10 Best Shisha Flavors In 2023 To Smoke

Looking for the 10 best shisha flavors in 2023?

In this guide, I will show you the best shisha flavors available in the market to smoke with your friends and family and spend a good time with them.

And If you are new to the world of hookah, then hang on, you will gather some important information about the shisha flavors here, and it will surely help you have a great hookah session.

Why are too many flavors available in the store? You may wonder.

Let me explain that in a simple way.

When you want something and want to have more fun with it. What will be your plans? You will increase the volume in that specific item, and in this case, shisha is the thing that everyone loves.

So R&D has always been on, and we now have many flavors to choose from.

But If you are a newbie or pro of smoking hookah, you’ll require expert advice at some point in your life, so better to have a piece of knowledge about the best shisha flavors right now.

And I will provide specific information on the best shisha flavors, hookah tobacco, or flavored tobacco.

Too many shisha flavors

Smoking hookah in hookah lounges or your house parties is becoming more popular.

And if there is a demand for something this popular, there will obviously be competition to supply that demand and make a profit out of it.

So that is the biggest reason for too many shisha flavors available in the market today.

The popularity of shisha in the market, making it difficult for a beginner to choose a shisha flavor from too many shisha flavors.

And choosing the right hookah flavors is difficult at this time, and that is why you will need to read this article to understand which flavors are the best for you.

I have summarized all the information on the best shisha flavors in the market in this article, and you will get all the important suggestions and advice on how to choose a good hookah flavor.

And I have spent most of the time on the research of this blog and have used my expertise and experience on smoking hookah to deliver you a great article to choose your favorite hookah flavor.

I have covered almost all the most popular shisha flavors in this article, and it will help you smoke hookah flavors you like. And it may include sweet fruity flavors, mango flavor, vanilla flavor, double apple, lemon mint, and many others.

There are many brands available in the hookah world, and we will also cover that so you will get an idea of what brands to choose and why.

10 Best Shisha Flavors

All the top 10 shisha flavors are the best in their own world, and I have tested each flavor myself. And after testing each flavor, I am writing this article to give you a kind of review on each flavor mentioned below.

So, I will try to give you all suggestions on all 10 flavors, and that will help you understand that flavor better, I guess.

1 – Azure Lemon Muffin

They introduced this particular hookah flavor in 2018, and It is the newest brand on the azure blonde line.

Azure lemon muffin contains the blonde tobacco leaf with a lemon flavor, making the flavor more smokable and enjoyable.

The brand has a manufacturing unit in California, and with the help of a small batch production process, they are manufacturing the flavors and delivering them with the best experience.

What about the taste, smoke, and smell?

Taste, smoke, and smell are what we look for while smoking hookah. This hookah flavor mixes very well and gives you a good experience.

When you inhale, It gives a muffin-like taste, and If you like muffin taste, you got your best hookah flavor. It also has a spiced flavor with a muffin taste, so it combines spice and muffin.

As soon as you open its pack, you will realize a very sweet and spicy smell coming from the packing. It has a kind of bakery smell.

When you give heat to this amazing flavor, it will absorb uniformly and give you amazing smoke output.

Packing Process and Heat Management

Azure lemon muffin shisha flavor comes in 250 gm of packing pouch, and it is well packed in that pouch. The package ensures that it is sufficient to make a hookah.

This flavor does not have any side effects of using a heat management system. So, you can use any heat management you want.

The shisha flavor comes in fine-cut pieces and with the flavors juices mixed with the pieces well. So the best way to pull out the flavor from the pouch is to squeeze it properly from the pouch in the mixing bowl.

Once ready with the mixing, sprinkle the flavor below the bowl edge line to ensure that flavors will not burn by the heat.

That’s it. Now all you need is 3-4 natural coals. Also, make sure the oven is set to 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Suggested Accessories

  • Glass hookah & silicone hose
  • Natural coals
  • Needle
  • Fork
  • Kaloud Lotus heater
  • Samsaris Vitria || bowl
  • Silicone diffuser

These are the suggested accessories but the mandatory. You can use your own favorite hookah accessories.

