Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber Review 2023

The most fantastic hookah review is here. The Khalil mamoon ice chamber review 2023.

Do you love to smoke hookah?

If yes, then you must have heard about the Khalil mamoon hookah. They are the oldest in the hookah industry and are considered one of the best Khalil mamoon hookah globally.

And If you don’t know Khalil mamoon hookahs, don’t worry. I will provide you with all the required information and evaluation on the top Khalil mamoon hookahs.

When someone tells me that they don’t know about KM hookahs, my only reaction to them is,

It’s like driving Tesla and don’t know who Elon Musk is.

And smoking hookahs, and don’t know what Khalil mamoon is.

Let’s don’t talk about Elon Musk, and he’s a rich man. He’s free to do whatever he wants.

So, we’ll talk about why Khalil mamoon ice chamber hookah is excellent, and you should have it in your stock.

It’s been on the market for quite some time, and it’s one of the most trusted hookahs in the world. The authentic Khalil mamoon hookah contains all the regular hookah parts you know, giving a fantastic smoking experience.

So, we’ll talk about all the aspects of KM hookah and its durable design. It’s an Egyptian culture to have a Khalil mamoon ice chamber hookah shisha.

It usually has the parts like Pipe, Hose, authentic chiller, KM rainbow hose, hookah tongs, cleaning brush, rubber grommets, setup instruction guide, hose port, tri-metal stem, glass vase, glass base, made from middle-grade steel, clay bowl, etc.

Smoking shisha tobacco gives excellent quality and unique experience with thick smoke output.

Khalil Mamoon Ice chamber hookah review


Now, we will review every part of the Khalil mamoon ice chamber hookah so that you can understand and make a decision to purchase it.

The average height of the Khalil mamoon ice chamber is 36″, which is sufficient to smoke and have it as a showpiece in your home.

You can say it is a tall hookah, and is tall hookah good? You may wonder. So, for that, you have to check our new blog on short vs. tall hookah.

And when you go outside to buy a hookah from a hookah store, ask for the KM hookahs and check them well as per this review on KM hookahs.

It weighs around 6 kilos which is quite okay. If you look at the situation where you will not hold it in your hands for the whole time, you will put it on a table, so it doesn’t matter it weighs more or less. But yes, it should not be considered very high because it could make it unbalanced and fall on the floor. It has a stem length of 18.”

The Khalil mamoon hookah first came into the light from Egypt, and to date, all the hookah lovers are smoking tobacco from this fantastic hookah.


The hookah bowl is a significant part of a hookah. It holds the heart of hookah, which is shisha tobacco or flavor. Without flavored tobacco, you can not smoke anything. Likewise, the hookah bowl is also essential. Without the bowl, you can not hold the tobacco.

And in Khalil mamoon ice chamber hookah, you get a hand-made Egyptian hookah bowl which will help you hold up to 15-20 g of flavor.

Whenever you use these bowls, you have to keep them very clean. Otherwise, they will have those stains in them, and without bathing, it will be harder for you to clean those stains from them after some days or weeks.

And do not use those extra juicy flavors for the sake of good taste. It will ruin your hookah bowl, and your flavor’s all juice will slowly drain from the bowl; hence no flavor will remain in the bowl, and you will get a very stale taste of the hookah and a horrible smoking experience.

Instead, use quality shisha flavors like starbuzz blue mist.

You’ll find the ashtray just below the hookah bowl, and when you are done with your relaxing smoke session, you can easily clean it with water. This ashtray is big enough to do the work it is meant to do.


Every human being is different so does the reviews they give about the same hookah. Here I am talking about the Khalil mamoon hookah reviews.

And many hookah smokers have given their reviews on the chamber that it is small and cannot hold the giant ice cubes.

This chamber is used to cool down your hookah smoke as it goes through your hookah. So I would agree with the people who have given their reviews on the chamber, but it is not something big issue that one should look into.

Yes, it will be considered as a con but not that big, I guess.

Hookah Stem

Most of the hookah parts are stainless steel, and the hookah stem’s center is copper and core brass.

As the whole hookah is hand-made, it provides good quality. Even the stem’s design is only for the Khalil mamoon hookah, only to get thick clouds. And rubber grommets are also used in hookahs. The smoking experience will be so unique in this hookah that you’ll never ask for other hookahs to smoke.

The stem has a tri-color that gives the pipe the best design and quality. It also comes with a cleaning brush set to maintain proper hygiene. Other brands fail to retain their customers because they don’t have this type of quality.

