6 Useful Steps To Fix A Hookah Quickly

Let’s talk about the easy 6 useful steps to fix a hookah quickly.

I know you are experiencing some difficulties smoking hookah but do not worry anymore. I’ll show you how properly you can fix a hookah.

If you like pro hookah smokers and want to be one, then continue reading this guide, and you will gain much knowledge about hookah and how to fix it.

To make a good hookah, you will need hookah accessories like flavored tobacco, natural coals, or quick light hookah coals, hookah base, aluminum foil, ball bearing, electric burner, cold water, heat management system, hookah hose, hookah bowl, or phunnel bowl, and these things can be found online or in supermarkets as well.

When hookah is not working, and you want to fix it. It is great to know hookah accessories.

If you don’t know what accessories are out there in the market and what they especially do in hookah, then it would be difficult for you to fix it.

But if you read along, you will see every method and step to fix a hookah quickly.

Check water level

If you know how to balance anything in your life, it will be a happy life.

And everyone wants that type of happy life, but very few can achieve it.


Because many people do not know how to make a balance in their life about the things that affect them a lot.

Likewise, in a hookah base, a water level is important in making a good hookah.

Too much or too low water in a hookah base can ruin your hookah session in hookah lounges.

So If there is not enough water in a hookah base, you will find difficulties inhaling from a hookah.

How much is too much?

Making hookah every day will make you a great hookah maker and smoker If you smoke it.

And by practice only, you can master making hookah or anything in life.

So, make one hookah and If it feels odd, then adjust things in it and make other settings to know If it works or not.

Like that, by trial and error method, you can master the art of making a hookah for you or your friends.

And If you are waiting for me to give you the direct solution on how much water is enough, the answer is 1.5-2 inches above the end of a hookah stem.

Water in the hookah does the job of a filter, and If there is not enough water in the hookah, then the hookah tobacco or shisha tobacco will feel harsh in the throat.

And if you fill water more than required, then the hookah will be difficult to inhale.

A water balance in the hookah base is very important to get a thick smoke by hookah smoking.

Check hookah pipe

If you are a regular hookah smoker and loves to smoke hookah on every occasion with your friends and family from your favorite hookah, then it is the best time to check on your different parts of hookah because it may have started to tear from many places.

Hookah pipes come in different colors and materials, and due to their build quality, they could last long or short.

But you have to check frequently on pipes If it’s broken or have any air leaks. Hookah pipes should be air-tight and should fit perfectly in the holes.

Steps to check the hookah pipe

  • Fit your pipe in your hookah as you always do
  • Gently blow in the pipe and look for the noises coming from the pipe
  • If you listen from the pipe fitting, that means your pipe is not well fitted.
  • And if it is coming from the pipe, check it by pouring the water into the pipe and looking for any air leakage or water leakage.

If your pipe is not fitted properly, then try the hose grommet that will ensure that there will be no leakage at all, or you can wrap it with your tape as well.

And while pouring the water into the pipe, If the leakage is from the end of the pipe, in that case, you need to change the pipe and replace it with the new one to get better results.

Remove coals

Beginners burn their hookah shisha very fast and then regret their actions. It happens because they give more than enough heat to the tobacco and do not use heat management systems.

Because newbies want only thick smoke from hookahs, and they inhale very hard from the hose, plus they have more charcoal than required.

When starting your hookah sessions, make sure that you have three coals on the top of the hookah bowls and foil. And start to inhale from the hookah and charge it to the point where you feel that now hookah is giving enough thick smoke and is completely charged.

After some time, remove one coal from the foil and make the perfect balance of only two coals. And it will help you run the hookah session long.

By following this procedure, you make your hookah optimize its shisha juices and retain its flavor for the rest of your smoking shisha session.

Close all hookah holes

Smoking hookah in hookah lounges is a great experience with your friend, but if your hookah is not working properly, it might ruin your mood for smoking shisha.

After removing the coals from the foil, we will try this amazing step of closing all hookah holes and looking for any air leakage.

All holes should be air-tight in the hookah and should provide better smoke travels in the hookah.

Before placing your hookah bowl on top of the hookah, lace your hand/ palm on top of the head and inhale from the hookah hose/pipe to check for any air leakage.

If you feel the air leakage, then make your hookah air-tight and place your bowl.

Purge ( Clear out )

Purge or clear out means to remove or clear the unwanted smoke from the base.

The purge valve has many advantages, and this procedure lets you smoke a hookah without harsh smoke, which is the best benefit of purging.

As you continue your hookah session for a long time, smoke will collect in the hookah base, and this smoke can give you a throat burn while inhaling from the pipe.

The best way to purge is to take out your hookah bowl in your hand and lightly blow in your bowl and remove the excess smoke or anything that comes out by blowing. Follow this procedure every 10 minutes to get a good hookah session.

You can also blow in your hookah pipe and remove the smoke from the hookah base. It will remove it from the valve placed on the other side of where the pipe is fitted.

Purging is the best practice to fix your hookah very easily.

Check bowl packing

There are many methods available for packing a hookah bowl.

If you want a long-lasting hookah session, then try the light packing method. If you feel your tobacco is burned way quicker than expected, try to pack a light bowl.

It will help you burn your hookah tobacco slowly, and you will enjoy your hookahs with your friends.

5 best shisha bowl packing methods

Prepare your hookah bowl very slowly and take out your tobacco from the packaging and make sure that it is not in the chunk form.

We need to allow all the air to pass through the tobacco and bowl to get a decent amount of smoke and enjoyment.

If you fill tobacco too much in the bowl over the edge of the bowl, then coal will burn the top tobacco, and air will not pass through the whole bowl.

To pack tobacco in the bowl professionally, you need to sprinkle the tobacco instead of pressing it into the bowl.

It will help you spread the tobacco evenly, and tobacco will not be in a congested situation, hence a smooth experience of smoking a hookah.


How to fix a burnt hookah?

Making hookah is an art, but sometimes your art could also get spoiled by any mistakes you had made while making it. Likewise, If you feel your hookah is burned, all you need to do to repair it is to lower the number of coals on foil and purge heavily to remove excess smoke from the hookah base, and it will also remove the harsh smoke.
And, If you don’t satisfy with the procedure followed, change the tobacco products and change the bowl and base water.

Why is my hookah not working?

Tons of possibilities and reasons affect the hookah not to work properly. Some are overpacked hookah bowls, more water in the base, heat management systems not being used, air leakage, broken hookahs, etc.


Double-check everything that is mentioned above, and then tries to find the best solution for your hookah.

Hookahs can have many problems as there are many hookah parts available to function at the same time. But I have mentioned every step to fix your hookah very easily, and it will surely help you fix your hookah and start a hookah session again.

Have Fun!

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