Starbuzz Blue Mist Shisha Tobacco Review 2023

Let’s talk about the most popular flavour, the starbuzz blue mist shisha tobacco review 2023. It’s very famous among hookah smokers, and they love to smoke these flavours with their friends and family, especially in the hookah lounges.

Every hookah needs flavour.

With flavour, there’s no meaning of hookah.

But these flavours should not be there for the sake of only. It should be a quality flavour with a smooth taste that you can enjoy for long hours.

And to provide these qualities in a flavour, many brands have attempted their luck, but some got successful.

And the successful flavours and their brands are now ruling the hookah tobacco or shisha flavour market. They are dominating the market with their best product to offer to hookah lovers.

Likewise, the blue mist flavour is best for beginners and advanced hookah smokers.

These popular flavours of starbuzz tobacco offer great quality shisha flavours, and once you taste these quality products, you will no longer taste any other cheap tobacco shisha flavour.

Why should you smoke only quality shisha flavours?

The starbuzz hookah tobacco contains a high-quality ingredient that provides the best taste in the world. The flavour mixes with anything in the market, and it is effortless to mix it as well. Whether you are a beginner or a pro hookah smoker, this starbuzz flavour will amaze your tastebuds.

Hookah lovers are in love with this great flavour. If you read these most helpful reviews on blue mist starbuzz hookah tobacco, you will know why this particular flavour is popular among hookah lovers.

Smokers who smoke starbuzz hookah tobacco with fruity flavours will surely get thick smoke with good flavour. It shows the best quality of the shisha flavour.

It would help if you only smoked the best quality hookah shisha because it will give you the royal experience of smoking hookah.

Your throat will not get sore, and you have healthy smoking if you smoke the starbuzz blue mist shisha.

Starbuzz blue mist flavour helpful review

Starbuzz tobacco comes in the top 10 best shisha flavours of all time. And when you go to the supermarket or hookah market to buy this amazing flavour, you will surely not hear any bad things or bad reviews about this shisha flavour.

This means this shisha flavour really does its job pretty well. When you open its packaging, you’ll see an orange and brown colour mixture. What to call that colour? Comment it below. And it is the first hookah tobacco that has been grown in the Caribbean soil.

Generally, pro hookah smokers prefer medium-cut shisha and sometimes small-cut as well. In this tobacco, you’ll get a vibrant and sweet blueberry flavour with added mint flavour.

The smell of the flavour is itself so overwhelming that you’ll feel like you are smoking hookah right now. The mint flavour will amaze you and your throat when you inhale it from the hookah hose.

It will provide the best refreshing feeling when you smoke this one of your favourite flavours. And you know, once you smoke mint flavour, everything will taste icey. Like when you will smoke this amazing mint flavour in your initial smoke, you will feel icier.

What about the starbuzz blue mist tobacco smoke clouds?

Most hookah smokers smoke because of the thick cloud hookah delivers. And if you are not getting thick clouds, you should stop smoking that hookah right away and fix that.

It’s all about the thick smoke cloud. When customers find out that their favourite flavour is not giving them a thick smoke, then hookah lounges may have to change the flavour or fix hookah in another way.

As you guys know, nicotine is an addictive substance, yet young generations are the top smokers of that nicotine. It looks classy, they say. All they want is a thick cloud from the hookah and shisha flavour.

You can expect a perfect amount of thick smoke from this tobacco, and the aftertaste of the starbuzz shisha is awesome. This product contains nicotine, and these hookahs are excellent smoking machines nowadays.

The taste

It tastes amazing in your mouth as you inhale it. When you start to inhale you will taste the refreshing sensation in your mouth and throat. And it also feels like cotton candy.

Other customers give this flavour above average rating, which is the perfect flavour and taste to make your hookah session the best in town.

And it is sometimes tough to get these flavours as their demand is very high all the time, and you can not find this tobacco in your stores easily.


It’s all about customer service. If you provide world-class service to your customers and make them feel like they are the most important person on planet earth for you, you will succeed as a brand.

