How To Clean A Hookah? [5 Easy Steps]

Imagine this:

You are enjoying the hookah session at one of your friend’s places.

As you glimpse their hookah, you catch the nasty look that the uncleaned hookah bowl has.

And it is disgusting and creates a bad impression at first hand.

You will never want that to happen to you. Right?

Therefore, it is always the best idea to clean your hookah after every session.

And in today’s guide, you will learn how to clean hookah most efficiently so that you are always prepared for impressive hookah sessions with your friends.

Let’s get started:

What You’ll Need To Clean Your Hookah

Before starting the hookah cleaning session, you must collect some cleaning tools to help you clean your hookah instantly and effectively.

These hookah cleaning supplies are easy to find in most smoke shops or online stores.

So, here’s what you will need to clean your hookah regularly:

  • Brushes of different sizes according to various dimensions of hookah.
  • Cleaning solutions (optional).

After collecting these two cleaning supplies, you will be ready for the perfect cleaning session.

The cleaning brushes for hookah are readily available in shops or online stores, so, make sure to buy one.

These brushes are made for different hookah types and will help you to clean the hookah thoroughly.

However, buying a cleaning solution is optional.

Multiple cleaner solutions are available that are gentle and clean the buildup of old shisha present in the unkempt hookah.

Also, these cleaners don’t leave a harmful residue that can cause damage to your lungs after the cleaning session.

However, if you don’t want to purchase a cleaning solution, you can use lemon juice as a natural agent for effective cleaning.

Though some people also prefer using hot water for cleaning hookah, hot water can easily dislodge the sticky shisha residue and can thoroughly clean the hookah stem and base.

So, once you are ready with the cleaning equipment and agent (whether purchased or natural), follow the next steps for effectively cleaning your hookah.

Cleaning Your Hookah: How To Clean A Hookah Properly?

There are numerous ways to clean a hookah properly.

It doesn’t matter if you are a regular hookah user or irregular; basic hookah cleaning after smoking is always recommended.

Above that, cleaning thoroughly once a month is always a good practice.

However, you will need to clean it effectively, so you don’t get the flavor of hookah shisha from your previous session.

Also, as a hookah owner, you must know that a good hookah experience comes from a clean and well-prepared hookah.

Therefore, here’s how to clean your hookah correctly to always rock on the sessions.

Step One: Cleaning Hookah Hose

A hookah pipe is a part from where you inhale the smoke.

And cleaning the hose of your hookah is one of the first steps you do while cleaning your hookah thoroughly.

First of all, you need to disconnect the hookah pipe from the shaft.

Now, pour the water inside and wiggle it for some time (around 1-2 minutes).

And after pouring the water, you can hang it to let it dry for a while, but this step should apply to only washable hoses.

It is because many hookah hoses are not washable.

If your hose is one of those, you should not use water to clean it, as hoses contain a metal coil inside, which can be vulnerable to corrosion and rust.

To clean this type of hose, you can hang it and let the air pass through it as much as possible.

Step Two: Disassemble the Rest of Your Hookah

After cleaning the hookah hose, the next step is to disassemble the rest of your hookah.

You need to clean each part of the hookah individually.

To disassemble the hookah, you can lift the bowl off the stem and place it on your table.

Now, screw the hookah stem off of the base and remove it gently.

Also, don’t forget the grommets and the small rubber pieces between the bowl and stem.

You need to clean them too and try not to lose them, otherwise, they might create problems while fixing everything.

Step Three: Clean the Bowl

After cleaning the hose, cleaning the hookah bowl is one of the easiest and simple ways.

You can observe if your bowl still has some shisha left. You can remove it through the washing brush you bought or some other handy tool.

You can also use the foil to remove the shisha from the stuck bowl.

And once you finish that, you can put your hookah bowl in warm running water in your sink.

You can also remove any stuck shisha from the warm water that runs through it and gently try to remove any stuck shisha on the bowl.

You can also use a sponge or steel wool but ensure to do it gently.

Further, to clean the bowl more thoroughly, you can use a pot and put some water to simmer on the stove.

Once you have prepared the simmering water, you can gently place your bowl in that with the help of tongs.

