How to clean and maintain a hookah – 4 Ninja Techniques!

Hey hookah lovers, having fun smoking hookah with your gang? Now let’s learn about how to clean and maintain a hookah.

Because I think It’s not fair enough only to know how to smoke a hookah and don’t know about how to clean it. Hookah cleaning is necessary just like you also clean yourself daily, right?

Who’s not taking a shower daily? Comment “SHOWER,” and I’ll ban the entry of you guys in this blog.

HAHA, joke apart.

Being hygienic is a good habit, whether it is about your body or any other things you love.

So, I assume you guys love to smoke hookah but don’t know how to clean hookah and hookah parts like hookah stem, hookah hose, hookah bowl, hookah base, or entire hookah.

In this post, I will give you an idea of cleaning your hookah like a pro.

And If you are already pro, then do mention the things I have forgotten to mention here in the comment section.

Okay, so you need to clean your hookah every 5 days, or If you can clean it after every hookah session, it will be the best for you and your hookah.

If you follow these routines, your next hookah session with your gang will be the best one ever.

Because it will be super fresh right out from the factory, it will also give you the best smoke output, and all the hookah parts will function well.

So, let’s move forward and know how to clean a hookah.

The best way to clean your hookah

Hookah is made up of different parts like a hose, bowl, stem, base, etc. So to clean a hookah, we will require to clean all the parts of the hookah.

Read along to know how to do it easily in under 5 minutes.

Clean hookah hose

We’ll see step-by-step procedures on how to clean the hookah hose.

1 Disconnect hose from hookah base

The hose is that part of hookah from which you inhale your smoke, so gently disconnect the hose from the hookah.

To remove it from the hookah, deform the hose from the hookah base and then pull the hose out from the hole.

If you feel hard to disengage from the hose, gently apply twist motion, do not apply more pressure, and rush to remove it. It could damage the internal threads of the hose or hookah as well.

2 Blow some air in the hose

Blowing air in the washable hose or traditional hoses from the hose port from where you generally inhale smoke. It’s a necessary process to follow to remove the unwanted stale smoke in the hose pipe. This stale smoke can ruin your smoking experience due to its bad taste and smell.

That is why I recommend washable hoses to clean them in the future with water, or blowing in some air won’t affect the hose.

3 Clean the hose

If you have a bad taste from the hookah, try cleaning the hookah hose if it’s washable.

It would help if you rinsed it after every fifth use. And wash it only when you know your hose is washable and made up of plastic or rubber.

Wash your hose with warm water and run that warm water through the hose line to automatically clean itself and remove all the bad smells as well.

Do not use any washing chemicals or cleaning products. Only use water.

Place your hose in the sink, make sure that one end of the hose is at the tap and the other is in the sink drainer.

Now, start pouring the water into the hose for about 20-30 seconds. You can rise one end of the hose in between, making it a straight path for water to run through the hose.

Then turn off the tap and hold that risen position for 10 seconds to clear out all the remaining water from the hose. And then clean it with a paper towel and put it away.

Clean all the small hookah parts

This section will help you clean all the small hookah parts that require the best cleaning for better performance once a week or so. Hence the best cleaning solution for hookah cleaning supplies.

1 Take the whole hookah apart

The hookah’s main part on which it stands is its hookah base. And many other parts in the hookah like stem, hose, tobacco bowl, grommet, valves, etc.

First, remove all the parts from the hookah and place it on the table where you can clearly see all the parts, and make sure you do not place it where you can not find it.

  • Slowly, one by one, remove the release valve
  • Disconnect grommet from the hose port
  • Disengage the hookah bowl and grommet under the bowl
  • Remove the ashtray, and dispense the ashes in the bin. If there’s any present at that moment
  • Disconnect the stem of the hookah from the base

2 Clean hookah bowl

It’s time to clean the heart of a hookah, the bowl.

So, remove the foil from the hookah If in case it’s still there. And remove the burnt shisha tobacco from the hookah bowl.

Now put your bowl in the sink and start the tap to be wet enough to clean the bowl.

If you see any small particles of shisha tobacco left behind in the bowl, then with the help of your own fingers, you can clean it.

Now, take the bowl and make it ready for a hot water bath. But make sure you don’t burn your hand with hot water.

Leave the shisha bowl in hot water for 5 minutes so that all the stickiness and smell would fade away.

Now take it out from the hot water and use a towel to clean it properly.

3 Wash the grommets with warm water

The grommets don’t make any difference in the taste of the hookah nor the smell.

It makes a big difference when a grommet is not there between your hookah parts. When it’s not there, your hookah parts will have much friction between the parts, and they will wear out.

It’s better to wash them anyway as they would not affect the taste of the hookah.

It’s straightforward, Use warm water, wash them gently with your fingers, and keep them under warm water for a few minutes and you are done.

4 Wash ashtray and valve

It also has the same procedure, put them under warm water for few minutes and wash them with your fingers to clean properly.

Valve and ashtray both need good bathing as they both get dirty pretty much, so now it’s time to run water and wash them well.