2 – Trifecta Natural Order

It is a dark flavor. At least makers claim it to be.

Makers introduced this dark blend flavor in 2015, and it is told to be an impressive flavor that you have not smoked yet.

It’s a cool hookah smoking experience with a trifecta natural dark flavor, and it will give you great memories of hookah smoking.

Trifecta’s natural order is made from burley tobacco leaves and is prepared for better quality.

What about the taste, smoke, and smell?

Trifecta natural dark shisha flavor comes in a 250 gm smooth openable jar. It smells like citrus, and it gives a good feeling of smelling that flavor.

This dark hookah tobacco has a mixture of molasses, glycerine, natural citrus flavor, and honey. It makes a juicy flavor with a dark taste.

Because it’s a dark flavor, it dissolves very well with the flavors and gives a unique taste and smell of pineapple due to the tobacco leaves of the flavors contains the citrus leaves of lemon with orange zest.

You can expect huge clouds from this shisha flavor, and it really delivers that with a great experience.

Packing Process and Heat Management

Trifecta’s natural order shisha taste is one of the greatest on the market, and it comes with finely chopped tobacco leaves.

And you can use any bowl you are comfortable with and try to put 3-4 natural coals on the bowl to have a great hookah session.

After selecting your choice of bowl, fill the flavor in the bowl and avoid dense packing of the bowl. If the hookah flavor is fluffy and packed in that way, then it will give its best result, and you will enjoy more with that flavor.

For heat management, you can use a kaloud heat management system.

And as I told you guys earlier, put firmly heated 2-3 pieces of natural coals over the foil and have a great hookah session.

Suggested Accessories

  • Kaloud Lotus heat management device
  • Phunnel type bowl
  • Natural coals
  • Khalil Mammon hookah

3 – Romman Chocolate Strawberry

Romman is one of the best hookah flavors to smoke. It is one of the premium shisha flavors tobacco loved by all most every hookah lover. It’s from Jordan, and they are world-famous for their blends amongst the royal people and hookah lovers.

You can find these top shisha flavors easily in your hookah stores. And romman chocolate strawberry tobacco flavor is yummy to smoke, and anyone can fall in love with it.

What about the taste, smoke, and smell?

These blonde leaf tobacco flavor makers use only natural flavors, no essence in the tobacco flavors.

And when you unpack the shisha from its packing, you will instantly smell the chocolate with the sweet natural strawberry smell.

When you inhale for the first time, you will feel more chocolate flavor in it. And when the session continues further, you will feel the strawberry flavor later.

If you are a newbie, you may feel this flavored tobacco bitter, but the taste and smell of the hookah flavor are very good. The smoke with the romman chocolate strawberry will be thick and dense.

Packing Process and Heat Management

Romman chocolate strawberry shisha tobacco comes in 250 gm of packing in the can.

Making it is very usable by hookah lovers, and you can use it very easily. It also comes with a mixture of pulpy molasses and soft leaves, finely chopped shisha tobacco.

Do not pack the shisha tobacco dense in the bowl, and as it easily makes its space in the bowl on its own.

Use phunnel type bowl for a great experience, and with two-layered poked foil, you will have a great hookah session.

Suggested Accessories

  • Khalil Mammon hookah
  • Phunnel type hookah bowl or Budpro silicone bowl
  • Starbuzz coals
  • Washable silicone hose
  • The above-suggested accessories are not mandatory, and you can use and try your own favorite hookah accessories.

4 – Lavoo Dark Mint

Lavoo is widely famous for its best glass hookah products. They have recently launched their hookah tobacco lineup for hookah enthusiasts.

Lavoo is a US-based company with the best shisha tobacco and best hookah flavors. They have finely chopped tobacco with a fruity flavor and fruity taste.

And these finely chopped flavor comes with dark molasses which gives you the similar taste of coffee beans.

Lavoo dark mint shisha flavor contains less shisha juice and focuses more on the flavor.

What about the taste, smoke, and smell?

Lavoo dark mint provides a very strong smell of sweet mint, and it produces that very often. Dark leaves are processed and then converted into the final product as lavoo dark mint hookah tobacco.

