9 Useful Hacks You Must Know About Smoking Hookah in 2022

In this helpful article, we will see some of the best hookah tips and tricks that every hookah lover should know, irrespective of where they live in this world.

It doesn’t matter what type of hookah you like, tall or short. Small, medium, or large. Traditional or Modern. It doesn’t matter what kind of hookah you love to smoke.

It would be best to read this article until the end because I will discuss some of the best hookah tips and tricks for smokers of all types and kinds.

If you are a pro hookah smoker or a beginner, it doesn’t matter how many years of smoking experience you have. It would help if you still had some tips and tricks to improve every day.

Everyone makes mistakes, from pro to newbie.

The hookah world is filled with many experiments, and smokers love to do experiments on hookah smoking. Everyone wants to enjoy, after a long workday.

So, to have a better smoking session or hookah session after a long day, you will need refreshing hookah tobacco and shisha flavors to have a tasty hookah session with your favorite hookah smokers.

While setting up a hookah, you need to keep many things in mind to get better hookah sessions. These things may include the quality of coals you use. Always use natural coals instead of quick light coals or quick light charcoal or instant coals, whatever you call it but make a distance from it.

Other things also include the best shisha tobacco flavors and different flavors available in the market. Always use the best shisha flavors to get the best taste, thicker smoke, and many other things.

So, now let’s see those things, in brief, to understand the ways and tips and tricks to improve the quality of smoking and have a better smoking hookah experience.

Best tips & tricks to improve hookah smoking

Now, we will talk about the best tips and tricks that will help you create and set up the best hookah for you or your guests.

Follow these tips and tricks to impress anyone with your hookah-making skills, and you can also enjoy yourself by making a perfect hookah.

Hookah Tips

In the hookah tips, I will teach you some tips to make your hookah better, and by using these tips, you can even impress your friends. Because the people with whom you smoke hookah will love these tips and the outcome of these tips.

So, let’s move on and discuss the best hookah tips first.

Fixing Air Leakage

Air leakage can ruin your hooah smoking experience.

No matter how good or old tobacco or sweet flavors you are using, it will be tough to pull from the pipe if you have air leakage in your hookah.

Air leaks will not let you pull at what strength you are drawing. It will always decrease your pulling efforts.

There are two usual places where these leaks can happen. These places are where the pipe and head make themselves comfortable.

The joints of the pipe and head are the two most common hookah parts from where you can have air leakage.

So, to make them currently fit into the parts, you should use a grommet that will seal off all the possibilities of air leaks.

If you don’t have enough budget, use tissue paper nothing else.

Make a roll of tissue paper around your pipe and put it inside the hole. It will work like a seal and will not let any air pass through that leakage.

The superficial tissue will save your hookah, and you will be able to resume your smoking session. It will make sure that there will be nice air flow to provide you with a better smoking session.

Avoid Too Many Coals

What type of coals should you use? It is the biggest question of any debate, but we are not here to discuss that. We will look into how many is too many?

Crowding the hookah bowl with lots of hookahs natural coal or any other quick light coal is not required at the moment.

To burn your shisha tobacco properly, you should use an adequate amount of coals in the hookah bowl to avoid burnt tobacco.

Too many coals closer to each other will give you thicker smoke in the initial minutes of the hookah session, but eventually, it will burn your hookah tobacco quickly in half an hour.

So, it is not recommended to put too many coals simultaneously on your hookah bowl to have a thick smoker output. Instead, use 2-3 big cubes of natural coal on your hooah bowl.

Or you can do one thing, Use too many coals closer to each other when you start your hookah session. After 5 minutes, remove the coals and make a proper distance between each natural coal to pass the air and maintain the heat.

This method will ensure that you give consistent heat to your shisha tobacco to burn slowly and provide a consistent flavor throughout the smoking session.

Heat Management Device

Confused between Hookah foil or Metal screens?

Now, Let me give you a great tip about heat management devices. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to pack a hookah foil or how to poke holes in the foil, then you better use HM devices.

It will save you from poking holes in the foil, will also save your precious time. The famous kaloud brand is making these heat management devices for experts as well as newbies.

And the benefits of using HM devices are, you will not have burnt tobacco too quickly, unlike foil, if you use too many coals on foil.

This will let you smoke your hookah for a longer period with your loved ones. And if you want to use an HM device in your hookah, I recommend you use a Phunnel bowl for a better smoking experience.

Don’t Press Shisha Tobacco, Sprinkle!

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To pack your shisha bowl, you will require some knowledge of packing and its techniques. When you pull the shisha tobacco from the packaging, you should not make them into small chunks.

Fill the bowl so that air will pass through that flavor and give you the best taste possible from shisha tobacco.

To pack the shisha in that way, you should fill the hookah bowl by applying minimal pressure to the tobacco in the bowl. If you use more pressure on tobacco, the packing will become dense and not let the air pass through the flavors. It is not an ideal packing method you should apply.

Instead, sprinkle the tobacco in the bowl and apply gentle pressure and make the space around the tobacco. And when you inhale the smoke, the process will be so smooth that you will love to smoke the hookah you just made yourself.

