Best hookah In 2022: Must Read For Hookah Lovers

In this complete guide on the best hookah in 2022, I will share some fantastic hookahs and their reviews for hookah lovers like you to understand why they are the best hookah in the world.

Are you looking to buy a brand new hookah in 2022 But don’t know which one to buy?

Do not worry, as I will share my hookah experience of over nine years with you guys to decide or choose which is made only for you.

I will share a detailed review and other things about hookah to help you decide on your purchase. I have tested all the below-mentioned hookah and hookah sets for myself, and from that smoking experience, I will review it for you.

And a small note, I have reviewed the mentioned hookahs in this article in terms of quality and price, so it will be good for you If you read the full report to understand each hookah and its flaws.

10 The Best Hookahs: Complete Review

Now let’s start the review of the ten most famous and popular hookahs in the hookah industry. And If you are not aware of any of these mentioned hookahs in this article, you better often smoke because these hookahs are the best, and you should try them out.

I will also try to mention some of the best hookah accessories with this shisha pipe and hookah bowl so that you get a good chance of smoking hookah with your friends and family.

You can buy these hookahs from an online hookah store or office no matter where you buy them, but all you need to check is their originality and watch out for the fake products available in the market.

Let’s dive into the most fantastic ten of the best hookahs in the market right now.

1 Fumo Pod 10 Inch Hookah: Best Hookah Right Now

Fumo pod hookah is not only a hookah, but it is an inspiration to smoke hookah every day.

And it is the most stylish and fantastic hookah available in the market that you can get your hands on today. It is one of the best glass hookahs out there that you can experience on your own in the current situation.

The body of the hookah is made from glass, and it gives a fantastic look when you see it from a distance or nearby. It will never disappoint you in terms of looks, and the look and styling of this hookah will never go out of fashion.

So, if you buy this hookah today, it will provide you the same excitement after five years if you take care of it and don’t break it.

And If you are someone who doesn’t like glass hookahs, I would suggest you reconsider your decision because the Fumo Pod is going to change the way you smoke from a hookah. It just looks so amazing on the table that you won’t stop pulling the strokes from the hookah.

Quality And Price

You can count this hookah on modern hookahs because it has an excellent quality of smoking, and it provides the best and thick smoke clouds. So, it becomes the best thing for a hookah lover to have in their collection.

When we talk about the quality of this hookah, you will find the glass on most of the hookah parts and hookah accessories.

Yes, If you drop it hard on the floor, it will break down. But If you take care of this hookah like your child, it will never disappoint you.

And Fumo Pod glass hookah has a patent on its design, so you will not see a similar structure in hookah elsewhere. And it makes the best when compared with traditional hookah in the hookah market or hookah world.

It could be the best value hookah for you if you love glass hookah more than traditional hookah. And hookah enthusiasts are mad after this modern hookah and its design. No one is looking at the price tag of this famous hookah. Everyone wants to have this hookah on their table.


The company makes only quality products by using quality materials like laboratory-grade materials for hookah and its components. And the workers are so talented that they make this product so fine with their bare hands when needed. They are true hookah artists.

Not like other glass hookahs in the market, Fumo only uses german lab glass, which is made for extended durability and high heat resistance. So, it is expected that you will not have these issues of breakage and heat penetration.

And the body of the glass hookah has the shape of the funnel that stands on 10 inches of solid hookah stand that provides excellent stability to the glass hookah body.

You can only use one hose in this hookah as the hose will be washable so that you don’t have to worry about the hard wash when you take it to the bath. The package of the hookah includes HMD, downstem, and valves.

Check Out a detailed review on Fumo Pod Glass Hookah.

2 Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef: Best Traditional Hookah

Khalil Mamoon hookahs have been the best traditional hookahs available in the market for two centuries. Yes, they are that much old, and they provide the best hookah smoking experience.

You will find the best Egyptian hookah design in the KM hookahs because they are made by professionals who have more than 50 years of hookah-making experience.

