11 Different types of hookah bowl: In 2023

In this guide, we will look at different types of hookah bowl available for hookah lovers globally so that they can enjoy their time of hookah session with friends and family.

If you want to have a good quality hookah session, you need to consider hookah bowls as an essential aspect of the hookah parts. Because there are many hookah parts and hookah accessories are available in the market, but not all of them are mandatory to smoke a hookah.

But here, hookah bowls are an essential aspect of hookah smoking. Without a perfect hookah bowl or shisha bowl, you will not be able to have a rocking smoking session with your loved ones.

And If you are at your house and have arranged a small house hookah party, you better get ready with different types of hookah bowls at your services because every guest you have invited will ask you about the best hookah bowls only. After all, they all want to enjoy the night.

Let’s talk about the various types of hookah bowls available in the market. For example, it can suit only a particular kind of shisha tobacco, so some other materials and styles are done for some shisha tobaccos.

We will cover all these fundamental questions in this complete guide to avoiding missing critical information about hookah bowls or shisha bowls.

And there are different styles of hookah bowls available, for example, vortex bowl, phunnel bowl, Egyptian bowl, ceramic bowls, clay bowls, crown hookah bowl, electric shisha bowls, traditional bowl, and many others.

Now, let’s dive deep into the complete guide on different types of hookah bowls in the market that a hookah lover must try,

Different Types Of Hookah Bowls You Must Try

This section will discuss different types of hookah bowls that hookah enthusiasts should try to get the best feeling of hookah tobacco.

The bowls mentioned below will be with the Pros and Cons of their respective bowls so that you can easily decide which bowl is perfect for your mood and comforts.

So, let’s start the discussion on different types of hookah bowls.

1 Crown Bowl

The name itself suggests its work and looks. It looks like the crown of the king, but it is not. It is a hookah bowl shaped like a crown so that hookah lovers and smokers all around the globe would get excited and buy this bowl.

It looks super amazing as the head of any hookah when you smoke it in any hookah bars or hookah lounges. The crown bowl fits in a hookah culture very well. This shisha bowl will give you the best shisha smoking experience that a pro smoker would want every time.

The crown bowl is also an inverted bowl in which when you add the coals, the bowl will rest it under the shisha tobacco. It is the best system in terms of controlling the heat in the hookah systems.

You will find only the best quality materials used in making this hookah bowl. For example, stainless steel is being used to make the outer body of the crown bowl. And the size of the bowl is enough to accommodate a large amount of shisha tobacco or hookah tobacco.

The crown bowl is super easy to clean and maintain the hygiene around the bowl. You can wash it with warm water for under two minutes.


  • As discussed easier, it is effortless to clean the bowl in less than five minutes.
  • You can easily control your heat in the bowl, and due to the controlling part, you will never have your shisha tobacco getting burned.
  • Due to controlling the heat, you will also not get the taste of the coals in your flavors.
  • The rigidity of the bowl is very high, and it is made from stainless steel, so it is next to impossible that you will have this bowl broken at some point in your life.


  • The pricing factor is complicated, so I include this in the cons, as this bowl comes in a bit high range.
  • When adding the shisha tobacco into the bowl, make sure to dry them well because if you don’t, you will have the shisha juices drip down the bowl.
  • If you are a beginner in the field of hookah smoking, you will feel tough to pack the hookah tobacco into the crown bowl.
  • The crown bowl will take more time to heat up compared with other hookah bowls in this list.

The best way to pack the crown bowl is to pack the shisha tobacco light into the bowl and use 2 to 3 coals for a better smoking experience.

2 Phunnel Bowl

I think you know about this hookah bowl very well, and If you don’t know, you are at the wrong place right now. Phunnel bowl is one of the most popular hookah bowls of all time, and the best phunnel hookah bowls are Budpro and Tangier’s.

Phunnel hookah bowl is so unique that you can have the exact shisha tobacco flavor in your mouth. This is an art, and the artist or the company manufacture hookah bowls like a pro that can be used by hookah lovers globally.

