14 Best Starbuzz Flavors: Hot Selling Flavors

In this article, I will share some of the best starbuzz flavors available in the market for hookah lovers and smokers. Without the shisha flavors, you can not enjoy the hookah naturally. And it is something that you should know about if you have been smoking hookah for a while now.

If you don’t know which flavor is best and need to make the distance, all these years of smoking have gone to waste.

But don’t worry, I am here to share my nine years of hookah smoking experience with you guys so that you can take advantage of my experience and can apply it to your shisha selection.

It will surely help you filter out the best of the best starbuzz flavors. And this is the best shisha brand out of other available in the market right now.

Here, in this article, you can find some of the best flavors from this brand that no other brands or manufacturers produce. So, you must read this guide until the very end so that you can know all about the best starbuzz flavors.

So, without further due, let’s start the article with the best hookah tobacco or starbuzz tobacco in the world.

10 Best Starbuzz Flavors You Should Try

Now, I will share 10 of the best starbuzz flavors available in the market for you to try and enjoy. Still, for that, you need to know which flavor you will like so that you can go to the store directly and look for that particular fruity flavor and sweet flavor according to your need and taste buds.

1 Starbuzz Blue Melon


We are starting with one of the best shisha flavors of all time, and this time we have Startbuzz Blue Melon to review. And what to say about this fantastic hookah flavor.

If you are the one who likes the sweet taste, then you should not look for any other brands or flavors, grab this flavor right away from the store near you and start smoking. You will surely love it.

And it is a tobacco flavor, so If you are looking for something without tobacco, you might wait for the upcoming taste in which I will also review non-tobacco flavors.

Startbuzz Blue Melon is a perfect combination of very popular flavors like Starbuzz blue mist, safari melon dew, and mild mint. And that’s the major reason for the fantastic taste of this flavor.

Its aroma is another benchmark, and it is a mixture of honey melon and blue mist in an equal amount that provides the best taste and smell to hookah smokers.

This flavor comes in a package of 50g, 100g, 250g, and 1000g.

Can Starbuzz Blue Melon Give A Buzz?

It does provide a buzz, but not for the pro hookah smokers. It is a sweet flavor and gives a mild buzz, so if you are looking for a strong buzz, it is not the flavor you should smoke.

But it can provide you enough buzz if you are a beginner to intermediate hookah smoker. It will be fine for you, and you will surely enjoy this flavor.

Will It provide Thick Smoke?

We all smoke hookah to have thick clouds of smoke that provide great satisfaction to smoking. It personally gives me the pleasure of tobacco when I blow thick smoke. So, If you love smoking or vaping, you will love this smoke to blow thick clouds and rings.

2 Starbuzz Blue Mist


Check out the full review of Starbuzz Blue Mist.

Yet another sweet shisha flavor from the brand has made hookah smokers go crazy about smoking and vaping.

If we look at their official website, It is the best seller of all time. And it’s one of the best flavors in the market right now.

You will get a rich blueberry taste with a mild mint taste that will enrich your taste buds and give you the best aroma while smoking. It is also a unique flavor that is hard to taste somewhere else.

The mild mint taste while smoking these flavors provides the extra smoothness and freshness that is just something else, and it makes the flavor overall a hit.

The Starbuzz Blue Mist flavor will last longer, and it also burns slow compared to other flavors in the market. It comes in various packing, including 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, and 1000g.

Can It Give A Buzz?

If you are a mild smoker, you will like its buzz as it does not provide you with a high buzz, but it is pretty enough for a mild smoker.

Will It provide Thick Smoke?

The flavor includes a mild touch of mint; hence, you will have thick smoke clouds, making it an ideal choice for hookah smokers.

3 Starbuzz Sex On The Beach


If you are a lover of fruity flavors and want to try a fantastic new flavor that will surely blow your mind away with its mixed fruit flavor, then you should quickly try this flavor out.

It also provides you with a mild and sweet taste that almost everyone will like and admire. The smell this flavor gives is something like a sweet tropical smell with a tremendous and long-lasting aroma in your mind.

Without any doubt, it is one of the most loveable and smoked mixed fruit flavors of all time. The mixed fruit comes with pineapple, berry, and citrus, providing smokers with an excellent mild sweet taste.

If you are smoking with your friends at your home, you can undoubtedly introduce this flavor to them, and they will like its sweet taste for sure. And it is known for its explosive sweet taste that generally comes in a packaging of 50g, 100g, 250g, and 1000g.

Can It Give A Buzz?