If we talk about the Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah, It usually comes in a large size, and you can even call it a large or tall hookah because it comes with a 39″ long hookah.

The KM Black Shareef hookah setup is relatively easy, and anyone with little or no experience in hookah can do it. You will also get a maintained hookah smoke from the best traditional hookah in the market. So If you are looking to buy hookah online, you can buy it from trusted sellers, and you can also purchase shisha tobacco to fill in your hookah bowls.

Quality And Price

Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef comes with the top-notch quality of hookah and its other components. If you accidentally drop the large Black Shareef from the table, it will not affect If it has been fallen from a low height.

It’s because the quality of every hookah part is best in the business, and you have to pay the price for this type of quality as well.

But it truly justifies the price for the quality it provides. You will love the KM hookahs. You can consider this KM hookah in top-quality hookahs, which is why we have included this on our list of 10 best hookahs in 2022.


Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef uses the most durable material on the hookah parts for the better lifespan of a product. Likewise, they use a welded hookah stem with a handpainted glass base in the hookah’s perfect look.

KM Black Shareef comes with an overall height of 39″, as discussed in this article earlier. And that provides the smoke better travel in the hookah; hence you will get cool smoke from the KM hookahs.

You will get single hose connectivity in the KM Black Shareef, but this single-hose pipe will be of 72″ long KM hose that will give you the best smoke from a hookah. It works best with two different hoses: The first one is the KM signature hose, and another is a Black & White criss-cross hose.

It will usually have a traditional clay bowl and steel ashtray that you will find on the hookah set. You can set your mixing of shisha tobacco and other measurements of tobacco as per your need.

Check Out: Shisha Bowl Packing Techniques.

You get fantastic hookah accessories like a cleaning brush set, rubber grommet, charcoal tongs, and many other things along with the hookah set so that you can set up your hookah to enjoy with your friends and loved ones.

3 AEON Edition 4: Coolest Hookah Ever

If you are looking to buy full-sized hookah and hookah pipes, but you want something extraordinary that usually can not be found at anyone’s home or party, you better buy AEON Edition 4 hookah.

It is the most awesome hookah set with the best and top-notch quality of hookah and its parts. The experience of smoking from this hookah is insane, as I guarantee you would not find any other hookah set with this fantastic experience of smoking.

It is way better than any traditional hookahs out there or any other glass hookahs you can find in the market. It is the accurate representation of an artist and their craftsmanship. You will get the traditional look with the essence of modern hookah. Isn’t that amazing to find in the hookah.

So, if you call yourself a regular hookah smoking guy and want to prove yourself that you are a hookah enthusiast, you should have this hookah at your home on the table having a great smoking session with your buddies.

Quality And Price

AEON Edition 4 hookah comes with a high price that an average hookah smoker may not afford, but If you can afford it, you should buy this hookah because it comes with the best quality of a hookah that you would not have ever smoked from.

The simple yet effective design of a hookah tells everything about the company and its product. And here, you will get a straightforward procedure of a hookah with a glass body structure to give a modern look to a hookah set.

Even If you are a beginner hookah smoker and want to experience something different than regular, AEON Edition 4 hookah set indeed provides you the best reason to continue your smoking and have an excellent hookah session.


Now let’s look at its materials and durability to understand the product and hookah very well. AEON Edition 4 is made by a German manufacturing company, AEON Shisha. They have developed this hookah and have spent many hours behind the material selection so that you can have a great durable product that lasts long.

As a mark, they have used V2A stainless steel construction on the hookah for outstanding rigidity, and these high-quality stainless steel will give you the best material combination.

When they make these hookahs and other hookah parts, they test them well and use a high-quality control system, and their workers are professionally trained to maintain the best quality of a product.

Every part is made with high precision and tolerance to fit with its counterpart very quickly, and you won’t have any issues fixing any parts by yourself.

The company’s highly trained workers and employees mouth-blow the hookah’s glass base, and it is very accurate that you won’t feel any difference. Every part is glued with almost care to ensure there’s no air-leak in the hookah.