The phunnel hookah bowls are made from the materials like clay, ceramic, or silicone. So, that you have a better texture of the body and it feels smooth as well. It has one big hole in the center of the bowl, and this hole is made a bit raised so the juice of shisha would not drip down.

The best thing about this hookah bowl is that shisha smokers can draw more smoke from this hookah bowl compared with other traditional bowls. So phunnel bowls are way better than any different bowls available in the market. It also fits into modern hookahs.

The chances of getting a lousy hookah session from this shisha bowl or shisha bowls are significantly less, and smokers prefer to smoke from this type of shisha bowl frequently. And It stays on the list of best hookah bowl for a long time.

And you can pack your phunnel bowl the way you want to pack it, and you can even have overpacking in this bowl.


  • It comes with a great pricing structure and heating system so that a newbie can afford this hookah bowl easily.
  • It has a great system that the coals will never contact shisha tobacco no matter what you do.
  • You will have the best dense smoke or thick smoke cloud from this bowl.
  • It keeps the juices in the bowl so that a smoker can enjoy the hookah flavor for a long time.


  • You could get the ash into the shisha flavor from the foil, and it may disappoint you and your mood of smoking hookah.
  • If you are getting the phunnel hookah bowl made from clay, it will break easily.
  • It takes more time to heat the tobacco in the phunnel bowl.

3 Vortex Bowl

The rival of the phunnel bowl is here, let’s check it out.

Vortex bowl is a true competitor of the best hookah bowl, phunnel bowl. But there are a lot of discussions on the internet and forums going on about which hookah bowl is better, and if you are the one who’s looking for the answer, the best way to know is to try them in real life.

The vortex bowl allows the air to flow in the bowl better as the phunnel bowl does. And when you have a better airflow in the hookah bowl, you will get a better smoking experience from the shisha tobacco.

You can have your vortex bowl to be made from clay, silicone, wood, and pyrex. Yes, there are different materials available in this bowl, so you can choose your favorites and start smoking.

The holes are made in the middle to use the bowl’s perfect airflow to the smokers. You will get the chance to smoke your favorite shisha tobacco from the shisha bowl for very long, all thanks to the bowl because it helps the tobacco burn slowly.

The juices of the shisha tobacco will keep the flavor in the bowl for a long time so that smokers can enjoy them to the fullest. And the vortex bowl also has 4-5 holes inside them on the side panels, which will help get better airflow.


  • You will get the perfect heating of the shisha tobacco in this bowl.
  • The vortex bowl helps the shisha flavor be there for a long time with the help of the shisha juices.
  • You will also get the better smoke output from this bowl with a fantastic taste of the flavors.
  • The prices are low, so beginners can also afford this one and try it for their new hookah sessions.


  • If you have more coals on the bowl, the ash can get into the shisha flavor through the foil.
  • And there are high chances of flavors getting burned quickly.
  • As discussed earlier, this bowl is made from different materials, but it can break easily if it’s made from clay.
  • The vortex bowls are hard to clean with the cleaning materials.

4 Egyptian Bowl

The Egyptian bowl is a traditional hookah bowl specifically handmade for users and hookah lovers to smoke their favorite stuff. It comes with 4-5 holes at the bottom that allow the hookah bowls to breathe and a better airflow mechanism.

If you are planning to buy a new hookah set, there are high chances that you will get an Egyptian bowl along with the hookah set. They are made from the widespread materials readily available on planet earth, which are clay and ceramics.

You can easily recognize this hookah by looking at its holes at the bottom because these holes at the bottom are made with challenging work, and the craftsmen have to invest their time to create something of high-quality like Egyptian bowls. You will get the best shaped and symmetrical holes in this bowl.

You can not compare this bowl with others mentioned in this article, like vortex and phunnel, because the Egyptian bowl will have the tobacco juices drip down through the holes at the bottom. It can not hold the tobacco juices in the bowl for a long time.

