Coco Nara Coals Review in 2023 – Don’t buy before reading this

Which coals are the best for smoking shisha tobacco? Let’s see the Coco Nara coals review.

If you love to smoke hookah, you probably know that you would require hookah coals that will help you burn the shisha tobacco to enjoy smoking.

There are many coal brands available in the market for smokers, but which one to choose is the burning question, or you can say choosing coals requires smoking experience, a lot of experience.

So, here I am sharing my smoking experience with you all to decide on purchasing any hookah coals, hookah part, or hookah itself.

Coco Nara Coal’s helpful Review in 2023

Coco Nara is the best natural coals available in the market for hookah lovers. It is not one of the quick lite coals, but it is great natural coal that one could ask for.

You can consider coconara coals or coco nara cube as the best hookah coals around. It is an original coco nara’s coals that works like magic on the hookah bowls every day.

It is made from compressed coconut shell best for the natural hookah and hookah accessories.

When you purchase, make sure that you are buying real coco nara’s coals because some fake coals are also available in the market to copy the originals.

Original coco nara comes with a great quality of coals that gives the best smoking hookah experience. So, always look for quality in hookah coals.

Using a real coco nara’s coals will last very long, up to 3 times normal coals or other natural coals.

It is the number one natural coal for smokers to have a great hookah session with the best tobacco flavors to notice thick clouds.

Coco Nara hookah charcoals are the best coals for many hookah lovers and other customers.

It lasts for 50-60 minutes and does not have any bad smell by burning it.

Coco Nara coals are eco-friendly and have a clean-tasting experience so that smokers can have them every day.

The smoke output of coco nara coals

Compressed coconut shells are being used to manufacture the best natural hookah coals that give the best thick clouds to hookah smokers.

It melts the molasses and the tobacco flavors and gives the best taste from the hookah flavor.

These coals are capable of providing the smoke from the first pulls or puff to the hookah smokers.

Coco nara coals work awesome on the vortex bowl and are the number one natural coals in the market.

You’ll have a better smoking session of a good hour with these heated coils, and these are the natural coals of choice for pro smokers.

The best shape and size of coco nara coals
Coco nara coals are the best in quality and natural coals. You can easily lit the coals, and it is completely light, unlike other coals. It’s a miracle bricks.

It comes in a standard size of 1*1*1/2 ( Values are in inches ) and has two different shapes of flat and cube.

Coco nara coals are very hard to break. You can not easily break them with your bare hands.

Coal does not have any bad smell before you lit them or even after heating.

And when you smell something like wood, consider your coals are ready to be used.

Leftover ashes

The best part of these hookah coals is that they do not break down while transferring from one bowl to the other, and they don’t leave any residue behind, so you don’t have to clear the mess other coals create after using.

Yes, this is so peaceful in cleaning up our own mess because I know most of you don’t like to clear things up, whether it is about a relationship of coals. Right?

So, these hookah charcoals are the best thing, plus they are made from natural coconut hookah.

I know this article will be the most helpful reviews you have read in a while. Because I have tried my best to provide helpful reviews and it has an average rating of above average.

The heating process of coconara charcoals

You can use the electric stove to heat the quick light hookah coals, and You should not use more than 4 coals at a time on the hookah bowl.

Single coil charcoals electric heater is also available in the market which will easily light the coals and give you the best experience of heating the coals.

When you heat the coco nara natural coals, try to provide a consistent heat flame to the coals so they will burn firmly and will not be half cooked.

Cook the coals evenly and wait for them to be cooked. Do not over-speed the process by giving more heat to the coals.

The great natural coconut coal will take some time to get the heat, and when it gets, you’ll know by their sign.

You should avoid using any petrochemical product to light up the coals quickly as it will ruin its taste, and it could even ruin the coals as they lit the things up very quickly.

Choose the coals as per the bowl size and do not heat more coals than required.

Ensure there is confined space between the two coals when burning them to avoid getting into a collision.

Look for particular signs of being ready.

There will be plenty of signs to know when they are ready. To know these signs, you have to master the art of giving heat to the natural coals.

Hookah is all about smoking shisha tobacco, and it is possible only when you have a great quality of coals that lasts long and has very little ash output.

Make sure the room where you burned the coals has enough airflow.

Coco nara coals generally take 10 minutes to get ready to use on the hookah bowl.

Do not give access amount of heat to the coal, and do not overburn the heater.

How to check if it’s real or not?

When you are famous, people will try to follow you and try to copy you. So, there are bogus coals on the market.

It would be best if you avoided them totally to smoke better shisha with your friends and family.

So, there is some point you have to check when you go out to buy the coals.

  • When you see an original brand’s packaging, you will feel its packaging like the best quality, which happens in this case. It has the best packaging materials with a glossy finish. So, always look for quality packaging.
  • Every coco nara coal’s packaging has its sign inside and outside of its packing.
  • Original coco nara coals have their stamp and serial number, so it will be easy to look for the original one.
  • And they have their user manual type instruction on how to use it.

If you are a newbie in the hookah space, then you may feel hard to choose the real coco nara hookah coals. But don’t worry, you have these most helpful reviews of coco nara’s coals made from compressed coconut shells.


Are coco nara coals real good?

If I tell you yes, they are outstanding. Would you believe that? Coco nara coals are perfect, and they provide the best quality compared to their competitors or other coals out there in the market. They run for a longer time period and do not break that much easier. It also comes in two shapes of flat and cube shape. So pick according to your convenience.

Are coconut coals better than other coals?

Your regular hookah coals contain many toxic chemicals that may harm your body. Suppose you ignore their ingredients. But coconut natural coals are way better than other coals. It does not contain any harmful toxic chemicals that may harm your body. Plus, they are eco-friendly as well, unlike your other harmful charcoals. It also provides the best heat to the shisha tobacco to burn properly, and when it comes to taking up the heat, coconut coals are far ahead of other coals. It sustains a high amount of heat compared to others.

How long does coco nara coals take to lit up?

Coconut coals have a proper tendency to identify that now they are ready to be used. So, coco nara coals tend to turn red or orange when they are ready and get covered in the ashes. If we talk about how long it takes, you may have to wait for only 8-10 minutes to get those coals ready.


After reading this helpful review on coco nara coals, I hope you now have an idea of what coco nara coals are like and is it good or not.

They are indeed extraordinary and famous among hookah lovers, and they have the best quality of hookah coals compared to their competitors.

I recommend you try these coals out and have a great experience of smoking hookah with your gang.

Have fun.

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