15 Best Hookah Tobacco Brands In 2023

I can’t imagine smoking hookah without the best shisha tobacco, and picking the best hookah tobacco brands or shisha tobacco brands is an art.

So, If you are a beginner in the hookah world, it is evident that you don’t know much about the best hookah tobacco brands and shisha brands. And that’s where I came in with my over nine years of experience in the hookah industry as a smoker.

You can read this complete article on the best hookah tobacco brands, and you will get the best hookah flavours to smoke with your friends and family.

You must pick a reputed and best hookah tobacco brand that will give you the best smoking experience. Using these best shisha brands confirms that you won’t have any terrible smoking experience from their shisha tobaccos because they have been masters in making these shisha flavors for years.

I will also share smoke of the mentioned shisha brand’s tobacco lineup to have a better option while choosing the best hookah tobacco flavors for yourself or the house party.

Now, let’s see the best shisha brands without wasting more time.

Premium Shisha Tobacco Brands To Try In 2023

In this section, I will try to put out the best and correct details about all the shisha brands so that hookah smokers can decide on pretty much good brands to smoke.

All the tobacco brands mentioned in this article will be available in the hookah tobacco market with the finest shisha tobacco to purchase and some hookah accessories.

Let’s start the journey of the best hookah tobacco flavors you cold probably smoke to have the best hookah session of all time.

Starbuzz – Famous Shisha Brand

Starbuzz is one of the best shisha tobacco brands globally, and it was founded in 2005. in less than one year, they dominated the hookah tobacco industry with their best-selling premium hookah tobacco, Starbuzz Blue Mist.

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From experienced hookah smokers to beginners, everyone was smoking Starbuzz shisha flavors at their homes or hookah bars. And other hookah tobacco brands were looking at Starbuzz’s success in less time. It was a hit in the US and all over the globe, and everyone was smoking Starbuzz flavors.

Right now, If you look at their flavor list, you will find more than 120 shisha tobacco flavors that will quickly provide you, your favorite hookah-smoking tobacco.

After the success, Starbuzz never looked back and started creating other stuff like hookahs, hookah parts, and hookah accessories.

This tobacco brand is highly recommended to a beginner who starts smoking hookah and wants mild flavors with less nicotine. But, If you are a pro smoker and want to smoke some good flavors that can provide high buzz, you better try their vintage collection of flavors.

3 Starbuzz flavors Lineups

Starbuzz Regular

This is their first product lineup with simple yet effective flavors for hookah smokers. If you want to differentiate their product and understand their lineup, look at their packaging and design.

If you see a silver lining on the box of shisha flavor, It will be a regular lineup. However, you will get fewer nicotine flavors in this range with more than 100 different flavors at your service.

Starbuzz Bold

When they launched the Bold lineup in the market in 2010, they literary shook the industry with their best-washed tobacco flavors with more nicotine than the Regular lineup. And this lineup has more than 40 different hookah tobacco flavors.

Starbuzz Vintage

Starbuzz released their best vintage lineup in 2015 for the users who wanted stronger versions of flavors with more nicotine in them. So, the vintage lineup has more buzz than ever in a hookah flavor compared to its other two lineups.

They used dark leaf tobacco to make these high nicotine flavors for their hookah smokers. And in this lineup, unwashed tobacco is used to make the flavor, which means it will have a high buzz.

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco – Best Unwashed Tobacco

After the Starbuzz, Tangiers has built a good reputation in the hookah tobacco industry. Tangiers produce their unique hookah flavors in California, USA. And If you are a pro and experienced hookah smoker and have been smoking for very long, this flavor is made for you.

But if you are a beginner in hookah smoking, these flavors are not made for you. And to get maximum out of the Tangiers hookah flavors, you will require a particular type of hookah bowl to smoke form, and this bowl could be a Tangier’s Phunnel type hookah bowl.

This bowl will give you the best smoking experience of Tangiers hookah tobacco. They are the best shisha tobacco producers globally and have many competitors in the field of hookah worldwide.