Ensure to turn off the heat once you have placed the bowl.

Now, let the bowl sit there for three to five minutes.

After that, remove the bowl with the help of tongs again and lay it on a towel. Then, dry and handle it carefully, as it might still be hot.

Step Four: Clean the Stem

Now, you have cleaned the central part of your hookah.

Now its time to clean the stem.

Take the disassembled stem to the sink and start running warm water through it.

Put the scrub brush down the stem and run it up and down for about 1-2 minutes.

Flip the stem and repeat it on the other end.

Now, take the lemon juice or cleaner you bought and pour through the stem, gently scrub, flip, and repeat.

You can also sprinkle baking soda and repeat the scrubbing and flipping steps.

Lemon juice and baking soda are the ingredients that will help to remove the odor and flavor. Baking soda will also help remove any debris on the stem.

Step Five: Clean Your Vase

It is the final step, and your hookah must be almost cleaned.

To clean the base of your hookah, you need to run warm water through the vase in the sink.

Pour the warm water and fill it again. It is similar to the previous steps that you have just done.

Now, scrub it with the washing brush on both the inside and the outside.

After cleaning it with water, use the lemon juice (two tablespoons) and baking soda (one teaspoon) and mix it well.

After mixing, swirl it around and scrub it again with hot water.

You can also use mild soap instead for glass and acrylic bases.

After doing so, you must fill the base with hot water and let it rest for a few minutes, then rinse the bottom entirely and turn it upside down to let it dry for a while.

How To Wash A Hookah Hose After Smoking?

Most hookah hoses are not washable with water.

They have a metal coil that will be vulnerable to corrosion and rust if you use water to clean them.

Therefore, you can disassemble the hose from the hookah and hang it to let the air pass through it. This hookah equipment is the only tricky part of deep cleaning.

However, if your hookah hose is washable, you can follow the previous steps for thorough cleaning.

Ensure there is no accumulated shisha juice. Otherwise, the leftover flavor will contribute to the next hookah sessions.

Quick Tip: It is always recommended to replace the hose after every 4-8 months.

In a nutshell, cleaning your hookah hose completely depends on the hookah you use. If it is cleanable, then you must go for a more thorough cleaning.

However, you should be good with just basic cleaning.

Do you have to clean your hookah after every use?

Cleaning your hookah is optional but a must-to-do thing after each session. Cleaning your hookah will allow you to eliminate the taste or flavor of the previous session and ensure to clean any residue after your hookah session.

How do you clean the inside of a hookah base?

Depending upon the size and shape of the hookah base, you may need to put effort accordingly to clean the hookah base.
However, generally, you can use detergent or dishwashing soap water to clean any stains your hookah base may have with a brush. Proceed with gently scrubbing the hookah base through this soapy water.
Otherwise, you can use baking soda or vinegar to clean the hookah’s glass base. Once you have cleaned the hookah base, rinse the glass base thoroughly under the faucet.
Also, properly let it dry for 20-30 minutes before putting the hookah top on your base before using it.

Can you clean a hookah with dish soap?

Of course, you can clean the hookah with cleaning liquids such as dish soap, vinegar, lemon juice, etc., because it can deeply clean the base and stem of the hookah.
Apart from the cleaning water, a stem and base brush also helps clean the hookah glass.

How often do you need to clean a hookah?

It’s always best to clean your hookah bowl after every session to ensure you don’t have any leftover shisha, which can affect the taste of a new flavor.
To clean a hookah, you can use any cleaning liquid and air dry it before using it for the next session.

How To Clean A Hookah: Final Words

Now you know that cleaning a hookah is necessary for every hookah owner.

You don’t want the taste or flavor of the previous shisha to contribute to your next flavor.

Therefore, they ensure to clean a hookah bowl after every session.

Keeping the hookah uncleaned for a longer duration can make it harder to get clean, which can result in adding taste and flavors to the upcoming sessions regularly.

You can also keep a good cleaning agent or use soap/detergent water to clean your hookah.

Using a brush for the stem and base can always help you to clean your hookah properly.

So, now, you are ready for the best hookah sessions every time!

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