If you like an intense buzz, you will not like the buzz Starbuzz sex on the beach provides because it is a mild and sweet flavor made from mixed fruit ingredients. It will also not cause any coughing If you smoke it over and over again.

Will It provide Thick Smoke?

The hookah smokers will love this flavor because it provides the best thick smoke that most other hookah flavors do not offer.

4 Starbuzz Lebanese Bomb Shell


If you are ready to experience something unique and have never tried it before experience, then you should surely try the Starbuzz Lebanese Bomb Shell shisha flavor. You will love it.

It may transform your hookah smoking session and provide you with the satisfaction of hookah smoking you have been looking for a long time. It is tough to get that satisfaction from any shisha tobacco.

Let me tell you that it is a flower-based flavor, so if you like the flower-based flavor, it is heaven for you, but if in case you don’t like that smell or taste, you should avoid this flavor from smoking.

But I must tell you that you should try this flavor since, in your life, you will have a unique experience of smoking it. And who knows, you may like this flavor as well, and you become a fan of Lebanese Bomb Shell-like many others.

If you are not a regular hookah smoker, then you might feel coughing while smoking it. It contains the taste of cider and mild citrus in an aftertaste. So, it is not an ideal choice for someone who hasn’t tried hookah before.

Can It Give A Buzz?

The taste of this flavor is not as sweet as the other flavors mentioned in this article. Hence the buzz this flavor provides is pretty high. And that makes an ideal choice for the pro hookah smokers who like the buzz.

Will It provide Thick Smoke?

The smoke this flavor produces is pretty high compared with other flavors in this article. And that makes this flavor an ideal choice for hookah smokers and vapors who like to blow rings often.

It also burns for a long time and provides smokers an excellent time to smoke the flavors with friends and family. It comes in various packaging styles, including 50g, 100g, 250g, and 1000g. so that every user can buy this flavor according to their needs. If you want to buy a big package, you can store it in the future.

5 Starbuzz Pirates Cave


So, If you love a creamy and juicy taste and want to try this taste in a hookah flavor, then we have Starbuzz pirates cave for you. It is a perfect choice for hookah smokers and lovers to have a creamy and juicy taste of a flavor that will blow your mind and will give you a fantastic taste.

It gives a lime or lemon taste when you smoke it, but it also provides a fruity flavor that gives a lime aftertaste. That taste is vibrant and sweet for a shisha flavor to provide a consistent preference for a long time.

Because it provides a sweet taste, it becomes an ideal choice for beginners and newbies who are just starting their journey with hookah-smoking and other flavors. And this flavor will not give you coughing and provide a sweet aftertaste of a lime flavor in your mouth that you will surely love.

It comes in a packaging of 50g, 100g, 250g, and 1000g. So you can choose any packaging according to your requirements.

Can It Give A Buzz?

The Starbuzz Pirates Cave is a sweet and mild flavor that gives a gentle buzz when exhaled from your mouth. And If you are one of the pro smokers and want a hard buzz, you should not try this flavor. It is a mild flavor buzz that beginners also can try.

Will It provide Thick Smoke?

Thick smokes and clouds are the reason we are smoking hookah enthusiastically. So, when you hear that a flavor will not provide the best thick smoke, you should try it yourself. In this case, the taste will give you the best thick and intense smoke that a hookah lover will love to smoke.

It will also not provide you with any coughing or any other problems related to your health. So, try this flavor today and let me know how was your experience with Starbuzz Pirates Cave.

6 Starbuzz Queen Of Sex


If you try this flavor for once, you will crave it regularly. And you can expect the work as its name. It’s addictive like sex, so you will periodically smoke it with your friends and family once you try this flavor.

If we talk about the shisha flavor, it is one of the best and most exciting flavors I have ever tried, and I am saying this because it has a perfect combination of a citrus blend and is the best fruit-based flavor of all time.

You should seriously try this flavor for once, and you will never forget the mind and sweet taste. It also tastes mint in the aftertaste, so it is also a hit for a mint lover.

And If you have friends who haven’t tried hookah in their life, it could be the best option for them as it provides the sweet taste from the fruit-based shisha flavor. The rich taste of this shisha flavor ensures that your beginner friends will not have problems coughing at all.

Can It Give A Buzz?

If you are looking for a more substantial buzz and have smoked hookah for a while now, this flavor will not provide you with the kind of buzz you are looking for. It generally provides the milk buzz that beginner and intermediate hookah smokers can handle.

It would help if you were looking for other flavors listed in this article for a more substantial buzz because this current flavor will not provide you with the buzz you are looking for.

Will It provide Thick Smoke?