Suppose you find ashes stuck in the tray, then use a thick towel and clean with it. It will surely remove all the ashes in there so easily.

Clean the hookah stem

The cleaning solution mentioned here are working well, and you can trust them.

Hookah tobacco flavors are so strong that it requires a proper cleaning solution. And after each smoking session, you should clean it. A good rinse will help you.

1 Wash the stem with water

Here water is a critical factor or tool to have. As a result, we’ll make use of it as much as possible.

Hookah stem is a long part of hookah, and it won’t be easy to wash it in the sink with tap water because it will not fit into the sink at all.

So, you can use a big glass or something big to store water and pour it into the hookah stem. While pouring the water, make sure that the stem is in the sink so that water will find its way to the drainage system. And continue pouring water for about a minute or so.

2 Use stem brush to clean

Using a stem brush, you can clean your stem very easily. This brush is made up of stiff hair inside the hookah stem and cleanses all the dirty material.

All the impurities will be flooded out of the stem in minutes, but you have to use the stem brush in a proper motion with warm water to clean it.

When you insert the brush inside the stem, it is best to add some warm water.

And start the back and forth motion to give the stem a nice warm bath.

The stem has both ends open, so we need to repeat the process from both ends.

3 Wash stem with lemon juice

Lemon juice helps us remove all the stickiness that has piled up in the stem and won’t leave the stem with the help of water. So few tablespoons of lemon juice will surely help you remove it all.

Pour lemon juice into the stem and use the brush to clean it.

The back and forth action will help you clean better, and once you will, you have rubbed the stem wall, then switched sides of the stem and added some lemon juice to the other side of the stem, and repeated the process. Simply rinse and make the stem clean like never before.

4 Rinse hookah stem with baking soda

Now it’s time to use the baking soda to super clean your hookah stem like the new one.

Take half a tablespoon of baking soda, add them to the stem, and repeat the process with the lemon juice.

5 Wash stem with warm water

After adding lemon juice and baking soda to the stem, it’s time to clean it with warm water to clean all the juice and soda to fade away from the stem.

Warm water is the best ingredient in cleaning the hookah stem, and it provides great stability to the steam cleaning when it comes to the crystal clear wash.

Run water from both the ends of the stem and this warm water will help baking soda and lemon wash away the dirt.

You can also run water through the valve and hose ports so that it will also get cleaned.

Clean hookah base

The hookah base is the strongest part of the hookah, and it helps the hookah stand on the floor or the table with great stability.

So, we need to wash the hookah base because it is always filled with water or other liquids you like to smoke hookah with.

Let’s see how to clean the hookah base to use this shisha base for your next session.

1 Take out old water

When something new comes in, the old should get out.

Likewise, you must take out your old and bad base water when you decide to clean your hookah base.

So, take out that old base water carefully.

2 Run warm water in hookah base

Pro tip: If you used the ice in the base just minutes ago and plan to clean it with warm water, you should definitely avoid it. Because of the temperature difference, the base will crack. Clean any parts of the hookah when they are at room temperature. And you must clean a hookah base at room temperature as well.

So, add warm water and run the base with your fingers, and when you are done, take that water out of the base.

3 Pour baking soda and lemon juice

Now it’s time to pour the liquid that will remove the addictive chemical and will help you do hookah cleaning very well.

So, add two tablespoons of lemon juice and one baking soda. Mix them all well and make a great mixture to become the best cleaning solution for you.

4 Scrub hookah base with a base brush

We will use the base brush instead of the stem brush because it is wider than the stem brush and has more stiff hairs.

Now, we have the best mixture to clean the hookah base already in the base, so put the brush into the base and clean it with the motion you feel comfortable with.

5 Fill the hookah base with warm water

Now it’s time to fill the hookah base with hot water. After filling the base with the hot water, put it aside and rest for half an hour as clear as crystal glass.

6 Wash the base

After half an hour, take all the water and cleaning mixture out from the hookah base and give it a really nice dry wash with your towel, and you are done with the cleaning. Desvall


Can I use a dish wash to clean my hookah?

You can clean a hookah in many ways, and in this article, I have mentioned the best way to get your hookah cleaned. Cleaning a hookah is not as difficult as you may believe. Just add some lemon juice and baking soda, and yes, a good amount of hot water to clean it well.

When should you clean your hookah?

Having things cleaned is a good habit, and when it comes to hookah cleaning and when to do it, You should get it done after every hookah session you have with your gang. And if it is not possible to clean your hookah after every session, try at least after 5 sessions.


Cleaning is the best habit one could have. And when you are a heavy hookah smoker, even if you don’t enjoy cleaning things, you have to clean. There’s no way back.

Not cleaning your hookah can lead you to a bad and unhygienic setup, leading to bad health.

So, I have mentioned all the procedures and methods to clean your hookah like never before and have a proper hygienic hookah after a hot water bath.

Do clean often, whether it is a hookah or your soul. Everything needs cleaning for better functions.

Have a great time cleaning your hookah.

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