and over again. For example, I want to mix this flavor with fruit flavors like Lemon, guava, and Mint.

It goes with all these three flavors, and if you try them out, you will also love them. But after all, mix it with the one flavor you love the most and never get bored smoking it all day.

You will not get a high buzz from this flavor because it is ideal for all the beginners out there who are desperately waiting to try something new.

And if you are a pro smoker, you can still try this flavor as it will give you a mild buzz, but it will surely give you the best hookah smoking experience for sure.

Smoking Experience

You will get a decent smoking experience with the Ambrosia flavors. The flavors, clouds, smell, taste, buzz, everything will be best when you smoke it with your friends and family.

3. Nakhla Tobacco Double Apple

This brand is not recommended to beginners. Nakhla Double Apple is one of the best flavors to smoke with fruity flavors.

Nakhla is the best shisha-making company in Egypt. It has delivered shisha to the world for almost decades and still is functioning in the hookah market to provide the best satisfaction of smoking a shisha flavor.

The company has been so consistent in their shisha-making process that the flavor hasn’t changed a bit in all these years, and smokers are loving the Double Apple flavor.

With the high percentage of nicotine in the flavor, all the pro smokers will love this flavor to smoke with the combination or as a single flavor.

You will find Double Apple in every hookah bar and at the home of every hookah lover because it is the most famous hookah tobacco in the world.

Smell And Taste

If we talk about the taste of this flavor, you will majorly get the two taste combination of anise and sweet apple. But the anise is more dominant in this flavor. You will get the strong taste of anise as you first inhale, and the apple will come later on.

Nakhla is an ancient brand, and it was founded in 1913. You can still feel the apple flavor from that era. The company has been successful in maintaining that much old tradition and legacy. And this legacy is a privilege to the younger generations today.

Overall, Nakhla has a classic taste that won’t go away quickly. I was thinking of the Nakhla Double Apple flavor to have a typical bite of the apple, but it surprised me by its great taste of anise. You may notice the mild taste of earthy tobacco, but it will not be harsher.

Clouds And Duration

You will get the best and huge clouds from this shisha flavor, and most of the smokers leave the bar with utmost satisfaction after smoking this flavor because it provides the best thick clouds to hookah lovers.

Nowadays, Nakhla’s new flavors come with more juicy shisha than older ones. And I guess, because of that, we are getting huge clouds.

When you smoke Nakhla for more than hour-long, you will surely get the Egyptian vibe from the flavor as it is the best Egyptian shisha brand in the market.

The flavor is not heat-sensitive, which means you can have an overpack bowl full of shisha with more coals on the top.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

When it comes to flavor mixing, you can do it as you like. Everyone has a different taste, but I would love to mix it with something fresh like Lemon mint after an exhausting summer day.

Trust me, and you’ll love that combination.

When the Mint is mixed with any flavors, that combo becomes fresh and icey. You can also mix it with other spicy flavors available.

But, if you are a beginner, I would not recommend you use this flavor, as it is a bit hard, and you will feel harsh flavors in your throat. So, please try some non-tobacco flavors or Herbal flavors.

Smoking Experience

The smoking experience depends on what type of smoker you are. If you are a pro smoker, you will surely love to smoke this flavor as it has high nicotine that means you will get a high amount of buzz that a newbie or beginner can not handle.

But Double Apple is the most famous flavor globally, and you’ll find it in every hookah lounges in the country.

4. Tangiers Cane Mint: Fresh Flavor

It is one of the best flavors you should try before you die. Yes, you are mortal, and you will die someday. So, before that happens, try this amazingly refreshing flavor that can blow your mind off of your head.

From my perspective, the best mint flavor is the Al-Fakher mint flavor, but when I tried this flavor, I was shocked and quite surprised. But I have to tell you guys that the Tangiers Cane Mint is an excellent flavor to smoke.

Like the Nakhla brand, Tangiers Cane Mint is also made from dark leaf tobacco, and it’s unwashed tobacco. Otherwise, Tangiers have other flavors in its lineup, and all of them are amazing and have different flavors to try.

