Tall or Short which hookah is better? – Things you MUST KNOW

Tall or Short, which hookah is better?

Let’s find out quickly!

When was the first time you smoked the hookah out of curiosity?

Do you remember that moment when you were young, and your friend introduced you to the most exciting thing on the planet earth?

It was a great moment for me.

I remember smoking a hookah for the first time, and it felt magical.

But, I did not know about the world of hookah that exists.

I was new to the world of hookah, and that is obvious that I don’t know about the shape, size, material.

All I would dream for is to smoke it until the shisha gets burned.

Slowly and slowly, I was diving deep into the hookah world, and I mastered it now.

Now, If you ask me anything about hookah, then the answer will be satisfactory.

You won’t require to search for a better answer elsewhere because mine will be the best.

So, in this article, we will try to provide you with the best answer possible to the current question, so read along.

Let’s start with the basic one.

Which one is better?

Tall hookah or short hookah?

Tall hookah is good?


Short hookah is good?

I know you got tons of questions about the size of hookah, how it affects its smoking session, the amount of smoke it produces, and which one runs for a longer period of time, and so on.

The small hookahs will obviously have a small base and a small stem. And if you don’t know, then let me tell you that both these factors affect the temperature of the hookah smoke.

A small hookah has less water in the base than a large hookah because, as you know, hookah should be filled with water up to 1 inch and a small hookah has a small base hence less volume for water.

A large hookah holds up more water in its base compared to a smaller hookah. It also has a long stem and a big hose.

Smaller hookahs are easy to store in the storeroom or anywhere you like them, but the large hookahs are difficult to store in narrow space, or it is hard compared to smaller hookahs to store.

If you have a smoking room in your house and want to decorate or want to put showpieces, then small hookahs can be used, and they will look nice as well.

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How can hookah height affect Its performance?

Hookah comes in different heights and sizes wherever you go. But can it affect the performance of the hookah?

I will try to explain how height can affect hookah’s performance.

So, height has very little to no affects on the hookah’s performance.

It only depends on your smoking habits. If you are the one who enjoys the hookah for a long duration in one session, then try to avoid the small hookahs that have a small stem and a small base.

A large hookah can run for a long duration because of its long stem and larger hookah base.

Height has no affects on the temperature and smoothness of the hookah.

A tall hookah is for a long hookah session with your friends and family, and you can have these long sessions because the tall hookahs will cool down your hookah smoke and will provide a great smoking experience.

The temperature of the smoke will be lower in larger hookahs and smoke compared to short hookahs.

You can find the best hookah on desvall.

Large bowl or small bowl?

Large hookahs or small hookahs both have a hookah bowl.

But, which is better?

So first thing first. You can have a small hookah, a large hookah bowl, and a large hookah with a small hookah bowl. Got that?

The hookah bowl is only for holding the tobacco in the bowl.

And if you have a large bowl, that means you can hold up a high quantity of tobacco in the bowl.

But If you have a small bowl, that means you can hold up a lower quantity of tobacco in the bowl.

Simple as that.

When you have a party in the house, and you are celebrating something. People have come up to celebrate with you. In this case, there are many smokers available to smoke it from single hookah s better to have a large hookah bowl that can hold more tobacco, and everyone can enjoy the session.

But, If you are a single person who’s gonna have the quick session, then a small hookah bowl would work well.

There’s no sense to have a large bowl and waste your amazing tobacco when you are the only one to smoke. Tall hookah cool down the smoke easily because of its large hookah base.

Are tall hookahs better?

Tall hookahs have everything large, including hoses, base, stem, bowl, etc.

A large hookah base that can hold more water than a small hookah base will cool the smoke faster.

More water means it can take more heat from a bowl, tobacco, and coals. So it can provide a long hookah session. Making it stay cool for a longer duration, and that Is what a hookah lover wants.

And tall hookahs have long stems meaning the smoke has to travel more to reach the water base, and smoke cools down in this travel in the stem, applying less heat to the water.

It will help water to stay cool for long-duration hence a long hookah session from that taller hookahs.

In short, taller hookahs are meant to be longer, giving a bit cooler smoke than smaller hookahs.

Are small hookahs better?

A small hookah is a hookah at the end, and it only depends on your need and situation that what type of hookah you should have.

