Pharaoh’s Queen B Hookah Review in 2023 – Must Read Before Buying

Let’s review the pharaoh’s queen b hookah so that you can decide whether to buy it or not

This article will be the best review article you will find on the internet for pharaoh’s queen b hookah.

Because I am writing this article after a lot of smoking hours spend in the hookah lounges and hookah bars with friends.

So, I will provide an honest review on pharaoh’s queen b hookah, which is made up of 100% all glass and is the best glass hookah available in the market for hookah lovers.

If you are a pro at smoking hookah and want to know about the pharaoh’s queen b hookah, you have come to the right place, and you will have all the information about the hookah, and it is worthy of buying or not.

If you love glass, you will surely love this hookah because it’s made up of glass only, and it looks like a kind of masterpiece on the table.

You can show off with this masterpiece in front of your friends, and they will surely love this hookah.

The smoking experience of pharaoh’s queen b hookah is at another level when compared to normal hookah. It gives a great experience in smoking.

Important Factors To Know About Before Buying Pharaoh’s Queen B Hookah

Before buying anything, you should know about that product or service, whether it’s worth buying or not.

In this case, a hookah has a lot of factors to discuss before buying because,

Hookah is a symbol of happiness,

And you want to be happy while smoking hookah. Right?

So, I would suggest you, please go through the whole article where you will find all the information about the particular hookah.

Let’s begin to discuss the important factors that may affect you If you don’t pay attention.


It is the most important factor to look for when you buy a hookah or, in fact, anything. It’s all about design in the hookah. When you look for a hookah, you will notice its design first and then everything later.

After all, you will see your hookah every day, and if you don’t like its design, how will you smoke from it every day.

Here, In Pharaoh’s queen b hookah, you will get the best design possible with all glass material which looks pretty awesome and unique when you compare it with other high-quality hookahs in the market.

In this hookah, you will get the best design of every component like a hose, bowl, base, etc., everything is made from glass, and it will be very easy to clean when you look at it from the ergonomics POV.


It comes second after the design when you select a design. What if its quality is not up to the mark and will no longer sustain any breaks. Look for what types of materials are used in making these products, and most importantly, do you like those materials to be used in products or not.

For example, I wouldn’t say I like plastic to be used in hookah.

It gives a fake vibe to me. As a result, please double-check the product’s material.

Is it durable or not? If it is, then how long can you expect it to run?

Will it sustain falls on the floors? And these types of questions you can ask yourself when buying or searching for a hookah.

But in this case, the pharaoh’s queen b hookah is made of glass, a highly ductile material.

So you’ll need to take care of the hookah now and then. And you have to use it carefully.

If you are a careful person and can take care of these types of materials, then I would highly recommend you the pharaohs queen b hookah.


Performance is the key factor in hookah, and you should definitely check for the same in all the hookahs you buy or tend to buy.

When it comes to pharaoh’s queen b hookah, I will give 9 points out of 10. You can predict the performance from the point I have given.

It is a great performer, and people are loving it and smoking it day and night.

You can expect a great thick smoke from this hookah and enjoy its best performance for long hours.

Always look for its performance when buying these hookahs and read all the reviews available in the market for that product. These reviews will save you a lot of money as they speak about its price, shipping, purchase, quality, etc.


5 Best shisha bowl packing techniques.

The bowl is a very important factor or tool in any hookah. It holds the flavor so that you can smoke the hookah with your friends at any party or lounges.

Bowl comes with hookah, and you can fill the tobacco you want. It can hold a large quantity of tobacco/flavor so that you can expect long hookah sessions.

Bowl is also 100% glass like the whole hookah, and the bowl is very attractive because normally, you won’t see this kind of thing.


The pipe is connected to the valve situated upon the base, and you can smoke through the hose.

The hose, in this case, is made up of glass, and it looks amazing because of its transparency.

It is also long enough to smoke comfortably. And the long pipe is required for a comfortable smoking session with your loved ones.

The hose provides a smooth inhale, and the tip of the hose is also comfortable for a smoker to smoke from it. This glass hookah has a glass hose that provides a smooth smoking experience.


Every hookah has its best and worst side to show.

But let’s talk about pharaoh’s queen b hookah’s best and amazing side.

  • High-quality
  • Best performance
  • Amazing design
  • Trusted brand
  • Washable Hose
  • Best price
  • Built-in honeycomb filter

These are the best quality one could ask for in their hookahs. And pharaohs hookah reviews will tell you why you should believe this.

Now let’s talk about its not-so-best side.


Everything in this world comes with the worst side of them, and so does the pharaoh’s queen b hookah.

It has very few cons compared to other brands and hookahs out there, but it has something, so we need to discuss that right here.

  • All glass material requires the best handling
  • The glass bowl is not so good.

Now, I think you have an idea of what pharaoh’s queen b hookah is all about and why you should buy it.

If you still don’t have a reason to buy this hookah, then let me give you one.

Why should you buy this hookah?

There are tons of reasons to buy this one but let me tell you the important one.

It comes with the carrying briefcase, and the classy and stylish looks of this hookah will definitely impress anyone, and if you are going out to your parties and If you carry this hookah along, you will be the hot talk of the party for sure.

It promises thick smoke clouds and what else we want other than thick smoke clouds. It also provides smooth inhaling from the hose.

And don’t forget that it comes with all glass material and you should buy this for that one reason only because it will look very cool on your table while smoking from it.

The best thing about this hookah is……
It has all glass material on the hookah, and it comes with a carrying briefcase, which is also cool.

The total height of the hookah is 20″

And it can be called a tall hookah.

The only thing with this hookah is that you will need to take care of this hookah like your baby.

It’s easy to clean because of the glass material, and the previous session’s flavor will not come in the next session. It is a great thing to have in a hookah.

And the performance of this hookah at the next level, I mean it really delivers the best quality performance and output as well. It also runs for 1.5 hours straight so that you can have long hookah sessions in it.

What are the features of this hookah set?

There are many things to discuss in this hookah set, and they all are good, but here I am talking about the best thing about the hookah, and you definitely can expect at least these things from this hookah set.

Below are the things to expect from pharaoh’s queen b hookah.

  • Comfortable inhaling
  • Best silicone hose
  • Tall hookah
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Best in quality
  • Built-in honeycomb filter


Is pharaoh’s queen b hookah good?

This hookah comes in all glass material, and if you can take care of these types of things, then yes, it is a good hookah. It’s a great performer and has a good quality of hookah. You can expect a good result from this hookah, and it comes with a carrying briefcase, so you can take this hookah to any party you want to join.

How long can last this all-glass material hookah?

It solely depends on your caring ability and how to smoke it and clean it regularly. If you don’t like to clean your own things, you might end up having less life of this hookah. Everything needs care; whether it is a person or hookah, everything needs caring.


Let’s wrap up the article with some good facts about the hookah that we have already discussed above in the article.

It comes with all glass material carrying a briefcase, making it easy to carry anywhere in the world. It has all the components made up of glass, and it could break if not handled with care, so it is advisable to take care of this hookah like it is your own baby.

And it will love you back without any expectations.

So, enjoy every inhale and exhale with the thick smoke cloud. Desvall

Have fun.

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I smoke hookah every day. Like daily with my gang. This is what I love the most when the thick smoke comes out of my mouth, giving me the best feeling in the world. I have been smoking hookah since 2010, and one day, my friend suggested I share my experience with the newbies. So here I am sharing my whole lot of experience of smoking. Use my tips to smoke better and enjoy every day of your life.

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