And after this act, you may lose half of your tobacco and flavors from this bowl. So, it would help if you decided what you want from a bowl. The materials like ceramic hookah bowl will break easily.


  • The best thing about this hookah bowl is that it comes with a great price range that anyone can afford to have a bowl and start smoking it right away.
  • You will get an ancient traditional hookah bowl, which is excellent for lovers of conventional hookah bowls.


  • Egyptian bowl uses clay or ceramic bowls, and these bowls will lose the original shisha flavors.
  • It is hard to clean the mess it leaves behind because it is challenging to clean this bowl.
  • There are high chances of getting your flavors burned in this hookah bowl due to the flawed HM system and materials used to make this bowl.
  • Due to the clay and ceramic materials, it will break easily.
  • Ash of the coal may enter into the shisha tobacco.

You can use two hookah foils to avoid the ash entering into the shisha.

5 Syrian Bowl

Right after the Egyptian bowl, here the Syrian bowl comes. So let’s see what the Syrian bowl has on its list.

Syrian hookah bowls are no different than Egyptian hookah bowls. The only difference between those two is: In the Syrian bowl, the bowl will go inside the hookah stem, and in the Egyptian bowl, the stem will go inside the hookah bowl, nothing else.

Both are made from clay or ceramic that will not provide stability or strangeness in their lifespan. It will break easily if dropped on the floor by mistake, so you must buy a new one. And when you buy a new hookah, you better read this article first, so you don’t repeat your mistake.

The pros and cons of this hookah bowl are the same as the Egyptian bowl, and you have already read that section previously, so I am not repeating them here.

6 Glass Bowl

The glass hookah bowls or hookah heads are the most impressive and aesthetically sound because it looks fantastic on the hookah as a hookah head. The feeling of smoking a hookah from the glass bowl is very different from other bowls mentioned in this article.

It gives you the best feeling of smoking and having the authentic taste of original hookah flavors. You can see through the bowl the flavors are filled in, and smoking while looking at this bowl gives a nostalgic feeling.

There are majorly two types of glass bowls available. One is the molded, and the other one is the hand-blown. These are different from the phunnel style bowls.

If we talk about these two types of glass bowls in-depth, you will find the hand-blown bowl better than the molded one because in the set bowl, you will not get the durability, and they are cheaper than the hand-blown bowls. However, they break very rapidly compared to other bowls.

The hand-blown glass bowls are the best in quality, and you will find this type of quality in some of the best glass hookahs in the market, including Fumo, Lavoo, Evolution, and many others.

If you want a glass bowl in different styles of bowl-like phunnel, vortex, Syrian, and Egyptian, you can get them, but the fact is that it will break easily at high temperatures.


  • The glass bowls will help you hold the original flavor of shisha, and you can have it from the best glass bowls.
  • Overall, the glass bowls look very beautiful in design compared to others, and it also looks gorgeous as hookah heads.
  • The glass bowls are very easy to clean and are the best in the market to clean in under 2 minutes.


  • If you use this glass bowl at very high temperatures, it will break easily.
  • If you want to have a long hookah session and more flavors in the bowl, you will not fulfill that requirement as the glass bowls can not accommodate more tastes at a time.
  • You will be required to take extra precautions while handling these glass bowls because If it falls on the ground, you better start searching for the new hookah bowls immediately. It will break instantly.

7 Inverted Bowl

Everything is reversed in this bowl. The whole system of coal and tobacco is switched. Let me explain.

You get your coals at the bottom of the bowl and the shisha tobacco on the coals above the coals. So the whole system is reversed, and that is why it is called an inverted bowl.

It looks pretty cool as well, and If you are a newbie/beginner in the field of hookah smoking, you may not know about this bowl in the first place.

The best part about this unique bowl is that you can control the heat the way you like it by moving the coal part where the charcoals are placed inside.

Another best thing about an inverted hookah bowl is that you will not get any ash inside the tobacco even once in your hookah session. And that provides the best smoking experience from a unique hookah bowl.