And starbuzz tobacco has been doing this for years now.

Shisha tobacco comes in different sizes and packaging as follows.

  1. 50g Tin
  2. 100g Tin
  3. 250g Tin
  4. 500g Tin
  5. 1Kg tub

They care for each customer segment. Suppose you are an individual or a bulk buyer of your hookah bars. Brand pack this shisha in many different packing sizes so that every person can benefit from this very sweet blueberry flavour.

It contains a low amount of tobacco in the pack. So, if you are not likely to smoke high nicotine, this flavour will suit your comfort.

So that beginners can easily enjoy this low-tobacco shisha with their gang. And also, they will be a cautionary of warning this product contains nicotine.

What is blue mist flavour for?

As mentioned earlier that it contains a low amount of nicotine, so beginners or newbies to the world of hookah can easily consume it. And if you are an advanced smoker, you can also enjoy this amazing mouth-watering shisha with your gang.

This is the perfect shisha combination for your daily hookah session. And if you do not smoke daily, you can also enjoy this at a special event or party.

Starbuzz blue mist is so professional that they do not add any artificial colors or flavours. All ingredients are natural, which is the biggest reason for its best taste.

The flavour is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. And nicotine ratio is 0.5%

Making a perfect hookah set up with starbuzz blue mist flavour

You can set up a hookah with any flavor you want but here I will tell you guys the best combination to set up a hookah for starbuzz blue mist tobacco.

This blue mist starbuzz shisha article will be the most helpful review for a long time.

Let’s talk about the best hookah setup with blue mist starbuzz shisha. Below stated hookah setup is only a recommendation. You can use your own favourite hookah and hookah accessories.

Hookah: As mentioned earlier, you can use your favourite hookah with the blue mist starbuzz shisha. But here are some of the hookahs I suggest you use to have a better hookah smoking experience.

22″ Egyptian, 29″ Egyptian, Khalil Mammon, etc. These are the best hookahs to have this amazing flavour with.

Foil: You should use heavy-duty foil for such shisha tobacco because it is a medium-cut shisha. You have to handle it carefully, so better if you have a heavy-duty foil that can handle any flavour and will not allow any leakages.

Hookah Base: There are millions of options available for the hookah base. You can mix water with almost anything like ice, milk, honey, glycerine, Redbull, etc. Or you can have only water base hookah for a simple yet satisfactory hookah smoking experience.

Shisha Cut: Medium cut or small and fine cuts with a juice taste are preferable

Hookah Coals: Coco Nara natural coals. There are other coals available as well. You can definitely choose your favourite hookah coals.

Hookah Bowl: Phunnel-type bowl like Budpro silicone phunnel-type bowl. Standard Egyptian or Tangiers bowls as well. There are many other bowls also available, so choose accordingly.

Hookah Hose: 72″ hose or your favourite standard hookah hose.


Which flavor to combine with blue mist?

Hookah shisha market is a big market, and there are plenty of shisha tobacco flavors options available. Still, when it comes to mixing any particular flavor with another one, you have to choose wisely. So with blue mist, you can have the combinations as below.
Blue mist and Sex on the beach, Blue mist, and grape, Blue mist and strawberry, and
Blue mist and vanilla

Is starbuzz shisha tobacco strong?

This is the best hookah shisha flavor one could ever have with their gang at a party. If you are not smoking tobacco or want to smoke a flavor that contains less tobacco, this would be a perfect choice. Blue mist starbuzz contains 0.5% of tobacco as per the standard guidelines. So, this is a low tobacco flavor that anyone can enjoy.

Here we are wrapping up the amazing and helpful review on starbuzz blue mist shisha tobacco. And this is by far the most popular and amazing flavor among the competitors.

It has everything in it. If you talk about the low percentage of tobacco, then yes, it does have that. If you talk about the mouth-watering taste and smell, then yes, it does have that. Like this, many other qualities are there in the starbuzz blue mist flavor.

Have fun.

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