Top 10 Best hookah coal burners – Must Read

In this article, I will tell you about the amazing top 10 hookah coal burners and lighters.

If you are new to the world of smoking hookah and don’t know how coal is being lit, then my friend, you have come to the right place.

If you regularly smoke hookah, you know you need many well-burned coals to smoke hookah.

Without the red coals or well-burned coals, you can never have a proper hookah session. So, that’s where the hookah coal burner comes into the picture.

There are various kinds of hookah coal burner available in the market, but If you have been following this blog since incorporation, we only talk about the best in the business.

So, in this article, you will learn about the best hookah coal burners used in the hookah lounges as professional hookah coal burners.

When I was a newbie in shisha smoking, I did not know how to burn coal, and I have wasted many hours trying to have red coals to smoke a hookah. But it takes a lot of hard work and a strategy to lit up the coals.

I have even used the oven to light up the coals, but it makes a lot of mess to clean after, so I had to leave that idea. And one day, I found the best solution to light the coals, which is the coal burners that give consistent heat, or you can even do a heat switch as well.

The best hookah coal burner would make your coals red in less time compared to old conventional hookah burners.

You want to use an outdoor hookah electric burner, and then you have that option available for you as well. Because the hookah industry is big and the researchers invent the best things that can help hookah smokers.

How to know about hookah burners best quality

Hookah coals are the most important item to smoke hookah. And to light the hookah coals, you need an electric hookah charcoal burner.

This electric hookah charcoal burner comes in different sizes and shapes. However, it would be best if you determined which one is appropriate for your zone and kitchen.

And if you are a fan of hookah and would love to smoke it at your home, then you’ll probably need an electric hookah coal burner that provides great customer service for your home soon.

A good quality hookah coal burner reaches the temperature of 300-350 degrees in minutes, and this quality is a must in any hookah coal burner. It should not take up to 5 minutes to reach the stated temperature because the best hookah coal burners would reach that temp in 4 minutes.

The best quality hookah burners can regulate the temperature and have a solid build of the parts with great materials used to make them. Any hookah smoker will identify these qualities when they see it.

It’s easy to choose the hookah coal burner. All you need is some information about what they look like and what facilities they have.

And a safety option is a must to have on these electric hookah charcoal burners, like it should warn you when something is not right, and it should shut off automatically when they are ready. You should buy the one which includes a portable coals basket.

The best hookah coal burners

Now, I will mention some of the best hookah coal burners in the market available right now to decide to buy one.

1. Fumari 120V Hookah Coal burner


It has no fancy design for the coal burner, and it is designed to make things simple and helps the smoker burn coals efficiently.

It obviously runs on 120v and has a high-speed coal-burning rate. If you don’t want any complexity in your life and burner, then you can pick this one for your own use.

Let’s have a look at the advantages. It has a regulator from which you can adjust the temp of the burner.

2. IMUSA Electric Single coal Burner


It is a very portable device or burner that can be used by anyone nearly anywhere. It runs on 1100 watts and is loaded with amazing features.

You can use this burner as your cooking partner, and when you sit down with your gang to smoke, you can use this as a coal burner as well. Isn’t it so cool?

It allows you to regulate the temperature dial to adjust the heating coil according to your need. So, It also comes with a tray to catch your cooking waste or ashes of coals that could fall during the making process.

It has an indicator light to warn or let people know that the coil is now hot. So, if you have limited space in the kitchen and want a burner for coals as well, then you can definitely take this one into your consideration.

3. hookah harmony charcoal burner

  • Harmony charcoal-burner heats the coal very fast and save more time
  • You will get titanium charcoals and hookah tongs free with the burner
  • It comes with a regulator/dial to control the temp
  • It runs on 1100 watts


You can use the tray or pan that comes with it to catch all the waste, and at the end of the day, you can clean it with water. It has an appealing design and X factor in it.

So, if you really love to smoke hookah and you look at yourself smoking hookah in the future as well, then you can buy this charcoal burner.

4. Charco flare hookah coal burner


If you like strong and bulky or heavy things, then this one is for you. This hookah starter comes with a heavy hot plate with a great heating element and air vents to perfect your hookah setup.

