Fumo Pod Hookah Review – A Masterpiece

Today, I will review the Fumo pod hookah review, one of the most stylish hookahs I have ever come across.

Without a doubt, It is the best and stylish glass hookah in the world that every hookah lover, including myself, would want to have in their collection of hookahs.

When you first look at this masterpiece of hookah, you will not see a hookah in it. It seems more like a showpiece or a piece of equipment from the laboratory.

They started Fumo as their first product in Florida, 2009. And since then, it’s been a big hit, and you can find it everywhere you go at luxurious places.

I know this Fumo hookah has a long history, but it got quite a good fan following. This is truly the art of hookah. Everyone would like to have it. It also provides the best shisha tobacco hookah-smoking experience, and its hookah accessories are also best to have a good experience.

So, in this detailed article on Fumo pod hookah review, I will tell you each detail of why you should buy this fantastic glass hookah and not the other glass hookahs considered cheap hookah that can break easily.

Fumo Pod Hookah Accessories Review

Now, I will review each hookah part of this fantastic glass hookah and try to review it in detail to understand each hookah part, and it will surely help you make a great decision in your life about hookah.

Fumo Pod Hookah Bowl

This glass hookah has a big hookah shisha bowl. And this bowl can easily fit 20-2 gm of shisha tobacco, which will help you smoke the shisha for hours with your gang.

This is the best benefit of having glass hookahs, and you can also order them from the leading online hookah store.

Starbuzz blue mist is one of the popular flavors among hookah lovers, and this bowl will indeed support that flavor to give you the best taste of shisha.

Yet, I would say that this bowl will not handle a juice shisha flavor as all the juice will drain down to the bowl, and you are left with the dry shisha in the fumo bowl.

But, it will not affect your hookah smoking experience in any manner; then also, I would not recommend you smoke juicy shisha flavors.

Fumo Pod body

The all-glass hookah has a glass body looking so beautiful and strong at the same time. The manufacturer takes a lot more care while creating this glass body and has provided an excellent strength to withstand almost all types of breakages and falls. But yes, after all, it’s glass, so it’ll break if you don’t take care of this masterpiece.

You can say it is an expertly engineered fumo jar that gives the smoothest smoke ever from the glass hookah.

The body has made from german lab glass, which will provide outstanding rigidity to last long and has a bulging shape. The body is molded in every corner so that you won’t have any leaks during the hookah session, and that is necessary for glass hookah that you don’t have any leaks of liquids or water from the base.

Just like other glass hookahs, Fumo does not have any grommets installed in it. It is a grommet less design.

Fumo has a downstem integrated with a diffuser essential in this glass hookah as we talk about the smoke quality and quantities. The diffuser is attached well with the glass bowl, which enables a smooth airflow, and it allows the shisha flavor to mix well with the body.

This is the main reason you get the smoothest smoke from Fumo glass hookah that you’ll not get from other hookahs. It produces a pleasing rumbling sound you have ever heard.

Fumo Hose And Purge Valve

Purging will save your hookah from going into the trash. Do that and throw out the excess smoke from the hookah whenever you need a purging valve, which may harshly affect your throat.

If you need a purge valve, you have to spend extra cash to get it because it doesn’t come along with the original packaging. Only air plus comes with the original packaging. Just unscrew the glass plug and purge the valve.

The hose of the Fumo pod glass hookah is yet another great thing that the makers of Fumo pod hookahs have produced. It also attaches a clear or black color washable silicone piping to the hookah, giving a classy look.

It has a big glass handle which will provide excellent stability in hand, and you will be more comfortable holding it and sucking from it. After using this one, the pulling from the hose is so easy and smooth that you will not like any other hookah hose.

And it also provides thick smoke output from the hose, which is a satisfactory feeling of smoking shisha with your gang.

The Great Looks

Fumo pod offers some striking looks, and it’s trendy as well. Youth love this fantastic design of fumo glass hookah, and it is a show stopper of every party with LEDs on.

You can not ask for more than a Fumo delivers. It is excellent in looks and design, and It’s better in thick smoke output, it is classy and modern. It has got everything you need at an elegant party of your friend.

Just bring this glass hookah, and you’re good. And when you are not using this hookah, you can use this as a showpiece in your living room or wherever you think it would look good.

The Great Fumo Performance
It is a premium category hookah that gives you the best performance when compared to cheap hookahs. Whether it is the smoke output, airflow, or heat management, you will surely get the best performance from this premium hookah.