Mint is firmly used in hookah tobacco, and it overtakes the smell of tobacco in the flavored tobacco. Mint shisha gives a nice smell, and this is why you will get the minty flavor right from the starting of a hookah session in hookah bars.

You can compare the lavoo dark mint with the Tangiers cane mint because Tangiers cane mint also uses dark leaf tobacco.

It is one of the iconic flavors in the hookah market today and one of the top ten flavors. From this flavor, you can have better and dense smoke output.

Packing Process and Heat Management

Lavoo dark mint flavor or cool mint lovers comes with 250 gm of packing and delivers a great hookah session.

The packing method or process should be the light pack for this mint flavor. Just pat the bowl down lightly and sprinkle the flavors in the bowl.

The hookah flavor is very lightweight, so make sure you pack your hookah light and not pack it dense or overpack.

Use 2-3 proper heated natural coals on the poked foil to get the hookah going.

Suggested Accessories

  • Kaloud Lotus plus HMD
  • Silicone diffuser
  • Foil poker and needle
  • Glass hookah with washable hose

5 – Starbuzz Dark Vanilla

Starbuzz dark vanilla is one of the best hookah flavors in the market, and it is known worldwide for its taste and smell.

And recently, they have launched their dark leaf flavor called starbuzz dark vanilla, and it is the best shisha flavor available in the market.

Starbuzz hookah flavor is produced from unwashed tobacco leaves, which helps the flavor get a rich and better taste in it.

Makers of this flavor were developing it for a long time and are now in the market for consumers to get their hands on it.

It delivers the great experience of smoking hookah and is really a good mild flavor for all the people who love to smoke a hookah.

What about the taste, smoke, and smell?

Starbuzz dark vanilla flavor in the best hookah bowl gives you the best taste and smell in the world.

Vanilla flavors give a really nice taste when mixed with the present molasses and tobacco in the flavor. Tobacco leaves are in the perfect shape and have a medium cut.

Vanilla in the flavor kind of hides the dark and harsh flavor of dark tobacco and provides a really good long-lasting taste.

You can expect dense and thick smoke clouds from these best shisha flavors, and a normal hookah session of this hookah tobacco will last for 1.5-2 hours.

Packing Process and Heat Management

This flavor comes in 200 gm of packing, and you can have this flavor anytime you want.

You can pack this flavor dense or light. Both ways, it really works. You need to identify your goal of smoking and pack a hookah bowl accordingly.

The shisha contains a good amount of juice, so it is suggested to give it a good stir before filling it into the hookah bowl.

And make sure to fill the hookah bowl with the shisha tobacco up to the rim level. Use the aluminum foil and poke holes into it to have a decent experience of a hookah session.

Suggested Accessories

  • This popular flavor works magic in every bowl you use
  • Dense or light, both packing method works well
  • Use 2-3 medium or small-sized natural coals
  • HMD: Kaloud Lotus, oduman Ignis

6 – Tangiers Kashmir Cherry

Tangiers tobacco has been one of the favorite flavors of many people around the world. And all the product contains nicotine in it, and you have options for different flavors of all type.

Tangiers Kashmir cherry is top-quality premium hookah tobacco, and you have to try this if you are a true hookah lover.

Manufactured in California, the best shisha flavors are made from dark leaf tobacco, cherry, and molasses juice for a rich taste and smell.

What about the taste, smoke, and smell?

Tangiers Kashmir cherry comes in a pack of 100 gm and 1 kg with a properly sealed pouch so you can take it wherever you want without any hesitation.

As soon as you open the packing, you will smell the cherry with a dark flavor. You may think that this is a cherry lucid line, but the Kashmir cherry has a more intense flavor than that.

Tangiers Kashmir cherry has a good record of cloud output. Suppose you have a proper heat management system. It also contains nicotine but less than other dark leaf tobacco.

And It is a bit delicate to packing and HM methods because leaves are short and have moisture. It also contains more juice in the flavor, so you will probably require a special type of hookah bowl for it.