5 Tangiers Shisha Tobacco Lineup

M Line Collection ( Tangiers Birquq )

If you fan long-lasting and fewer nicotine flavors, the Tangiers Birquq lineup is made only for you. And it’s a new flavor introduction to the world with less nicotine flavor.

So, If you haven’t tried any Tangiers flavors till now, You can surely try this lineup for your best experience. M line collection offers many flavors in this lineup with unwashed tobacco of more than 30 different flavors.

Tangiers Noir Or Black

It is customized in the existing lineup and now provides the best-unwashed tobacco with dense smoke clouds. It comes with a medium level of nicotine in this tobacco lineup and can be used by medicare smokers who wouldn’t mind smoking these nicotine-based flavors.

If you want to store this flavor, you better keep it in airtight containers for the long-lasting lifespan of the tobacco. And the Noir lineup collection comes with more than 50 different flavors to try. This is an exciting flavor lineup with advanced flavors.

Tangiers Burley

Burley lineup is very similar to the Birquq lineup and has recently been added to the Tangiers collection. Smokers love this lineup of flavors because it provides the best dense clouds to smoke, giving great satisfaction.

Tangiers burley lineup contains way more nicotine than the previous two lineups, and it provides the best smoking experience to pro smokers. It does not come with more flavors like other lineups, but it offers good flavors to smoke.

Tangiers F-line

Traditional Tangiers tobacco is known for its big cloud-producing capacity and heavy hookah smokers. Tangiers F-line collection shisha tobacco contains more caffeine in their hookah tobacco. So, if you a fan of caffeine-infused tobacco, the F-line is made for you.

It was once discontinued due to its less demand in the market, but not it has gained some loyal customer base and is growing like never before.

Tangiers Lucid Line

The lucid lineup contains a tiny amount of nicotine, and it was discontinued after the launch of the Tangiers Barquq lineup. But If you are a friend of the old hookah smoker, you may find this lineup there.

Al-Fakher Tobacco – Famous Tobacco Brand

The Al-Fakher shisha brand is the best shisha brand in the United Arab Emirates. And these flavors take inspiration from traditional shisha.

It provides the best quality of tobacco in the UAE and worldwide. In the UAE, you will find this tobacco brand in every hookah lounges and hookah bar. Everyone loves to smoke this brand’s hookah tobacco, as they provide the best smoking experience and authentic flavors.

The makers of this tobacco are very much experienced in this field and are working since 1999, which shows they have high experience in making shisha tobacco for hookah lovers.

Al-Fakher shisha tobacco does not require any specific hookah bowl to pack the tobacco and smoke, and you can pack this tobacco in any hookah bowl you like or love.

The flavor is straightforward to use and clean as well, and it is the perfect condition for any beginners as they don’t want to do anything on their own. And these flavors have some of the best juiciest shisha flavors in the list of tobacco.

Al-Fakher Special Edition Lineup

Al-Fakher was doing great with their tobacco products, and one day they announced their release of a new lineup in tobacco as a special edition.

The brand wanted to show more quality with this lineup, and they introduced the special edition with more thick smoke, juiciness, and even more long-lasting hookah session for hookah lovers. Al-Fakher is one of the popular flavors of all time, and they provide premium flavors and rich flavors for hookah enthusiasts.

And If we consider this special edition, we have 20 more flavors from the Al-Fakher, the best shisha brand. You can try their best-selling flavors, including Mint, bubble gum, and grape with Mint. They feel fantastic, and you will not leave your hookah space while you are smoking these flavors.

Social Smoke – USA’s Handcrafted Tobacco Brand

Despite having brutal competition in the shisha tobacco market out there, Social Smoke has stood very firm at their place and have proven to many of their competitor that they are here to stay forever.

Making a place in top shisha brands is very hard, and Social Smoke is doing great with its tobacco. It was introduced to the world in 2003 in the USA.

Due to the brutal competition, smokers were smoking other hookah brands tobacco, so Social Smoke decided to make their recipe of the smoking, and the distribution was also not good at that time.

And the hard work paid well. The Social Smoke got their first big order from the Egyptian hookah makers. They provided a large shipment of 80,000 hookah products, thus becoming the biggest export of hookah parts and developments in the USA.