Smell And Taste

The smell of this flavor is powerful, and you can not directly smell it. When you open the pack of the Cane Mint, everyone present in the room will immediately know that the mint flavor has opened. The Menthol is so strong that you will smell it quickly.

It’s an authentic mint flavor with the original taste and smell. It is the most popular shisha flavor in the mint category and has the best taste of Mint.

You will not find much sweet taste despite having the cane in the flavor, but you’ll probably enjoy the flavor.

Clouds And Duration

The flavor is powerful and intense, but the could isn’t. When I was smoking it, the clouds were not as I expected from this flavor. But, it’s a fact that when you smoke this Mint, a cooling smoke will go inside your body and indeed feel refreshed.

And if you try the standard packing of the shisha and pack it in a phunnel bowl, you will surely get the 1.5 hours long hookah session. This much of smoking duration with a mint flavor is a dream of many smokers.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

When you mix it with your favorite hookah flavors, you will get the fantastic smoking experience of hookah that You can only find using the quality shisha flavors.

And the buzz is powerful, you will get the high-quality buzz from this flavor, and your head will start to turn around. So, it is not recommended to the beginners and newbies of hookah smokers.

Smoking Experience

Overall smoking experience of this flavor will be decent, and you will surely enjoy smoking this flavor with your buddies in the group. And your group is a pro smoker and loves to smoke intense flavors, and it will be a treat for all of you.

So, smoke this mint-based flavor when you want to make your mood good and want to feel fresh after an exhausting workday.

5. Fumari Island Papaya: Exotic Tropical Flavor

If you like Papya to eat, you will probably like to smoke as well. And when the Fumari hookah brands are making something, that means it will be worth trying.

This exotic tropical flavor gives the best tropical taste from a flavor. And it is a fruit-based flavor, so this is ideal for someone who likes to smoke fruit base flavors.

So, relax and start smoking your tropical taste hookah flavor with no other expectations from the flavor.

Smell And Taste

As you know, it’s a fruit-based flavor, and when you smoke one, you will get the taste of natural fruit. So yes, in actual you will feel like you have that fruit via smoking.

In this case, you will get a Papaya flavor fruit taste which will be fantastic to smell because they make this flavor very well and have been making it for a while now.

If the juicy papaya makes you go wild, the flavor will surely make your hookah smoking experience a better one. A good shisha flavor is what everyone is seeking, but many of them don’t know how to pick one.

When you smoke the flavor, you will get a Papaya taste and a mild taste of citrus melon, which will be fantastic to smoke. But, of course, you will never get bored with that kind of flavor combination, and you will always want more to smoke.

And when you inhale this flavor, papaya will surely leave its taste in your mouth, and it will be almost like a sweet taste, but you will like that sweet taste for sure.

Clouds And Duration

If you are a considerable smoke cloud lover and are smoking hookah only for smoke clouds, you will not be upset by smoking this flavor as you will indeed have the substantial smoke clouds you like.

Fumari always makes their customer happy with the best customer satisfaction rate by delivering the substantial smoke clouds that everyone likes to smoke and play with.

These vast clouds are not only meant for this flavor. If you take any flavor from the Fumari hookah brand, but you will also get the best and substantial smoke clouds to play with.

And when you have the unreal smoke clouds, it will last for 1.5 hours, but you will crave more, so you will have to change the flavor and refill it.

But If you want to get it run even for more than 1.5 hours, you should pack the bowl as light as possible in a phunnel type bowl or Vortex bowl with minimum coals possible.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

When you are smoking Fumari hookah flavor and decide to mix it with another Fumari hookah flavor, that combination will work like magic and give you the best mixture of a taste.

You can mix it with Fumari Ambrosia; that is an excellent option to choose as both will be from Fumari and will taste good also. In the hot summers, try this combination to refresh yourself.

Talking about the buzz, the flavor is mild, and you will not get a high buzz compared with other flavors mentioned in this list. However, a low amount of buzz will make it comfortable for you and other beginner hookah smokers to smoke this flavor.

