How to store the shisha to maintain its quality

There are many ways to store shisha to maintain its quality, and I will tell you each method to store it like a pro.

Here pro means a hookah lover who smokes hookah day and night. Who knows all about hookah and how to store it.

So, wanna be a pro?

Assuming your positive response and moving forward with amazing methods to store shisha tobacco.

These methods will save you lots of money and without money you know, you almost can not do anything in this mean world.

I believe in the phenomenon of “MONEY CAN BUY HAPPINESS.”

Here, HAPPINESS= 24/7 hookah session. HAHA >3

Because hookah is life, bro.

I further believe that money can do what you or your intelligence can not do.

So you better learn these methods on how to store shisha tobacco and save money.

“Life without money is like hookah without flavor.”
So it’s better to store the hookah tobacco and hookah accessories in a safe place.

There are different flavors available in the market, and since you are reading this article, you will only get the best shisha flavors in 2021 to smoke with your friends.

These flavors are the best in the market, so you can choose according to your taste and enjoy them with your friends at parties or hookah bars.

Here, I am talking about how to store the flavors, not about what flavors are good or bad, so let’s continue on that topic and move forward.

So, I will talk about the 5 ways you can store hookah tobacco like a pro.

5 ways to store hookah tobacco

I will talk about 5 ways of hookah tobacco storage, and in these ways, you can use any one of them, or you will need to use one or more ways on shisha storage.

Use an air-tight container for hookah tobacco.

Whenever you open a pack of hookah tobacco from the packaging you get from the brand, always remember to pack it back in an airtight seal when used properly.

The flavors are very sensitive, and their aroma may fade away If left open in atmospheric air. So it is better to use air-tight containers and put them away in a dry place where the moisture is less and flavors will not fade away.

So, don’t be lazy and put your own hookah tobacco in a dry place where mold can not form in your hookah tobacco very easily.

If you use a plastic container at room temperature and wrap it in plastic wrap, following this procedure will lead you to higher shelf life of any hookah tobacco.

You can learn hookah tobacco storage by reading this article, where you will learn A to Z of hookah tobacco storage.

Please keep it away from direct sunlight.

If you want a longer shelf life of your shisha pipe or flavor purchased from a hookah shop, then you have to follow this step of putting shisha pipe away from direct sunlight.

And If you are looking for a great smoking session with your gang and don’t want a stale taste from your hookah flavors, then you have to keep your flavors away from sunlight,

Because direct sunlight can harm your tobacco and can start the reaction between your tobacco and molasses, leading you to bad quality of tobacco.

Always use storage containers for hookah shisha and place that container in a dry place where moisture and sunlight can not enter.

It could ruin your hookah shisha quality very badly, and it will give bad taste when you smoke it with your friends and family at the hookah bar or hookah lounges.

It contains nicotine and few tips for storing tobacco to keep it away from heat because direct heat on hookahs can also harm their life and quality.

Try to avoid a direct heat source.

I can cover this point in the above point that we have discussed, but since we are very into securing your hookah tobacco, I thought to make a separate point for this.

So, Do not make a big mistake of putting your shisha flavors near a heat source. It will react the same way it reacts when exposed to the sunlight.

The same reaction will occur in the tobacco to give a bad taste when smoking the tobacco. So, it is suggested to keep it away from heat.

Give moisture to dry tobacco.

If you have hookah tobacco not used for many days and unfortunately it has dried out, try to give them moisture. It will mix with the current tobacco and will help you mix well with tobacco.

So, the moisture can save your dried hookah tobacco or shisha. When hookah storage becomes airless or If tobacco rest for too many days, it could become dry, and giving the moisture to the dry tobacco will save your tobacco or shisha.

Hookahs are the tool to happiness, and tobacco is the road to happiness. Airtight bags or zip lock bag can help your hookah tobacco storage to be fresh and cool.

So seal it and place it in a cool place to live the flavor stored in containers a bit longer.

Use airtight containers to store coals.

