5 Best Khalil Mamoon Hookahs: Complete Buying Guide

I know you are here to know about the best Khalil Mamoon hookahs. So, I won’t disappoint you. I have reviewed some of the best Khalil Mamoon hookahs available in the market for hookah lovers.

If you don’t know what Khalil Mamoon hookah is and why they are so famous, then I would suggest you stick around to know.

But, If you are reading this, that means the chances of you knowing about the KM hookahs are high, and somehow you don’t know about them, then as I said earlier, stick around. You’ll learn everything about KM hookahs.

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are the best in the hookah industry, with proven track records of providing only the best quality hookah sessions to smokers and lovers of hookah.

And that is why I am here to guide you on how you can make the most out of your Khalil Mamoon hookah. In this review guide, I will share some of the essential aspects of Khalil Mamoon hookah and why you should use it to smoke your daily hookah sessions.

I will also share its pros and cons so that you can make a better decision by reading this complete guide on the best Khalil Mamoon hookah.

5 The Best Khalil Mamoon Hookahs And Reviews

Now, we will look into some of the precious hookahs in the world that give the best hookah smoking experience. And when you smoke from it, You will feel like a royal king because the design it offers is something kings prefer.

So, let’s talk about KM hookahs and their pros and cons.

1 Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber Hookah


The KM Ice chamber hookah is one of the best hookahs available in the market right now. The design itself is so excellent that by looking at it, you will not be able to justify this masterpiece like a hookah, It is a masterpiece, and you can have it as a piece of art in your living room.

If we talk about the technicality of the KM Ice chamber, then It comes with 34″ of height, and it is the best thing for the people who like tall hookahs.

Check Out: Short Or Tall hookahs. It will help you make better decisions.

Ice chamber hookah Is an Egyptian tradition that many people still follow and use as a traditional hookah at their homes.

Suppose you are a pro and want to use only professional hookah accessories for hookahs. In that case, I suggest you use the ultimate Khalil Mamoon hookah that will surely provide the vibe of smoking from a professional high-quality hookah set.

When you inhale from a KM Ice chamber hookah, you will get an excellent and icey smoke that will make all the happening around you slow, and you will enjoy its coolness.

It is a tall hookah, and its equipment is made from SS. For example, its stem is made from the best steel quality, giving overall support to the hookah.

And when you visit any party or hookah lounges, you will find a Khalil Mamoon hookah for sure. It is a symbol of hookah smoking.

You can maintain KM hookah with minimal effort. All you need to do is follow our guide on how to clean and maintain hookah. You also get the cleaning brush along the hookah set to clean it like a pro.

Check Out the full review of Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber Hookah


  • You will get an in-built ice chamber along with this hookah.
  • All the equipment will be of high-quality and durable materials
  • It comes with a single hand-made hose in hookah set
  • KM Ice chamber hookah has 34″ in height, which is an excellent feature for a tall hookah smoker.


  • The grommet that comes along with the hookah set is too big. Replace it with another grommet that fits perfectly.
  • The vortex bowl may affect the hose while you draw from the hookah pipes.

2 Khalil Mamoon Chiller Authentic Sadaf


All the KM hookah come with an average height of 33,” and KM Chiller Authentic Sadaf also comes with 33″ in measurement, which is not at all less when compared with any other company out there in the shisha world.

You will find this KM hookah everywhere in Egyptian style, and people love to have this as an art. They use this hookah set every day for the best shisha smoking experience with their loved ones.

And once you get to know how it feels like to smoke from such a fantastic hookah set, you will develop a habit of having great hookah sessions every day with your friends and family.

A perfect smoke fest is what you can expect from this high-quality hookah set. And to provide great hookah sessions is an everyday task for these types of hookahs, and they won’t let you down.

The hose of KM Chiller Authentic Sadaf is a perfect combination to have, and you will get a comfortable draw every time you smoke from it. You will get all the flavors of shisha tobacco added to the hookah bowl to enjoy.

This is the best benefit of having such an excellent hookah set in your collection that never discomforts you in front of your friends.