4 Lit Glass Hookah: Best Selling Hookah

Modern hookahs like Lit glass hookah are the best-selling hookahs on Amazon, and they are also best-selling on the offline market. So, If you are looking to acquire the best and most modern hookahs available on the market, you can indeed check out the Lit glass hookah.

The workers have worked on this hookah to make this a big hit among the hookah lovers, and they have succeeded in their mission. Because Lit hookah is the most uniquely designed hookah available in the market, everyone, including senior citizens, is smoking from this hookah.

Lit hookah is a medium-size hookah, and If you love short hookahs, this is a jackpot for you. It is widely known for its best quality materials and hookah parts like Hose structure, smooth functionality of every process, and role.

Lit glass hookah is very popular among the youth, and hookah lovers love it by smoking from it and enjoying its thick smoke clouds as the shisha tobacco provides the same to the hookah enthusiasts.

It is a small hookah. You can use it as a portable hookah. You can easily take this hookah along with you wherever you go. And you don’t need to spend more time setting up and starting smoking.

Quality And Price

Now, let’s talk about the best quality of Lit glass hookahs. It comes with industry standards materials and rust-free materials that will not hold any rust on its body, and it becomes straightforward to clean your hookah and its body.

Further, Check out how to clean and maintain your hookah like a pro.

And the maintenance cost will be meager compared to other traditional hookahs so that it becomes straightforward to afford these types of modern glass hookahs.

If you want to have a great smoking hookah experience. It would help if you indeed tried Lit glass hookah. It will not disappoint your expectations as it has all the necessary quality and durable materials that feel like a high-quality branded product.

After-sale services are also worth appreciating because they provide the best solution to its customers whenever they ask any queries to the support staff. So, after purchasing this hookah, If you get any problems operating it or you want any of its original parts, you can directly contact its customer support.


Lit glass vase hookah diffuser and its product come with the best materials used in every part. It generally comes in 13″-14″ size, and it is considered a short hookah.

To make this glass hookah, the worker uses heat-resistant borosilicate glass and gives it heat to make it in the perfect shape that it comes in. So, the users would love the unique design of the glass vase and hookah overall.

The hookah accessories like glass male bowl, glass downstem, detachable purge valve, and many other parts come along with the hookah set so that you can easily enjoy your shisha pipe and hookah pipes with your friends.

You can easily fit two hoses in this hookah so you and your partner can both smoke hookah together simultaneously. It creates high bonding by smoking together, and Lit hookah lets you easily make that bond.

You will also get a black silicone hose to style hookah better with these accessories, and this silicone hose will provide you with the best durable and excellent smoking experience. And If you don’t want to use the hose that comes along the box, you can use your own set of stockings.

You can also buy some extra accessories to make your smoking session perfect, and these accessories include tongs, mouth tips, charcoal lid, and other maintenance parts.

5 Starbuzz Carbine 2.0: Rocket Hookah

Starbuzz Carbine2.0 is yet another inclusion in the best hookah in 2022, and it indeed gives you a modern look when you put this hookah on your table to set up.

Creators have used their minds very well and have come up with an exciting product in the field of the smoking industry. You will find 360 degrees of the rotating stem in this hookah attractive to regular hookah smokers.

It has a fascinating design aspect as well. It is designed in the shape of a rocket, or you may feel that you are smoking from a rocket-shaped hookah. That becomes fascinating as you always smoke from a standard glass or traditional hookah of a regular shape, but this is different. You will indeed love this hookah for sure.

And the Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 uses the best technology in the field of innovation so that you get the perfect shape and size. They use highly optimized computers to design the best hookah for smokers.

Starbuzz is known for their quality product, and they achieve it by investing their time and money into innovating something different from the regular products.

Quality And Price

When you have a Starbuzz hookah on the table in the middle of a house party, I bet no one would be there who could ignore his hookah from their sight. You can not overlook Starbuzz hookah anywhere you go.