But, do not think more about the buzz and all, Fumari in itself is an art in the space of hookah tobacco, so if you like sweet flavors, go to the famous hookah bars and order Fumari.

Smoking Experience

Overall, this flavor will not disappoint you in any manner if you are a fan of sweer flavors. You can smoke this flavor when guests visit your house and smoke altogether. You will indeed have a fantastic time with your friends and family smoking this amazing Fumari Island Papaya.

I am indeed recommending this flavor to beginners and pros as well.

6. Al-Fakher Mint Flavor: Refreshing

It’s a fantastic hookah tobacco brand, and it has many exotic flavors to serve its customers. Mint flavor has its fan base, and globally Mint is the best-selling flavor no matter which brand is making it.

But if you are looking for an original and quality Mint flavor, you should try Al-Fakher only. And you can mix this Mint flavor with any other flavors you like on an excellent hookah session.

You can also try Al-Fakher Double Apple.

Smell And Taste

The Mint will work as a room freshener for most cases because its smell is so strong that everyone present in the room will instantly know that the Mint has arrived in the room.

Even when it is sealed in the company’s packaging, you can smell Mint from that pack, and even in the room, it has been placed for a while. So, the smell is powerful and unique as Mint lovers will go crazy for smoking this refreshing flavor.

And when you smoke, the Mint will leave a sensation in your mouth all the way traveling from your throat, chest, and other parts. You can feel this Mint in all of your body parts. And sometimes, even in your eyes, you will get a kick. So, it does taste awesome when smoked for an hour or longer.

Clouds And Duration

All the clouds from the sky will come out of your mouth. I am not joking, and you will get a decent amount of smoke and clouds from your mouth that you will love for sure.

And when you put extra coal on the top of the hookah bowl, the magic will multiply. You will get even more huge clouds from the flavor, and with that, you can impress a newbie or beginner who’s with you for smoking. But you may have a coughing problem while smoking Mint for a long time.

Talking about the duration of this flavor, you will quickly get to smoke this flavor for 1.5 hours straight when smoked in an Al-Fakher ceramic bowl. You can smoke this flavor on the hot days when everything around you and even inside you is burning, and you can smoke this cool and refreshing flavor.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

You can mix the Mint flavor with almost anything you want and everything from the hookah shisha tobacco industry. I know some smokers who smoke Mint every day with the different combinations of Al-Fakher flavors.

But, if you want to have fun while smoking Mint, add Lemon with the Mint, and you are done, my friend.

Talking about the buzz, you will get a decent buzz from this flavor and a sufficient one also. The buzz was enough and good for me when I smoked this flavor with my group.

But the buzz wasn’t strong enough like the Nakhla shisha brand. So, beginners and newbies can smoke this flavor easily.

Smoking Experience

Overall, the smoking experience would be filled with a thrill for the people who like to smoke Mint and mixes of Mint flavors. And it can be a good flavor for beginners because the buzz amount will not be on the higher side.

I would recommend you to smoke it if you like the Mint personally. So, open the pack and enjoy the refreshing flavor of Mint with your loved ones.

7. Starbuzz Queen Of Sex: Sweet Lime with Mint

Here is another flavor from Starbuzz, and as you guys know, Starbuzz is the best and quality shisha tobacco maker company, and their shisha is the best in the industry in terms of everything.

So, let’s discuss the Queen Of Sex flavor. Only the name is unique; otherwise, the flavor is very decent. So, do not go after the name of the flavor and focus on the taste and overall quality of the shisha.

Smell And Taste

Here as the name has grabbed your full attention, the same way its smell will also grab your full attention because it is so fantastic to smell and have it in your room to smoke it.

You will smell a different kind of lime that you probably have never smelled before, yet you will feel more confident and like it as well.

The authentic and original taste of the lime with a touch of Mint is the best flavor to smoke when talking about the different flavor combinations, and trust me, and it works magic.

You will find many other flavors with this type of name on the market, but not all of them will taste and smell like Queen Of Sex does because it belongs to the company with experience of decades in the hookah industry.