Here chiller is used to give you another hookah-smoking experience, and it does its job pretty well. It enhances the smoking experience when you smoke from it by providing the smoke to the chiller air, bringing a different level of expertise that you would not have experienced before.

And to clean and maintain this high-quality hookah set, you get a brush along the set to hold its cleanliness and hygiene.


  • As mentioned earlier, you get a 33″ height of hookah set
  • It has an authentic chiller as well to provide a great hookah smoking experience
  • The hookah stem is made from stainless steel, which offers the best rigidness to the overall hookah set.
  • It generates thick smoke clouds that hookah smokers love.
  • The draw/pulling is nice and smooth that helps the smokers to get the flavors quickly.
  • It also comes with a vase protector.


  • The Khalil Mamoons is a bit heavy, but once you place it on the table, you don’t have to worry until it is on a level surface.
  • You can not wash its hose.
  • A bowl that comes along hookah set is a bit small, so you will require replacing it with the big one.

3 Ultimate Khalil Mamoon Hookah


The ultimate Khalil Mamoon hookahs are the most valuable piece of metal you could have that would give you endless happiness by using them.

Whenever you use KM hookah shisha tobacco pipes, you will surely get the aura of an Egyptian tradition that will provide you immense smoking pleasure with your friends and family. You will not leave this hookah-smoking experience in your whole life.

One of the best things to identify an excellent quality of hookah is to look at its stem. When you look at the hookah stem, which represents the rigidness and stubbornness, that hookah is going nowhere. The stem Is made from metal that goes under strict test, which will prove its durability.

It’s the best hookah option to smoke outdoor. You will not have any problems smoking it outdoor, as you will have a perfectly balanced structure of the body attached to the stem that provides an outstanding balance to your hookah.

You will have the hookah parts made from high-quality steel that ensure your hookah lasts long. And along with the steel parts, you will also get fine-cut hookah foil to help you hold the hookah charcoal.

Talking about the charcoals, you will get a box of hookah coals along with the original packing of the hookah so that you can smoke right away and have a better smoking session with your group.

And Khalil company will fill the box with more than 70 pieces of coals that you can use on your hookah bowl and foil to have the best hookah session.

You can also include the charcoal burners to light up your hookah coals quickly to get started ASAP.

Here are the ten best hookah coal burners for your reference.


  • You will get a box of hookah charcoals along with the hookah packaging, and these coal pieces would be around 70+ to get the most out of your hookah Khalil Mamoon.
  • As mentioned earlier, coal burners as well to get things going with your coal. It will also help you light them up quickly when compared to the conventional methods of lighting coals.
  • You will also get a hookah foil made with black diamond to provide the best smell in the shisha flavors you are having.


  • Shisha flavors may end quickly by the excessive use of the hookah charcoals on the top of the hookah bowls.
  • This KM hookah comes with a single hose, not multiple hoses, which means only one person can smoke from it simultaneously.
  • Starting a hookah burner may take more time than expected if you are a newbie, but it will be easier to make hot coals quickly once you are comfortable with the burner.

4 Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef


The Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef is yet another best KM hookah available in the market for smoking. And the hookah lovers are buying it to experience the class of hookah.

The best thing about the Black Shareef hookah is that it comes in a black look which gives it a great look and makes it aesthetically pleasing to see.

And most of the KM Black Shareef Hookah parts are hand-made and of excellent quality. Due to the high-quality materials used to make this hookah, you will feel the weight of the hookah more than other normal hookahs out there in the market.

So, once you place the hookah on the surface, it will be slightly tricky for you to move it single-handedly. And that is why it is advisable to place the hookah from where you would not require to move it. It is pretty heavy.

Only high-quality steel is used to make all the necessary parts of the hookah which may provide the best durability and stability to your hookah. And the overall height is 34″, which is considered a tall hookah.

As mentioned earlier, due to the high-quality stainless steel material, the benefits you will get are always more than other standard and cheap hookahs in the market.

It comes with a single hose facility to pull from the hookah. You can also have a large bore to get the maximum output of smoke, and it will provide the best results compared to others in this category.

