Top 10 things every hookah lover must know

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10 things every hookah lover must know
The hookah has a great history, and by being a hookah lover, you should know this.

You may wonder why the hell I should care about the history of hookah. I want to smoke it.

Yes, you are right. You can smoke a hookah.

But imagine the time in Hookah lounges when you are with your favorite people and the conversation is going on about the hookah; at that time, you can share your knowledge about the history of hookah.

You will be the star of the group with the best knowledge of hookah in the gang.

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Okay then, let’s start reading the things every hookah lover must know.

#10 The Great History Of Hookah

Hookahs have been here since the seventeenth century. When the Romanians came to India, they introduced tobacco to Akbar the Great. And the doctor of Akbar, Aboul Futteh Ghilani, found the Hookah in India.

However, There was no evidence of water pipe until the 1560s. Before tobacco, cannabis was being smoked.

Aboul Futteh Gilani, who came from Gilan, became the physician of the Mughal Empire and raised the concern over the health after smoking the tobacco.

He had also thought of a system from which smoke can pass through water to be purified.

And after Akbar smoked tobacco through the system invented by the Mughal court’s Hakim, It became popular in the state, and every nobleman followed that.

What about the History of the USA?
Now let’s talk about the USA and CA how they got the privilege to smoke the best thing in the world.

During the 1960s and ’70s, hookahs were very popular in the USA for the consumption of various types of tobaccos.

And today, hookahs are available everywhere, and everyone is using them to smoke their favorite type o tobaccos, cannabis, and many other things.

But looking at the popularity and the risks of health being compromised by the smoking of hookahs, the government is banning the use of hookahs for the one who’s under 18, and some states are completely banning it from smoking.

#9 Three Versions Of Hookahs

Traditional hookah

There are mainly three types of traditional hookahs available in the market right now. The Indian, Egyptian, and Syrian. All three countries make hand-made hookahs, and these traditional hookahs have different sizes, colors, and shapes.

Traditional hookahs are very different from those currently available in the market, and hookah smokers prefer traditional hookahs over the new ones because it gives a great feeling of smoking shisha and tobacco from it.

Glass Hookah

The traditional hookahs give the background taste, and if you don’t want that taste to ruin your party, try Glass hookahs.

It is the improved version of traditional or old hookahs. You can enjoy the pure taste of hookah in the glass hookah for real.

As you know, it is made of glass, so you don’t have to worry about the rust on the hookah like the traditional one.

And one of the best advantages of glass hookah is they look beautiful and are easy to clean anytime.

Pen Hookah

Pens are a potable smoking device, and In hookah pens, the liquid is used instead of solid flavor or shisha. This liquid flavor is then vaporized and makes thick smoke.

It is created for people who don’t use tobacco, nicotine, or tar. Pen hookahs are also known as a vaporizer, and you love it to make thick smoke from it.

It only gives you the flavor and not nicotine, so youth are crazy for vaporizers.

#8 Flavored Hookah

The popularity of hookah is increasing daily globally, but the government is strictly banning hookas in some states, and people are going nuts about the whole scenario.

Due to the risk of health at stake, innovators have made many flavors to smoke without nicotine and tobacco.

Hence, it lowers the risk of health, and at the same time, it also gives the same amount of pleasure to the smoker.

Smoker chooses from many flavored hookahs, and they also can mix as many flavors they want to enjoy the hookah with the gang.

But it is advisable to mix up to three flavors to enjoy a nicotine-free flavored hookah properly.

There are many flavors available for the smoker, including apple, double apple, mint, blueberry, strawberry, kiwi, paan, maghai paan, and the list goes on.

#7 Once Used For Election

The use of a Hookah is widely broad globally, and everyone uses it in the party, and some of them also offer hookah to the guests to show their hospitality.

But when a candidate was standing in the election of Lebanon in the year 2000, The candidate offered 200+ hookah lounge for the people who attended his rally to promote this party for the election.

Yes, it is true, and people are using a hookah in many ways to promote or enjoy, but hookah remains the common point of interest for the people, and they all can connect through the hookah.

It is also an opportunity to create a network when enjoying the hookah session with strangers, and you can make the best of that session by exchanging some words and can make lifelong relations.

#6 It Only Lasts For 45 Minutes

Yes, my friend, you are reading it right. If you are new to the hookah world and don’t know how long it can last, then the answer is 45 minutes only.

But that doesn’t mean that you can not enjoy your hookah for more than 45 minutes, Yes you can enjoy it for an hour or two, but there will be no flavor left in the chillam to smoke for, and you will no longer be able to enjoy your tobacco flavored hookah.

There are ways to enjoy a hookah for more time.