The Social Smoke makes the hookah tobacco with less nicotine in it so that everyone, including those who do not like to smoke nicotine, can regularly have these flavors.

Social Smoke’s The Best Four Flavors

Unlike other shisha tobacco brands from various parts of the world, Social Smoke created their formula and best recipe of shisha flavors from the beginning. And the idea behind making their formula was to create something unique that has never been tested by any hookah smoker worldwide.

The company made the tobacco by using unwashed tobacco leaves, and one of their most popular flavors was pear chills. It became a massive success among smokers. And they have other popular flavors and a total of more than 65 flavors.

And the best flavors of Social Smoke that never lets the company down are

  • Banana Foster
  • Baja Blue
  • Arctic Lemon
  • Absolute Zero.

Al Waha – Made In Jordan

The Al-Waha hookah tobacco brand is yet another best and most used brand of all time. It is entirely made in Jordan, and people over there love to smoke Al-Waha shisha flavors.

It’s their first choice of flavors when it comes to hookah smoking in hookah lounges or houses. Even beginners can enjoy these flavors easily, as they provide a vibrant taste that a beginner would like to smoke.

Al-waha flavors are made from the rich french tobacco leaves that provide the best taste in hookah flavors that you can have, and it also provides the best dense smoke from that flavors.

So, If you are a fan of large and fat shisha smoke clouds, you should consider smoking this shisha tobacco once in your lifetime. You’ll love it.

Al-Waha’s The Best Four Flavors

The Al-Waha comes at an affordable price that everyone can buy and enjoy the flavors. The makers know what smokers want, and that is why they have created the best smoking flavors that beginners and pros can enjoy.

Al-Waha offers fantastic mixes and blends of the flavor that you can not deny from smoking. The best flavors of Al-Waha are mentioned below.

  • Pan Rasna
  • Ice Cream
  • Arctic Blueberry

Trifecta Shisha Tobacco

The Trifecta shisha brand is one of the best and flavorful hookah tobacco brands consistently prove tobacco flavors. Not only the flavors, but they also provide the best cloud that can give you 100% satisfaction with hookah smoking.

Unlike many other brands out there, It was launched in 2015 in the USA, and since then, the brand has managed to impress hookah smokers with its tremendous flavors that satisfy the craving.

Please pack this shisha lightly, and there’s no need to pack the shisha with tight packing. Because in most of the other tobacco brands, you will require to pack the shisha tight to get the most out of them. And you can use a phunnel bowl or Egyptian bowl for the best and dense smoke output from a hookah.

Trifecta’s The Best Five Flavors

The makers of this flavor claim that the trifecta’s shisha flavor contains some secret ingredients that other competitors can not identify. And that makes them unique from the competition in the markets.

Some of their best flavors are mentioned below.

  • BDS
  • Apple 609
  • Spiced Java
  • Deja Dew
  • Hipster Mint

Romman Shisha Tobacco – Tasty Flavors

It’s a well-known fact that Romman shisha flavor was among the biggest competitor to Al-waha in 1999, and that was a pick when all the celebrities were smoking the Romman shisha flavor brand. And it became a brand that provides excellent quality to smokers every time they smoke it.

The flavors of Romman are exciting and give a sense of comfort that a smoker always wants and is always looking for. And when a user gets what they are looking for, and If your product provides that, it means you and your product will be very successful.

Romman flavors not only tastes well, but they also smell well, and it feels juicier than other brands out there in the market.

The company claims that the flavors do not contain harmful substances like tar, dyes, and artificial flavoring materials. And instead of this dangerous substance, the company uses more natural ingredients like honey, glycine, and raw tobacco leaves.

Romman flavors come with standard ratios of nicotine which is 0.5% in the pack.

Romman’s The Best Six Flavors

The Romman flavors come with an unbeatable price range and with exciting flavors to smoke every day. Filled full of fruity and juicy flavors, the tobacco never disappoints you as a smoker.