Hookah trade becomes very easy as the Black Shareef Khalil Mamoon hookah includes various tools in the hookah set.


  • It provides the best and easy pull from the hose as it has a big borehole size that allows an easy draw from the hookah hose, in this case, a single hose.
  • All black color hookah parts give an aesthetically pleasing look every time you look at it. You can also use this hookah to show off to your friends and other group members.
  • No matter how tall or short you are, 36″ tall Black Shareef Khalil Mamoon hookah will be at your service all the time.
  • The hookah accessories like a bowl, mouthpiece, and many cleaning brushes will accompany the original box.


  • It has only one hose port, so a single hose hookah will be pretty awkward to smoke with many people.
  • Khalil Mamoon is also pretty heavy, and it will require more effort to move a Black Shareef hookah from anywhere.

5 Khalil Mamoon Basha


Now, you are reading one of the best Khalil Mamoon hookahs reviews available on the internet. I am telling you, Khalil Mamoon Basha multiple hose ( four ) is by far the best Khalil Mamoon hookahs out there in the market.

You can also call it a traditional hookah with multiple hoses.

It is made from gold and copper in most of its hookah parts. The design itself is an art to place in any museum. It is so artistic that anyone can tell by looking at this hookah that it is an expensive piece of art.

It is a hand-made hookah and high-quality material used in the hookah parts, and these materials may include gold, copper, stainless steel, etc.

The high-quality metals used in making this hookah have become pretty heavy, providing the best durability and strength to sustain any fall on the floor or anywhere else.

When you are in a situation where you will be required to smoke with other smokers or your friends, this traditional four-hose hookah will save you. And all of you can peacefully enjoy the luxury of smoking from multiple hose hookah.

A fantastic amount of number for having hoses would not be more than exciting than four hoses. Like literary, it has four hoses connected in the hose port that is further associated with the hookah stem.

A traditional nargile hose comes with the original packing of the hookah. And On any occasion, If you do not have a company to smoke with, you can use a single hose and enjoy your smoking with the best Khalil Mamoon hookah.

You can easily adjust the numbers of hoses from which you want to smoke, and you can do that up to 4 digits, which gives the option to update according to your need, and it is the best feature to have in any hookah.


  • Multiple hoses are the best thing to have when you have more friends at the party, and you all want to smoke together. Here you will get the four hose option, so four people can smoke from this unique hookah simultaneously.
  • The design of the Khalil Mamoon Basha is the best and has a multi-color finish on the body that looks great.
  • Using three metals in the body makes it very strong and durable to run for a more extended.


  • Because of the high-quality and different three metals used in making this hookah makes it is pretty heavy to hold in hand and when you decide to move it from somewhere else.
  • When you have four hoses in one giant hookah, it isn’t effortless to keep it clean and maintain it.
  • When you have a high number of hoses in one hookah, a dedicated person will require to take care of the hookah charcoals.

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs And Their Facts.

Let’s talk about the Khalil Mamoon hookahs and their history for a bit.

Khalil Mamoon is the name of the owner of the KM hookah company that gives all the hookah smokers a reason to live one more day in this world.

It is an Egyptian product that is now being circulated globally to fill the gap of smoking products for smoke lovers.

The founder had a worthy experience in the antique restoration, and now you can see its glimpse in every KM hookah. The company possesses significant experience in making tobacco-smoking products like hookah, and they have been doing it for more than 50 years and still counting.

Third-generation young-minded people are running the company, holding their USP, and still producing traditional Egyptian hookahs.

They have the best-in-class machinery to make this product, and all the employees make the product with love and care.

However, most of the products and parts are entirely hand-made by experienced workers at the factory. They have maintained the feel of traditional Egyptian hookahs in the current time.

Those were some interesting facts and things about the Khalil Mamoon hookah and its company, now. Let’s move ahead and discuss the things to consider while buying a KM hookah are.

Things To Consider While Purchasing A KM Hookah.

There are literary thousands of things to consider while purchasing the best Khalil Mamoon hookah. So, let’s see what those things are and why you should seriously look into them to make a good and worthy purchase.

