What Does Hookah Taste Like? [2023]

If you are someone who has never tasted a hookah in an entire life, you may be wondering what hookah tastes like.

So, today in this article, we will talk about hookah smoking and its different aspects that a beginner should keep in mind.

Some expert smokers may have said, ” this hookah tastes bad.” And if you have never tasted a hookah, you won’t get what they are talking about.

To learn about hookah taste, you must start smoking it regularly and spend time with its different components and, most importantly, hookah tobacco and flavored tobacco products.

You may also wonder if cigarette smoking is similar to hookah smoking or has a different taste than hookah. We will cover all the aspects of smoking cigarettes instead of hookah and whether it is good or bad.

So, this article will be full of the information you are looking for right now as a beginner in hookah smoking.

Hookah smoking or shisha smoking, whatever you call it, is the same thing. You have probably heard that smoking hookah is dangerous to health and has terrible health effects on humans.

Then you may wonder why people are still smoking it despite knowing all the facts about the harmful chemicals used in making tobacco products and flavored tobacco.

You are questioning others smoking hookah despite being harmful to their health because you have never tasted hookah in your life. But, once you taste it, there will not be a single day without smoking hookah, and I guarantee that.

Hookah smoking is fun and even more fun when you smoke it with your loved ones and best friends.

What is hookah made of?

Hookah is a whole system made of other small systems, including a hookah bowl, downstem, hookah hose, hookah charcoals/coals, hookah base, etc.

These are the major hookah systems; without a single system, a hookah can’t function properly.

To know what hookah tastes like, you first need to know all the parts from which a hookah is made. As mentioned above, all the significant aspects of a hookah system are essential.

You can not make a hookah without the hookah tobacco or shisha flavors. These flavors are kept inside a hookah bowl to start smoking hookah.

Above these hookah bowls, you must put burning charcoal to start a hookah session. And when you start a hookah session, in the first few minutes, you will not get enough hookah smoke that would please you and motivate you to continue smoking.

But as time passes and you charge the new hookah with intensive draws, the hookah will produce thick smoke.

You can smoke hookah continuously for about an hour; the flavor will fade away, and you won’t have enough flavors left in your hookah bowl to smoke.

Hookah Flavours: Major Taste Decider

Tobacco and flavored tobacco that we use in our hookah bowls to smoke are the ones that decide how the hookah will taste.

And there are thousands of best hookah flavors available in the market to choose from and start smoking,

There usually are two types of hookah flavors available in the market. One is for pro hookah smokers, and the other one is for beginners.

Pro hookah smokers use intense shisha flavors with a high amount of nicotine in the tobacco. The high nicotine tobacco use in the hookah bowls allows you to feel the buzz in your head. And when you feel the buzz of smoking in your head, it’s that moment when you will realize that there’s no turning back to everyday life anymore.

You have tasted some of the best things in the world, and it will give you immense pleasure to smoke this stuff.

But if you are a beginner, you should never try the stuff that pro-smokers smoke. If I am not wrong, it will give you a sure headache that won’t go away for hours.

And you will waste your entire day as you won’t be able to do anything on that day because of the effect of tobacco in the flavor.

Use wet and fresh tobacco flavors.

If you want a great taste from the hookah, you need to use wet and fresh tobacco flavors only in the hookah bowl to smoke a hookah.

And it is essential to use wet and fresh tobacco flavors if you have never tried hookah before, and it will be your first time. The flavor will decide whether you like smoking hookah or not.

You should only use the flavors stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Because sunlight will damage your overall product quality as it transfers heat to the product, some of the product won’t last long if it gets into contact with direct sunlight.

Pro hookah smokers put away their flavors and tobacco in a reusable bag when they know they won’t smoke hookah in the coming days.

And when it comes to having a quality and long-lasting taste of a hookah flavor, you need to invest in quality tobacco to get the same.

While looking for flavors in your home, if you find any pack of flavored tobacco, make sure to use it before two months of purchase to avoid any expiry dates.

And if you find any of the tobacco packs opened for more than two months and have not been used yet, I suggest you buy a new pack of flavored tobacco for a better smoking experience.

Pro Tip: When you doubt the flavors and expiry dates, you can mix your old tobacco with the new one and start smoking.

All the bad things about hookah tobacco

Before you know the taste of the hookah, you should know all the materials from which your hookah tobacco is made; it is to ensure that you are on the safe side.

Hookah tobacco is made from different materials, and all of the materials consist of cancer-causing chemicals. It may also cause lung cancer if consumed every day for years.

You should know all the facts regarding hookah smoking. For example, when you inhale smoke from a hookah, it consists of significant substances, including carbon monoxide, tar, and nicotine, that would damage your body’s internal organs and system, without which you will not function properly.

It can also cause severe heart disease in young people and increases blood pressure. For example, hookah tobacco contains more tar and nicotine than regular cigarettes, as mentioned in the peer-reviewed studies, and you can also easily read these studies on the internet.

Hookah, also known as a water pipe, is used by the younger generation in the middle east and worldwide.

Smoking hookah regularly can significantly cause low birth weight and other pregnancy-related issues.

When you are in a room full of secondhand smoke, that will pass into your body even when smoking hookah. This smoke can harm you even as it would harm the smoker.

So, in general, if you have never smoked hookah in your life but were constantly in touch with the smokers in the room, you have been a target of passive smoking, which can be as dangerous as cancer in some cases.

Use a perfect amount of tobacco.