A little heat will not burn red. For that, you will require a professional heavy-duty burner like Charco flare. This coal burner comes with hookah tongs and has a regulator to control the temp.

It has a narrow design and heats the coals in under 5 minutes. That’s really cool; it will deliver the best and fast coals in under 5 minutes when you are ready to smoke.

It will look very sophisticated in your kitchen or even anywhere in your home.

5. pharaoh’s electric hookah coal burner


The pharaoh’s electric burner has a hot plate and a removable tray that you can remove anytime you want. This awesome feature is given on this burner so that you can make them apart and store them wherever you like to store them. It heats up very fast, just like the other 4 burners I have discussed with you all.

It has only 3 minutes of boosting time. Can you believe it? And you can control its hot temperature easily by the controller.

If you buy this burner, then you will get the tongs free. You can use these tongs for shifting coals.

This will be a good option if you look for a good and efficient burner that saves electricity.

6 Eight24hours electric hookah coal starter


Just like the others, it has some outstanding features that you can definitely use to lit up the coals for your hookah sessions in hookah lounges.

It is more like a stove of your everyday cooking. But it is a coal burner from which you can light your charcoals and have a hookah session.

All you need to do is pull out your natural coals and put them inside the burner, and soon you will have the best hot and red coals that it can use on your hookah bowl.

So, it usually takes under 4 minutes to heat the coals that are less than its competitors.

The best Hookah coals lighters

Now, let’s talk about the coal lighters.

These can be used the same way we use the hookah coal burners. These are called torch lighters, and you can use them to heat the hookah charcoals.

But they are more portable and handy, as you can see in the images.

Let’s talk about the best hookah torch lighter in the Bazar right now.

Top 4 hookah coal lighters

1 Newport jumbo torch lighter


This is one of the best torch lighter among the competitors. And hookah smokers love this lighter because it helps them to heat the coal very quickly.

It looks very modern and stylish, yet it is easy to use. If you have this Newport torch lighter, you don’t have to worry about its efficiency because it will run for straight 2 hours and give you hot flames. To lit up the coals. It’s a heavy-duty coal burner with great portability.

You can adjust its flame very easily, and you even can lock its flame on a particular mode to have a great flame output. It comes with a great child lock to provide the best safety in products like this.

2. Firebird hookah lighter


If you are looking for an affordable jet flame lighter with an adjustable heat option, then here it comes.

It is yet another stylish-looking torch lighter with great looks, better than your ex. It’s inexpensive, and you may use it to light your hookah coals quickly. Plus, it’s a single jet flame lighter so, it will help you get the best output from a lighter.

3 Texas hookah triple lighter


Here triple means it has three flames to blow. It is not very expensive, so you should definitely check out this lighter if you are looking for a budget-friendly hookah lighter.

It runs on butane, has a triple flame, and you can trust it. If you love colors, then you have the option to choose from. You can choose from blue, orange, and black.

If you really want your coals to get started, then choose this affordable hookah lighter.

4 Scorch torch tactical economic angle double jet flame lighter


I know, it’s a bit awkward name. But don’t go after its name. It is the most robust of them all and is made from gunmetal material as well.

No matter where you use it, it will withstand all the conditions and stand by you forever. If you are looking for an affordable range of hookah torch lighters, then this will be on the list for sure.


How to use a coal heater?

If you are new to the world of hookah and don’t know how to lit up the hookah shisha coals, then here is your answer. First, you have to purchase a coal heater that will do 100% of your work. It would be best if you plugged it in your socket, and boom. In under 5 minutes, your hookah charcoals are ready like that.

How to choose a hookah coal burner?

It’s simple. First, you should know your own budget and how you will use it. With the help of these questions, you can search for your perfect hookah charcoal burner. I have mentioned some of the best hookah charcoal burner, and you can check them out as well.


I have discussed every aspect of hookah coal burner and lighter. Now it is your time to choose from it. I have mentioned how long they take to burn coals, they are reliable or not, and other millions of questions are answered in this article.

I hope you choose your perfect hookah coal burner and smoke with your gang.

Have fun!

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