Another tip is that after every 10 minutes, you should gently blow your hookah pipe to make the space for the tapped air into your hookah system. You can blow your bowl as well if you feel the need to do that.

Use The Perfect Coal

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Choosing the wrong hookah charcoal for your hookah session would be the mistake you don’t want to make.

It’s all about having the perfect hookah coals. Without that, you will never enjoy your hookah, no matter how expensive your hookah and other accessories are.

So, doing perfect homework or research about each hookah coal available in the market would be the smart move to make.

Hookah coals will let you have the original taste of your flavor by burning the flavors in your hookah bowl. So, the smell and taste that coals produce will pass with your hookah flavors to your mouth.

So, If you don’t want to smoke coals, you better spend time researching the quality of coals. And never go for the quick light coals or those with a silver coating over the coals.

They are quick but will harm your health way more than any other thing. It will also give you a harsh taste that will make your throat terrible.

And these coals have a high burning temperature, which will result in having a short hookah session.

So, the suggestion from the experts will always be to use only natural coconut coals only. These coals will not harm your health as the quick coals do. And they will also help you to have longer hookah sessions.

Keep It Tidy!

Staying clean is a healthier way of living disease-free life.

Check out: How to clean your hookah.

And, If you keep your hookah clean, it will provide you with the best and fresh hookah session every time you smoke.

This should be the biggest reason you need to wash or clean your hookah after every use. If you do not follow this routine, you will get the taste and smell of the previous smoking session in your next one.

And this could be so frustrating and confusing at the same time, as you will not be able to judge your current hookah session’s shisha flavor as you would also get the previous flavor with your current one.

To avoid this problem and have a better smoking session, you should wash your hookah thoroughly after every time you smoke from it.

If you are in a hurry someday, here’s a pro tip: Rinse your hookah parts with warm water and clean them with fresh and cotton fabric. It will not do your 100% job, but it will somewhat help you to continue. But you should use this method only when you are in a hurry, otherwise take your hookah for a proper bath to have the best next session.

Crazy Hookah Tricks

Now, we will talk about some of the crazy hookah tricks. All these tricks can be used to be the star of your gang. Or you can use them to have a more exciting hookah session.

If you are getting bored with your everyday hookah routine and want some new and exciting thing that will help you get back your hookah smoking excitement, then these tricks will add some excitement to your regular hookah day.

So, let’s get started with hookah tricks.

Mouth Refreshments

There are many tricks available to make your hookah taste refreshing and cool. One of them is, adding a refreshment in your hookah base, which is filled with water.

So adding mouth fresheners like halls in your hookah water base, you can make your hookah taste refreshing every time you inhale.

This trick will make your hookah give a cooling effect while smoking, and you will feel good and different from regular smoking.

But You should be aware that it can also ruin your hookah if you add the mouth freshener more than required in your water base.

Adding too many will ruin your water base, and you will have to change the base water with regular water again. So you should measure how much you can handle and then use that measurement every time you smoke a hookah.

Lighting Ice Cubes

Ice can solve pretty much every issue and problem, But the biggest problem is that Ice is melting all over the globe, and the earth’s temperature is rising like never before.

The issue of Global Warming is real. Use Eco-friendly materials and take a step forward to save the world.

But In this case, Ice will help you stay creative and add some new and exciting colors to your hookah smoking session.

I am talking about LED Ice cubes. Or you can use the normal one If you feel that you are getting too hot smoke from the hookah.

Then, adding Ice to the base will make the water cooler, and this cold water will then make the coming smoke cool into the base, which will then be inhaling by you. So you will get a cooler smoke to have a better hookah after all.

Mint and Lemon Combination

You can use mint and lemons to decorate your hookah bottle. The look will be fantastic as it will give you a unique and new look that you probably would not have seen before.

And not only will it look fantastic, but you will also get a fresh and new taste instead of a typical and boring taste you smoke every day.

Mint and lemons do give the refreshing taste, though.


What does adding Ice to your water base do?

Adding Ice to your water base will make the water cooler. But it will also make your hookah smoking experience better. You may wonder how? Let me tell you that using coals on your hookah bowl will make your shisha tobacco flavors hot, and when you inhale, the hot smoke will pass through the water base. So, adding Ice and making your water base cooler will also make your smoke a bit cooler, which will give you an excellent and tasteful smoking experience.

How to make a fresh hookah every time?

Making hookah is an art. But to create art will require higher experience in that field. And making fresh hookah every time is a tough one, but not impossible. So, clean your hookah thoroughly after every hookah session you have. So, having a clean hookah is the only way to have a fresh hookah every time you smoke.


So, far we have discussed some of the hookah tips and tricks that will help you in your hookah journey sometimes. It doesn’t matter. If you are a pro smoker or a newbie, these tips and tricks will surely help you.

And the mentioned tips are 100% genuine, and you can try each of them because I have been attempting every hookah tip for years, and now I am sharing these hookah tips and tricks with you guys so that you can also take benefit of these fantastic tips and can have a better hookah session.

Have Fun!

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