20 The Best Substitutes For Water In The Hookah

Let’s look at 20 the best substitutes for water in the hookah. Hookahs are all about experiments. We will experiment with replacing the water with other famous liquids and see if it is working.

And you can also do experiments with your hookah sizes, hookah coals, hookah shisha flavor, hookah bowl and replacing them with natural fruits like watermelon and oranges.

So, plain water is being used in the hookah base from the beginning of hookah smoking in the world. It is the most used liquid in the hookah base.

Hookah lovers are known for their experiments on hookah, and they always want to have different hookah session experiences. So, they try to replace the king of hookah base, the water and fill other liquids like lemon juice, orange juice, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, orange soda. Margarita mix, energy drinks, flat soda, fruit slices in the hookah base or bowl, mint leaves, pina colada, ice cubes, vanilla extract, fruit juice, herbal tea, and many more.

Can you imagine? For years, these liquids and fruit juices have been used in the hookah base, and hookah lovers enjoy it with their friends at hookah lounges and bars.

Hookah smoke gets affected by what you put in the hookah base; for example, If you are using plain water in the base, you’ll have almost the best thicker smoke from the hookah. Likewise, every liquid mentioned above has its thick clouds producing capacity.

So, I have listed down 20 the best replacement for the water in the hookah base to give it a bit more spiciness or a good taste than water. You have to try one of these 20 replacements, and If you are more excited, try all of them.

What can You have in the hookah base other than water?

Hookah enthusiasts put anything that comes into their mind from Redbull to Whiskey and from Lemon juice to Vodka. Literary anything that you love to smoke with. But I would suggest you avoid carbonated drinks and use flat soda instead.

Carbonated drinks can not be used in the hookah base for obvious reasons, as it creates pressure when you inhale the smoke from the hookah hose, which then creates the fizz, and it can seriously ruin your smoking experience if it comes into your hookah hose. So make distance from the carbonated drinks and use flat soda instead.

Some people love to drink alcohol, putting it in the hookah base, but you should be very careful while pouring the alcohol in the base because it can be hazardous.

You don’t have to worry about what types of liquids to use in the hookah base because I have made a complete list of what should be used as a hookah base instead of plain water.

20 Best substitutes to use other than water

1 Ice

Ice can mix with anything and blends in anything, and it also adds water content to the liquid with which it blends.

When you add Ice to the base, smoke will become cooler, which is obvious, making thicker smoke. A few cubes of Ice can do magic in the hookah base and provide you the best smoking experience.

There are some downwards of using Ice in the hookah base as well. Using it in the base will probably kill the flavor, and the taste will fade away. It will become light.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that after using Ice in the base, you should never clean it with warm water instantly because hookah bases are made from glass, and they can break.

2 Lemon & Watermelons

When I hear lemon and watermelon, I instantly remember the hot summer and beautiful beaches having a cool during and smoking hookah with this kind of hookah base, which can be refreshing and give you the best taste of hookah. You can also add some ice to the mix of lemon and watermelons, it will become slightly cooler, and you will love it for sure.

Lemon and watermelon is the fantastic combination of two amazingly satisfying liquids used in the hookah base. And you can mix a little bit of Mint with this combination to have an extratropical taste in the hot summer and chill, my friend.

3 Orange Juice

Orange juice is everyone’s favorite, including mine. You can use the orange juice in the base and get the thick clouds because it makes the smoke denser.

This is the hot favorite of hookah lovers to replace it with water and have a pleasable hookah session. You can have orange juice in the base and strawberry or blueberry as a shisha of the hookah. It will be the best combination of a hookah to have with your gang. A few cubes of Ice in this one will work as well.

4 Whiskey

This one is for alcohol lovers. If you love drinking whiskey, then this combination will become your favorite. Add whiskey in the water as per your taste and enjoy your famous hookah base containing alcohol. And If you are not 21+, then please do not try this at your home.

And when you are enjoying the whiskey in the base, it will be more enjoyable if you have your whiskey with the shisha flavor of peach.

5 Vodka

Here It comes, Vodka has a different fan base all over the globe. Too much Vodka can make you dizzy and so do not add too much Vodka to the base.

It will be more good in taste for those who love Vodka. And It will be a kind of neutral taste when you inhale the smoke from the hose.

So, It will be the perfect choice for the party to smoke with your friends, and you can add any flavors in the bowl to have it with Vodka.

6 Coffee

Like Vodka, coffee also makes the best combination with and without water. Having a coffee hookah base would be a different kind of taste that coffee lover will love it. And if you put vanilla flavor in the bowl of chocolate, it would be extra lovely with the coffee base down below.

But adding coffee more often than water will make your hose go wrong in the short term. So clean it after every use of the coffee base in a hookah.

7 Vanilla extract

If you don’t want to experiment with your hookah base or add a little bit of different extra touch of flavor in the hookah base, you can use vanilla extract with the water in the base.

Add few drops of vanilla extract in the water of the hookah base and have a good hookah session with a different taste altogether.

And If you talk about shisha, then the chocolate will work best with the vanilla, and cappuccino will also work. This combination makes the hookah feel so good, and you can not leave its hose from your hand.

8 Food Dying with different colors

It is not about having a nice flavor, and sometimes one only needs the color of their own, which can give them enough confidence to smoke it when they feel low or down.