It has more than 50 flavors to provide its users and customers worldwide to enjoy the best of the Romman flavors.

And the best six flavors are mentioned-below.

  • Rose Flavor
  • Ivory Coast
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Spearmint
  • Raspberry

Khalil Mamoon – Best Quality Tobacco

Everyone who likes hookah and hookah products knows about the Khalil Mamoon hookah and their products like shisha tobacco and other accessories.

The company has been very active in hookah and has contributed to the world since the 19th century. And the company’s origins are from Cairo, Egypt.

People worldwide have been smoking KM hookahs and tobacco for two long centuries, and still, it has maintained its popularity among hookah lovers. They have done a fantastic job serving the people with excellent products that deliver expected performance. And that is the main reason for the success of their products.

They offer both traditional and modern hookah flavors, so they get all types of customers and never lose them for the sake of their unavailability of one particular product or taste.

They contribute to society very well, and they stand firm against their competitors because they provide the best quality products with great affordability.

And to hi back, other companies offer their premium hookah products at a very reasonable price, but they still can’t compete with the great Khalil Mamoon hookah company. So, try KM hookah flavors for the best taste. It is best for pros and beginners both.

Khalil Mamoon delivers the best product without offering the cheaper ingredients or materials in the development, making the company the best. They do not use artificial materials but only natural flavor extract, glycerine, top-secret molasses, and pure honey. All these raw materials provide the best taste from shisha tobacco.

Khalil Mamoon’s Best Flavors

The company has a huge list of flavors, including your favorites, you name your favorite flavor, and you will find it on the KM flavors menu for sure. And according to the different seasons worldwide, they offer various other flavors with natural ingredients as well.

So, if it’s hot summer and you want to feel refreshing, try the California dream. It will give you the best refreshment ever. And the other refreshing flavor is cactus lime, and it will also give you the best taste for the hookah session. And the list goes on, including Vanilla, Ice cream Blueberry, and many others.

Alchemist Tobacco Brand

The Alchemist hookah tobacco has raised the bar and competition in the hookah industry for sure. After launching their best flavors, all other hookah tobacco brands think about different strategies to stay in the market.

This tobacco brand is different from other US-based brands, and the brand is from San Diego, California. The company manufactures the tobacco in small departments and sections, and they prefer to provide an earthy experience to hookah smokers.

So, the company uses Oak whiskey barrels to put their tobacco inside them for more than a month, and that is the biggest reason to get the flavors they are delivering to the clients.

Alchemist Best Flavors

Alchemist original – The flavors made in this line are stored in the barrels for 60 days to provide the best taste and smell of the flavors. Flavors: Russian Mule, Blood Moon Savage, Apple Dulce, Bourban Barrel Berry.

Alchemist Straight is the newest line of hookah flavors in Alchemist, and it gives extra sweetness to smokers. Flavors: Blueberry-Cinnamon, Mint, Strawberry.

Alchemist Scout – The tobacco used in this line is also used to make premium quality cigars. And the sun-grown dark leaves are used to make the flavors. Flavors: Double Apple, black bear, stone mint, black moon melon

Nakhla Hookah Tobacco – Oldest Brand

It’s another company based out of Cairo, Egypt, and Nakhla is the oldest hookah tobacco-producing brand on the market, probably since 1913. And hookah smokers are very grateful to this company because the Nakhla, the finest shisha tobacco, is still a thing in this world.

Nakhla is a massive tobacco manufacturing company and has over 50 flavors in their five different tobacco lineup. Old hookah smokers and lovers love to smoke the Nakhla brand hookah tobacco because they know it will come with the best quality shisha flavors that will make their night a smoking success.

This is Unwashed hookah tobacco, so you can expect the incredible buzz from this hookah to smoke all night with your friends and family.

Nakhla’s The Best Five Flavor lineups

Nakhla Mizo Line

We all know that Egyptian have a long history in hookah tobacco and hookah itself. And Mizo has been providing the best flavors since 1913 to their hookah smokers.

Nakhla Mizo lineup comes with a bit juicer than other lineups, and it delivers the best smoke output wilt with more moistness in the flavor. It tastes good, and smokers enjoy it very well. Anyone, including beginners, can smoke these flavors easily.