After all, if you are spending a good amount on this fumo glass hookah, you should expect outstanding output. It also never fails to deliver in terms of performance and a satisfying smoking experience.

If you use the intense flavors that tend to leave their make and smell on the hookah, you will be amazed by the performance this glass hookah gives when you wash it. It will wash off any marks and smells of previous smokes and flavors.

Heat Management

Fumo pod has the best heat management system of all time, and you will not find this type of system in any other hookahs for sure. This is one of the highest quality products you will ever find.

Now you don’t have to worry about the shisha flavors while packing the hookah bowl. It has a perfect setup of consuming low shisha and giving excellent smoke output from it. It also manages the heat of light coals and natural coals the same way. So, you don’t need to worry about the overheating of tobacco and burning of tobacco by the excess amount of heat applied to the tobacco.

Fumo glass hookah has an excellent glass quality as it does not overheat or get the heat from the coals so that you can touch the glass anytime during the hookah session.

Cleaning Fumo glass hookah

Check this out – How to clean your hookah?

If you are a hookah lover, keeping hookah clean would be the best habit to have, and it will also benefit you in your shisha smoking sessions.

The more clean hookah, the more good taste will be.

Use lemon juice and baking soda with warm water to clean your hookah, different hookah accessories, and hookah parts. It will clean your hookah and other features like never before. Never use bleach on a glass surface.

If you find any tough marks on your glass hookah, then use soft cotton to wipe off the stains from the hookah surface. It would help if you did not use a rubber scrubber to damage your fumo glass hookah surface.

When cleaning your favorite fumo pod glass hookah, make sure that you do that with gentleness and at a slow pace. It would be advantageous if you did not rush to clean it. Cleaning hookah does not take time, but you should give it more time than required because it is a glass surface, and if it falls off your hands, then BOOM! You are done, my friend.

To wash the hose, you need to run the warm water through it to clean off its stains and marks.


  • Fumo pod glass hookah has one of the most pleasing hookah designs and looks compared with other glass hookahs. It’s the art of talented artists that you should not ignore and, If possible, appreciate the company’s efforts to produce this kind of beautiful hookah masterpiece.
  • It has a very thick glass to offer, and they don’t use any cheap glass like many other manufacturers.
  • Despite the looks, it provides the best performance in terms of thick smoke output, long-lasting hookah flavors from the efficient hookah bowl, The best washable hookah hose, and many more benefits to mention when we talk about the performance.
  • If you are at the party and have more friends to smoke hookah, you enable the two hose option to provide more convenience.


  • When you are getting these many advantages, this disadvantage would be the first one to mention, and that is, it is pricy.
  • If you purchase this unique glass hookah, you will not get tongs and purge valves with this hookah. You have to buy it from the aftermarket.
  • It has an incredible washable hose, but it comes with a non-removable tip in the hose. These metal tips are non-removable.


Are glass hookahs good?

Glass hookahs look very cute on the table of hookah lounges when smoking with your friends. If you take care of your glass hookah and clean it often, they are good to have in your hookah collection. But If you are lazier and want to smoke the hookah but don’t want to clean it and take care of then glass hookahs are not for you.

Is Fumo pod glass hookah easy to clean?

You should clean every hookah often, and If you don’t wash your hookah once in a while, you will find it very hard to clean after some days. So, it’s better to clean your expensive hookah after every smoking session. Fumo pod glass hookah is very easy to clean. It would help if you had lemon juice and baking soda with warm water to wash every part of the hookah. Do not use fancy liquids to pass your hookah. It just needs simple yet effective materials readily available in your home, and you can clean them.


Fumo pod glass hookah is an excellent package of hookah to have in your collection. It delivers perfect thick clouds of smoke that will surely satisfy you and your expectations from a glass hookah.

It is worth buying, and If you feel it’s a bit more expensive, look at its style and performance and compare it with other glass hookahs; you will find Fumo more valuable and stylish than ever before.

When you buy Fumo from their official website, you get a great buying experience and after services. Their customer service is excellent, and they guide you on every hurdle you face about the Fumo glass hookahs. You have to purchase tongs and purge valve extra to use this hookah. They don’t ship them along with the original packaging.

It is undoubtedly In the top 10 beautiful and durable hookah’s list, and why not be on the list. There is no reason available not to be on that list.

If you are using a Fumo Pod hookah, let me know your reaction and experience using this fantastic glass hookah.

And If you are thinking of buying one, do not waste a single second and directly buy this hookah. You won’t retreat from your decision.

Have Fun!

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