Thick smoke is the reason we are smoking hookah all day and night. And If any flavor fails to provide the dense smoke, it becomes a very disappointing matter of hookah.

Here Starbuzz Queen Of Sex provides the best and dense smoke of all time, So it is an ideal choice for hookah smokers and vapers around the globe.

You can also try other brands’ flavors. If you want to, this is the standard one, and anyone can have this flavor whether they are beginners or pros.

7 Starbuzz Pina Colada


The pina colada is the most popular drink that one can enjoy, and you might know about this flavor already because it’s very famous around the globe. And this is yet another flavor of hookah that is sweet and tasty.

The Pina Colada flavor is a fruit-based shisha flavor that gives its customers a sweet and rich taste. It has the flavor of pineapple and coconut mixed well together to enjoy the fruity flavors.

So, if you are a fan of a pina colada-like flavor and fruit-based flavors, you should try this star buzz flavor for once, and you will surely fall in love with this flavor’s sweet and rich taste. It will give you the original taste of pineapple and coconut in your mouth that will feel like natural fruit.

And its authentic pina colada smell is very famous among hookah smokers because it is so rich that you will always want to smell this type of smell very often.

So, the pina colada is not meant to be smoked every day because it is a flavor that needs care and respect. So, once in a week will indeed work with your friends around.

Can It Give A Buzz?

Starbuzz Pina Colada is the best flavor when we talk about the buzz. It provides the strong buzz that pro hookah smokers are always looking for, and that is why it is the best hookah tobacco to smoke at a party.

It is also a sweet flavor, yet it provides the strong buzz that only pro smokers can handle. If beginners smoke it, they might not feel well after smoking it.

Will It provide Thick Smoke?

It is the perfect choice for smoking eventing as it provides the best and thick smoke clouds that hookah and vapor smokers love to blow, and it does not choke as well.

This makes it a perfect choice for hookah smokers to blow rings and do other creative things with the smoke. It also burns slow compared with different sweet fruit-based flavors so that you can enjoy this flavor for more time on a hookah bowl.

8 Starbuzz Asian Persuasion


This is another flower-based shisha flavor in this article, and it is so rich in flavor because it has been blended with many species and tea leaves.

So, If you do not like flower-based flavors, you can skip this section and read the next taste. As mentioned earlier, it comes with a mixture of many flavors and fruits like sweet grape, tea, other spices, and flavors like ginger.

Together they form a great mixture of hookah flavors, and they provide the best taste and smell of a hookah flavor that you will like to smoke.

So, when you smoke this flavor, you will get a mild mint taste in the background which will be pretty heavy. This particular flavor is ideal for pro hookah smokers for its rich taste and buzz. But it is not advisable for beginners in the hookah world.

The smell of this flavor is quite sweet and strong in both ways, so people to people it differs, and some may like it while others may not. So, it’s all up to you.

Can It Give A Buzz?

The Starbuzz Asian Persuasion shisha flavor provides a medium-strong buzz to hookah smokers because of the too many blended flavors and spices. So, it becomes a solid flavor to smoke, but pro smokers won’t have any issues smoking it. So, If you are looking for a buzz in the taste, try this flavor once you love it.

Will It provide Thick Smoke?

The Starbuzz flavor makes the best thick smoke that hookah lovers and smokers love the most, and the vapors are also in love with the taste due to the thick smoke.

You will also be able to blow big rings and do other activities with the thick smoke, and that is the main reason why Starbuzz flavors are trendy flavors.

9 Starbuzz Egyptian Pharos


This is the third flower-based flavor in this single article, so If you are a fan of flower-based flavors, then this section is crafted for you. All the flavors and beach flavor, passion fruit makes the great flavor that you would not have ever tasted in your life.

In this flavor, many other ingredients are begin used, such as vanilla. You will also get a cinnamon taste in this flavor because it is also used to make Starbuzz Egyptian Pharos.

When you inhale the smoke, you will get a cinnamon taste and vanilla taste, and when you exhale the smoke, you will get a flower-based taste and smell.

Overall this is perfect shisha tobacco to smoke with your friends and family when you are out with them at a party at a hookah bar or lounges. And this flavor does not produce a coughing effect while smoking it.

Can It Give A Buzz?

It is a flower-based shisha flavor, so you can expect a high buzz because the other flavors I have reviewed in this article provide the string buzz. They all are flower-based flavors, so this one will also give you the best buzz for pro hookah smokers.

Will It provide Thick Smoke?

This particular flavor does not provide you with the best thick smoke. Hence it is not a perfect choice for a smoker lover. But If you are not affected by the quantity of the smoke, you can have this a=flavor for more hours compared to other flavors in this category.

