Budpro Silicone Bowl Review -Don’t Buy Before Reading THIS

Budpro silicone bowl review is here, and I know you were waiting for it.

You know what?

It hurts when it falls,

And it hurts, even more, when it breaks.

Every hookah lover has broken their hookah bowl or ceramic bowls in their life, and it usually happens by falling to the ground.

And it is a very bad feeling.

But don’t worry anymore, I am here with the best hookah bowl in the market, plus I have got its review for you, so you can choose by reading this amazing review on budpro silicone bowl.

Further in this article, we will see budpro soft silicone bowl’s benefits and features, and it will help you understand why people are crazy after this hookah shisha bowl.

Reviewing this particular budpro silicone bowl is fun and will be helpful to you. It is a personal experience of hours of smoking through this silicone bowl, and it has never disappointed our gang while smoking through this bowl.

It has amazing customer reviews, ratings, and it comes at a great price. This bowl is the best reason it is so successful in the market, and hookah lovers love it unconditionally.

This bowl comes in a phunnel shape, so you can also call it a phunnel type hookah bowl or flexible silicone phunnel bowl.

Budpro flexible silicone phunnel bowl review – 2021

It was a normal smoking day for our gang, we were enjoying the hookah session, and suddenly the hookah got a kick from one of our boys, and the ceramic bowl got off the hookah and fell on the floor.

Yes, it cracked.

From that day, my search was on for a long-lasting hookah bowl that is strong enough to withstand every jerk it gets from our boys.

And my search ended when I used the budpro silicone bowl. Seriously it worked like magic, and it has got an amazing review on amazon as well at a great price.

Budpro bowl has amazing seven holes in the inner portion and air holes that help shisha juices meltdown and give a great flavor that lasts long.

Let’s talk about its materials.

Budpro silicone bowl materials

You already know its material. Still, I have to tell you that it is made up of normal silicone and food-grade silicone because you are consuming a hookah from the silicon bowl, so it has to be a food-grade material that won’t affect your body.

Being a silicone bowl, it will be a durable and long-lasting investment for you. And If we talk about the hookah industry and its methods, then some materials are recommended by expert shisha smokers, and budpro silicone bowl is one of them.

It won’t have any effect by falling from a height to the floor, and it won’t break as well.

One of the best advantages to using this is that it can withstand temperatures up to 320 degrees celsius, which is a great number to have.

You’ll also not get any bad taste or flavor due to the silicone material.

When using the silicone bowl, you’ll require to have three coals or hot coals due to its lower heat retention ability. It also works well with charcoal holders, i.e., Kaloud lotus.

In short, it has a great durable material you can have to use for years.

Heat Management System

As I told you earlier, a silicone bowl has lower heat retention ability; you’ll need to put three to four charcoal to get proper heat in the bowl.

Budpro heat management has closed air vents that generate fewer ashes and delivers dense and thick smoke clouds.

Budpro silicone bowl has a great heat management system, and because of that, it can prevent contact between tobacco and coals.

The heat management system of the budpro silicon bowl is great, and the coals will run very long up to 2 hours of hooka session can be enjoyed in this system.

You will also not require to change the coals for up to 2 hours, and it will be a great long enough session for you.

Beginners’ guide: How to use this heat management system

  • set up the HM system in a way that bumps on the system barely touches the shisha
  • Put the air vents are over the shisha
  • Place the coals over the air vents
  • Cover with the lid
  • It works just like kaloud lotus. Open the lid when you don’t need heat and close it when you need heat.

This heat management system fits every bowl, but it is suggested that you use a phunnel or vortex bowl.

Unbelievable Features of Budpro Silicon Bowl

Heat Resistant

It can withstand temperatures up to 320 degrees celsius, so it will never meltdown unless your playground is an active volcano.


Yes, you read it right. It will not break like your ceramic bowls, or other bowls did. Budpro bowl is very flexible and can run for the long term, and can withstand any fall.


The budpro silicone bowl is designed so that it will not let any shisha juices leak from the bowl, and it does not get any flavors odor in the bowl. Fresh bowl every time you use.

Big Size

It is big size phunnel type hookah bowl with the capacity to hold up to 30 gm of shisha. It also comes with a height of 3.85″ and a dia of 3″. You can use this shisha bowl with HMD or foil as well.

Rapid Launch

It works rapidly and lasts longer compared with other hookah bowls. You can also enjoy the coals longer in this silicone bowl. It also heats up very fast, saving your time and providing you the longer hookah sessions.

How to pack budpro silicone bowl

There are many methods for hookah bowl packing, but we will use the semi-dense packing method for this silicone bowl.

Silicone bowls have edges, but you don’t have to fill the tobacco over the edge of the bowl. So don’t overpack the shisha in the bowl. It directly affects the smoking experience of a smoker.

If you fill the tobacco over the edge of bowls and put HMD or the foil over the bowl, tobacco will burn at the edge of the bowls.

If you follow this procedure, you can have the shisha run for two hours. And if it is overpacked, then you will not get the best output from the hookah bowl.

Check out: 5 different packing methods for hookah bowl.

Budpro silicone bowl description

The budpro silicone bowl review and description.

So, the budpro hookah bowl phunnel type can be trusted and used on your regular foil and hookah bowl.

It is the perfect substitution for the ceramic bowls or your current clay bowls.

Budpro silicone bowls are unbreakable and can be used for a long term, and will not break if it falls on the floor.

It is made up of food-grade and durable silicone that runs for a longer time, and it is strong enough to withstand 320 degrees celsius.

Budpro silicone bowl is designed so that your hookah session runs long and shisha juices won’t fade away quickly. It has given a shape of phunnel with a single big air hole.

It is a grommet-free design so that you won’t need a grommet. Put the hookah bowl or phunnel bowl and other bowls on hookah and start enjoying your hookah session.

It is designed so that wet tobaccos don’t leak and will not require more heat to heat up quicker than other bowls.

It is a benefit to have that you will require fewer charcoals to get a great smoking experience through this silicone hookah bowl.

Natural coals are the best option for this silicone bowl, light colas will not work best on these bowls, and you will not get huge clouds through light charcoal.

You can also use it with budpro HMD, Kaloud Lotus, or any regular foil.

And when you complete your hookah session, make sure not to touch metal heat management with your bare hands because it will be very hot.


How to attach this bowl to hookah?

Budpro silicone bowl is grommet-free and can directly fit into the hookah. It would be best if you slid on top of the stem. It fits very well on the hookah without a grommet.

Can I use this on Khalil Memoon?

Budpro hookah bowl is a versatile bowl and fits any hookah. And yes, it fits the Khalil memoon hookah as well. The bowl is silicone with durable and food-grade materials like silicone, which is very flexible and can fit almost any hookah.

Does it come with metal parts and HMD?

No. It doesn’t come with metal parts and HMD. The only bowl is delivered if you buy the budpro silicone hookah bowl.


The budpro silicone bowl is a complete package of happiness, and it will deliver the same as well.

If you are a newbie, it might not be easy for you to use it, but as you get used to it, you will love this silicone hookah bowl for sure and will not move to other bowls as well.

Because it delivers huge clouds and shisha juices also stay in the bowl, it doesn’t fade away, so it is a better bowl compared to others.

And if you have bought the amazing budpro silicone hookah bowl and are looking for instruction, this guide will surely help you out as no instruction guide will be available in the package.

All the required information is available in the guide, and it will help you improve your hookah experience.

If you loved this guide on budpro silicone bowl review and want to read more reviews like this in the future, then please comment down below.

I hope you use this guide to make your hookah bowl selection easier.

Have fun!

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