5 Best Shisha Bowl Packing Techniques You Must KNOW

I know you are here to find the amazing 5 best shisha bowl packing techniques that will change the way you smoke a hookah.

If you are new to the world of smoking hookah and want to know these 5 best shisha bowl packing techniques, then you have landed at the right place, my friend.

You will find many amazing facts and techniques in this blog. At bestofhookah, we provide a piece of great detailed information to our users who are more inclined towards smoking a hookah without any mistakes.

Because newbies tend to make more mistakes than pro-people, we are here for the newbies and the pro because sometimes the pro also needs advice on doing anything.

Now, I want you all to know what a “pack” is?

A “pack” means putting hookah tobacco inside the bowl and make them ready to smoke a hookah. That bowl is called the “pack.”

So there are several packing methods available for you to know, and I will tell you each method and why you should use those methods, and what you can expect from them.

Before we hit all those methods, let’s know how to pack hookah tobacco into the hookah bowl.

How to pack tobacco in hookah bowls

Shisha tobacco is a must to smoke a hookah, so bring your favorite tobacco brand to the table and let’s begin.

  • Take tobacco out from the packaging and put it in a dish to mix with a fork until it becomes nice and fluffy.
  • Grab your hookah bowl
  • Put around 20 gm of shisha tobacco in the hookah bowl in a mountain formation.
  • Take a toothpick and press the tobacco down in the hookah bowl, and make sure that tobacco goes down the rim about 2 mm for using the foil or 1 mm If you are using the HMD ( Heat Management Device )
  • Now make the tobacco evenly distributed in the hookah bowl
  • Now, use your toothpick to poke down the tobacco directly to the center of the hookah bowl so that it goes into the center hole
  • And make a hole in the center of the shisha tobacco by light swirling motion

This was a basic procedure of putting shisha tobacco into the hookah bowl.

Now we’ll see the 5 best shisha bowl packing techniques.

Beginners’ hookah guide

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5 Different techniques to prepare shisha bowl

To have a great hookah session, you will need to prepare a perfect hookah bowl. And to prepare the perfect hookah bowl, please use these techniques.

By using the perfect shisha bowl packing techniques, you will be able to get the thick smoke and a nice air flow from your hookah.

Dense packing techniques

The name itself suggests the packing techniques be a dense one for the hookah bowl. This is the technique in which pro hookah lovers fill the hookah bowl, leaving no space for air to pass through the packing. And leaving no space between the hookah foil and the shisha tobacco.

The dense pack is generally used for the Tangiers and is also known as the Tangiers pack. You may wonder what Tangiers is.

Let me tell you that Tangiers is the premium shisha tobacco brand produced in California with bare hands in tiny batches.

So if you want to make a Tangiers pack, then make your tobacco very dense leave no space to pass air through the tobacco.

By pressing the tobacco In the bowl, there will be no space available between the hookah bowl and hookah foil. And If you are using other brands, you will waste your tobacco completely.

Semi dense packing techniques

A semi-dense packing will have slightly less tobacco compared to dense packing.

In semi-dense packing, you will require to gently press your favorite and great flavor containing tobacco leaves into not denser position but a slightly free from dense packing.

In semi-dense packing, you can use the tobacco brands that require heat to light up the flavors and give smokers a happy smoking atmosphere.

So fill the tobacco into the bowl slightly more, but no need to squeeze the tobacco to fill in the hookah bowl.

This pack will be great to have while smoking with your favorite people and having a great hookah session. It also has a great balance of airflow passage and space between the hookah foil and shisha tobacco.

Light packing techniques

The light packing technique is one of the most used in the hookah market and bars. Many hookah company and most brands pay attention to these techniques and serve the hookah in the best way to their customers.

The light pack uses a normal amount of tobacco to fill into hookah bowls and pack a hookah bowl with the best brands like social smoke, Fumari, Starbuzz, and many other.

To make a light pack, gently put a little amount of tobacco into the bowl and do not try to fill the hookah bowls more with nicotine or tobacco.

And remember to make hookah bowls where air can easily pass through the tobacco and not squeeze the tobacco more; otherwise, it will leave its juices. And these juices and their flavor is more important in hookah.

Overpacking technique

Overpacking tobacco in hookah bowls can be both a style and a mistake of pressing more tobacco into the hookah bowl.

If you are a newbie in the world of hookah and its tobacco flavors, then I would really suggest you read this full article and try to understand each technique to use when you make your own hookah.

The overpack is known as the fletcher’s pack.

Overpacking the tobacco into the hookah bowls can lead you to the waste of tobacco in most cases, and it also leads you to a bad experience of smoking a hookah.

Because it doesn’t allow air to pass through the tobacco or the hookah bowl.

Underpacking technique

Underpacking is similar to overpacking, as in overpacking, tobacco is filled or pressed more in the bowls. In underpacking, the tobacco is pressed slightly in the bowls not to get filled more with the tobacco.

If you want to try the under-pack method in your hookah bowls and want to smoke it like never before, I would suggest you only one brand of tobacco to smoke, social smoke.

Make sure to poke holes in your foil with great precision, and it should be tiny holes in the foil. And when you are done, use hookah coals in a loaded bowl to smoke a hookah.

The hookah bowls should be in a perfect position when using the under pack method because these bowls tend to have a rigidness, so if you are not placing the crown bowl perfectly, it might affect the hookah experience. Dasvall has the best hookahs to offer to their customers.


How to load a hookah bowl?

If you are new to the world of hookah, then this article on the 5 best methods to pack shisha bowls will give you enough information to help you load a hookah bowl very easily. And it also depends on what tobacco brand you are using for a smoking session because some tobacco brands need more heat than usual, so be prepared before you start preparing your hookah for the first time.

How to pack a hookah bowl?

Everyone is different in this world, and everyone has their own style and methods to pack a hookah bowl, but you need to take some precautions while packing a hookah bowl. So pack a bowl of hookah with your favorite tobacco and use one of the 5 methods to pack it as per the tobacco.


I hope you guys know how to pack hookah bowls and the above-mentioned methods are easy and important to understand while making a hookah.

Those methods are the ones to look for when making a hookah to smoke with your friends. Now go and make some great hookah and have a great time with your loved ones.

Wish you a happy hookah session!

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