When you are keen to know how hookah tases, most beginners mistake adding excessive tobacco or flavors in a hookah bowl, overloading the bowl with tobacco.

Overloading or overpacking the flavors in the bowl will not give you an excellent hookah-smoking experience, and if it’s your first time, you should add flavors in a controlled manner.

And should learn how to pack a hookah bowl from the experts in the industry to have a good hookah taste and experience at the same time.

In the hookah system, the less tobacco in the bowl will give you more happiness of smoking. So, it would help if you always kept packing your hookah with light packing to get the most out of your hookah smoking.

The best bowl to use is a phunnel bowl or vortex bowl; it will help you make your hookah best and taste even great. These bowls will also help you avoid getting tobacco juice in the vase.

When you use one of these bowls, your tobacco flavor will last longer than expected, giving you a fresh taste until the last draw.

It would help if you did not pack your tobacco in the bowl above the holes in the center to leave space between the hookah foil and tobacco.

And it would help if you kept all the holes clean and ready to work in any condition to have the best smoking experience.

Good And Bad Taste Of Hookah

It all depends on your choice.

If you like the blueberry flavor but are smoking the paan flavor, it is evident that you won’t enjoy smoking that flavor at all.

So, make a list, go through that list of favorite flavors, and always smoke the flavors from the list.

If you are a beginner and have never tried smoking hookah in your entire life, you can still make a list of flavors.

But in this case, first, you need to list the flavors you like eating. For example, do you like eating blueberries?

If yes, you can include the blueberry in your smoking flavors list. It’s that simple.

So, make a medium-long list of flavors that would be your favorite in smoking, and one by one, try smoking them.

And when you feel that the flavor is not tasting good or it’s not a natural flavor, you can skip that flavor and never try it again to avoid getting your smoking mood spoiled by a flavor.

Good taste

The good flavors will burn rapidly. You can have a heat management system to prevent them from burning rapidly. It will help you manage coals and heat affecting your hookah taste and smoking experience.

Molasses helps your flavor taste good, and all hookahs have this tobacco that contains molasses. Other types of flavors that do not have molasses will not taste good.

For example, if you like smoking apple flavor in hookah but don’t know the molasses percentage, you can refer to the company’s packaging and check all the details.

As we know, hookah tobacco is made from heavy metals, and you should be aware that these metals, such as tar, can also be found in cigarettes. It won’t affect you much if you smoke hookah for a little while.

Bad Taste

A bad taste of hookah will ruin your entire mood for smoking. The sour taste has several genuine reasons to come into your mouth.

The very first is an outdated flavor with an expiry date. If you have left your flavors in the open air for quite some time and have not used it in some time, there are high chances of the flavor getting damaged. And that flavor will surely give you a bad taste of hookah.

Always keep your flavored tobacco in a dry place away from the direct sunlight, and you should not leave your hookah tobacco open in the air.

It can heavily damage your hookah smoking, and these flavors increase your chance of heart disease. While smoking these flavors, you will notice an increased heart rate that tells you to stop smoking for a while.

The sour taste will directly come from the hose to your mouth, ruining your entire day. A coal and heat management system can help you have a better hookah smoking experience.


Now we will look into an essential section of this article, the FAQs section, where you will learn about the topic in detail and have a chance to see some of the most asked questions and answers and learn from them.

If you have any questions related to the taste of hookah smoking, I am sharing all the questions beginners and mediators are asking about the general topic of hookah and its taste; it will help you understand hookah deeply.

Will natural coal help me have a better taste of hookah?

Natural coals are the best coals available to smoke in the market, and most pro smokers use natural coals as they run for a more extended period and provide a long-lasting hookah session with your gang. Coming to a better taste of hookah, you can say that it won’t affect the taste, but it indeed affects the duration of hookah. So, if you have packed a decent flavor in the bowl, which will run for an extended period, having natural coals will surely give you an advantage over smoking hookah.

Can I have two hookah sessions with the same water in the base?

Short answer: yes. But if you ask any expert smoker you know, they won’t suggest you do it. Instead, you need to change the water in the base every session with the hookah. It is only for the freshness and coolness of the hookah. Hookah base water will absorb all the impurities and harmful chemicals from the smoke. If you continue using the same old water from the previous hookah session, it won’t absorb more chemicals as it should. So, changing the base’s water for every hookah session is highly advisable.

How do I improve the overall taste of the hookah?

As we know, we get the taste of the flavors we add to the bowl, so if you want to enjoy the taste, you need to choose hookah flavors precisely. If you have used an outdated shisha flavor in the bowl and are smoking for an hour, you will not get the desired taste from the flavor. But if you know how to choose hookah flavor and comfort your choice with the best brands, you can have the best hookah smoking experience.


Now, we are finally at the end of this fantastic article. We have covered almost everything you were looking for at the beginning of this article, so I request you to share this article with all your hookah enthusiast friends and check out other articles on this website. It will surely give you much more information than you are expecting.

We have covered the most crucial topic to understanding the taste of hookah, and some of the significant taste deciders of hookah are also covered in this article.

And we have discussed all the good and bad things about hookah, so if you are a complete beginner and don’t know anything about hookah, you probably have gained much more information from this article.

Still, if you have questions about this topic or any general topic on hookah and shisha, you can see our FAQs section; I have discussed all the essential questions.

And if you have questions other than the FAQs section, you can ask them in the comment section and expect a reply from my side with an appropriate answer to those questions.

Happy smoking.

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