6 Ninja Ways to stay away from hookah sickness

Smoking hookah is fun, but you should know how to stay away from hookah sickness.

The craze of smoking hookah is increasing day by day in the younger generations as the impact of social media on life has also increased.

Because of the trend of showing off, youth are now inclining more towards hookah smoking but do they know what risks are coming with smoking hookah daily.

Hookah smoking can make you sick, really sick If practiced daily for a longer period of time.

It damages almost every important part of your body, yet you will not realize until suddenly you will fall sick one day and you will no longer have more days to live.

Yes, it could happen to you and everyone who’s addicted to smoking hookah or smoking cigarettes.

Hookah contains hookah tobacco, and If you don’t know, then let me tell you that hookah tobacco is bad for human health.

If you ever feel unhealthy after any particular hookah session and neglect that feeling, you might have to pay a high price for your life.

Even though hookah tobacco and shisha smoking can make you really sick, people smoke it like it would not affect them.

But that is because most hookah smokers are youth, and at a very young age, you will not feel anything bad. And In fact, you will enjoy smoking hookah and cigarette smoking with your friends but, when you slowly become old, you will realize the effect of hookah tobacco on your body.

So, it is better to understand the effect and hookah sickness on your body and move forward with it.

In this article, I will tell you how to avoid hookah sickness and discuss it in detail. So, read along to know more. There are many ways to prevent hookah sickness. We will discuss that as well.

6 Steps to avoid hookah sickness

Use natural coals only.

Coals are the most important part of the hookah-smoking process, and it would not be easy without coals to smoke hookah. Hookah smokers love to smoke tobacco every day. It is kind of a habit to them that will also ruin their life.

So, It contains dangerous substances and other chemicals or cancer-causing chemicals responsible for oral cancers and many other diseases. It could cause heart disease as well.

But using everything natural in your life makes fewer chances of these diseases. When you use coals that light themselves quicker, they have more carbon monoxide exposure. And due to carbon monoxide intoxication, it hurts you more.

These quick lights have additives that produce harmful gas, and these gas hurt you more than anything.

Instead, use natural coals. They are the best coals out there in the market with great features, and it also lit well and burns red.

It provides you the best heat your hookah shisha wants. If you do not provide the heat your shisha requires, it will not burn well.

Naturals coals will improve your hookah session duration so that you can enjoy your hookah with friends for a longer duration than usual.

Don’t smoke with an empty stomach.

If you have an empty stomach and smoke hookah with your gang, it might negatively affect your health.

As you know, hookah tobacco contains nicotine, and nicotine increases your blood pressure when smoked on an empty stomach.

And stomach is the root of 70% of diseases that happen to you. More than 1 of every 2 diseases are connected with the stomach, and If you smoke hookah with an empty stomach, it will increase the chances of bad health.

So please make sure that you have eaten enough but not over because empty and overeaten both are not good. When your stomach is filled with an adequate amount of food, it will help you feel the hookah session properly, and you will also enjoy the shisha along with your hand.

And when you have a proper food quantity in your stomach, it will help you tackle all the nicotine content that is coming in the stomach, and it will help you enjoy the session.

Use ventilated room

Smoking hookah means that you are smoking more carbon monoxide than usual.

And carbon monoxide is bad for your health. A typical hookah session runs for 1.5 to 2 hours, and in these hours of smoking, you inhale and exhale many times, and with all your friends being present there, you are inhaling carbon monoxide in large quantities.

So it is better to have a properly ventilated room or space where you and your gang can smoke hookah easily and benefit all of you who are smoking hookah with you.

When you are smoking in a narrow room with no ventilation, you will find yourself having more trouble smoking and feeling slightly more headaches and other things that will happen to you.

I strongly recommend you smoke in an outdoor area or your garden with lots of trees and nature around you so that there will be more oxygen present at that time and you will not suffocate.

By smoking outdoor, you are making the smoke fade away in the environment. Hence there will be no more smoke around you to suffocate you and your gang.

So, you are ready to move with this practice to smoke every day.

Take a deep breath.

Oops, I forgot to take a breath.