The first rule to store coal is in an airtight container where atmospheric air can not enter. Do not store it in a glass jar where the addictive chemical can react to each other.

The chemical composition of tip-top shape coal can be rind when stored in an open jar. Because this jar will let the air pass through its boundaries and will ruin the coals easily.

Coals may not expire, but they may affect the coals if you leave them to get the water on them. So please keep it away from the water as much as possible.

Use the airtight seal or zip lock bags to store where water can not enter into the bags. Or think about the part of your house where you know you can safely store the coals without being in contact with the water.

How long can shisha tobacco be kept?

Everything has an expiration date.

Even humans.

So, these are simple hookah tobacco, and they can expire. And if you keep them rested for more than 2 years, you should not smoke them afterward.

Hookah or shisha has an expiry of up to 2 years, but it depends on what brands you have because every brand is different, and everyone uses different formulas to make a shisha flavor.

But In general, you can expect the freshly opened box to live up to 2 years If it is sealed.

And If you open it for smoking and put the rest of the shisha away, it might live up to 6-12 months If stored correctly.

As I mentioned above, you have to use an airtight seal pack for packaging the flavor. Don’t just pt your flavor open or near the heat source or directly in contact with sunlight.

If you do not have access to an airtight seal pack, then try the cheap zip locks from the supermarkets and use that air-tight bags to seal your flavors but do not keep them open in the air.

Use the fridge to store your shisha tobacco.

Using a refrigerator to store your shisha tobacco can help you improve its shelf life compared to storing it at room temperature.

The fridge will slow down the ongoing process in the shisha, and hence the life span will increase.

However, you can always store it in an airtight seal packing where you will not require the fridge to store it. Here demographics also play a major role because someone from hot countries has no option to store but the fridge.

So, If you are living in a warm country, then the fridge is the best option for you to store shisha tobacco. If you are storing it in a fridge, you have to make sure that everyone in your family or who lives with you knows how shisha looks, and they know that this is hookah tobacco and have to keep it away from the children.

Or you can place a note stating that this is not to be consumed or something like that so that younger generations can get an idea of not eating it.

Can I freeze shisha?

You can store your shisha tobacco in a fridge, but you should not store it in a freezer to keep it frozen. It is not a proper way to store shisha effectively.

Once you freeze the tobacco, the moisture and oils, and water content that give the great flavor when you smoke will be gone. It will decrease the quality of the overall flavor and will affect the hookah session.

And these dry flavors will give you harsh smoke when smoked at a party and will burn the flavor faster than you expected.

How to store shisha charcoals

I would like to disagree with myself when I made the statement “Everything comes with an expiry date” because, in this case, charcoals do not expire at all.

You can use old charcoals. But there are many ways to keep it clean, and for that, you need to store it In a dry place where water can not enter the premises.

Water or moisture will not certainly damage your coals, but it will make coals burn at a faster rate, so having these types of coals is called water-damaged coals.

And also, please keep the charcoals away from the children as they might get confused about the coals and can end up eating them. So it is better to store where your naughty son and daughter can not reach.

I know how it feels like smoking hookah and taking care of your children at the same time.

It could be hectic.

So keep your coals in airtight containers and try to keep them dry so you can use them whenever you need them. Desvall


How to store coals?

As I have already discussed earlier in the article, you need to store coals in airtight containers where water or moisture can not enter. Because when water comes in contact with coals, it damages the coals, and it will burn faster. So keep it dry and away from the younger generation.

Can I store shisha in the fridge?

Yes, you can store the shisha in the fridge. But don’t make the mistake of keeping it in the freezer where everything just freezes. Fridger will make your flavor stay good for a longer duration, where the freezer will do the opposite.


All the methods discussed above to store shisha tobacco is useful, and you have to use these methods to save your money.

Shisha tobacco and charcoals can both be stored properly. If you know how to store it, but since you have been reading this article until here, I assume that you had no idea how to do it but now have all the information about it.

So I hope you get all the methods mentioned above and use them for your shisha to prevent it from being useless.

Have fun.

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