While setting up the hookah and bowl, make sure you place your coals far away from the tobacco, and you need to find the best distance by experimenting with the coals and length.


  • The inverted bowl will provide the best flavor and dense cloud from the system.
  • You can control the heat in the bowl by making them far away from the tobacco.
  • Coal ash cannot enter quickly into the bowl, which is the most significant relief for hookah lovers.
  • If the bowl falls on the floor by mistake, don’t worry. It will not break.
  • At last, this is a fantastic look and a beautifully designed hookah bowl.


  • It could be hard to find the best distance for the heat in the bowl.
  • If you use the shisha that has more juices in them, it will drip down the bowl.
  • The bowl comes at a high price, so it’s likely more expensive for many users.
  • If you are a beginner, it will be tough to set up the hookah bowl first.
  • The coals could burn your shisha tobacco if you move your coals near the smoking for a long time.

8 Multi-head Bowl

The name itself suggests the idea of the hookah bowl; in a multi-head bowl, it will have more than one bowl attached to the system.

However, you will find the Syrian or Vortex bowl with multiple heads including, two, three, or sometimes even four heads. Having multiple hookah bowls at your service means you will have numerous sources of the hookah flavors and more smoke from the hookah bowls that will surely amaze you and give you the best smoking experience from a multiple head bowl.

The multi-head hookah bowl is appreciated worldwide and criticized for its functionality at the same time. The multi-head bowl will provide you with the best unique hookah-smoking experience, but it is hard to handle all the heads attached to the system.

Multi-head bowls will look very attractive on the table where you are smoking at the hookah lounges. It will also give you the best taste of the flavors as multiple flavors will provide you with an immense amount of taste in your mouth.


  • Multiple bowls will give you better airflow, providing you with the best dense smoke clouds and flavors.
  • You can mix different flavors of tobacco in every bowl you pack. And you can even fill every bowl differently from each other. So, you have many options to smoke and customize your shisha smoking.
  • This bowl and mixes will help your smoke blend in the stem pretty well, giving you the best flavors of all time.


  • Heat management in this bowl is a highly complex process, and you better know about the whole process.
  • It will use everything more in this bowl, including shisha flavors, coals, foil, and significantly more time.
  • You can not cover the bowl as the wind cover will not be effective in this situation.
  • The most significant disadvantage of this bowl is that you cannot use only one bowl and leave the other open. And if you still do that, you will draw more air than flavor.

9 Fruit Bowl

The fruit bowls are the most amazing bowls to smoke hookah from because they give the best look on Social Media, including Instagram. You probably have seen all these fruit bowls on the internet, tending on every platform.

It works the same as every other hookah bowls available in the market to smoke, but this one is a bit attractive and fancy. So if you want to make a fruit bowl, you need to slice the upper part of the fruit, take all the interior thing out from the fruit, and clean it properly.

While taking out the stuff from the interior, make sure you leave all the borders thick enough to provide the best support possible. And when you are done cleaning the fruits from inside out, fix the fruit on the bowl grommet to give the support it needs.

If you want an excellent hookah session with a fruit bowl, I recommend you try Oranges, pomegranates, and Pineapple.


  • Using a whole fruit as a bowl will surely provide you with the best flavors of fruits.
  • The fruit bowl will help you dry the shisha tobacco rapidly to have a better hookah session.
  • It also prevents hookah from overheating, and it absorbs the heat into the fruits so you will not have an overheated system.
  • The fruit bowl will help you pack the shisha the way you want.


  • The fruit bowl takes more time to prepare for the session.
  • Because it is a natural fruit, you will not get a perfect airtight seal in this bowl.
  • If you don’t blend the shisha perfectly in the bowl, it may spoil the hookah taste overall.
  • You will need to throw the bowl when you are done smoking because it is a natural fruit bowl.
  • It lacks an airtight seal, and you will not have the best HM system in this fruit bowl.