Nakhla El Basha line

The Nakhla El Basha flavor’s lineup comes with more significant tobacco cuts than this brand’s lineup. The El Basha lineup comes with a mild taste of the flavor when compared with other lineups.

Nakhla Mix Line

This lineup gives brutal competition to the other brands out there, and it is yet unwashed tobacco with more juice and taste in the flavor to have it. Many hookah smokers love to smoke good shisha brands like Nakhla. Nakhla mix line quite resembles the Nakhla Mizo line, and it has another taste of flavor with mist as well.

Nakhla Original line

Egyptian hookah manufacturer and company, Nakhla has its original lineup, and its flavors are called Nakhla originals. It is dry tobacco compared with the best smoking of Starbuzz. And it contains more nicotine in the flavors with unwashed tobacco.

Nakhla Popular flavors of all time

  • Nakhla Original: Double-apple, Apricot, Cherry, and coconut.
  • The Nakhla Mix: Ice lemon mint, Flames, Cosmopolitan.
  • Nakhla El Basha: Caramel, Cappuccino, and other best flavors in this lineup are available to smoke anytime.
  • The Nakhla Mizo: Fruit flavors like Apple, Mizo Watermelon, Mint, Lemon, grape.

Fumari Hookah Tobacco – Juicy Shisha Brand

Hookah lovers smoke Fumari tobacco a lot nowadays because the company provides the best taste, smell, and smoking experience that hookah smokers want to have with their friends and family at the hookah lounges or house parties.

The Fumari flavor is sweet, and you can mix it with any other flavors very well, and it will give you a unique taste when combined with different flavors.

When you decide to buy this pack of Fumari tobacco, it will come in a proper zip-lock packing that you don’t need to worry about the spillage of leaks of any tobacco and its juices. You can also keep your tobacco in that packaging for a long time, and tobacco won’t get affected by the lousy atmosphere as well.

Overall packaging is quite good and realistic. Fumari flavors don’t have a high buzz in them, so If you are a beginner and want to try this out, you can do it without any doubts.

So, If you have a budget to spend on hookah tobaccos and want to have an excellent and thick smoke from the flavor, you can consider this flavor to spend your money on; it will be worth it.

The best thing about this tobacco is that it will run for longer hours, but it also depends on how you pack your shisha. And also how muck coals and which type of hookah bowl you use. But overall, it is the perfect shisha flavor to smoke with your friends and family over a great conversation.

Fantasia Hookah Tobacco

If you don’t like to smoke hookah shisha with nicotine in it, The Fantasia hookah tobacco is made for you only. It does not contain nicotine in the flavor, and beginners with no experience can smoke this without any doubts of getting buzz.

Like Fumari tobacco, the Fantasi shisha als0 comes in a sealed packing of zip-lock that does not allow the flavor to pass through the packaging. It is a significant relief and a tension-free moment for some lazy hookah smokers like me, who don’t want to take care of their hookah accessories.

And zip-lock also keeps the flavor and smell of the shisha as it is, and when you open it for setting up the session, you will experience the strong flavor of the shisha as well.

It comes with 20 different flavor combinations and a natural composition, which provides an authentic and original taste. You will surely enjoy the smell better than the taste, but that doesn’t mean that it is not an excellent shisha to try. It is indeed, and you will surely make huge clouds from his shisha tobacco.

It comes at a meager price compared to its quality because tobacco provides the best quality at the price that it comes. And there are more satisfied users and smokers out there who can recommend you this fantastic flavor.

Haze Tobacco – Premium Quality Brand

Premium quality brands, the Haze tobacco comes in a great package that a hookah smoker would want any flavor to come in because there are fewer chances of the flavor getting leaked from the container. It is 100% made in the US and is prevalent shisha tobacco in the US.

Haze tobacco is more web tobacco than the other flavors available in the market, and it receives the heat quite well, so you better charge your hookah rapidly.