They are made for our attention, and they are the best attention seekers as well. You can customize your own Starbuzz hookah, and it also looks unreal in the present. The futuristic approach of a hookah designer makes everything possible here.

And when you want to have this type of luxury at your table to smoke only the best quality of hookah tobacco, you need to pay the price for that, but I assure you won’t regret your decision of buying this hookah right away. If you can you this hookah your first hookah, it will be a remarkable moment for you to cherish for a lifetime.

You need to carry extra batteries if you are regularly using the LED lights on the hookah.


Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 hookah uses the best quality material to provide users with the best service and smoke. To provide an effortless pull from the hose port that can rotate up to 360 degrees. And You can also have a detachable diffuser made from metal that ensures a product’s excellent quality.

It has a silicone hose that uses an anodize pipe manufactured using medical-grade silicone materials to ensure only the best materials are being used to make a great product like Starbuzz Carbine. It also provides excellent comfort and durability while using it.

Other accessories like stainless steel tongs, tray, medium-size silicone bowl, and many other parts make the perfect combination of the best hookah. And by having these accessories, you can create more significant clouds that will surely satisfy you.

Using grommets will let you save your air from being leaked from the passage. Further, it makes the best hookah out of the best quality materials.

6 Trilogy: Cost-Effective Hookah

It becomes an ideal option or choice for the best hookah because it has a unique design mixture of traditional and modern. So, it comes out as the best design of a modern hookah, and it also looks beautiful on the table at any house party.

Every part of this hookah is designed separately with the best care possible. The craftsmen are so talented and experienced in making this type of product that you will not find it casually in any stores near you.

It comes with a broad base in the bottom of the hookah that lets you hold more smoke in the ground, which means the hookah session in the Trilogy hookah will be of thick smoke, and more giant clouds that will give you the pure satisfaction of smoking hookah.

Trilogy hookah has the best accommodation for the hookah hoses. They have an option to fir four hookah hoses simultaneously on a single hookah, which lets you enjoy the shisha with your friends and family together. And it also comes with a hose handle so that you can hold the hoses perfectly while smoking.

Quality And Price

You can buy this hookah at an average price of any hookah or even cheaper than the other best hookahs out there. You may feel that it will not be a good hookah after looking at its price, but seriously hookah provides an excellent quality of materials and parts that gives a good hookah session.

And when I was using this hookah for my personal use, I have never felt the cheap quality of any parts. Even the pieces are made with high-quality materials, so you will not have any issues regarding the breakage of any details.

An innovative hookah bowl comes along with the hookah set that will provide you with the best HM system, and the benefit of using that bowl is that you will no longer require aluminum foil to cover the hookah bowl. It maintains excellent heat and also delivers the heat further to the shisha tobacco.

I would surely recommend any hookah lover searching for a new hookah for themselves and want to try something new and exciting. It is straightforward to make and set up the Trilogy hookah even if you are a beginner in the hookah space.


Every hookah part like hose, stem, base, and many more are made from industry-standard materials that will provide you the best output and performance when you are smoking.

Hosepipe is made from silicone materials, which gives the users immense freedom to wash very quickly due to the fabric.

The hookah bowl is made from the original hookah material, clay. It is the best material when you talk about the hookah bowl. The glass hookah and its base are also made from high-quality glass material, and the stem is made from stainless steel that will last longer than you expect it to be.

7 B2 Reaper: Best portable Hookah

B2 hookah manufacturers believe in the innovation in their products. They have made a fantastic hookah that provides the best performance to the smoker and creates larger clouds for the users.

They use the best and newest technology to produce hookahs and other parts for the users. The computerized system delivers an authentic product that does not generate any flaws in the hookah system and provides excellent satisfaction to hookah smokers.

And it is one of the best hookahs in terms of portability. If you are traveling and want to smoke on the go or on vacation, you can surely enjoy this hookah along with your journey because it is a very portable hookah, and you can set up this hookah almost anywhere.

Quality And Price

You can easily pack this whole hookah set in your backpack, and it is portable, so you can carry this entire set along with you on your journey to enjoy smoking on your vacation.