10 Dome Style Bowl

Dome style bowl and its design may impact the way you smoke the hookah. It does not have a flat bottom of the bowl, and it has a convex style at the middle of the bowl.

It offers some good opening in the dome-style bowl, which is the main reason to get a perfect airflow at the end of the shaft.

There are different materials available for the hookah bowl. Still, the dome-style bowl is made from silicone that will provide you with the best stability and durability of the bowl.

You will have this bowl run for a long time, and it is straightforward to handle the bowl. However, if you want to take this bowl somewhere else, you will not feel any trouble traveling with this bowl.


  • This bowl is famous for its excellent ventilation and heat distribution in the bowl.
  • You will not get the taste of the coals from this bowl, and If you are using a strong flavor in this bowl, it will minimize the effect of that flavor so that you won’t feel the harsh taste in your mouth.
  • It comes at a low price and gives the best stability in this price range.


  • As you know, it comes with a bit raised from the center of the bowl, and due to this effect, you will not be able to accommodate more tobacco in the dome-style bowl.
  • It is not perfect for the gel flavors as they require more space in a hookah bowl.
  • The shisha tobacco juices will drip down the bowl quite often, so it is an uncomfortable ride for many users.

11 Glider Bowl

Another good-looking hookah bowl with a slightly new concept in the field of hookah bowls is designed to have the coals and flavors n the drawer as other types but not like inverted bowls.

There are many different options available when we talk about the materials on the bowl, and here we have silicone as a material on the bowl. You can place this bowl on any hookah you want from the market. Whether it’s small, medium, or large, you can easily fit this bowl on the hookah and can start enjoying the dense smoke from the hookah set.

The drawer comes with two separated bulkheads, in which you can mix your desired flavors easily. You will not require to buy an extra bunch of aluminum foil because it comes with the best metal screens on the bowl where you can place your hot hookah coals.

You can save a little money on the foil as you will not require it on this bowl. However, you can still consider it a cost-effective hookah bowl compared with other bowls in the market.


  • It’s straightforward to use the bowl, even if you are a beginner.
  • Ash will not enter into the bowl so that you will enjoy the bowl with great satisfaction.
  • The best part is that you can use this bowl in any hookah, no matter the size. It will fit into any hookah’s size.
  • This bowl has better airflow compared with other shisha bowl types in the market.
  • You can easily mix two different flavors in this bowl by using the drawer.


  • You will not be able to fit in more than 15 gm of flavors.
  • The tobacco juices will drip down the bowl, and it will not be a comfortable smoking experience.
  • If you pack this bowl over the limits, it will burn the tobacco pretty soon.


What is the best way to choose a hookah bowl?

You should keep a few things in mind while choosing the best hookah bowl for your personal use, but it may vary from person to person as all the users have their feelings and taste towards the materialistic things in this world. The best way to choose the perfect bowl is to look for its benefits and advantages to smokers. If you are satisfied with what it provides in terms of benefits and Pros, you can surely go ahead with that hookah bowl, and If it doesn’t, continue your search for the perfect bowl.

How does a hookah bowl size make a difference?

Hookah is a game of air intake, and the large bowl helps you get that extra air intake so that you can smoke your hookah peacefully. A shisha bowl will work best with any tobacco, but the size of the bowl will determine the final result. And if you want to use a small bowl, use it with a tight pack of tobacco. You will surely enjoy it.


So, I have mentioned the best and different types of hookah bowls in this complete guide and if you are reading this section means that you really like this article, so share it with your friends and other hookah enthusiasts. Desvall.

And if you want your hookah partner in crime, you better take your time and research the hookah bowl you want to smoke from, and this bowl will decide your satisfaction with the hookah.

I have already mentioned all hookah’s pros and cons, so it will be best for you to take your time out and read all the hookah descriptions carefully. It will provide you with great value and will also save you money at some point.

Various materials are used to make the hookah bowl, including clay, silicone, wood, etc. And it is the best time to choose what you like and what you don’t.

Have good luck choosing the best one for yourself.

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