Clouds And Duration

It is not only the Queen of Sex but also clouds, yes, you heard it right.

You will get massive clouds while smoking this flavor in a single taste or with many combinations. And I wouldn’t be surprised If Starbuzz had named it as a Queen of clouds because it deserves an appreciation for the amount of cloud it produces.

And smoking that many clouds are satisfying the mind and hearts of smokers.

If you are getting the hookah session of 1.5 hours, you will not get the same flavor taste at the end as it was initially. So when I was smoking it with the Phunnel bowl on, the flavor started to fade out as soon as I smoked for about 45 minutes.

So, If you want the flavor to stay with you as long as you want, use an Egyptian bowl with the bowl’s light packing and use the wind cover to protect the coal’s heat.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

This particular flavor will not be compatible with most of the flavors available in the market. It has a unique taste, and according to that, you need to choose the flavors to mix with this one. But the Starbuzz Blue Mist will be the perfect choice to mix with the Queen of Sex.

And another one is orange, which I like when I have the mood to smoke something tangy. But it solely depends on your taste. So if you want it, you can move ahead with it.

This flavor gives a decent amount of buzz, not too less and not too high, but gives you a pleasant smoking experience.

Smoking Experience

The name is just there for the uniqueness. But the taste is terrific, and you should try it if you haven’t already. So you need to try it once, and then you will surely ask for more every day.

8. Overdozz Wild Night Out

Only the name has Overdozz. Otherwise, nothing in the flavor can cause an overdose of anything. So, don’t worry and smoke the fantastic flavor of Lemon with the taste of Graham Crackers.

Yeah, it’s a nice flavor to smoke, and try something different from the regular one you smoke all day. And it is a wild flavor that can be smoked at night when you are with your friends to have a great night out.

Smell And Taste

This flavor smells like the tasty and smelly Lemon with a mild taste of Graham Crackers. So, this combination works something like this: when inhaling, you will taste Lemon, and when exhaling, you will have the taste of Graham Crackers.

The taste of the flavor changes midway through the hookah session, and you will have the cheesecake flavor when inhaling and the Lemon at the exhaling. But it happens after you have smoked the shisha and have reached the middle of your session.

Clouds And Duration

Every smoker loves the vast and thick smoke clouds, and Overdozz Wild Night Out will surely give you thick smoke and huge clouds that will make your smoking experience a better one. And when you start your session, the clouds will be decent, and as you move on with your session, the cloud will become dense.

You will get a decent amount of time to smoke this flavor, and this time will be around 1-2 hours. And this time is sufficient for anyone to enjoy the flavors. And if you want this type of long session, you will have to take care of the heat management system. So do not burn the taste rapidly by adding more coals on the top of the hookah bowl.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

When you mix this flavor with the creamy strawberry flavor of ZOMO, you will have the best flavor combo of all time. This combo is so good that you can have it all day, all time when you smoke it.

This combination will give you the taste of the lemon-strawberry cake. It will be a warm flavor combo, so if you like warm flavors and have smoked them before, you can try it.

The flavor offers a mild buzz that can be good for almost every smoker and even beginners who can not afford to smoke intense buzz flavors. And if you are a pro smoker, I highly recommend you mix this flavor with other stronger ones available in the market to get a proper buzz of daily dose.

Smoking Experience

Overall, this flavor will give you a unique taste with the opportunity to mix it with other flavors to taste good. Along with the like, you will get the best cloud output from this flavor, giving you a mild buzz. And this buzz can be handled by the newbies. So it’s a perfect flavor to try.

9. Khalil Mamoon Mango: Lovely Flavor

Another fruit flavor came on our list, and this time it is the Mango flavor. A fruit lover and smoker should try Khalil Mammon Mango fruit shisha flavor.

And mainly if you are a fan of Mango in real life and like to eat it as well, you should indeed try this fantastic and surprisingly tasty flavor. You will get the pure taste and smell of the Mango fruit that will give you an experience of smoking a natural fruit.