Using the food dying color in the hookah base water will be the only thing to have sometimes because sometimes you don’t want any extra flavors but have a perfect hookah of your choice and colors.

9 Milk

Everyone has their taste, and my job here is to let you know my experience with the particular thing, so milk suits someone’s taste and does not go well with others.

But for me, Milk is good as long as I mix it with hookah water in the hookah base. Milk will produce the smoke thicker, and If you love that, you have found your perfect combination of hookah base.

10 Pina Colada

Pina colada is one of the famous drinks for cocktail lovers, and if you are on the beach having a good time on your holiday, it tastes even better. So you can have this tropical cocktail taste in the hookah base, It will be a bit expensive hookah base, but you will indeed have fun with this fantastic and refreshing taste of the pina colada.

I give more of a pineapple flavor, but you can have your favorite shisha with this base, and you are good to go.

11 Frozen Fruits

Everyone knows that fruits are good for health, but they are also suitable for hookahs when you have them purposefully and learn how to use them on a hookah.

You can use fruits in the base. For that, you have to put them in the base, and if you squeeze them a little bit and release their flavors into the base, then you will have more fun smoking it. It will give an original taste of the respective fruits used in the base.

And when you have frozen fruit in the base and starbuzz blue mist shisha flavor in the hookah bowl, it makes the best and enjoyable hookah in the whole world.

12 Wine

Yes, you can use it.

One of the richest tastes you will ever get from a hookah if you put wine in the base. And by richest, I mean in terms of taste, not the money, right?

While using a wine, make sure you use the best quality only, not the cheap one if you can afford it.

And go with the evergreen flavor, which is starbuzz blue mist. It will taste so colorful in your mouth with the wine.

13 Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are the best refreshing thing to add to their boring stuff to make it more vital and energetic. Adding mint leaves to the base with a little bit of Ice will give you the best cooling combination for the hookah base.

If you think of which flavor we should take with these leaves of Mint, let me tell you guys that it goes with anything, literary any flavor you can use with Mint and since in the hookah base.

14 Red Bull

Gives you wings. Not literary, but imaginary.

It is an energy drink with a high amount of caffeine in it. It’s a highly addictive drink, I must say.

By the way, I am writing this article while drinking Red Bull.

You can put Red bull in the hookah base to replace water, but you should not fill the base with Red Bull. It will create a Fizz, so always mix Red Bull with water. You can keep water’s percentage low.

15 Herbal Tea

Just like the other liquids, you can use herbal tea in the hookah base instead of water. Any herbal tea will work for you, or If you have your favorite herbal tea in mind, you can have that in the base.

You can use a trendy tea which is anise tea, instead of water in the base. It has a good taste and smell so that you can enjoy your hookah session with your gang at your favorite place in the city.

I would taste better with the vanilla shisha flavor in the hookah. It would help if you tried this combination at least once in your life.

16 Popsicles

Popsicles are delicious, and when you put them in the base, you will indeed have a great time smoking them from that hookah.

They come in a variety of flavors so that you can choose from those flavors to enjoy your hookah. And for the shisha flavor, you can select the best-suited flavor, which will match the popsicles. It will taste good.

17 Soda

Soda is the best alternative for the water in the hookah base. Just put your favorite soda in the base, and what are you waiting for, my friend? Inhale hard and exhale smooth thick clouds. That should be the routine of every hookah lover.


But, please make sure that you do not use carbon dioxide soda. It will ruin your hookah 100%, and you will no longer be able to smoke it again, so keep your distance from that sodas.

So the flat soda will work, and choose the best matching shisha flavor with the soda to smoke your hookah for all day long.

18 Margarita

This would be the second cocktail on the list today. It is a good alternative for the water in the hookah base as it is filled with many flavors, and you can also taste those flavors through smoking.

The best flavor to mix a margarita with is Mint. It will be so refreshing for you to smoke this combination on hookah, and you will remember it for a long time.

19 Coconut Water

It is natural water from the earth, and you can use it to replace it with water. Coconut water is naturally a bit sweet, so it will give you the exact taste when you inhale it.

It will taste good with many flavors available in the market, but my favorite is Fumari Ambrosia.

Have it with this flavor to taste the original coconut water taste from a hookah.

20 Sugar Syrup

Sugar syrup is used to make the base a bit sweet. It is what sugar does, right?

But it will not affect the taste of the hookah. It can give you a slightly sweet taste while inhaling from the hose. It will make the water sweet in the base, and you can use any of the flavors with this combination.

Your favorite flavors will work in this hookah base combination to have a thicker smoke output. Adding sugar syrup to the base will make the smoke thicker.


What to use other than water in hookah base?

As I have mentioned in this article that you can literary have anything in the hookah base as long as it is consumable and in the form of liquid. There are thousands of options available to use other than water in the base. For that list, please check this article in detail. You will get the best options open.

What are the different things you can smoke in hookah?

Hookahs are made to smoke tobacco, flavored tobacco, or without tobacco flavors, and many more. But If you want to get dizzy, then you can also use marijuana and hashish as well.


So, I have almost added all the alternatives to water in hookah base, and If you think that something is missing, you know the drill.

However, You can use mentioned alternatives in the hookah base instead of plain water.

I hope you like this article, and It has helped you understand what you can use in the hookah base other than plain water. Desvall

Have fun and smoke all day long.

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