Packing Process and Heat Management

If you choose the phunnel type of hookah bowl, then it will not disappoint you at all.

To pack this flavor in the bowl, you will need to pack it with a dense method because If you sprinkle it on the bowl, it will not give you a proper flavor output. So, before packing it in a bowl, make sure to stir them well and then make a dense pack that has a long and durable hookah session.

Then use aluminum foil over the hookah bowl and poke the holes in it for better heat flow.

A perfect suggestion for coal is to use Japanese silver-coated coals to deliver a low heat flow and provide you a great smoking experience.

Suggested Accessories

  • Phunnel type bowl
  • Lotus HMD
  • Japanese silver-coated coals
  • leather hose

7 – Fumari Spiced Chai

Chai means tea in India, and it has a blend of spices like tea leaves, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. Likewise, Fumari spiced chai has its own blend of spices like black tea, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It is the most popular flavor and has a tangy taste in it.

What about the taste, smoke, and smell?

Fumari spiced chai offers an amazing blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and black tea with a subtle sweetness. In short, this flavor does contribute to making your hookah session great with its sweet flavor.

But the sweet taste will be less, and you will feel a more spiced flavor. Your taste buds will be more active due to its spiced ingredients.

It comes in an easily openable pouch, and this shisha is a great combination of flavors like every fumari flavor. On opening the pouch, you will immediately get a sweet taste like vanilla with a spicy flavor.

If you know how to manage and set up heat management, you can expect a good amount of clouds.

Packing Process and Heat Management

Fumari spiced chai shisha comes in a medium cut, but you can cut it further if you require and feel it to fill in the bowl. This shisha comes with more shisha juice, and it could trouble your session by draining the juice all the way down from the bowl throughout the session.

It makes the bowl hard to clean and maintain, so it is suggested to use a phunnel or vortex bowl.

Because of the shisha texture, you need to fill the bowl lightly and sprinkle the shisha over the bowl up to the rim and put a single layer of foil over the bowl, poke the holes, and put 3 charcoals.

You can expect dense clouds for about an hour, and it could last up to 2 hours.

Suggested Accessories

  • Phunnel or vortex bowl
  • Hose
  • Coco Nara coals

8 – Nakhla Fakhfakhina

If you love the fruity flavor, then Nakhla Fakhfakhina is for you. It is an Egypt-based brand of shisha and is the most famous of all time. Fakhfakhina means one step ahead of the rest. And it is an Arabic word also. It is a fruity flavor with a mix of Kiwi, pineapple, Lemon, and Strawberry.

What about the taste, smoke, and smell?

Nakhla tobacco comes in double packs, ensuring that the flavor is fresh and packed dense in the packing. As you open the pack, you will smell all fruity flavors and aroma that is mouthwatering.

While inhaling the smoke from the hookah, you will get the taste of pineapple and lemon mix with each other.

Cloud or smoke output is less than other nakhla flavors. However, you can alter it by altering the coals input.

Packing Process and Heat Management

The shisha comes in a normal cut with a good amount of juice, so mix it well and fill the bowl with the shisha. Gently put down the shisha in the bowl up to the rim level and cover it with double-layer aluminum sheets.

Poke holes in the foil and start the season with 2 charcoals.

With this setup, you can enjoy the session for up to 90 minutes.

Suggested Accessories

  • KM Hookah
  • Hookah hose
  • Egyptian Bowl
  • coco coals

9 – Al-Waha Pan Rasna

Al-waha pan rasna is premium level french tobacco with an amazing flavor of pan rasna. It is a blonde shisha, and it’s good when compared with other fruity flavors.

It is a great combination of Indian spices and flavors with a different space in the hookah market. Al-waha is based out of Jordan and has its reach around the globe.

The flavor comes in brown, golden color with dyed red and small level leaves, providing a decent flavor experience.

What about the taste, smoke, and smell?

Pan is very different and good at the same time when compared to another shisha in the market. It has a traditional flavor of spices, and it provides the best flavors for the hookah.

When smoking this shisha, you will feel the sudden flavor of menthol and mint that refreshes your mood and mouth as well.