Smell And Taste

The smell of this flavor will be like a natural Mango fruit. Just like you have opened a box full of Mangos in the room, and your entire room will smell like the Mango. It has a strong smell. And when you take your first draw, you will surely be amazed at the unexpected taste and smell of this flavor.

You will have the sweet and fruity taste buds while smoking this Mango fruit flavor by Khalil Mammon. And you take repeated one after the other, and your entire mouth will be full of Mango’s taste.

Clouds And Duration

Take your time, set up the hookah with the KM shisha, give proper heat to the shisha, and experience magic with the clouds. KM shisha will provide you with the best clouds hookah enthusiasts could ask for when they have a great mood.

Please use a KM hookah when you are using KM shisha, you will get more time to smoke the flavor, and it would be around 2 hours long. So, If you have a specific type of mood someday, take your KM out of your collection and put it to work, and enjoy the masterpiece.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

I have not mixed multiple flavor combinations with this Mango flavor, but you can have it with the Mint and other spicy flavors to smoke a good taste.

All Khalil Mammon shisha provides a high buzz, but this Mango flavor will not be that strong, and a beginner can also use this flavor to smoke their hookah session with their buddies.

Smoking Experience

Overall, you will get the best fruit taste from the KM Mango flavor, and you can have it with the spicy flavors like Mint and others for a long duration of hookah session.

And smoking a KM shisha is still the best thing to have in a hookah world, as the KM is a historic hookah brand in the hookah industry.

10. Fumari White Gummy Bear: An Exciting Flavor

The Fumari hookah brand is ancient and unique in many ways. The shisha from the Fumari brand is very tasteful and gives you the best smoking flavors of all time. I love to smoke the Fumari brand for many reasons. So let’s see what those reasons are.

Smell And Taste

The smell of this flavor is so attractive that every person available in the room will instantly know that a Fumari has been opened. And when you taste it, you will taste like a pineapple, but it does not give you the exact pineapple flavor. But it will be with the touch of orange flavor.

In short, it will be a sweet flavor with a tangy hint at the end. But the taste will not be full of sweetness, and it is a mild sweet flavor.

Cloud And Duration

Pack your shisha with a light pack, and you can expect it to run for an hour long. Otherwise, you don’t have the chance to run it for more than an hour with this flavor.

And you will also get a decent amount of smoke clouds that can surely satisfy your smoking needs. The smoke will be good, and a beginner can fully enjoy this type of smoke output.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

If you are looking for a high buzz, you should miz White Gummi Bear with the Ambrosia and see what happens with your brain. You will surely get a high buzz from that combination and crave more.

And one of the best things about this flavor is that you will not think about its buzz and all because the taste itself is so tempting and tasty, you will forget about all other things. The White Gummi Bear will somewhat taste like a light pineapple candy flavor.

Smoking Experience

Overall, the flavor Gummi is so yummy.

You will ask every day for this flavor to smoke with your friends or alone because the taste is delicious, and you will surely love this to smoke all day. The buzz is on the medium side, but who cares when you have this fantastic flavor to smoke.

It could be an expensive flavor for some users/smokers, but you can only smoke this on essential occasions. This way, you can enjoy the taste and can save money as well.

11. Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell

It is a company with actual working experience in the hookah industry, and it has a history of producing quality work through its products. Whether it’s shisha tobacco or hookahs, you will find the best quality work in its products.

And Lebanese Bombshell is yet another quality product with the best taste to smoke all day. So let’s find out what Starbuzz flavors have in its pockets.

Smell And Taste

You will not guess the flavor from its name, and Starbuzz has this kind of habit with its names. But the taste is fantastic and unique in many ways. So, it gives you an earthy smell but with a twist. You will also get a spicy and Mint flavor smell as well.

And by only smelling, I can tell you that this flavor is made for only experts and pro smokers because pro smokers love this kind of flavor. But If you are a beginner, I can not assure you that you will like this flavor.

There are two ways: either you will love this flavor or never smoke this again. The taste doesn’t have much sweetness, so it becomes an ideal flavor for pro smokers.