It comes in a standard package of 50g, 100g, 250g, and 1000g. So, you can choose the flavor and package according to your need.

10 Starbuzz Cosmopolitan


The Starbuzz Cosmopolitan shisha flavor is also a good one as it has the taste and feel of a manhattan fruit cocktail. Many other flavors and tastes are mixed, and these ingredients are cranberry, citrus mix, and lime.

This flavor is a mild option in the other vast industry of hookah tobacco. This provides a sweet taste compared with different flavors available in the market in this category.

It is very smooth as you inhale the smoke from the hookah, you will not feel any harshness about the flavor, and you will also not get any coughing effect from this flavor.

Isn’t it a fantastic flavor?

So, It is the most asked flavor in the bars, as all the beginners can easily have these flavors in their hookah session.

Can It Give A Buzz?

The Starbuzz cosmopolitan hookah flavor will give you a mild buzz so that anyone can have this flavor on the go and it will also last longer compared to other cheap flavors out there in the market.

Will It provide Thick Smoke?

This flavor provides the best and thick smoke to hookah smokers, making it an ideal choice for hookah smokers to have this shisha flavor at their home or other hookah bars.

You can also blow big and unique rings from thick smoke, and it is also an ideal choice for the vapers to vape continuously throughout the day.

4 Amazing Starbuzz Flavors To Try Immediately

This section will talk about the 4 Starbuzz flavors you need to try in your hookah journey because they are different from the regular ones in the market. You can have a different kind of taste and experience smoking a new flavor and taste.

I will not review them in detail because they are already famous and everyone knows about them, So I will keep details short of understanding them better. Let’s get started.

1 Starbuzz Blue Surfer

The blue surfer is one of the best shisha flavors in the market, and it is a fruit-based flavor, so if you are a fruit lover and want to try a mixture of fruits, then you should surely try this flavor our next time.

It has a mixture of pineapple, blueberries, and sweet grapes so that you can have a unique taste out of them while they are mixed.

2 Starbuzz Safari melon Dew

The Starbuzz Safari Melon Dew is another flavor with almost the best ingredients and taste that hookah lovers and smokers can resist. It contains the best smell of melon that gives a true feeling of a natural product.

It has a good smell that is only enough to tell you that it is a quality hookah tobacco product. When you inhale smoke, you will have a safari grassland taste in the background as well.

3 Starbuzz Coco Jumbo

The Starbuzz Coco Jumbo is best known for its fruit flavor. Especially coconut lovers are fans of this flavor, as it is only made for coconut lovers. The taste is so yummy that you will not leave it if you are a coconut flavor fan.

This also lasts longer than expected and has a rich taste and sweet smell. The flavor is made from a mixture of lime and coconut, giving the smokers the best flavor and taste.

4 Starbuzz Flower Power

As the name suggests, it is a slower-based Starbuzz shisha and the favorite flavors of many hookah smokers who love flower-based shisha flavors to smoke.

It doesn’t have any addictive chemical that would harm you or your body in any manner. We also discussed one flavor in this article: Lebanese bombshell, which is also a good flavor.

However, you will find the caution on the box of the flavor, warning this product contains a harmful substance that may affect your body, which in face includes but you should be aware of.


Why are Starbuzz shisha flavors good?

In the hookah industry, many brands are there to sell their tobacco products. Still, few of them are very successful, and the reason behind their success is the consistency in providing the best quality than the competitors and providing the best customer satisfaction to the consumers. And that is the main reason behind the success of Starbuzz shisha flavors around the globe. They have many different flavors than their competitors, and one of them is peach flavors. Like that, innovation is required in every industry to stay at the top always.

How to pack Starbuzz shisha flavors?

It all depends on your packing style, how far you will go with your flavors in the bowl. Yes, it is true, so be prepared and think before packing any of your hookah bowls. There are many packing styles available for hookah bowls and shisha flavors, but you should know the primary purpose of your smoking, and then according to the goal, you should pack the bowl with the best Starbuzz shisha flavors. So you can have a light pack for the long run and an overpack for the short run.


I have almost covered the best Starbuzz shisha flavors of all time so that you can read all the reviews about the tastes and decide which one to try tonight. It could be possible that some of the flavors mentioned in this article are not so familiar to you, so it is the best chance to read about them and try them out. Desvall.

The Starbuzz shisha flavors are one of the best flavors available in the market compared with their competitors and their quality of hookah tobacco products. The Starbuzz stands out literary and also provides the best quality in every term.

So, try them out, and do let me know how your experience was with the best Startbuzz shisha flavors.

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