Maintain a proper heat or use heat-management
Do not try to inhale hard and long
Do not blow backward very strongly. Otherwise, the water will come up, and you are finished.
These are the ways to maintain a hookah for a longer period of time, but it is suggested to remove and change the flavor after 45 minutes.

After the mentioned time, there will be only burned flavors left in the chillam, and that taste of hookah is very disgusting, I tell you.

#5 Where’s the biggest hookah in the world?

The craze from a hookah is going high every day, and some people take hookah very seriously in their life and make a passion out of it.

The passion that pays as well.

The biggest pipe in the world is at Hollywood Hookah Lounge in LA.

Wanna guess the height of that pipe?

Done guessing?

It is 5 meters. Yes, it is.

The hookah market is being more expensive nowadays and since we are talking about the expensive, let me mention the Desvall.

They are making some of the costliest hookahs and pipes in the world.

Covered with gold, silver, and many expensive metals and hookah lovers are loving it.

And if you are looking to buy the Dasvall hookahs, then better you have $100,000 ready in cash.

#4 Fruit Hookahs

Fruit hookahs are not a new thing. They are here for 2 centuries, and it is doing great.

I would also agree because hookah lovers are enjoying the fruit hookahs very well, and they often order for the same in the hookah lounges.

Fruit hookah gives an exotic smoking feeling, and it would look great at a social gathering. And when your guests arrive, you can serve them the fruit hookah in a different fruit base instead of the normal glass base.

Fruits hookah has a whole fruit as its base instead of the glass base, and there were only three types of bases available, including coconut, apple, and oranges.

Hookah enthusiasts used fruits and vegetables as their bases, including pumpkin, watermelons, melons replacing the glass bases.

It looks very beautiful and classy as you are smoking through a fruit hookah. It may come costlier compared to the normal or glass base, but it is worth a try.

#3 Types of hookah base

Hookah is all about the experiment of the choices.

And your likes and dislikes.

So, when we choose the hookah base, it normally comes with water in a glass hookah.

But as you know, you can make any changes to that base according to your choice.

If you don’t want a water base hookah, you can change it with Milk, Redbull, Juices, Alcohol, etc.

These bases don’t make a big difference in your hookah session, but they do give you a slight taste difference while smoking.

And if you think that Milk base gives you the thicker smoke, you may think twice because it does not provide any big difference but the taste only.

You can make one small change to your water base hookah, adding ice cubes in the water base.

It will cool the smoke as it passes through the base, making it the suck cooler without fancy materials. It also feels cooler and good to smoke.

#2 Smoking hookah can harm your health

Smoking hookah regularly can harm your body, and it could harm you very badly.

Smoking shisha means you are burning your favorite fruit flavors, and these flavors contain tobacco, and guess what?

Tobacco can harm your body when you take it extensively or in large quantities.

And smoking this tobacco can lead you to very dangerous health issues that the medication can not solve in the future, so it is suggested that you smoke it occasionally.

A study shows that smoking hookah is equal to 100 cigarettes at once. The liquid that you smoke contains flavored tobacco and molasses.

Molasses is known for their sweet taste and good smell. And it comes in many flavors, as explained earlier in this article.

An average hookah session lasts for 45 minutes, and that is equal to 50 cigarettes.

This hookah contains more carbon monoxide and nicotine than 50 cigarettes, resulting in brain damage.

In short, hookah can harm your body drastically, and if you do it occasionally, then it is okay.

#1 Setting up a hookah is an art

Hookah enthusiasts are the artist in making or setting up a hookah. If you are smoking a hookah that is not properly made or has not all the settings done properly, it may ruin your mood and hookah session with your friends.

If you are a beginner and setting up a hookah, check for the air leak and seals because it is possible to have an air leak that may cause airflow issues during the setup time, and it may ruin your mood after smoking it.

It may also lead you to a very less amount of smoke and thin smoke, but hookah is known for its thick and wide smoke. All the artistry you do with that smoke is great, and this type of hookah session can be considered the best hookah.

So, check out the YT videos before setting up your first hookah, and let me know how your experience was the first time.


What’s the legal age for smoking a hookah?

Hookah is a very addictive smoking device that contains flavored tobacco. Youth are more attracted towards hookah these days, and everyone wants to try it and never want to leave it.
The government is banning hookah for the youth under the age of 21, which is the legal age to smoke any legal substance in your state.

Can Hookah harm my body?

Absolutely yes. It can damage your brain and can cause cancer in your body. As I have already mentioned the causes in this article, you must be aware of smoking.


Best of luck.

Nothing to say more for your first hookah session. And if you are a pro and reading this article and find any information you want to correct, please comment below.

I hope you find this article very useful in your hookah session, and these are the top 10 things that a hookah lover must know.

Have a great hookah session.

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