Clouds And Duration

If you love to make smoke rings, you will be able to make plenty of those rings from this shisha flavor. But, as Starbuzz shishas are always a surprising package, you never know what will come from that packages.

But thankfully, we know that you will get massive clouds from this flavor that any smoker wants to have in their hookah sessions.

You will not realize the time passing by when you are smoking this fantastic flavor, and roughly you can expect a good hookah session of 1-1.5 hours longer.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

I will not recommend you mix this fantastic flavor with any other flavors available in the market, and if you do so, you will lose its original woody flavor. But, of course, you will also lose its authentic taste, which is meant to smoke alone.

The company has made the shisha flavor keeping its expert smokers in mind, and the buzz it produces is on a medium level so that most smokers can enjoy the shisha.

Smoking Experience

The smoking experience will be the most exciting and fantastic as you will get to smoke the excellent brand’s product. It’s excellent hookah tobacco that will provide you with a decent buzz and tasty flavor.

And it would help if you did not mix this flavor with any other flavors to enjoy its original taste.

Hydro herbal Peach: Best Herbal Shisha

Herbal shisha is the best as they don’t have tobacco in their product and serve non-tobacco users and smokers globally. And Hydro herbal shisha company is the best and leading Herbal shisha company in the industry.

When you do not get tobacco as an ingredient in the flavor, other stuff includes molasses. For example, glycerine, honey, and other flavor substances will be entirely free of nicotine and tar that can harm a user.

This fantastic tobacco-free shisha will provide you with the best hookah smoking taste with huge clouds like the one that gives that includes tobacco.

Smell And Taste

Hydro Herbal peach flavor smells and tastes like fruit jams, and this flavor is so lovely that you will get this excellent flavor of fruits and jam. So there will be a blast of flavors in your mouth when you inhale the smoke. Mostly, the taste will be on a sweeter side, so if you like sweet flavors, you should try them.

The smell of these flavors gives you the experience of smelling an absolute peach. But mainly, the taste will provide you with a sweet smell.

Clouds And Duration

Hydro Herbal shisha flavors will not give the clouds you are used to getting from other fantastic flavors. The flavor can provide the best taste but not the clouds. So, be careful with the heat management systems and coals you put on the top of the hookah.

When you smoke the flavor for about 30-40 minutes, the taste will start to fade out, and I had the light pack in a phunnel bowl with single coal on the top.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

You can try the flavor you want with this flavor and if you don’t like to mix it with any other flavors, try it in a single taste. So, try the best combination you like and smoke it.

As it is a nicotine-free flavor, beginners and newbies will love this buzz-free flavor-filled full of flavors.

Smoking Experience

If you are looking for a healthy way of smoking hookah without tobacco, you should surely try the Hydro Herbal Peach flavor. It will give you the pure flavors you can enjoy with your newbie’s group. You will not get any buzz as it is a tobacco-free product, and you will only get the sweet taste full of fruits.

12. Fantasia Pumpkin Spice

Let’s talk about the Fantasia Pumpkin Spice hookah tobacco that can be a good choice for your daily smoking needs. Fantasia is an ancient hookah company and has what it takes to create a solid product that can be smoked and used by many hookah lovers.

Smell And Taste

The Fantasia Pumpkin Spice has a unique and complex smell of flavor. It smells entirely like Pumpkin spice with a hint of cinnamon. So, when you inhale the smoke, you will get a strong cinnamon flavor, and when you exhale it, you will get the best Pumpkin flavor.

And the best way to have the original flavor is to exhale it through your nose. It will give you an essence of the authentic taste of Pumpkin spice with cinnamon.

Clouds And Duration

When you smoke any flavor of Fantasia, you will get a good amount of thick clouds from that flavor, and the same goes with the Pumpkin Spice. So you will get perfect and puffy white thick clouds from which you can easily make those smoke rings and play with them.

This flavor will last up to 60 minutes, and in these 60 minutes, you can have the best smoking experience from the Fantasia hookah flavor. And after that, the taste will slowly reduce its effect in your mouth.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

Add Al-Fakher Vanilla and mix it well to have the best shisha smoking ever if you enjoy this flavor. It will be the best combo of flavors as the Vanilla will provide the creamy texture in the Pumpkin Spice flavor.