Rule number one, never buy any hookah online.

Yes, I know, the whole world is online, and I have to say this despite the face. Becuase while purchasing things online, you can not feel the product unless you have used the product before.

So, step out of your comfort zone and go to the actual offline store where you can see and feel the hookah by yourself. This would be the best satisfaction of buying anything for yourself.

And the second-best thing about buying hookah offline is that you can look at the other accessories attached to the product and feel that as well. So, the whole smoking experience will be in front of the eyes, and if you don’t like anything, you can immediately change the combination and make the new one.

While in the online case, you will be required to make a return request with the seller, and the whole thing would take more than two days.

If you still want to buy it online, no one’s going to stop you. Just make sure that you buy at a good reasonable price from a genuine seller.

Now, let’s talk about the things you want to consider while purchasing a KM hookah.


The best thing about Khalil mamoon hookah is its height and how tall it is compared to other hookahs available.

All the Km hookahs come with the tremendous tall height factor, making them different from the competition.

You can have a KM hookah of 30″ height to 40″ of height. Yes, that is called something tall.

And whosoever likes tall hookahs and KM hookahs are heaven for them. But it would be best if you also looked for the availability of the space where you want to place this tall Khalil Mamoon hookah.

You have to make sure that when you are sitting or standing in the room holding the hose pipe and smoking, it should not become an awkward situation for you.

Overall, height makes the difference. And with all the high-quality materials used in the KM hookahs, like the long and rigid stem, these hookahs are a must-have in your collection of designer and artistic hookahs.

Number of hoses

Hookahs are never meant to smoke alone.

I believe it’s a group activity. And when you are in a group smoking hookah, it is evident that more than one hose will be required to fulfill the group activity.

And I wouldn’t say I like hookah with a single hose. I call single hose hookah a symbol of loneliness.

I like to smoke with my favorite people around me, having stupid conversations over every draw.

So, you should always look for how many hoses are there.

And If you are a single person to smoke hookah every day, then the number of hoses should not bother you. But If you are someone who smokes in a group of 2 or more than that, then you might have to look for more than two hoses in a hookah.

And not only the number of hoses, but the design of the hoses also matters. You should consider the creation of a hose while buying a hookah.

In the multiple hoses connection, a hookah stem has multiple ports where hoses can be attached to smoke in a group.

And the air leakage from the hose is the crucial thing to check while buying a hookah. You should check each port by connecting a single hose in every port one by one and blowing the air to see If there’s any air leakage or not.

And when you blow in the hose, you have to hear the slight noise of the air from the leakage, if there’s any available. So, check all the ports in a peaceful environment.

Vase Size

It is not that critical thing to look after while buying a hookah for yourself. But still, you have to see every aspect of the hookah parts to make sure you buy a perfect product that will give you the pleasure you are looking for.

So, size does not matter. Condition does.

Now, let’s check the vase condition first when you look at any hookah in the store.

You can detach the whole mechanism by unscrewing the valve from the stem. And doing this will enable you to look into the deeper aspect of manufacturing and insects. If you see any cracks, then you should not buy that product.

Like this, you can save your money by just looking at this minor thing in the hookah and its parts.

You can also check the vase by filling it with water to see the leakages, and If you find any leakages, you should immediately replace them with the new one.

Checking these minor things will later save you from all the hesitations and frustration of not smoking because of the minor issues.


Smoking hookah and thinking about the price simultaneously are two different things to handle at once. So, If you can do one at a time, it will be good to enjoy the hookah. Or else, you won’t be able to enjoy it thoroughly.

Because price and pleasure do not go hand in hand, you have to leave one to get the other.

And, If you want to have an excellent hookah-smoking experience, then you have to spend it like never before in a hookah Khalil Mammon hookah.

Khalil Mamoon hookahs can be a little too pricy for some people. But there is KM hookah available at a low price, and you still can have the same smoking experience from that KM hookah.

And, after all, you are paying for the hookah, which has the best height, excellent manufacturing, and a reasonable vase size. So, it will not be a dumb investment for you if you make one.