The aroma of the pan rasna is amazing and gives you a vibe of royals and kings because, in India, kings used to smoke the pan flavor or chew the pan. Smoke clouds are pretty good, and I have a decent time smoking the hookah.

Packing Process and Heat Management

Al-waha pan rasna is available in 50g, 200g, and 1 kg packages for all consumers. They have this variety in packing due to their vast customer base and users.

Pack the bowl light, and no need to overpack it with a dense packing method. Sprinklr the shisha over the bowl, and you are good to go. And use a single layer of foil to cover the bowl.

Make sure you poke the hole small, not the big size, because big size holes in the foil impart less heat, making your hookah bad.

It will melt quickly, so start your hookah session with 2 coals and add extra later.

Managing the heat of the Al-waha pan rasna is simple, put 2 coals in the beginning when they are red and hot. After half an hour, put in extra coal to avoid the puffy clouds.

Suggested Accessories

  • Hookah foil & fork
  • Diffuser combo
  • Phunnel type bowl
  • Coco Nara coals

10 – Beamer Watermelon Gel

Beamer watermelon gel is a popular shisha flavor with a delicious combination of tropical flavor and shisha mixes. Nicotine is an addictive substance, and this flavor does not contain nicotine content. So If you have friends who do not smoke nicotine, you can enjoy this flavor with them.

It is the same thing as shisha tobacco, and only one thing is different: it is a nicotine-free flavor.

Glycerine is used in this flavor, same as shisha tobacco. But it is in the form of gel drops.

What about the taste, smoke, and smell?

Beamer watermelon gel will, of course, be in a jelly form, and when you open up the pack, you will immediately smell the fruity flavor and a watermelon flavor.

This gel contains many ingredients like Corn syrup, Glycerine, Artificial flavors, and gel materials. It will taste like fruit candy since it does not have nicotine.

Glycerine is the main ingredient for the smoke output. And this shisha gel delivers huge clouds more than the original shisha.

And the fruity taste is amazing but does not last for long. After that, you will only get the watermelon taste in your taste buds.

Packing Process and Heat Management

Beamer watermelon gel flavor is available in 50g, 100g, 250g, & 500g.

you can use a Phunnel bowl or vortex bowl for this gel, and these bowls are the perfect choice for this flavor as they hold moisture in them for a long time. Desvall

To pack a bowl, fill the bowl with the gel from the pouch and do not fill the bowl dense because the gel allows the heat to penetrate the bowl very well.

And the gel absorbs the heat very well and gives the best flavor possible to the smoker. Packing the gel lightly will prevent the holes from jamming. And if you fill the gel dense in the bowl, it will jam all the holes.

Use natural coals, and up to 2 coals are perfect for the starting as this flavor or gel is a heat-sensitive


What are the smoothest hookah flavors?

Every day, the number of hookah flavors and shisha brands available grows, as does competition. And If we talk about the smoothest flavor of all time, it would be Al Fakher double apple without any doubt. It has gained much popularity due to its smoothness and great flavor.

Is flavored hookah harmful?

Hookah smoking is a famous activity among the youth, and it is increasing day by day even though it is a harmful activity. You might have a heart attack or stroke if you continue smoking. Flavored hookahs are harmful than cigarettes.

Is It acceptable to use hookah on occasion?

Hookahs are harmful, and they do not indicate the hookah, so people think about it as they’re not harmful. Hookah, on the other hand, can cause heart attacks and strokes. And If you smoke it occasionally, then it may not harm you more.


Top 10 shisha flavors are mentioned above, and I hope you have read it carefully and now you have your choice of best shisha flavors. All the processes and suggestions are listed above to read them and decide what flavors to try and what not.

According to your taste and choice, you can select the flavors by reading the important information about each flavor.

Set up your hookah and choose a perfect shisha for you and your friends so that you all can have a great party at your house or hookah bars and hookah lounges.

Try every flavor and then decide your flavor to smoke because without trying and by just reading the reviews on flavors won’t help you understand the actual taste and aroma. For that, you will require to taste it on your own. So give it a real good try.

Till then, happy smoking.

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