As the stem is made from different metals, it will be a bit heavy compared to others, and it shows the best quality it provides.


The ultimate Khalil mamoon hookah has the best quality materials in all its parts, and you will love how it produces the smoke and the royal feeling it gives.

As mentioned earlier, it uses stainless steel, copper, and brass in the parts of a hookah. And hookah base is made from glass.

Hookah Hose

Longer the hose, the better the comfort.

It provides the industry’s best hookah hose with a length of 1.7 m long, which will give you the best puff from a hookah to smoke thick clouds.

The hose is entirely washable, and you are free to wash it whenever you want. Just that it does not have the facility to remove its tip, so that it will need an extra plastic mouthpiece for a perfect smoke fest.

They believe in quality more than anything, and that is why they have provided the best hose in the world to smoke as far as 1.7 m.

Hookah base

A hookah is known for its base. And hookah base is significant as the whole hookah will stand on the base, so it needs to be strong.

This base is made from glass and offers excellent quality. Because this is hand-blown glass, you will find some errors and bubbles in the glass base, but it will not affect the base quality.

The base has terrific colors, and all that colors are hand-painted and will not fade away quickly.

Hookah puff or pull

The pull is something important in any hookah, and it should be very smooth. In Khalil mamoon hookah, you will have the best pull of all time. It is very soft, and it quickly just goes inside the mouth and comes out as thick clouds of smoke.

But, if your hookah is not giving the smooth pull as Khalil does, you should check out your hookah as soon as possible.

When you are having trouble obtaining a good pull, here are few things to look into.

  • Purge valve
  • Check for any air leakages
  • Look for dry tobacco. If you found it, then replace it
  • Add more coals
  • Check for the blockage of tobacco in the bowl
  • Check water level

Looks matter

No matter how good and thick your hookah smokes, it must look good as well.

And the Khalil mamoon does not disappoint you for a second. It looks incredible, just awesome. by looking at it, you will crave a smoke. I swear.

The royal look with the Arabic logo engraved on the body of the hookah looks excellent and of high quality.

The hookah base also gives the golden touch, which adds a more aesthetic view of the hookah.

How to clean a Khalil mamoon ice chamber hookah

Check out how to clean and maintain a hookah.

It’s straightforward to clean a Khalil Mamon ice chamber hookah. Just take all things apart and use multiple liquids like water, lemon juice, baking soda, etc.

These liquids will surely help you maintain the hygiene you want for your traditional Egyptian-style hookah.

To clean a hookah you will need a tools like cleaning brush and to clean a rainbow hose and rubber grommets need to be removed while cleaning.

And hot water plays a significant role in cleaning a hookah, so be ready and maintain proper hygiene.


Is Khalil mamoon hookah good?

Khalil mamoon hookah is designed specifically for advanced and beginner smokers. It is the most successful and beautiful hookah at the same time. Egypt has produced something as great as a pyramid, and that is Khalil mamoon hookahs. The artists who make these hookahs are very dedicated and have an excellent art form to make these beautiful hookahs that we all love so much. It offers fantastic stem quality that you’ll never find in other hookahs.

What materials are used to make KM hookahs?

Materials are the thing that differs one from another. And in Khalil mamoon hookahs, two types of materials are used. These materials are brass and stainless steel. So, These are the primary two materials. They are used in the kM hookahs. Still, there are other KM hookahs available where the company makes them with the help of three metals or tri-metal to maintain the Egyptian tradition. They provide a setup instructions guide to help customers take all these benefits.

How to know it’s a fake KM hookah?

When something is very famous in the market, people will try to copy them to increase their sales and profit. But as you know, the original is original, no can copy them 100% and If you have any doubts regarding the originality, check their materials and weld points. Weld marks and scratches are indications of the fake Khalil mamoon hookahs. When you check the hookah, look for the unpolished parts, where the finishing is not up to the mark, so that you can spot the fake Km hookah easily.


I hope now you know about the Khalil mamoon ice chamber hookah and its quality. They are the best hookahs in the business to date. No one has come close to KM hookahs quality.

They provide the best-in-class materials to give rigidness and stability. You can have this shisha lounge with your gang at your house and enjoy life with Khalil mamoon ice chamber.

All the hookah parts are genuine and give the best smoking experience. So, consider it an excellent buy for your everyday hookah needs. Desvall

Have fun.

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