The company has been in the market for a long time, and it offers the exact thing that a smoke wants, like thick smoke, better taste, and smell. All these things give a smoker good relief, and they can smoke better.

It comes at a low price and is cheaper than the other flavors on this list. You will indeed like this flavor’s taste no matter how hard you like other brands and preferences. The flavor is cheap, and that doesn’t mean that it is not good. It gives the best smoking experience when you take the Haze for a ride on your hookah along with your buddies.

So, It indeed comes at the top of the best flavors, but it also depends on the tastes on that list. It can quickly overtake some other cheap brands out there. And I am recommending the Haze in my list because it does provide what a smoke wants.

Afzal – Best Indian Tobacco Brand

The brand Afzal was created in the North-West part of India, and it is a very reputed brand with lots of flavors on its list to service you. Afzal is the number one choice for shisha tobacco in India, and it nearly provides smokers with what they are looking for in shisha tobacco.

The brand does not contain more nicotine in its flavors, and it is around 0.5% of nicotine in the taste, which is relatively low compared with other tobaccos in this list.

Afzal has a unique taste of its best-selling flavor of all time, and the Pan flavor gives the smoker a good and refreshing taste whenever they smoke Pan. And it has a list of pan flavors with more and more exciting tidbits.

The flavors: Pan Raas, Bombay Pan Malasa, Kesar Pan, and Coco Pan.

Hydro Herbal – Best Herbal Shisha Brand

The Hydro Herbal Shisha is pure tobacco that comes 100% nicotine-free for smokers who don’t want to smoke nicotine in hookah sessions. It comes at a low price, and when you smoke it, it burns quicker also.

All that can be tolerated when you don’t want to smoke nicotine, so it’s a blessing for beginners, and it tastes good as well. The newbies will enjoy smoking the Herbal Shisha with their beginner friends.

Everyone, including elders, can also use this shisha flavor as it is entirely nicotine-free and uses only natural stuff. Each flavor has its color and smell, so the Hydro herbal has a delicious aroma that gives a pleasant satisfaction while smelling the taste only.

The Hydro Herbal comes in different flavors and tastes, so users can pick their favorite one and smoke all night, giving a solid bite and powerful performance from the hookah shisha flavor.

Overall, you will get the fantastic smoking experience of a nicotine-free flavor at a reasonable price range. And this herbal shisha will not lose its scent as other does. So, it’s a hight recommended flavor for the one who loves to smoke nicotine-free content.


How to pick the best hookah tobacco to smoke?

The best hookah tobacco does not have a specific definition, but the one that will run for the most extended hours without losing its taste is the best hookah shisha tobacco. And to pick these kinds of smoking, you will be required to have more smoking experience in the field of hookah. The one which gives the best dense smoke with a great smell is also the best tobacco. And to pick the best hookah tobacco, look for the famous and popular brands globally. It will not disappoint you, but I can’t say anything further because everyone has a different taste.

Is herbal shisha good?

A herbal shisha is the best option for those who don’t smoke nicotine in hookah but want to smoke a hookah. So, it’s a tobacco-less shisha flavor that provides the best smoking experience to beginners and pros. These herbal shishas are made from tea leaves, glycerin, molasses, honey, and other natural ingredients. And there are lots of best brands available to smoke herbal shisha, and the one in this article is Hydro herbal shisha.


This will be the best guide on hookah tobacco for those looking for the best hookah tobacco brands to smoke with their friends and family.

You can find different types of flavors in this article, including non-tobacco flavors that will be the best option for beginners and those who don’t smoke nicotine. And for the one also who doesn’t want to get high from the nicotine. You will find different tobacco brands from all over the world and can read about them, and If you like them, you can straightaway buy them for the smoking night.

The best thing about the best hookah tobacco brands is that they use only quality products and ingredients that will not harm your body because you are smoking nicotine-free flavors. They will not give a harsh taste to your throat, hence a good hookah smoking experience with the best hookah tobacco brands in the world.

So, all you need to do is decide whether you want to smoke nicotine-free flavors or not. And then, you can move your searching for the best tobacco brands forward with an aim, which will help you choose the best brands.

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