A small hookah has everything small, like a small stem, small base, small hose, etc.

And when you have a small hookah base, it will obviously have a smaller water capacity. And when you have less water to cool down the smoke, it will not last long.

Likewise, a smaller stem as well. The smoke will travel through the stem and reach the water base, but the stem is small, which means less distance to travel and less time to cool down the smoke.

And when you smoke hard, the smoke heats up more, and the water also heats up, making it stay for a low time.

But If you are a pro in making a hookah, then a small hookah can provide you a decent hookah session with thick clouds.

Since you have a small hookah, it has a small hookah bowl that can hold up less tobacco. It will not stay for a longer duration compared to larger hookah.

So you can say that small hookah provides the best hookah session but for less time. It doesn’t stay for a long duration.

Is It necessary to purge a tall and small hookah?

Hookah lovers and pro smokers would agree with me on how harsh hookah can feel after 50-60 minutes.

And it could ruin your taste and mood to smoke a hookah if you are a newbie in the world of hookah.

So the best solution for harshness is purge.

Purging a hookah is necessary if it feels harsh. It helps you to remove the carbon monoxide left in the system during smoking.

The method to purge is to slowly blow away the due carbon monoxide from the system and make sure that water doesn’t get into the stem.

Because once the water gets into the stem, your hookah session will be over as the water will enter into the tobacco and ruin the whole flavor.

If you are in the middle of the session and you feel that your bowl has started heating, you can purge it a little bit slow, and it will cool down the bowl’s temperature as well.

How often do I need to purge?

As explained earlier, purging is necessary to keep smoking a hookah without any obstacles.

But how often do I need to purge? You may ask.

So there are not any rules for purging and how many times you should purge, but all you need to know Is that you need to purge if you are smoking a hookah.

The general method of purging that pro smokers follow is that they purge after every 10 puffs they have.

One exhale into hose after every 10 puffs. And if you follow this routine, you will no longer require any setting to smoke a good hookah.

If you feel that tobacco and bowl are getting heated, then blow the hose slowly and continue to blow it for 10 to 15 seconds until the bowl gets cool.

And if you feel that tobacco is burned too much and there are no hopes left to revive the tobacco, then it is better to change the tobacco and start a new hookah session with your larger hookahs / taller hookah, which is not meant for more smoke but you can have it at ambient air temperature. All these elements affect people smoking hookah and how they have a great session.


Tall hookahs yield more smoke than small hookahs.

As I have covered in this article, the smoke quality a hookah produces depends on the bowl, type of tobacco used, quality of coals used, and a mixture of all these elements. So the height of the hookah is not important to produce a smoke better than anything or anyone.

The best size for a hookah?

The types of hookahs available in the market are unbelievable, and it may surprise you how big and small hookahs are available in the market. If you are a heavy smoker who enjoys the long smoking session, tall hookahs are best for you. But If you are the one who enjoys the quick smoke, then small-size hookahs are best for you. Just explore yourself on what type of smoker you are, and you have the answer to this question.

Which hookah base is best for smoking?

Innovation is at best in the hookah world, and people smoke from a different base of hookah, and they enjoy it. Many different hookah bases are available in the market, but it depends on your habit and what suits you better. You may like RedBull base hookah or Milk base hookah, but your friend may like water base hookah, so it only depends on your type. But the best one is the water only.
Water base can be the best hookah in the world, and it lasts long as well. And what do we want after all? A good and long hookah session with our loved ones, isn’t it?


Bigger hookahs or large hookahs produce the smoke that short hookahs can not produce, and what shot hookahs do, large hookahs can not follow that thing.

So, both come with different abilities to provide a hookah session, but you have to decide what type of hookah smoker you are.

You like more thick smoke or a long session. It can achieve both, but for that, you need to spend some time smoking hookah and understand its functionality and how it works.

The smoke passes through the tall stem could have a difference in the temperature of the smoke. The water temperature of cold water is less, and hence it can provide a good experience in smoking a hookah.

It does not mean that tall hookahs are easier draws because they have enough water, and small ones don’t have enough water. The small one also has enough water according to its size. And don’t forget to purge if it hit harder than expected.

In the end, I wish you a great hookah session.

Have Fun!

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