Don’t worry, and it was not for too long.

If it were, then I wouldn’t have written this blog. You know that.

Sometimes, it could be the hardest thing on planet earth to breathe, despite being the easiest thing you could ever do.

It becomes tough to breathe when you smoke hookah with your gang in a non-ventilated room. However, that non-ventilated room also makes breathing harder, and the oxygen level will significantly drop.

So. it is my humble request and advice at the same time to not forget to breathe and take as much oxygen as you can. It will only support you to see things clearly ( not literary, but you know what I mean ).

Take breathe when it’s not your turn to smoke that way, you can take more oxygen intake in your body, and it is quite necessary.

Please do not show your enthusiasm for smoking hookah when it is your turn. I know you are excited to smoke it as hard as possible, but please avoid that hard puff one followed by the other.

Take it easy, and it won’t go anywhere. It’s there for you, only so chill. It would make you dizzy in seconds. Suppose you go harder and harder in your turn.

When the oxygen level suddenly drops off in your body when you start taking those hard puffs, it will only make you dizzy quicker than anything else, but it will also make your body with less oxygen at the same time.

Don’t hope high for tobacco in the first place.

It should be the rule of life that starts anything with small and then scale it up slowly.

Be it a business or a habit.

Starting slowly and then moving upwards will help you a lot to digest. And when you jump off straight to the higher levels where you or your body do not belong, your body will not settle with that higher level intake.

Likewise, go slowly with the hookah tobacco in the starting and here starting means not when you start the session with your gang but when it’s your initial days with the hookah and when you are not a pro at it.

There are many tobacco brands available in the market with low level to higher-level nicotine in them. So, in the initial days, go slow and smoke only low-level nicotine tobacco flavors.

And when you feel comfortable and know you can handle more now, then, and only then, you should move ahead with the higher level of tobacco that contains more nicotine.

So, if you don’t know which brand contains more or less nicotine, see the brand’s packaging, and you will get to know the exact amount of nicotine used in that brand.

And you can use this information of nicotine to select your hookah tobacco for the amazing hookah session with your hand at your favorite place, I guess.

Drink water often

Let me take a sip of water and then will continue to write.

Okay, now I am ready to go.

But are you guys ready to read it while drinking water?

It feels good when I drink water. And it feels even best when I know that water is the reason I am alive right now.

And it isn’t wrong to say water means life.

So, my friend, be hydrated and drink water when you feel thirsty, or you can even drink water at the gap of each 30 minutes. Or make a schedule that suits you.

Do whatever you want to do to drink water.

If you are dehydrated and doing some heavy work or inhaling shisha smoke, it could make a problem. Water makes everything easy and smooth in our bodies.

It lubricates well and provides the natural energy to do everyday tasks.


How to smoke hookah without getting sick?

Getting sick by smoking hookah means having headaches, dizziness, etc. And I have mentioned the ways and methods to avoid that sickness. You have to be hydrated, have plenty of oxygen in the room or take more deep breaths. By following these methods, you will not get sick by smoking hookah.

Is hookah good to smoke in this pandemic?

I recommend you smoke from your personal hookah set up, do not share the hookah pipe or shisha pipe with anyone, and do not be present at any physically open hookah bars. Try to avoid being in this situation and if you are in the one and can not avoid it, then use your own separate setup with your friends.


Smoke hookah, but take necessary precautions so that you will not fall sick by smoking hookah. And If you fall anyhow, follow the methods mentioned above in this article, which will surely help you overcome those sicknesses rapidly. Desvall

The methods or ways that are mentioned in this article are working, and If any of the methods don’t work for you, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t working for everybody.

So try each way to avoid hookah sickness, smoke it with your friends and family, and enjoy your valuable life.

Have fun.

Our author
Peter Russell

I smoke hookah every day. Like daily with my gang. This is what I love the most when the thick smoke comes out of my mouth, giving me the best feeling in the world. I have been smoking hookah since 2010, and one day, my friend suggested I share my experience with the newbies. So here I am sharing my whole lot of experience of smoking. Use my tips to smoke better and enjoy every day of your life.

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