3 Methods To Spot A Fake Khalil Mamoon Hookah

If something is famous globally, soon there will be many copies of it available in the market. Becuase everyone wants to earn money, fast. And If you sell something very famous, then your chances of making sales are higher.

Suppose you are a consumer of a hookah product and don’t have much experience in the smoking hookah. In that case, the possibility of you getting a fake hookah instead of the original Khalil Mamoon hookah is way higher.

And my job is here is to teach you how you can spot a fake one even If you don’t have more knowledge of original hookahs and their conditions.

Stamped Name On The Hookah

It would help if you looked for the name of the hookah or Khalil Mamoon stamped on the upper side of the stem to identity the originality of a product.

Because it is accessible to fake something these days, and other companies are doing it frequently to attract more customers. So always look for the name stamped on the stem.

And in the stamped name, you should look for the spelling of each word. Sometimes, the fraudsters may add or exclude one or two alphabets from the spelling, making it easy to recognize as an original product. Still, you should read it carefully to identify the authentic Khalil Mamoon hookah.

So, If you find the spelling of a Khalil Mamoon not written correctly then, the chances of that product being fake are higher.

This is the best and easy way or method to identify the original products. And I hope you look for these minor signs in the hookah while purchasing.

Quality Materials

Material quality is the central aspect of expensive products. These products are known for their superb quality of materials, and people remember these products by and for their quality.

So, it is highly advisable to always look for the best quality materials in the product while buying anything offline.

When you see the physical structure of any product/hookah, you will slightly get some ideas about their price and the quality of a product. We have been using many products in our daily lives to recognize the best product by just looking at it.

But the fraudsters are intelligent, and they are trying to provide the same quality as the original one in less price. So, it will not be possible, but some of you may be mistaken for the fake product, so always look for the best quality materials like stainless steel.

Talking about the Khalil Mamoon hookahs, they are made from stainless steel material which provides the best quality to any product. If we talk about the Khalil Mamoon Basha, they use three metals to make that product.

So, you can imagine how the product will look when they are made from these high-quality materials. The steel will also be thick throughout the body structure, providing you the best rigidity and stability in a hookah for long-term use.

Machining Marks

Manufacturing marks can tell you the real story. These marks will not hide anything from you, and you can identify any original product from these types of patterns.

When a product is being manufactured, it goes through various types of processes, and these processes leave permanent marks on the body of a product. These marks could be of a welding process.

These welding marks will not leave the body so that you can spot the difference between the fake and original one easily. It’s that you should know such differences exists.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to spot any difference, and you will end up having a fake hookah for yourself. And since you are a hookah lover by your heart, trust me, it hurts more than anything.

You can also notice these types of marks on the stem as well. Since the Khalil Mamoon is a product made of artistic craftsmanship and is entirely hand-made, you can spot these types of marks in the hookah to identify its originality.

And these hookahs are made in Egypt only, so you can feel the vibe of a creator while smoking from it. You can also judge a hookah by its glass vase.


Are single hose hookahs good?

Single hose or multi hose, it solely depends on your requirements. If you smoke hookah regularly with more than 2 or 3 people, then a single hose hookah s not made for you. But If you are the one who loves to smoke alone, then definitely single hose hookahs are made for you only.

Which is the best hookah company globally?

Pointing out a single hookah company would not be the right decision. There are thousands of hookah companies that exist today, and we are experiencing a kind of revolution in the hookah industry. There are companies like Khalil Mamoon, Al Fakher, Starbuzz, Fumari, and thousands more. So, use the brands and decide which one do you like.


I have mentioned the top 5 the best Khalil Mamoon hookahs available to smoke, and I have also mentioned their pros and cons for you to decide which is the best from it.

After reading this full guide or review on Khalil Mamoon hookah, you will have a clear image of the best hookah in your mind, and it will help you in your smoking journey a lot.

Because when you know something, you can use that product or service better when compared with the one who does not have any knowledge about the same.

I have also mentioned the methods to identify an original KM hookah and spot a fake KM hookah out of the market.

So, use this guide to buy the best hookah for you and your group to smoke like never before.

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