You will get a decent amount of buzz from this flavor, and it is an ideal choice for beginners, pros, and experts.

Smoking Experience

Overall, if you are looking for a change from your daily routine and want to experience something new in the hookah flavors, you can surely try this one as it will not disappoint you and your expectations.

13. Haze Pineapple Krush

Now, let’s talk about Pineapple for some time. You will get a charming pineapple flavor in this flavor, and the Haze hookah brand is well known for its work and making in fruit-based flavors for years.

Let’s see what this flavor offers us in the below section.

Smell And Taste

Haze Pineapple flavor will taste sweet in most cases as the Pineapple itself is a sweet and tangy fruit. But you will also get a hint of Mint menthol flavors that will be so refreshing as a flavor.

In inhale, you will get a sweet Pineapple flavor to taste, and at the exhale, you will get mint Menthol taste, and this menthol taste will not dominate in the full flavor. Instead, it will be on a sidekick.

Clouds And Duration

Pineapple Krush will give you the chance to smoke the best thick and huge clouds from a fruit flavor. You will get substantial white smoke of clouds that will dispatch from your mouth in many forms, including rings and pro players who love to play with the vast clouds.

And no one likes to smoke for a bit of time when you are getting these vast clouds, so this flavor will help you smoke for more extended and let you enjoy the smoke and taste with your hookah buddies.

It can last up to 80-90 minutes, depending on the type of pack you create for the bowl and coals. And, still not getting enough time to smoke, try reducing the amount of the coal on the bowl.

Flavor Mix And Buzz

There is one great flavor to mix with the azure Apple Pie, mix it with the Haze Pineapple Krush, and experience magic with the combination of flavors. You will also feel the Menthol inside the taste combined with the mentioned flavors.

However, the Haze Pineapple Krush does not offer a high amount of buzz that the pro smokers can love, but still, you can have a medium buzz in the flavor. And if you want a heightened buzz, mix it with Mint or any other intense flavors.

Smoking Experience

Overall, the Haze Pineapple Krush shisha flavor is decent with medium buzz inside the pack, but it provides the best flavor to smoke with your buddies. So, if you are a lover of fruit flavor, this is what you should be smoking all day.


Can a beginner/newbie smoke intense shisha flavors?

When we call someone a beginner, they do not have any experience in that field, and having a background in the respective field is necessary to perform any activity. So, when you are a beginner and directly try the intense shisha flavors made for pros and expert smokers to smoke, you will lose it, and your head will turn round and round as you smoke intense nicotine flavors as a beginner. Please stay away from solid flavors and try Herbal shisha if you are a newbie.

How can I pick the best shisha flavors from the market?

There is nothing to worry about picking up the best shisha from the market. So, just a little bit of research, and that is all. First, you should know your type and other things about yourself that you like to pick the flavors accordingly. And then search for the flavors you want to smoke, from fruits flavors to many others available, and then look for their smell and taste, buzz and duration, and many other insights to know better about the shisha. In short, look for the details I have mentioned in every flavor in this article to pick the best shisha flavor.


In this complete guide on the best hookah flavors, I have mentioned every possible and best hookah flavor that can be a good choice for you to smoke this time.

I have included all the details about particular flavors to understand them better. For example, I have mentioned each flavor’s smell and taste, clouds and duration, flavor mix and buzz, and an overall smoking experience.

So, from that information, you can easily understand the nature of the flavor and other things about the taste. For example, the market is filled with hookah flavors, but it would be challenging to write about every flavor here, so I have included some of the best hookah flavors here for you.

Remember that every flavor offers a different buzz, so choose the flavors accordingly if you are a beginner. So not try the intense flavors.

Smoke all these flavors to find your best hookah flavor, and then smoke it all day to encourage the hookah industry. It’s growing at a breakneck speed, and everyone in this world is talking about hookah.

So, I hope this article has helped you find your best hookah flavors to smoke with your loved ones and group buddies.

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