Why Does Hookah Make Me Dizzy? [5 Possible Reasons & Solutions]

Smoking hookah gives you an enjoyable session to relax.

But what if you puff a hookah and you start feeling dizzy?

That might concern for sure!

But here are the two possible reasons:

  • First, you might not be fit for the nicotine smoke (mostly happens if you are a first-timer)
  • Second, there are “other reasons” (it may happen even with the pro hookah smokers)

The ‘other reasons’ are multiple factors that might trigger some sickness while smoking hookah. And that might be dizziness, headache, or even throwing up.

Therefore, we will discuss the five possible reasons that might make you feel nauseous and dizzy while puffing hookah.

Bonus Part: We also have got solutions for you!

So, keep reading, and let’s get started:

Why Do I Get A Headache When I Smoke Hookah?

When you smoke hookah for a while and if it causes headaches, then there can be these possible reasons:

  • Smoking on an empty stomach
  • Quick lighting charcoal
  • Oxygen deprivation
  • Dehydration
  • Nicotine

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Talking about one of the most common reasons, especially if you are a first-time hookah smoker, might be the nicotine causing you headaches.

The natural buzz that hookah brings is not tolerable by everybody; hence, it can cause symptoms such as headache and dizziness.

However, the other mentioned reasons can also lead to headaches, as we discuss in detail below:

5 Possible Reasons Why You Feel Dizzy While Smoking Hookah

Here are the five most possible reasons that might hamper your enjoyable hookah sessions.

#5. Smoking Hookah On An Empty Stomach

Smoking hookah on an empty stomach can cause dizziness and headache, as many hookah smokers report.

It is because smoking hookah can cause high levels and fluctuations in various body chemistry factors, from blood pressure to sugar levels.

And therefore, it might cause symptoms of feeling dizzy, nauseous, and even a headache.

#4. Quick Lighting Charcoal

Quick-lighting charcoal may be one of the culprits hampering your hookah sessions.

The quick-lighting charcoal consists of chemicals deriving taste and smell that may not suit your body.

Therefore, we recommend you use natural hookah charcoal for your sessions.

#3. Oxygen Deprivation

Oxygen deprivation during long and hard sessions may lead to headaches, dizziness, and lightheadedness.

#2. Dehydration

If you are smoking hookah for a long time, then it can lead to dehydration.

And due to that, you may even feel headache and dizziness.

Hookah smokers often prefer going to lounges to accompany hookah with alcohol or other “party beverages,” which can lead to dehydration in your body to the next level.

Therefore, dehydration can cause dizziness and headache.

#1. Nicotine

As mentioned earlier, hookah tobacco contains naturally occurring chemicals known as nicotine, producing a “buzz” while puffing hookah.

Sometimes, the newbies are not tolerant of this, and in longer sessions, they may feel dizziness and headaches.

Also, if a newbie has such feelings while smoking hookah, it is a clear sign that they should stop puffing it.

So, these are the possible reasons that may hamper your hookah sessions.

Now, here are the methods by which you can avoid the health effects of hookah sickness and start enjoying it.

Note: If you feel dizzy regularly even after stopping smoking hookah or if you feel the feeling is consistent with you, you should see a doctor immediately.

5 Methods To Avoid Hookah Sickness And Actually Start Enjoying It

Hookah leads to a relaxing session with your friends. And in most cases, you should not panic if you feel slightly dizzy or have a headache.

To increase further chances for a better hookah session, follow these tips:

#5. Avoid Smoking With An Empty Stomach

You must ensure to have something sweet before the hookah bar and during the hookah sessions to avoid headaches and dizziness from smoking sessions.

If you smoke hookah on an empty stomach, your blood pressure may fall, leading to nausea, dizziness, and even headache.

To avoid this, you can consume something sweet before smoking your hookah.

For instance, you can have fruit juice, tea, pastries, or candies.

#4. Hydrate Throughout The Day, And With Your Hookah Sessions

Dehydration is one of the most common issues that regular smokers face.

It happens especially when you have longer sessions.

Also, keeping your body hydrated in any situation is very important.

However, you may experience fatigue or light-headed symptoms if your body is dehydrated and overworking.

Due to dehydration, you may experience throwing up feelings; therefore, keeping your body hydrated with water becomes essential.

Stay hydrated and use water between your hookah sessions if it is going on for a long time.

Hydration becomes more important if you live in a hot area or seasonally.

#3. Make Sure Your Hookah Coals Are Lit Properly

When you set up your hookah, you must ensure that your hookah coal is adequately lit.

As if not so, it might cause you issues and hamper the whole hookah session.

Coal is a combustible substance; therefore, burning off produces carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide (CO2), which can harm your body if too much of it is consumed.

And signs of unlit particles in hookah coals can ruin your whole session, as you may faint if the coal is not burned properly.

Therefore, you must ensure that your coals are fully lit, and hence you are not inhaling CO2 throughout your session.

Hence, properly lighting your hookah charcoal can avoid any hookah sickness and contribute to better hookah sessions every time.

#2. Pace Yourself When Smoking Hookah

Sometimes due to excitement or trying out a new flavor in the market, you may start smoking hookah hardly.

However, you must remember that the hookah experience is all about relaxing and enjoying.

Most hookah shisha contains nicotine, and if you are puffing it too hard, it may cause trouble sometimes.

Therefore, go easy and do not puff hookah so fast that if there were a race!

If you stop smoking for a minute or two, hookahs do not turn off.

Therefore, pace yourself throughout your smoke sessions and avoid all the terrible feelings you may end up building otherwise.

#1. Easy On The Tobacco!

Sometimes you don’t know how much your body can tolerate the nicotine buzz.

And due to ignorance of that, you end up smoking a tasty flavor of tobacco shisha for a long and may end up feeling dizzy or headache.

This may happen mainly with young people smoking for the first time or with those not fit for a tobacco buzz that much.

Therefore, ideally, you should go easy on tobacco shisha smoking. Find the sweet spot of a dose of hookah that can be perfect for your body.

It is always best to go easy on the tobacco buzz and smoke hookah accordingly for the best outcome.

Ensure you do not go for a higher dose of nicotine if puffing for the first time or if you are not tolerant to the high buzz of nicotine.


What are the signs of hookah poisoning?

According to an article from the National Library Of Medicine, hookah smoking can lead to significant carbon monoxide poisoning, which can clinically be associated with transient loss of consciousness.

Why does hookah make you dizzy?

Although many other factors can lead to dizziness while smoking hookah, consuming too much tobacco products and shisha at once may be one of the reasons for that.

It is because tobacco shisha contains nicotine which can induce the “buzz,” and some people are not very tolerant to nicotine.

Can you pass out from hookah?

Well, consuming hookah is all about relaxing and unwinding; too much smoking shisha flavors can lead to an increase in the consumption of nicotine, which can further induce the feeling of dizziness or headache.

However, no proven research is there as of yet that claims to pass out from hookah.

Can hookah cause vertigo?

According to an article in the National Library Of Medicine, 276 relevant poisoning events involving hookah were reported, and common clinical effects included dizziness/vertigo, nausea, headache, and vomiting.


Hookah is for enjoying. But if you do it incorrectly due to ignorance, you might be uncomfortable with hookah sessions.

Therefore, now, you finally know the primary possible reasons that can lead you to feel dizziness, headache, or other issues.

Also, the solutions and methods can help you avoid those mistakes to enjoy hookah perfectly every time.

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