You can also break down the whole hookah set in minutes, so it won’t take much of your time to assemble or dismantle the hookah set. It is manufactured with high-quality imported materials in the silicon valley with utmost precision and best quality.

So, It also comes with a unique serial number with each hookah set to differentiate every hookah and provide uniqueness to each hookah and user. It feels more connected with the company when they make something special only for you in this whole world.

You may feel the price of this hookah little too high, but it is undoubtedly worth the try as it comes with the best hookah parts and materials in the industry. When you buy this hookah, you will get the stem and try it with this set.

And If you want other accessories, you need to purchase them on your own, as it doesn’t come along with the set.


The hookah parts like stem, which is the most crucial part in any hookah and gives the internal stability to the hookah, made by the machines used in aerospace and CNC machining tools are used to provide the shape and size to the stem.

The expert designer of the hookah uses aluminum as their core material in the stem to provide the best stability and long life so that smokers can benefit from the hookah.

Moreover, B2 is well known for its unique and modular design that allows you to customize anything on your own.

The parts are designed well with a CNC lathe machine and have the best precision of components in the hookah. It gives a great feeling, smoking from this hookah.

8 Oduman N5: Fantastic Turkish Hookah

Oduman hookah is one of the most advanced looking, and you can say futuristic hookahs available in the market at this current time. You might get confused when you look at this hookah for the first time because it seems like an alien spaceship for sure.

But let me tell you, it is made from 100% high-quality, heat-resistant glass that won’t break easily. Oduman is a pure Turkish hookah made in Turkey with love.

The company has good dedicated employees that work hard to provide you with the best-finished product or hookah on your table. And this N series of Oduman hookahs are true luxury as they give the best smoking experience from a hookah that you don’t want to miss at any chance.

If you visit Turkey, In most bars and cafes, you will find this fantastic Turkish hookah laying on the table and people having fun with it over a great conversation.

Quality And Price

You can find the features and quality this hookah provides in the premium category of expensive hookahs. So, it becomes a premium hookah because it also provides all the features that expensive hookah gives.

Its outstanding features include smooth draw, durable materials, high-performance materials, easy cleaning, and many others that differentiate the N5 hookahs from the rest of the competition.

It comes in a variety of prices due to the other parts available at the time of the purchase. So, expecting its fixed price won’t be a reasonable expectation. It is perfect for smoking at any parties or your home when you are alone or with your friends and family. It can surely provide you the satisfaction of the thick smoke as it creates larger clouds very easily.


The best quality materials like high-durable glass make this hookah a grand success at every party. And you may get into a significant confusion due to its curvy design of the glass body made by talented workers and artists that It can not drive on the machines.

The glass used to make this hookah frequently is soda glass, and that provides the best durability to the hookah body as it can sustain minor to significant breaks or fall on the floor. But if it’s free falls on the floor from a considerable height, it will break down for sure.

Other hookah parts like trays and connection ports are made from the best metal stainless steel that will last longer, and you will be able to smoke hookah for a long time from the Oduman N5.

The hookah hose is pretty long, and it comes in a length of 72″ long with stainless steel handles to provide an excellent grip to the smokers. You can even perform a purging very quickly as they have placed an anti-corrosive ball bearing at the center of the purge valve that provides the best motion.

9 Khalil Mamoon World Cup: Best KM Hookah For Newbies

We have discussed some of the best hookahs available in the market for hookah smokers, but now we will discuss the best KM hookah that beginners can use.

This hookah has a unique name called KM world cup hookah because it looks like a world cup when you hold it in your hands. It is the best traditional hookah on this list and can be used frequently by lovers and smokers of conventional hookahs.

It is quite a tall hookah as it comes in the height of 34″ tall, and that is pretty significant to smoke from because these tall hookas are hard to handle when you put them on the table. They have a higher chance of getting damaged by falling on the floor if placed on an uneven surface or unstable floor/surface.

So, if you want to smoke from a uniquely designed hookah like a world cup and If your country has even won a world cup in any sport, you can surely try this hookah and can even hold for a sec.

Why Are KM Hookahs Best?

The Khalil Mamoon hookahs are the best in every aspect of the machining or performance as they provide the best output of smoke, and you can smoke it for a long time from this traditional hookah.

They are the symbol of art in hookahs because these traditional hookahs are the most used in Asian and western countries. These countries to date use this hookah frequently to have a great smoking experience from a very old hookah.

It gives a royal feeling when smoking from this traditional Khalil Mamoon hookah. It is highly used for the quality time pass with your loved ones.


If we talk about the KM world cup hookah materials, you will find only the best materials in the parts of hookahs. It has a weighty glass base because it requires an extensive glass base due to its height, and it has an aluminum or brass stem that provides the best stability. It also comes with the clay bowl in the world cup hookah.

Almost every hookah lover has used it for centuries, and they have loved this, and people are loving this hookah still now.

10 Pharaoh’s Queen B: Best Glass Hookah

Pharaohs have been serving in the hookah industry since 2002, and they are making excellent products that hookah enthusiasts can use. They are using modern glass materials, replacing the cheap ones that won’t provide quality to the customers.

So they are making a modern glass hookah that provides the best hookah smoking experience to the smokers and even thick smoke from the shisha tobacco.

And if you are smoking for a while, you will know about this hookah and what is famous among smokers.

Quality And Price

In Pharaoh Queen B hookah, everything is made from glass. Yes, everything. So, it is highly suggested that you care while assembling it or setting up to smoke from the hookah.

You should also take care while cleaning or dismantling it from its other parts. It could break If you do not take care of its highly breakable glass parts.

The quality of the glass materials is good to the extent that you do not apply more pressure on the parts. It could join other points like the purge valve and mouth tip from where it could break down.

So, if you are comfortable maintaining this highly maintainable hookah made from glass, you should buy it then. And If you are not someone who can take care of their things, You better stay away from these types of glass things.

However, Pharaoh’s queen B hookah comes at an affordable price range so that anyone can afford it and take the benefits of having a glass hookah.


Pharaoh’s Queen B hookah has mostly glass as its most used material on the body. The glass used in the base is thick and has a measurement of 6 mm in thickness.

It also has many layers of glass as you will not have any air leakage from the hookah. This is the common issue of glass hookah. You will not have any air leaks in this hookah so that you can smoke it with peace and without grommets.

And when you have fewer rubber parts in the hookah, that means low maintenance. The honeycomb filter provides the best filtration in a hookah so that you can smoke pure shisha flavors.

It also has glass bowl materials, this bowl comes in small size, but it will accommodate your flavor mix in that bowl pretty well.

You can have two hose options in this hookah that enable two smoking options at the same time. You can use this option to smoke together with your best friends. A hosepipe uses silicone materials to provide the best comfortable experience. You can also wash it easily.


Can I have thick smoke for a long time?

If you want to impress the crowd at your house party or hookah lounges, there are simple rules or tricks, and by following that trick, you can simply have the thick smoke for a long time. All you need to do is, have an extra cube of coal in the bowl and an extra ice cube in the hookah base with the water that will enable you to have thick smoke. But it will also burn your flavors rapidly, so you better have other flavors ready If you smoke with extra coals on the bowl.

What is the exact time to change water from the hookah base?

You can not smoke a hookah without the help of water in the base. If not water, you should have any liquid that will help you smoke your favorite flavors. But these liquids and water require changes as they might get contaminated or would not be fresh for more time. So if you want to smoke new shisha, you better change your water in the hookah base every hookah session. And fill that base with fresh and cold water for another hookah session.


In this guide on best hookahs in 2022, I hope you get the information you were looking for, and I wish you guys a great smoking session with your loved ones.

I have included the top 10 best hookahs available in the market. And If you have any questions regarding this guide or have any suggestions, You know where to write that down.

Have Fun.

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